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Aveedo - Your application framework


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Aveedo - Your application framework

  1. 1. your application frameworkStefan Sucker, GeschäftsführerWe4IT (0)421 989
  2. 2. What is it?ü  Aveedo is an easy to use framework to ü  create new business applications without using IBM Domino Designer ü  modernize existing Notes Client applications to state of the art browser-based applications ü  mobilize your applications to use them anywhere and anytime ü  integrate your daily applications into your social business environment Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  3. 3. Your business, your application, your wayü  Create new business applicationsü  Customize existing applications to your needs Make it yours Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  4. 4. Start fast and easyü  Aveedo offers a growing catalog of business-ready applications Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  5. 5. Workflow Managementü  Build business workflows into your applications Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  6. 6. Migrationü  Update your existing Lotus Notes Client applications to modern web applications Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  7. 7. Mobilityü  Use all Aveedo applications on mobile devices Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  8. 8. Social Integrationü  Integrate Aveedo into your IBM Connections environmentü  Integrate social media channels into your Aveedo applications (e.g. Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, XING) Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  9. 9. Some more featuresü  Multilanguageü  Multi-client capabilityü  Integration of existing IBM Notes Domino databasesü  IBM Lotus Notes / Domino security and availabilityü  Use on IBM Lotus Notes client, browser and mobile devicesü  […] Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  10. 10. ArchitectureMastertitelformat bearbeiten
  11. 11. Benefits at a glanceü  Up and running in just a few hoursü  Ready-to-run application templatesü  Customize applications to fit your needsü  Modernize your existing applicationü  Reduce development timeSummary:ü  Aveedo is the best way to organize and manage your daily work Mastertitelformat bearbeiten
  12. 12. Make it yours