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Head Over Shoulders Storytelling Campaign


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The Head Over Shoulders Campaign would use present day media to help storytellers gain fame and fortune, while ringing in revenues!

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Head Over Shoulders Storytelling Campaign

  1. 1.  Team Name – Animators Team Members Institute- Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai Institute- Management Development Institute-Gurgaon
  2. 2.  Name of the Company- Punch line- A hero inside every head. Domain – Website Logo -
  3. 3. Idea We plan to start a website which is a collection of stories, writings poems and compositions posted by people A lot of people have stories to tell. People are creative- they are writers, poets, song composers. So we would approach people and ask them to send their stories, poems , writings and other creative stuff. People can email their stories to us, send their videos, life experiences. We ask for 50 percent ownership from them and pay them in return. We can have online competitions like best story, best poem , best video etc. which will be judged by people through online voting. How is the idea different – There is no website dedicated to creativity and it provides a platform to people to showcase their talent.
  4. 4.  In India story telling unfortunately is very expensive. Most people are not tech savvy enough to start their blog. In a way we are outsourcing blogging. People will get a platform t o showcase their talent and through the online competitions we can even have the next INDIAN IDOL. People can earn money from the stories or other creative stuff that they send Even if a person knows how to blog he finds it very difficult to generate traffic as Search Engine Optimization requires extensive study and many do not want to spend money on registering their domain or pay search engines to rank their blog higher up in the search list.
  5. 5. The Solution We do all the technical work on behalf of the people who are not well verse with the technicalities of starting the website or blogs but are immensely creative. We do the all the SEO and pay google and other search engines to rank our website on top of the list. This will save people of the trouble of starting or maintaining their websites. The online competitions will make people more engaged in the process. The stories etc can be liked or disliked by people on facebook and other social networking sites as well. The main competition is google itself where it provides www.blogspot .com to start free blogs and allow people to earn money through google adsense.
  6. 6. What would attract thecustomers. The customers will come to us because they want to showcase their talent. They have a lot of experiences and other stuff that they would like to share with others. They get paid for the stories that they send and don’t have to pay for publishing their story as story telling is extremely expensive nowadays. Customers would not like to take trouble for starting a website or blog and a story or their compositons would be published under their name.
  7. 7. Marketing The advertisements will be put up on various social networking sites like facebook, orkut etc. as millions of people visit these websites It’s important that our website ranks the first on the search lists of the search engines like google. Online competitions like best story, best compostition will promote the website as those who are voting for the compostions would also like to send in their own entries. Advertisements on television would also be done . Even in schools, colleges we can organize competitions such as best story, best song , best compositions etc. Positioning- Our Punch line – “Hero Inside Every Head.” says that every person has been a hero at some point of time in his life and it’s the creativity that he has, that makes him a hero.
  8. 8. Revenue Model Most of the Money would be earned through online advertisements As our website would be ranked first in the search list, it would generate a lot of traffic on the website. We can have tie-ups with various movie production houses as the Bollywood can use the story, songs , compositions for their movies. The production houses will have to purchase the rights of the story to from us and this can be another revenue source. We can have tie- ups with comic book companies like Amar chitra Katha. The comic books can purchase our stories and publish them in a comic strip form.