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How To Build the Perfect Content Team: a Look at Content Companies by Tom Critchlow at The Inbounder New York


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Tom Critchlow's presentation at The Inbounder New York, May 22 2017.

Published in: Marketing
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How To Build the Perfect Content Team: a Look at Content Companies by Tom Critchlow at The Inbounder New York

  1. 1. Hi there, I’ve been working in digital marketing for 10 years with a deep focus on SEO, content marketing & digital strategy. I’ve helped media clients like The New York Times & Complex Media, startups like Olapic & Fundera and enterprise clients like Gartner. Currently I’m running a boutique digital strategy consulting practice. If you work with content let’s chat. @tomcritchlow About Me
  2. 2. 1. Context
  3. 3. In 2012 I realized content marketing was about to take off
  4. 4. “ Tom Critchlow - The Time for Content Marketing is Now As some are lamenting the death of the publishing industry, publishing for brands is undergoing a revolution.
  5. 5. But, I forgot to ask what kind of publishers brands would become? Would it look more like The New York Times or more like Buzzfeed ?
  6. 6. “ The Atlantic - What the Death of Homepages Means For The Future of News The New York Times lost 80 million homepage visitors—half the traffic to the page—in two years
  7. 7. “ NiemanLab - A wave of distributed content is coming — will publishers sink or swim? BuzzFeed Distributed, which it described as a team of 20 staffers who would “make original content solely for platforms like Tumblr, Imgur, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and messaging apps.” In other words, a team of people producing content that will never even appear on
  8. 8. Of which 94% are on Facebook - looks like the Buzzfeed distributed strategy is scaling well. Buzzfeed Tasty, launched in 2015 received 1.6 billion video views in January 2017. Each video averaged 15mm views 30 days after publishing. Source: Tubular Labs Buzzfeed Tasty generated 1.6 billion video views… in January 2017
  9. 9. And the New York Times acquired The Wirecutter in 2016...
  10. 10. In short, whatever we thought content marketing was going to look like in 2012 I’m not sure we could have predicted this...
  11. 11. 2. A look at content-first businesses
  12. 12. Example Org Chart GM Editor in Chief Senior Editor Editor Freelance Writers Monetization & Compliance Head of PR PR Manager PR Coordinator / Researcher Head of Marketing Outreach Content Marketing Head of Product Design Development Email MarketingAnalytics / BI
  13. 13. Nerdwallet From 39 - 473 Employees in 3 years HeadcountRevenue Valued at $520m with an estimated revenue of $100m in 2016. $100m
  14. 14. The Penny Hoarder
  15. 15. Student Loan Hero 30 employees currently registered on LinkedIn, likely with a large pool of freelance writers Headcount With an SEMrush traffic cost of $2mm and a strong email list we’d estimate $10 - $20m annual revenues. Revenue
  16. 16. 3. Hiring content marketers
  17. 17. Digital Experimentation
  18. 18. Content & Communities
  19. 19. Curiosity
  20. 20. ⇝ CEO (x2) of content businesses ⇝ Content marketers ⇝ Editor in chief ⇝ Head of outreach for a large media organization Some open roles...
  21. 21. 4. Editor in Chief to set the vision
  22. 22. Hire for editorial experience
  23. 23. Hire for editorial experience
  24. 24. Hire for editorial experience
  25. 25. ⇝ A unified vision & mission for your content ⇝ Differentiated content with a point of view ⇝ A consistent tone of voice & attention to detail ⇝ Engagement with communities of interest ⇝ Recruiting & managing A+ writers Why an Editor in Chief?
  26. 26. The NYT agrees! Our most successful forays into digital journalism [...] have depended on distinct visions established by their leaders — visions supported and shaped by the masthead, and enthusiastically shared by the members of the department. [...] These departments with clear, widely understood missions remain unusual. Most Times journalists cannot describe the vision or mission of their desks. Journalism That Stands Apart
  27. 27. And believe it or not, super engaged communities often want to hear from the brands who serve them. And super engaged brands want to provide communities with things other than just “content”. So if you find yourself writing pablum, narrow the audience to a core group of smart people who care about what the brand has to say. And then convince the brand to say something meaningful to that small, smart audience. Godspeed. “ Tweetstorm from @kylemonson
  28. 28. Thanks! Twitter @tomcritchlow Web Coffee Brooklyn, NY