www.accellos.com T: 719.433.7000 FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger ©Accellos, Inc.
www.accellos.com T: 719.433.7000 FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger ©Accellos, Inc.
FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger
www.accellos.com T: 719.433.7000 FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger ©Accellos, Inc.
FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger
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Accellos and Highjump Software Merger Announce


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Merger announcement for Accellos and Highjump software.

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Accellos and Highjump Software Merger Announce

  1. 1. www.accellos.com T: 719.433.7000 FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger ©Accellos, Inc. FAQ FAQ – ACCELLOS AND HIGHJUMP MERGER Who is HighJump Software? HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management solutions that streamline the flow of inventory and information that spans the entire value chain from source to consumption. HighJump provides warehouse management systems, networked EDI and trading partner integration and direct store delivery software solutions. HighJump’s WMS is recognized in the industry as being one of the most adaptable systems and having a strong technology platform called the Advantage Platform. The TrueCommerce EDI network is multi-participant EDI network that allows members to connect once and have access to all trading partners on the network. HighJump was originally a bar code data collection solutions provider that launched into the WMS market in the early 2000’s and added direct store delivery and EDI capabilities via acquisition. Some key facts about HighJump include:  Founded in 1983  8,300 customers  498 employees  Offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Copenhagen, Denmark; Shanghai, China; Dallas, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Reston, Virginia; Waterloo, Ontario; and Moncton, New Brunswick.  HighJump WMS is recognized in the Challengers quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS and commonly thought of as one of the top enterprise best-of-breed WMS along with Manhattan Associates and JDA.  HighJump B2Bi trading partner network is recognized as a Niche Player quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business to Business Integration. Who is Accellos? Accellos is a global provider of software solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of logistics service providers and midsized businesses. Accellos provides solutions for warehouse management systems (WMS), third party logistics (3PL), fleet management, transportation management systems (TMS), trading partner integration (EDI), automated barcode data collection, parcel shipping, transportation optimization, and supply chain business intelligence. Accellos solutions are built on the AccellosOne platform, a modern technology platform featuring a user-friendly interface and simplified technical administration. Accellos was founded in 2006 by Michael Cornell (CEO), Ross Elliott (CTO) and Flint Seaton (CFO). Mike, Ross, and Flint had previously worked together at NxTrend and wanted to work together again and develop a corporate culture that was an appealing environment for employees. They founded Accellos with the
  2. 2. www.accellos.com T: 719.433.7000 FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger ©Accellos, Inc. FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger acquisition of two WMS companies, Radio Beacon and Headwater Technologies. They have continued to build the company through strong organic growth and five additional acquisitions. Some key facts about Accellos include:  Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with offices in Toronto, Ontario; Hartford, Connecticut; Columbus, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; and Detroit, Michigan.  4,000 customers in 23 countries  227 employees  Accellos Warehouse Management System is recognized in the Visionaries quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for WMS.  Accellos was recognized as one of Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies of 2014.  Profitable, cash-flow positive which ensures that Accellos is a viable technology platform for our customers in the long term.  Accellos has financial sponsorship from Accel-KKR, a leading software and technology investor. What made HighJump Software attractive to Accellos and Accel-KKR? The Accellos senior leaders and financial sponsors believe the combined product solutions and go-to-market strategies for HighJump and Accellos are extremely complementary. Supply chain changes driven by emerging models for omni-channel commerce are causing enterprises to rethink their order fulfilment technology and invest in warehouse management systems. This has been evident by the growth in WMS product sales by both Accellos and HighJump. While the combined companies offer multiple WMS products, each services a unique market niche. HighJump WMS provides large and upper mid-market companies including 3PL companies one of the most scalable and adaptable WMS platforms in the market. The Accellos 3PL WMS product has tremendous market adoption within multi-client public warehouse 3PLs and is differentiated in the market based on 3PL specific product features and domain expertise in the Accellos’ 3PL business unit. The Accellos SMB WMS product is uniquely positioned in terms of price, product complexity and go-to-market approach for small and medium sized businesses. Omni-channel commerce is also driving significant adoption of B2B integration. Multi-participant trading partner networks that are a combination of software and managed service are emerging as the new technology platform to connect businesses. The combined EDI product portfolios of Accellos and HighJump provide a compelling set of solutions for global EDI. The True Commerce EDI network is representative of the “connect once, access all” model that is becoming the standard in EDI networks. HighJump B2Bi brings are proven solution for the European market and Accellos brings strong software and domain expertise in Dynamics GP and AX EDI. Additionally, combined products in direct store delivery, retail store operations, and transportation create compelling solution components for both Accellos and HighJump customers. As the Accellos team has gotten to know the HighJump business it is clear that HighJump has a talented employee base that is committed to customer success. This aligns with the “focus on the customer” corporate culture of Accellos.
  3. 3. www.accellos.com T: 719.433.7000 FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger ©Accellos, Inc. FAQ – Accellos and HighJump Merger What will the combined company be called? The combined company will be called HighJump Software. The Accellos brand will be moved to product line brand for mid-market solutions to preserve brand equity, especially in the ERP channel. The TrueCommerce brand will be emphasized for networked EDI solutions in North America and Accellos’ PROFITsystems and Prophesy brands will be preserved in the near term. Over time we will execute a product branding strategy that supports our product strategy. It is expected that “HighJump Software” will be replaced with “HighJump” for brand identify purposes over time. Who is Michael Cornell? Michael (Mike) Cornell is the newly appointed CEO of the combined Accellos/HighJump. Mike founded Accellos in 2006 with a vision that small and midsized business and logistics service providers were in need of a single source supply chain software partner. This vision has fueled Accellos’ dramatic growth through both organic product line enhancement and strategic acquisitions. Michael brings extensive executive management experience and a proven record of success in building software companies that pride themselves in innovation, customer service and delivering value to their stakeholders. Prior to Accellos, Mike was CEO of NxTrend Technology, the leading provider of distribution-centric ERP software in North America. During his tenure at NxTrend, Michael dramatically improved shareholder value resulting in the ultimate sale of the company to Infor in June of 2004. Previously, Mike was President of JBA Americas. Is there an immediate shift in strategy or market focus as a result of this transaction? No. The combined organization will continue to deliver with the same solutions and market focus. Over time it is expected that the broader product portfolio will be integrated and packaged to offer customers a broader set of supply chain solutions. Is there an immediate organizational structure change as a result of this transaction? There are no substantial changes to any HighJump or Accellos teams as part of the transaction. At the senior executive level all leaders from HighJump previously reporting to the CEO will report to Mike Cornell the new appointed CEO. What are the changes to product strategy as a result of this merger? As a combined entity, the new HighJump brings together product strategy and supply chain execution experts from around the globe. While most product strategies will have no immediate change, HighJump will be focused on delivering highly adaptable solutions to the Enterprise, bringing innovative solutions with low total cost of ownership to the mid-market, and continuing to expand the footprint of the global trading partner network.