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Uncovering the dna of a successful summer movie trailer


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This presentation showcases some of the results from a 45-minute Real-Time Large-Scale Focus Group™ run on March 26th at the Qual3670 Conference in Atlanta, GA to understand their pgeneral preferences and expectations regarding the films they watch, their thoughts on the upcoming summer movie season and their feedback on 1 of 2 trailers for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie

In addition to asking general questions about the films they watch and the upcoming summer movie season, respondents were also randomly exposed to 1 of 2 different trailers for the upciming Avengers sequel and asked to use a Dialsmith Perception Analyzer to indicate interest on a moment-to-moment basis. Then these respondents were asked a series of questions to gain more depth. Results were also analyzed by age and gender to understand how this plays into attitudes and perceptions.

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Uncovering the dna of a successful summer movie trailer

  1. 1. An Invoke Xperience Takeaways Report Presented at Qual 360 North America March 2015 Uncovering the DNA of an Effective Summer Movie Trailer
  2. 2. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke2  Why did we do this research?  Understand moviegoers’ preferences and expectations when it comes to the movies they watch.  Gauge expectations for the upcoming Summer Movie 2015 season.  Uncover what might make one trailer more interesting than another for moviegoers.  What did we do?  Live 45-minute real-time Large-Scale Focus Group™ (102 participants).  Coupled with Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Online® for online, moment-to-moment “dial testing” of two different trailers for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film (explained more in-depth on slide 12).  Who did we talk to?  Mix of genders  Even split between age groups (Millennial: 18-34; GenX: 35-49; Boomer: 50-64)  Goes to the movies at least once every 3 months  Positive to the action/adventure genre Methodology
  3. 3. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke3 How Engage Live Works Participants • Take part from the privacy of their homes or offices • Answer anonymously, proving candid, unbiased responses • Experience a fun and highly engaging process! Observers • Watch sessions from any location with an Internet connection • Analyze live feedback using a dashboard with built-in analytical tools • Discuss and react to results with rest of the decision-making team Host • Controls the session and leads back-room discussion about the results in real-time. • Sends out questions and stimuli to participants • Adds additional questions on the fly if necessary Engage Live brings research to a higher level by creating an event that involves decision makers, researchers, and current and potential customers 3
  4. 4. • Tools and services for the collection of continuous, moment-to- moment feedback • Develop, market and sell the Perception Analyzer® line of dial- based solutions For offline (focus groups, live events)… …and online (surveys, online focus groups)
  5. 5. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke5  Moviegoers are optimistic about the 2015 Summer Movie season. 63% expect this upcoming season to be better than Summer Movie seasons of the past. The list of movies being released this summer has moviegoers excited about this summer’s potential. Specifically, Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron are highly anticipated titles.  Often, these movies (as well as films such as Ted 2 and Pitch Perfect 2) are well-liked because of an existing affinity for and/or familiarity with these franchises.  Action in a trailer may grab initial attention, but connections to story help it grow. After a cursory look at two recent Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers, each score similarly across key measures on top-two box. However, upon closer examination, Trailer 3 (which focuses more on storyline than Trailer 2) scores higher on top-box measures such as Likability, Likelihood to talk about and Likelihood to share online. Additionally, looking at Perception Analyzer dial data, Trailer 3 shows a steady increase in interest throughout the trailer.  Trailer 3 is often well-liked because of its balance of action and story. This is not all that surprising as moviegoers indicate storyline and plot as key pieces of what makes a movie great.  Trailer 3 shows similar interest levels across genders. Both Males and Females show a similar interest level trajectory throughout Trailer 3 and end at similar levels after the entire trailer has been viewed. Trailer 2, meanwhile, is less interesting to females.  It should be noted that some Females are looking for more exposition in Trailer 2, which could explain their lower level of interest. Research Highlights
