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Cantor Health Interactive


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Cantor Health Interactive

  1. 1. Bringing Down The Cost Of Healthcare Manage • Measure • Control
  2. 2. CANTOR HEALTH INTERACTIVE, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, has acquired a new healthcare software management tool to help businesses monitor and reduce their healthcare costs. Cantor Fitzgerald, a leading global financial services firm at the forefront of financial and technological innovation, has been a proven and resilient leader for over 60 years. One of 18 primary dealers authorized to trade U.S. Question: government securities with The Federal Reserve Bank of New Why do companies York, the Cantor Fitzgerald franchise includes institutional fixed know more about income, equity sales and trading, investment banking, real the cost of their estate private equity, and other businesses and ventures. inventory and supplies than the cost of their healthcare? Answer: NO REASON. CANTOR HEALTH INTERACTIVE Utilizes proprietary predictive modeling and simulation capabilities to prevent businesses from being blindsided by unexpected medical and pharmaceutical costs • Simplifies healthcare management information • Allows clients to understand/pinpoint the source and magnitude of specific healthcare costs • Gives businesses the tools to educate employees and Average savings provide incentives to lower costs today and limit increases with Cantor in the future Healthcare • Secure Interactive • HIPAA – compliant of more than 15% of total healthcare costs
  3. 3. UNDERSTAND WHERE YOUR COSTS ARE HAVE THE ABILITY TO PROJECT YOUR FUTURE EXPENDITURES Plan Trends REDUCE YOUR COST OF DOING BUSINESS Performance MANAGE AND CONTROL FUTURE EXPENDITURES Leverage Rx Data to Save Money Action Plan Using prescription drug data, Cantor Health Interactive turns this information into active strategies, enabling employers to understand where their risks are before they surface. HEALTH
  4. 4. For more information, or to arrange an initial demonstration, please contact us: 1-877-994-3251 ST P RISING HEALTHCARE COSTS
  5. 5. Overview Cantor Health Interactive, (“CHI”), a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, has acquired a new healthcare software management tool to help businesses monitor and reduce their healthcare costs. The CHI technology utilizes proprietary predictive modeling and simulation capabilities to reduce medical and pharmaceutical costs. Stage 1 The starting point for a business is: (a) it licenses the CHI software to allow it to monitor, understand and have the analytical tools to evaluate its pharmaceutical and medical costs, and (b) self-insures the pharmaceutical portion of its healthcare program to reduce its costs. (A business may choose only to license the software to allow it to understand and evaluate the nature of its healthcare costs; but, the initial savings are derived from self-insuring the pharmaceutical plan.) If a business self-insures its pharmaceutical plan, CHI can provide stop-loss coverage so that there is no financial risk to the business. Stage 2 Once a business understands the sources and magnitude of its pharmaceutical costs, it can achieve significantly greater savings on its other medical expenditures by utilizing CHI’s software and implementing recommended programs. CHI’s software identifies high risk groups within an employee population, and allows management to determine and deploy specific cost reduction programs, such as: 1) utilizing the workflow engine to identify groups that could be encouraged to switch to generic or more effective medications 2) providing incentives to begin certain medications (where appropriate) and to engage in healthier behavior 3) access to doctors and nurses by telephone and internet, to be available to work with participants to improve health and lower claims 4) system alerts related to prescription abuses or under use 5) system alerts to employees, physicians and nurses as to new treatments, approaches or medications targeted at specific conditions. 6) pre-booking of certain medical services CHI’s program also reduces insurance brokerage fees and hidden insurance company profits. To date, the CHI technology and software has been tested by more than 100 businesses and has produced an average savings of 15% on total healthcare costs.
  6. 6. Cantor Fitzgerald Launches New Technology Offering to Reduce Corporate Healthcare Costs New York, NY (October 26, 2009) - Cantor Insurance Group, a unit of Cantor Fitzgerald LP, has joined with Healthcare Interactive to introduce Cantor Health Interactive, a new healthcare software management tool to help businesses monitor and reduce their healthcare costs. “Most corporations know more detail about the cost of their inventory and office supplies than they do about the cost of their healthcare. Employers need sophisticated tools to measure and control these costs. Our software provides innovative forecasting and simulation capabilities that prevent companies from being blindsided by unexpected medical and pharmacy costs,” said Stuart Hersch, President of Cantor Insurance Group. Healthcare costs do not need to rise inexorably and inevitably,” Mr. Hersch stated. “We want our clients and their employees to be as educated about healthcare costs as those selling them insurance products and services. Our technology will promote competition; competition will drive down the costs.” “Cantor has a long and distinguished history of launching new technologies in the financial services industry designed to improve transaction efficiency. We are now applying that philosophy and those skills to control runway healthcare costs,” he added. “The Cantor Health Interactive service model is designed to simplify healthcare information and delivery. With the right tools, understanding, education and incentives, we help businesses lower costs today and limit increases in the future,” said Henry Cha, President of Healthcare Interactive. The Cantor Health Interactive software, which is delivered through a secure, integrated HIPAA-compliant intelligent on-line network, has been deployed and tested by more than 100 corporations resulting in average savings of more than 15% on total healthcare costs.
  7. 7. Cantor Health Interactive Projections for Medical and Rx Costs per employee per year (for employee groups between 200 - 4,000) $14,000 $12,000 $10,000 37% 33% $8,000 29% $8,000 24% Base year $6,000 Prior to CHI Post CHI $4,000 $2,000 $0 Base year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Assuming a base cost of $8,000 per employee per year and a 12% per annum increase
  8. 8. We Can Save Your Corporation $$$ On Your Prescription Healthcare Plan……GUARANTEED! By the Numbers Corporate Rx Plan ($1800/employee/year est. cost) Fees Fully-insured Corporations Self-insured Corporations Cantor (Empire, Aetna, Humana, etc) Health Interactive Brokerage Fees 2-3% $36 - $54 $24 - $36 0 Rx Admin 7-10% $126 - $180 10-15% $180 - $270* $75* Insurance Company Profits 8-12% $144 - $216 0 0 TOTAL FEES $306 - $450 $222 - $306 $75 *As distinguished from other pharmaceutical benefits administrators, the pharmaceutical benefits administrator for Cantor Health Interactive is required to pass along pharmaceutical discounts and rebates to Cantor’s clients. SAVINGS BY USING $147 - $375 Cantor Health Interactive per employee annually Cantor Health Interactive offers stop-loss insurance at approximately 2 - 3% of the total insured cost of coverage (in this case, $1800), or $36 – $54/per employee per year. This provides a guarantee that your corporation cannot exceed its projected insurance costs. Cantor Health Interactive Guarantee – If your Rx expenditures are not less than the projected fully insured costs, Cantor Health Interactive will waive 100% of its fees.