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Augmented innovation


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InnoTrends looks into the semantic and key themes developed by innovators from WAI social networks. It provides a view of the wording used to comment and analyze key developments occurring in the innovation world today.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Augmented innovation

  1. 1. InnoTrends Augmented Innovation vendredi 10 juillet 15
  2. 2. Augmented Innovation It has never been a better time to ask relevant questions. Innovators all agree: what we decide and act upon now will have repercussions for generations to come. The foreseen impacts, driven by technology deployments for digital and data, reach unmatched records. Innovation is regarded as a way to bridge these virtual objectives with concrete change. What we say vendredi 10 juillet 15
  3. 3. Augmented Innovation «Drastic change is upcoming and we appear as unprepared for it. Our action right now is to best define and develop solutions to help this world get smarter, safer, sustainable. Technology developments and the rise of Data Science are augmenting our innovation impact. How do we make it good?» What we ask vendredi 10 juillet 15
  4. 4. Augmented Innovation Who says what Falling in love with Big Data? Business Experts & Professional Communities A larger discussion going on Science & Technology Experts The challenge aheadCompanies Challenging BarriersEducation Is willingness enough?Politics & Public Institutions Experience as an expectationCustomers & Influencers Beyond knowledge sharingInnovation Experts Developing adaptive modelsResearch & Consulting firms The information EraPress & Media vendredi 10 juillet 15
  5. 5. Falling in love with Big Data? Tech Industry is invaded by Big Data talks but experts remain under the impression that we have a low understanding of all the connected technologies invading our daily lives. They understand and support the rise of new business models. New entrepreneurship and new jobs are among the most important opportunities. Business Experts & Professional Communities vendredi 10 juillet 15
  6. 6. Needs Businesses «Talking» Business Experts & Professional Communities Lack of understanding Connected devices Human interactions HomesCities Impact on real world Priorities People Change Entrepreneurs Consumeri- sation Chief Data Officers Internet expansion Big Data Jobs Business Models vendredi 10 juillet 15
  7. 7. A larger discussion going on Science and Technology experts see 2015 as the year of high developments for the connected cars and wireless devices. Biometrics in particular will encourage the rise of mobile data.This will generate an important increase in Big Data deployments although businesses tend to leave their options open. Science & Technology Experts vendredi 10 juillet 15
  8. 8. Mobile usage Everywhere Adoption Science & Technology Experts Early Stage DisruptionAcceleration Open Options Data Science 59% rise in 2015 Analytics Wireless Crowd Capitalization Cloud Computing Big Data Biometrics 1 in 5 vehicles in 2020 250 millions by 2020 Connected Cars vendredi 10 juillet 15
  9. 9. The challenge ahead Companies and businesses focus innovation efforts in 2015 on doing better with less, meaning working in smarter, faster, smaller ways. They develop their leadership into new formats to be able to reach the social media dimensions of business and sales. From an organizational point of view, they intend to bring more common sense with horizontal structures and DevOps as a potential smarter solutions enabler. Companies vendredi 10 juillet 15
  10. 10. Breaking silos Roadmap Sensible Companies Beautiful Content Marketing Thought Leadership Horizontal structures Iterations Quick to market Smarter New formats Dev-Ops Common Sense Smaller Faster Better Social Business Social Selling vendredi 10 juillet 15
  11. 11. Challenging Barriers Education Students and pupils around the world learn more about openness in 2015. They are encouraged to lower «social» barriers to drive and create action focused teams. They learn differently at an early age, create new innovation centers to deliver sensible new ideas and projects. vendredi 10 juillet 15
  12. 12. Borderless Imagination Education STEM Partnerships Engineering with LEGOs Teams Learn differently Lower barriers Collaboration Interactions Smart Cities Knowledge sharing vendredi 10 juillet 15
  13. 13. Is willingness enough? Politics and public institutions are under a massive pressure to deliver changes. This is needed to sustain the world economy on the long term. Some of them see as a priority to enable women to reach leadership positions to generate more growth. Others concentrate on building greener cities, but all are submitted to the need for faster change in a challenging crisis time. Politics & Public Institutions vendredi 10 juillet 15
  14. 14. Jobs Emerging models Politics & Public Institutions Breaking rules Discussions Crisis Economy Growth Leadership Budget battle Financing change Emergency Women PRIs Political will Greener Smarter New cities vendredi 10 juillet 15
  15. 15. Experience as an expectation Customers and Influencers seek to find a completely renewed relationships with employers, brands and suppliers focusing on ethics, equality and respect. They demand a better managed innovation that creates breakthrough functionalities beyond fashionable items.Their customer experience should be more precisely driven given the new tools companies have at their disposal. Customers & Influencers vendredi 10 juillet 15
  16. 16. Behaviors CSR Customers & Influencers Engagement Predictions Ethics Gender Growth Access to capital Functionalities Workplace equity New expectations Equality Demand Customer experience Fashion Smartwatch Marketing vs. Innovation vendredi 10 juillet 15
  17. 17. Beyond knowledge sharing Innovation experts seek to empower leaders and innovation professionals with technical and management tools that help them manage uncertainty, develop creativity and share value. This sense of openness towards knowledge sharing and decision making is reflected in experts’ analysis of the connected economy.They inspire new visions of what can at first appear as «chaos». Innovation Experts analysts-and-medias/ vendredi 10 juillet 15
  18. 18. Challenging the unknown Know what Innovation Experts Know who Creativity Cognitive distance Coordination Sharing Trust Uncertainty Know how Knowledge sharing Connection Economy Value Complexity Engage Empower Decision sharing vendredi 10 juillet 15
  19. 19. Developing adaptive models Research and Consulting firms concentrate on building models that can adapt and focus on key challenges affecting the innovation ecosystem, and therefore their customers. One of the priorities outlined is climate change. Digital transformation enables new collaboration activities which can be combined with human centered values that can bound employees to their enterprise projects. Research & Consulting firms analysts-and-medias/ vendredi 10 juillet 15
  20. 20. Women leaders Address climate change Research & Consulting firms Invest substantially Shift in Mindset Near term Investment Business Value Reputation Digital transformation Economic sense Climate Shock Sustainability Higher Purpose New models Nurture assets Social collaboration software Collaboration vendredi 10 juillet 15
  21. 21. The information Era Press and Media have focused their attention on the growing threats and opportunities brought by Big Data. Journalists mention a potential economic bubble while others concentrate on the potential benefits of the sharing and digital economy. Others defend the merits of smart data as a way to better drive businesses and economies. Press & Media analysts-and-medias/ vendredi 10 juillet 15
  22. 22. Better outcomes Productive Merits Press & Media Uber Smart design Traditional businesses Indicators «It’s different» Leverage data Change Smart data Sense Real life Virtual Debates Sharing Economy Bubble Innovative Media Digital economy vendredi 10 juillet 15
  23. 23. Related Articles: politics-and-society/ seen-by-experts-analysts-and-medias/ vendredi 10 juillet 15