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Nine Things we're Checking for a Mobile First Index by Nichola Stott in The Inbounder London


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Nichola Stott's presentation at The Inbounder London, May 2 2017.

Published in: Marketing
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Nine Things we're Checking for a Mobile First Index by Nichola Stott in The Inbounder London

  1. 1. Nichola Stott Nine Things We’re Checking for a Mobile First Index nicholastott
  2. 2. @nicholastott “experiment over the coming months …and we’ll ramp up this change when we’re confident that we have a great user experience.” Webmaster Central:Nov.16
  3. 3. Opportunity to BlowAway Competitors @nicholastott
  4. 4. @nicholastott “Multiplexing is a method… by which multiple HTTP requests can be sent and responses can be received asynchronously via a single TCP connection.” MultiplexingTutorial:QNIMATE -Link
  5. 5. Opportunity to BlowAway Competitors Site Speed 3G 19 Seconds Average Load Time >3 Seconds 53% Abandonment Time DoubleClick:SEP.16
  6. 6. Make no assumptions Check sample in device lab 01.Check MobileAgent/ClientHandling @nicholastott
  7. 7. 02.Speed/HTTP2 @nicholastott HTTP/2
  8. 8. 02.Speed/HTTP2 @nicholastott HTTP/1.1 HTTP/2 Head of line – resources Multiplexed resources Priority queue – ‘educated’ guess Prioritised by type & context Queue held on client Browser to server Keep-alive – stated Keep-alive enabled default
  9. 9. 03.Speed/Front-End @nicholastott • Image optimisation – change driver • Google’s RAIL framework
  10. 10. 03.Speed/Front-End/Image Spriting @nicholastott Image spriting - top 5 change-driving performance improvements
  11. 11. 03.Speed/Front-End/SPRITING @nicholastott Image spriting HTTP/1.1 still beat HTTP/2 in these experiments. Octo: Dec 15 Link
  12. 12. 03.Speed/Front-End @nicholastott Google Developers:Link
  13. 13. 04.Speed/Front-End/RAIL @nicholastott RAIL Guideline Response Response <100ms Animation Frame 10ms (scrolling/touch drag) Idle • Use to complete deferred work • Keep pre-load to minimum Load Deliver <1000ms
  14. 14. 03.Speed/Front-End/RAIL @nicholastott
  15. 15. 04.Tag Handling @nicholastott Make no assumptions Check if different/dynamic
  16. 16. @nicholastott 04.Tag Handling • Free Chrome Extension • Analyse andfix • Audit andcompare • Navigate toURL • Use devtools tospoof agent
  17. 17. @nicholastott 04.Tag Handling/GTM GTM takes tags out of inline code. Speed down = site performance up.
  18. 18. @nicholastott 05.Structureddata
  19. 19. @nicholastott 20% 05.Structureddata Of mobile searches are voice search SEL:May 16Link
  20. 20. @nicholastott 05.Structureddata • Be top 3 • Answer on the Page • structured data for lists, tables, charts Get intoFeatured Snippets FeaturedSnippets :RobBucci-STAT “star wars cast” QUERY
  21. 21. @nicholastott 06.Service Workers Seek to solve biggest problem – no connectivity Replacement to AppCache Browser runs in background – separate to web page
  22. 22. @nicholastott 06.Service Workers SEE Pierre Far – MobileSEOGuide:Link
  23. 23. @nicholastott 06.Service Workers/MoreReading Service Worker API – W3C Schools Using Service Workers – Mozilla Service Workers: An Introduction - Google
  24. 24. @nicholastott 07.URL Hierarchy/Ecosystem Mobile Desktop AMP Canonical AMPAlternate Don’t Rely on Alternate/Canonical to infer hreflang!
  25. 25. @nicholastott 08. ContentExperience 9.58 % Higherbounce rate on mobile DoubleClick:SEP.16
  26. 26. @nicholastott 08. ContentExperience • Use words efficiently • Natural language helps voice and scan • If not mobile first – then mobile smart design
  27. 27. @nicholastott “…needs to provide the user with journey(s) and functionality to complete their priority tasks .” 09.Journey Experience ThinkWith Google
  28. 28. 09.Journey Experience @nicholastott Simple UX review and scoring system for top revenue driving landing pages/templates if wide-range ecommerce
  29. 29. Appendix: Ten Things We’re checking 01. Mobile Handling 02. HTTP/2 03. Front End Optimisation 04. Tag Management 05. Structured Data 06. Service Workers 07. URL Hierarchy/Rel 08. Content Experience 09. Journey Experience
  30. 30. Armageddon Lostin Space DeepImpact Sphere Star TrekInsurrection Appendix: Filmsof 1998 Thanks for listening: Nichola Stott, theMediaFlow, Opus House Stables, Herriard, +44(0)1256 384890