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Diploma of Business_FLM


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Diploma of Business_FLM

  1. 1. $HENational Provider Number 1979 This is to certify that lilayne,flnt fron) cParQgr has fulfilled the requirements for DIPLoMA of BusIITEss (F RoNTLTNE IvIaNAGEMENT) 85851004 Certificate Numbe:: l00l45l Date Issued: Aug-06 - ..r- a l'ayne Collyer Ivianaging Director r r r r,,. rr r rf t..,,,.. r, , " lraining Accreditation Coancil itrltr' wEstERt ausrnaLta The Qualification certified herein is reccsrised yithin the Australian Qudificatiqs Framervork This award is to be read ir conjunction wrh the holder's acadcmic recods ffi - . fr #''h- * kffJ:""*%
  2. 2. STAFE^ANatonal Provlder Number 1979 STATEMENT OF ACADEMIC RECORD 85851004 DTPLoMA 0F BUSTNESS (FRoNTLTNE MANAGEMENT) s008665 / 1383 1 r,HrqhlItrtll;il,;1,,r;,,,,;,r, Parker, Wayne Anthony 8 Harper Street PORT HEDLAND WA 6721 rr aosrzez+ 053 Dato of lssue 1 3/1 0/2006 Student lD No. 0607839 Course c663 Year lvlodule Description Result CO Grade N/A20m c3721 2006 c7039 BSBMGTSOSA Ensure A Safe Workplace BSBFLM5O1 B Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development BSB FLM503B Manage Effective Workplace Relationsh ips BSBFLMS05B Manage 0perational Plan BSB FLM506B Manage Workplace lnformation Systems BSBFLMSOTB Manage Quality Customer Service BSBFLM509B Facilitate Continuous lmprovement BSBFLM510B Facilitate and Capitalise 0n Change and lnnovation BSBFLMS1 l B Develop A Workplace Learning Environment BSBFLMSl 24 Ensure Team Effectiveness BSBFLMS14A Manage People 20m c7040 20m c7041 2006 c7042 2006 c7043 2006 c7u4 2006 c7045 2006 c7046 2006 c7447 20m c7M9 c0 ilt/A c0 Ir/A c0 l.l/A CO N/A CO TI/A CO N/A C0 tl/A c0 Il/A CO N/A c0 ll/A RESULTS PRINTED BELOW THIS LINE ARE INVALID To contact th6 collego phone 9267 TlTl lssued without erasure or alteration. See over for Legend and Explanatory Notes. h--^ a
  3. 3. EXPLANATORY NOTES Gompetency Based Training (CBT) Result CO Competent Achieved all of the reqrltrements for Competency (Percentage results are not recorded) R Re-enrol Competency not achieved within designated period Hold Assessment requirements not completeci P Pass Pre 1996 Graded Performance N/A Not Applicable PD Performance with Distinction PM Performance with Merit PC Performance Graded as Competent PN lneligible for Graded Performance PX Performance Grade Under Evaluation Note: Performance Grades are not applied to all modules,runits Apprentices Only Result CP Competent Provisional completed at TAFE (off{he- job). Awaiting employer sign-off (on the job) Non Competency Based Grades Result A Distinction {75Ya - 100Yo) B Pass t65% - 74o/o) C Pass (50% - 64%) F Fail (% below required pass mark) G Fail (OYo - 34%) Other E Exemption Achieved through another approved equivalent unitlmodulelsubiect This record only lists results for the Course described on the front of this statement H - Hold Result - PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LECTURER or PORTFOLIO MANAGER A Hold is an interim result that indicates all the required competencies for the module/unit have not been completed or competency has not been demonstrated. Students are expected to complete the module/unit within a set time perioo, however if competency is not achieved at the end of this period the result for the module/unit will be amended to R (Re-enrol). R - Re-enrol Result A Re-enrol result indicates that competency has not been achieved in the module/unit within the required period. To achieve a Competent result for the module/unit the Student would need to re-enrol and be re- assessed. Enrolment lnformation * Statements of Academic Record are to be presented when enrolling at TAFE Colleges. * Enrolment in a module/unit that has already been attempted twice requires written approvalfrom the Director responsible for the study area. + Students may not re-enrol in a subject they have already passed unless written approval has been obtained from the Director responsible for the study area. Award Application On completion of a qualification, Students must apply for their Award by lodging an Application for Award form with ihe Customer Service Centre at the Campus of study. These forms are available from the Customer Service Centre or the Student Portal on line. General Enquiries * Any queries regarding your results should be directed to General Enquiries on 08 9267 7777 and ask to be directed to the appropriate stuciy area. * On-Line results: You can now find your results on the Student Portal www.swantafe.wa, and enter your Student lD and password. THIS !S AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT PLEASE RETAIN AS A REPRINT WILL INCUR A FEE st s,R Vi t)t 1r) l{)1}6