Premature arrival of the future: Industrial Revolution 3.0 = Learning Revolution 3.0?


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Slides and links from "The Future of Content: Snowflaked Multimedia Mash-Ups" session at Learning 2010 on Oct.25, 2010. Thanks to all who attended.and joined in the discussion. Please add your comments and other contributions.


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  • Wayne is regarded one of the most thought provoking visionaries and globally sought after keynote speakers and strategic consultants in areas such as future directions in information and data models, metadata, standards, learning and human performance Improvement. Known by many as "Mr. Metadata" and commonly referenced as the "father“ of Learning Objects, having conceived the conceptual model and term over 10 years ago, Mr. Hodgins serves on advisory boards for many industry and government groups, Commissions and associations worldwide. He was heavily recruited from Vancouver, B.C. Canada, to join Autodesk in 1988 after almost 15 years in secondary, post secondary and industry education where he held positions of teacher, lecturer, department head, trainer Counselor and principal in Canada and Europe. As a “Strategic Futurist” Mr. Hodgins sits on advisory boards for many industry and government groups, commissions and associations in Canada, USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe and is in great demand to lead major industry wide task forces. He is widely recognized as the global spokesman for the learning technology standards community and its many organizations including ISO, IEEE, IMS, ARIADNE, GEM, etc. He is currently the elected Chair of the IEEE P 1484 Standards Working Group for Learning Object Metadata, a key advisor and contributor to the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative from the US Dept. of Defense and asked to be the Special Advisor and Strategic Futurist for the Commission on Technology and Adult Learning.Recent interviews and articles from Wayne have appeared in: Forbes, PBS, CNN, C-NET, Training & Development, University Business, e-CFO (Chief Financial Officer), OnLine Learning, and InfoWeek.
  • PRESENTATION NOTES:BUT if this is SO true and has been for SO long then why do we live in a world that is designed for the opposite: sameness? most things are designed by starting with a “target audience” that is defined by a set of things they have in common and then we design products and services to match these common traits. but we just noted how everyone and every situation is unique yet here we are designing things as if we are all the same?After 100+ years, mass production has become a way of being, woven within our thinking, our culturesThe conceptual shift of society from mass production to mass personalization Shift from sameness to uniqueness Embrace uniqueness to create competitive advantageKEY WORDS:obvious true human history opposite sameness consistency identical
  • PRESENTATION NOTES: this is the vision, the end state that I’m focused on; getting to Just Right Just the right ….. (build slide one line at a time)KEY WORDS: just right perfection opposite content person time context device
  • 3D printing is rapidly moving to more and more desktops as they follow the classic decline in cost and increase in capability.This not only takes digital prototyping to a new level, but also enables mass personalization of manufactured parts and even full working assemblies.KEY WORDS:3D 3D Printing scanning molds ( knee brace
  • Premature arrival of the future: Industrial Revolution 3.0 = Learning Revolution 3.0?

    1. 1. The Premature Arrival of the Future Industrial Revolution 3.0 = Learning Revolution 3.0? WayneHodgins
    2. 2. WayneHodgins For Questions & Comments please contact me @ For slides, blogs, podcasts and more see Off Course – On Target @ Slides @ Sailing: Running but not Hiding:
    3. 3.
    4. 4. WayneHodgins THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION?  FIRST: 3000-2000BC or middle 18th to 19th century  Manual labor to machines  Agrarian to industrial society  SECOND: 1850-1950 200?  Mass production, standards, interchangability  Disruptive innovations; electricity, engines, steel  Manufacturing of Products to Services  THIRD??  Post Industrial  Information revolution  Offshore revolution  Or………………………..
    5. 5. WayneHodgins The Snowflake Effect:
    6. 6. WayneHodgins If this is so obvious If this always has and always will be Then why do we live in a world designed for the opposite?
    7. 7. WayneHodgins Just the right CONTENT, to Just the right PERSON, at Just the right TIME, on Just the right DEVICE, in Just the right CONTEXT, in Just the right WAY ……… The Snowflake Effect:
    8. 8. WayneHodgins FLIP THINKING  ProSumers  Right Brain  Whole Brain  Mass Personalization
    9. 9. WayneHodgins Personalization via 3D Printing
    10. 10. WayneHodgins Skills of the Future? Dan Pink, Whole New Mind
    11. 11. WayneHodgins For Questions & Comments please contact me @ For slides, blogs, podcasts and more see Off Course – On Target @ Slides @ Sailing: Thank You!
    12. 12. WayneHodgins Usefull Links* * To link direct from this slide you must be in slide presentation mode  Six Skills from Whole New Mind   3D Scanner:  launched-by-faro/221967/  Jay Leno using 3D scanner & printer:  launched-by-faro/221967/  YouTube video of full size jet engine:  8&feature=player_embedded#!  YouTube human face 3D scan:  8&feature=player_embedded#!  Thingiverse: 