  7. 7. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke7 Story and plot matter most when it comes to a great movie  When asked what they think makes a movie great, moviegoers often point to the storyline/plot of the movie.  Several also talk about the quality of acting as a main contributor to movie greatness. Q) What is most important to you when it comes to the movies you see? What makes a movie really good in your opinion? (n=102) What makes a movie great? • “I think the story or dialogue is most important. A movie is nothing without a good script. A really good movie requires a good script and superior actors.” (Male, Millennial) • “Love a good plot- I get annoyed when partly thru the movie I know the ending or how things are going to unfold.” (Female, GenX) • “Probably the actors/actresses involved. There are certain people that I really enjoy the work of. Also, the storyline is important. It needs to be intriguing and stimulating.” (Male, Millennial) • “First of all, the plot, especially something original. I also will be interested in a movie if it has an actor I like.” (Female, Boomer)
  9. 9. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke9 Moviegoers are optimistic about Summer 2015’s movies, especially Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron Q) Thinking about the upcoming summer movie season, how do you think it will compare to summer movie seasons of the past?(n=103) Q) Why do you say that? Top 2 box. (n=65) 63% 18% 45% 31% 4% 2% 6% Top 2 Best Better Average Not as good Worst Bottom 2 How will this summer movie season compare to others? 63% of moviegoers think the upcoming 2015 Summer Movie Season will be better than other summers of the past (top 2 box). Often, this optimism is based on the appeal of specific movies slated for summer release (such as Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron… “There are two movies that I'm dying to see, which is very rare for me. Jurassic World and Ted 2. Can't wait to see those.” (Female, GenX) “With Jurassic World, Ted 2, and the Age of Ultron, I think it will be pretty hard to beat.” (Female, Millennial) “There are 3-4 films I'm really looking forward to seeing...usually there are not that many in one summer.” (Female, Millennial) “Because Jurassic World is out! Woohoo!” (Female, Boomer) “Starting with Avengers, I think movies are headed in a great direction this year.” (Male, Millennial) “Avengers is probably the main reason, but there are a few other good movies on the list from earlier that I'm excited to see.” (Male, Millennial) “There are a lot of films I'm interesting in seeing this summer.” (Female, GenX)
  10. 10. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke10 Sequels (for the most part) often rank high in terms of interest, often due to an existing affinity for these franchises 27% of moviegoers say they are most interested in seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron out of the 10 movies listed and 24% say this for Jurassic World, making these the two most anticipated movies. Q) Looking at that same list of movies, please rank them from 1 to 10, with 1 being the movie you are MOST looking forward to seeing this summer and 10 being the movie you are LEAST looking forward to seeing this summer. (n=100) Q) Thinking about the movie you selected as #1 in the last question, why are you most looking forward to seeing that movie this summer? (n=103) Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World both rank high often because of affinity and/or familiarity with their respective franchises. “I'm familiar with the background. I've read comic books of the Avengers and the first movie was awesome.” (Male, GenX) “The first Avengers is my favorite movie, so I am looking forward to this one to see what happens.” (Male, Millennial) “Every Jurassic Park movie that come out is always great and I'm always looking forward to more.” (Female, Millennial) “Loved the previous Jurassic Park movies - very cool.” (Female, Boomer) Ted 2 and Pitch Perfect 2 are also often ranked #1 because of an existing positivity towards previous entries. “I loved the first Ted movie and love Seth McFarlane as the voice of Ted.” (Female, Millennial) “Saw the first [Pitch Perfect] and loved it-the cast, music, theme – everything.” (Female, Boomer) Ranking the Summer 2015 releases: Film MOST interested in seeing 4% 2% 4% 2% 4% 14% 22% 12% 25% 12% 0% 4% 0% 6% 8% 0% 2% 13% 23% 44% 2% 3% 3% 4% 6% 7% 12% 12% 24% 27% Tomorrowland Mad Max: Fury Road Inside Out Entourage Terminator: Genisys Minions Pitch Perfect 2 Ted 2 Jurassic World Avengers: Age of Ultron Total (Rank 1) Male (48) Female (51)
  12. 12. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke12  Each respondent was randomly exposed to 1 of 2 different trailers for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film:  Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer 2 (released January, 2015) – focusing strongly on action, teasing at plot (  Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer 3 (released March, 2015) – focusing more on storyline (  While viewing each clip, respondents were asked to use a mouse-controlled slider to provide continuous, moment-to-moment feedback. The slider gave respondents the ability to rate their interest level for what they were watching at that moment on a scale from 0 to 100 with 100 indicating “Extremely interested” and 0 indicating “Not at all interested”. Methodology…Assemble!  They were also given an “amazing” button to indicate the moment when they felt this movie became a “must-see.”  Results from the moment-to-moment testing were seen and shared in the Live session, as well as on the back-end to aid in reporting.  After watching each video, respondents were then asked questions to gather closed-end and open-end feedback.  Each video was shown to a similar breakout of ages, genders and parents/non-parents.
