Prahlad Koti, Mastek UK - G Cloud Experience


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Prahlad Koti, Mastek UK - G Cloud Experience

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Prahlad Koti, Mastek UK - G Cloud Experience

  1. 1. G Cloud Uk Meetup Prahlad Koti, Mastek UK - G Cloud Experience
  2. 2. How Do You Make a Success of G-Cloud? THE MASTEK EXPERIENCE Prahlad Koti VP, Govt & Health, 07789 741682
  3. 3. You may not have heard of us, but you will already have used us Every day millions of people use Mastek technology. Our work is critical to the way major public services and hundreds of businesses in the UK function on a daily basis. INTRODUCTION TO MASTEK
  4. 4. MASTEK ENABLING EDUCATION 14 Million Students data processed annually through the Education Portal 22 Thousand School administrative systems and growing Our work within UK education shows how we build technology that can adapt to change
  5. 5. SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY Our work on behalf of the National Health Service shows how critical security is to the work we do 6.5Million Secure transactions processed daily across messaging, health records, prescriptions and physician performance 1.8 Billion Patient events handled annually 32 Billion in health treatment payments
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION TO MASTEK Electronic Public Health Records e-Transmission of Prescriptions Secondary User Services Patient Info Mgmnt. Reporting & DW / BI Identity Management Housing Management Revenues – CTax Non-Domestic Social Benefits Payment Management Sales, Property & Value Added Tax eCitizen services Criminal Records Contact Management Identification & Retrieval Disputes & Audit Trail Prisoner Tracking MIS School Information Mgmnt. System Admissions & Transfers Smart Card Management Attendance, Rewards & Loyalty TV Licensing Education Maintenance Allowance Asset & Investment management Insurance Banking Retail Lending Vehicle Leasing Fund Services Congestion Charging Image Management Enforcement & Retail Multi Channel Payment Fleet & Flight Management Motor Vehicle Registration Legacy Modernization & Identity Management Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Custom Application Development Application Support & Maintenance Enterprise Mobility Independent Testing Focus Area Telco, Health Information Services & Retail Public Services Transportation & Logistics Financial Services Client/ PartnersSolutions
  7. 7. What is Different about G-Cloud?
  8. 8.  ‘Cloud First’ through the G-Cloud framework announced in May 2013  A drive to procure services and solutions in a ‘quicker, cheaper, more competitive way’  Framework that enables a focus on results, not procurement processes and contracting The Cloud First Imperative
  9. 9.  Do I have run my own OJEU?  No. We’ve already run our own open procurement for each of the G-Cloud frameworks, so you don’t have to.  Do I have to run a mini-competition?  No. As above.  Are there any hidden costs of this process, if so where did you hide them?  No. There is no cost to use the CloudStore or G-Cloud Framework  Do I have to use G-Cloud / CloudStore?  Since the introduction of the Public Cloud First policy; this is your first port of call for all your IT needs  Central government departments have a target to achieve 50% of new IT spend on Cloud and 25% use of SME’s by value, by 2015. G-Cloud is the only framework dedicated to Cloud services  Can I just buy what I want?  Yes and no. You must search the CloudStore for services that best meet your minimum requirements  You can buy the service that best meets these needs and budget  How do I contract?  You contract directly with the supplier, using the call off agreement and order form provided in the documentation set. A Different Procurement Model…
  10. 10. What does this mean? Access • Ability to review and select from many suppliers • Products, platforms, solutions and services across IT • Route to enthusiastic, agile suppliers Focus on Results, not Procurement • Streamlined procurement process • Contracts already done • Accredited and proven organisations From Small to Large • Deal sizes can range from £10 to £200,000,000 • SME, Tier 2/Tier 1 SIs and Tier 1 Sub Contractors all participate • Many that you already utilise potentially, but ‘hidden’ beneath major suppliers
  11. 11. Mastek in G-Cloud
  12. 12. Mastek – an Agile & Innovative Supplier with Scale Agile Management & Development Business Intelligence Business Analysis Testing / QA System / Service Integration Design / Development
  13. 13.  Short Procurements  Many procurements expect a 1-2 week initial turnaround.  Two-stage Procurements and ‘try-before-you-buy’  RFI is a simple 5-10 question response followed by RFI 2 / RFP  Some organisations using a competitive play-off process (successfully!)  More delayed / cancelled procurements  Cost of procurement is lower we think  Increased Market engagement  Driven by disaggregation and SME agenda  Synergies across cloud suppliers  More ‘unusual’ alliances and cloud services supply  Service Description is everything  Balancing between being specific and covering all aspects of the service  And some questions…  Lot 4 – G-Cloud v GDS usage  G-Cloud iv – attempting standardisation Trends we are experiencing
  14. 14. G-Cloud Service Case Study Agile Identity & Access Management (Intermediate Contract) Multi-functional Agile Teams (Architecture/Design, Development QA & UXD) UXD for Next Generation Interface Open Source Platform for Low TCO Solution Description Document Delivered Fixed Price Per Agile ‘Story Point’ provided
  15. 15. G-Cloud Service Ideas – some things you may not have thought you could buy from G-Cloud Portal and User Experience Design Agile Development & Coaching Mobile Application Development BI / Big Data Solutions Social Media Realisation Digital Channel Enablement Gamification of Processes
  16. 16. Thank you