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Nissan 360 degree


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We have won a prize for 'best budget allocation' in the Nissan 360 Degree Contest. The final round was held on 8th Jan, 2011.

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Nissan 360 degree

  1. 1. NISSAN 360 oNISSAN Student Brand Manager Program provides an opportunity to thebudding future „business brains‟ to bring out the best of their creativeabilities. So put your innovative thinking caps on, and participate in the“Nissan 360o” contest and come up with the most innovative yet crazieststrategies for promoting Brand NISSAN.The Task:  Form groups of 4 members each.  Formulate a good PR and Branding/ Promotion strategy which could build brand awareness for the Brand NISSAN  The team is free to choose either Brand „NISSAN‟ as a whole or choose any of Nissan‟s products, for example the NISSAN MICRA  Your ideas must create a buzz and a positive drive towards the brand.The Challenge:  Every team would be provided a hypothetical budget of Rupees 20,000/-  The challenge lies in working out the most innovative strategies yet cost effective strategies.The Reward:  All ideas would be reviewed and the top 3 ideas would be declared as winners.  Winners would be provided an opportunity to present their ideas in front of a panel comprising of Nissan Members (Subject to Availability).For further queries and submissions contact:Ejaz Takey : 9820900228 ejaz.takey@gmail.comAditya Rajagopalan : 9819266897 Last Date for Sending Your Ideas is 30th September, 2010!!!