  13. 13. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke13 Trailer 3 does show some slightly higher scores on key measures  While both trailers score similarly across top-two box key measures, differences do show when top-box scores are taken into account.  Trailer 3 scores higher than Trailer 2 on top-box Likability, Likelihood to talk about and Likelihood to share online.  Trailer 3 also does a better job of explaining what Avengers: Age of Ultron is about to moviegoers, at least in terms of top-box. Key Measures (Top 2 box/Top Box) (A) n=51 (B) n=52 Top 2 Box Top Box Top 2 Box Top Box Likability 77% 52% 81% 71%A Interest in seeing 71% 55% 81% 69% Likelihood to talk about 61% 31% 75% 54%A Likelihood to share online 45%/ 29% 58% 46%A Good idea of what this movie Is about 88% 39% 91% 58%A Trailer 2 Trailer 3
  14. 14. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke14 Trailer 3 also shows a more positive interest trajectory  Looking at Perception Analyzer data, Trailer 2 hits its peak at an interest level of 77 but ends at 71 (out of 100).  Additionally, halfway through this trailer, it plateaus with an interest level of 71.  Trailer 3 shows a more positive and steadily rising interest level trajectory, hitting its peak at 82 and ending at 80 (out of 100).  From its halfway point, Trailer 3 rises from an interest level of 75 to an interest level of 79 (out of 100) Trailer 2 – Interest Trajectory Trailer 3 – Interest Trajectory Essential plateau
  16. 16. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke16 Trailer 2 delivers on action, but some are looking for more exposition Q) What, if anything, do you LIKE most about this trailer? (n=51) Q) In your opinion, what (if anything) would make this trailer better? (n=51) While many nothing would make this trailer better, some (specifically, non- Millennial Females) are asking for more explanation or details about the story. “Show more of the characters in the movie and their relationships.” (Female, Boomer) “A tiny bit of back story about what caused the conflict.” (Female, GenX) “I would have to see it again to be sure, but I think the plot should be better communicated. Or - maybe it was and I just missed it.” (Female, GenX) “Explain more about the movie so it is more interesting or moving. The music needs to be more upbeat and exciting.” (Female, Boomer) Often, moviegoers like the action and/or visuals on display in Trailer 2. Some mention the characters/actors as positives. “The trailer promotes the movie with lots of action and excitement. The special effects are amazing.” (Female, Boomer) “It was intense the whole way through.” (Male, Millennial) “I can objectively appreciate the special effects. The costumes are very elaborate and interesting as well.” (Female, GenX) “Fast paced, and good special effects. Familiar characters.” (Male, Boomer) “Like all the actors and their characters and the action looks good.” (Male, GenX)
  17. 17. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke17 Males show higher interest levels than Females in Trailer 2  As mentioned previously, total interest levels for Trailer 2 end at the same level as at the midpoint (71).  This trailer also shows some gender differences as Males show higher overall interest levels in this trailer than Females.  Males show an average interest level score of 73 versus a Female average interest level of 64 (out of 100).  At second 71, Males and Females are most separated in their interest levels with Males indicating an interest level of 84 and Females indicating a level of 65. Trailer 2 – Interest Trajectory Seconds 69-73 show a fight between Hulk and Hulkbuster, a suit designed by Iron Man to combat the Hulk.
  19. 19. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke19 The combination of action and story in Trailer 3 works for moviegoers Q) What, if anything, do you LIKE most about this trailer? (n=51) Q) In your opinion, what (if anything) would make this trailer better? (n=52) Many say nothing would make this trailer better but some and a few say more story would give too much away. A few would get rid of the narration at the beginning. “I think this trailer was fine. If they will give away so much about what happens in the story people will no longer watch it because there is nothing more to watch.” (Female, Millennial) “Showing us a little bit more, but I'm sure they will keep some parts for the release of the movie.” (Male, GenX) “Any more would negate the necessity to actually see he movie - what is the fun in that?” (Female, Boomer) “More action in the beginning. There's too much talking in the first 30 seconds which doesn't mean anything to people that don't know the Ultron story.” (Male, GenX) Moviegoers often still like the action on display in Trailer 3, but the trailer’s focus on the story is also a positive. “The action looks to be off the chart.” (Male, GenX) “The excitement and action it shows me.” (Female, GenX) “I like that it actually explains part of the plot line and shows some of the relationships between characters and the lack thereof which fuel the plot even more.” (Male, Millennial) “it looks like there is an actual story and not just action.” (Female, GenX) “it gives you a good idea of what the movie is about without giving away to much of the movie.” (Female, Millennial)
  20. 20. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke20 Males and Females show similar interest trajectory in Trailer 3  Again, Trailer 3 shows a steadily growing interest level trajectory overall, ending at an interest level of 80 (out of 100).  Males and Females show relatively similar interest levels throughout, with Males ending at an interest level of 80 and Females ending at 81.  Male and Female interest levels first intersect between seconds 119 and 120 with an approximate interest level of 80 and stay relatively consistent through the end of the trailer. Trailer 3 – Interest Trajectory Seconds 119 to 124 show the Avengers: Age of Ultron title as well as show a glimpse of the Vision, a Tony Stark- created android.
  21. 21. © Invoke Solutions - Confidential| Introduction to Invoke “Thanks for looking through the results. I hope you find this data as interesting as I do. Please let me know if you have any further questions about Invoke or our services.” Wayne Goodreau 21 ABOUT INVOKE Since 1999, Invoke has helped its clients better understand their customers’ perceptions of their brands, advertising and communications. 2013 Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising 2013 “Hottest Companies in Boston” Award Wayne Goodreau Vice President, Research & Insights If Wayne could only choose 5 movies to watch for the rest of his life, he would choose (in no particular order) Goodfellas, Almost Famous, Jaws, Empire Strikes Back and It’s a Wonderful Life.