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Nepal Flying Labs Update: April 2019


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This slide deck accompanied an April 2019 Flying Labs webinar, available here:

In this presentation, Uttam shares some insights about participating in the WeRobotics Global Conference and organizing the first-ever drone meetup in collaboration with India Flying Labs, Dronepal and Airlift (the latter two being Nepalese drone startups). Uttam also updates us on Nepal Flying Labs on-going projects, such as monitoring reconstruction works and Drone Observed Therapy System (DroTS), and Nepal Flying Labs progress on becoming a legally registered nonprofit organization in their country. 

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Nepal Flying Labs Update: April 2019

  1. 1. Nepal Flying Labs Update : 2019 Uttam Puadasaini Coordinator- NFL
  2. 2. Presentation Title  Some Highlights : 2019  NFL Projects  WeR Global 2019  Drone Meetup 1.0 ,Association of Drone Professionals Initiative  UASG 2019 -IIT Roorkee ,Some Highlights  Drone Observed Therapy Systems (DRoTS)  UAV Flight Regulations V 2.0- 2075  Future Plans
  3. 3. Some Highlights 2019,
  4. 4. 1. Drones for Volume Calculation  Naxa, Dronepal in Partnership with Nepal Flying Labs  Client : IBN Nepal  Major Outputs : Orthophotos Maps, Topographical map, Cadastral Map
  5. 5. Only recently, in a meeting held among the cabinet of ministers on November 3, 2018, the government decided to green- light the site construction for relying on wastage dumping of major parts of the valley in Banchare Danda.
  6. 6. 2. WeR Global 2019 March 1, 2019  Team Retreat and Official Planning
  7. 7. 3. Drone Meetup 1.0 March 23, 2019 Nepal Flying Labs and Nepalese drone startups Dronepal and Airlift together with India Flying Labs organized the first- ever drone meetup. 30+ UAV enthusiasts all agreeing towards forming a formal community to advocate the drone facilitation and regulation in context of Nepal. “Association of Drone Professionals in Nepal” Plannings ongoing for Meetup 2.0
  8. 8. 4. UASG 2019 –IIT Roorkee, India
  9. 9. Some Major Ongoing Projects
  10. 10. A. Monitoring Ongoing Reconstruction Works
  11. 11. B. Drone Observed Therapy Systems (DRoTS) Project Rationale :  TB is the 4th leading cause of death and leading infectious disease cause of death in Nepal.  Nepal is a high TB burden country with an estimated 44,000 new TB cases occurring annually.  Of the 44,000 annual cases, around 10,000 cases are missed from diagnosis and hence go untreated. Major Objective:  Improving TB case detection and treatment through  Active Case Finding (ACF) of TB,  Drone transport of specimens and supplies and rapid molecular diagnostics,  Improve TB treatment completion through electronic reminders and video curriculums.
  12. 12. DRoTS: Project Team Partners Involved :  Stony Brook Global Health Institute  Birat Nepal Medical Trust : Local HealthCare Partner with 50+ years of experience  WeRobotics ,Dronepal, Nepal Flying Labs : All technical works related to Drone Flights Locally Supported by:  National Tuberculosis Center  BNMT –MoU with- Ministry of Health  All provincial governments & Local governments
  13. 13. DRoTS : Technical Details
  14. 14. DRoTS Update: Securing Permissions  Permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal  December 20,2019  Frequency License from Ministry of Information  February 13,2019  Flight Permission from Home Ministry  February 11, 2019  Drone Import: April 18,2019 Permission and Support Letters from All Local governments It took us 5 months to secure all necessary Permissions…
  15. 15. DRoTS Update: Aerial Mapping for Planning Aerial Survey : April 11-17
  16. 16. DRoTS Timeline  Cargo delivery Field work to begin from May 22, 2019  Phase 1 : May 22 to September 15
  17. 17. Some Legal Changes – Drone Regulations in Nepal
  18. 18. UAV Flight Regulations 2015 Flight Operations Directives No.7- CAAN (May 2015)  Issued in accordance to the power conferred by Rule 82 of CAAN, Civil Aviation Regulation, 2058. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Procedure, 2015  Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) on the behalf of GON …Regulations  No system for registration of Drones.  No classification as per the type of the Drones.  Generic provision for Restricted areas for flight with no accurate bounds.  No fully Autonomous flights.  Flights to be limited to  300 m Horizontal Distance & 100 m Altitude (Home Ministry)  Within 500m horizontally and 400 ft vertically (Civil Aviation) UAV Regulations 2015
  19. 19. UAV Regulations 2075 Constructive amendments  Categorization of Drones on the basis of their total weights and capacity.  Authority to grant permission transferred to local bodies for small mapping drones –supporting decentralization.  Provisions to tag all drones flying through the introduction of Unique registration system.  Blanket permission for research institutes and project. Need Improvements  Entire process from registration to getting permit is still manual.  Lacking when it comes to thorough monitoring of drones.  Provision for Pilot license without proper institutional framework for licensing authority
  20. 20. NFL FUTURE PLANS  Organize Meetup in a regular basis and formally establish the association.  Legally register Nepal Flying Labs as a Not for profit Company.  Phase 2 of the DRoTS project.
  21. 21. THANK YOU @utm_geopd 9851216126
  22. 22. Backup slides