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Social Mobile Retail and Contextual Commerce

The story of how social crm and technology can leverage social network activity, customer advocacy and mobile connectivity to deliver a better contextual e-commerce experience.
The movie on slide 67 is about Adidas Adiverse Virtual Footwear Wall ( and on slide 72 is Control Group/Titan: Reinventing Payphones With NYC I/O (
Keynote for the Social Media Day Academy's Social Retailing congress on Sept.17, 2013 at LeadFabric.

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Social Mobile Retail and Contextual Commerce

  1. 1. MIEL VAN OPSTAL | SEPT. 17, 2013 SOCIAL MOBILE RETAIL & CONTEXTUAL E-COMMERCE #smdayBE Academy: Social Retailing
  2. 2. Digest CRM Social CRM Social commerce The social consumer The interest graph Multi-screening Digital retail The connected consumer
  3. 3. Defining things. CRM is a company-wide solid business strategy to efficiently increase profitability by solidifying customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer advocacy.
  4. 4. • Sales & marketing automation • Customer service automation • Team collaboration = a good CRM system
  5. 5. • Business goals • Market position and (audience) analysis • Problems and opportunities • Roadmap • KPIs • Identify Resources • Outline Processes • Implement CRM system Strategy process
  6. 6. Resources People Suppliers Technologies Knowledge Funds Training Execution
  7. 7. KPIs Marketing Customer satisfaction Customer retention Social Conversion Sales Service delivery Profit
  8. 8. How crm evolved into social crm
  9. 9. Benefits of social crm Better targeting and content personalization Improve customer experience Gain more social traction Collect market insights to refine effectiveness Enhancement of cross- / up-sell Increase and nurture customer loyalty Facilitate customer advocacy
  10. 10. Awareness Engagement Social Commerce
  11. 11. Defining things. Social Commerce is a subset of e-commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.
  12. 12. 2010
  13. 13. The future of social commerce will happen outside of social networks because the consumer experience has been underwhelming and people are concerned about their privacy and security. TRUST
  14. 14. Source: CNBC 05/2012
  15. 15. Source: Mindshare | The Hive 09/2012 F-Commerce trust issues
  16. 16. Commerce trust progress
  17. 17. By Ben Chestnut
  18. 18. Social commerce examples Earn commission by influencing the online purchases of your friends with
  19. 19. Social commerce examples
  20. 20. Social commerce examples
  21. 21. Social commerce examples Initially Current TV producers found it challenging to get their online community to coalesce behind a single, user-generated concept for the show. But when they provided three of their own story suggestions — including one about a group of friends who open a bar and another about a metaphysical organization that evaluates a people’s lives — the community combined those two ideas into what became “Bar Karma.”
  22. 22. Social commerce examples
  23. 23. But: too many products & not enough friends is seen as a problem to create relevance.
  24. 24. the social customer
  25. 25. Social Networks Collective creativity / organizational transparency Analytics & Big Data Deep insights into consumer patterns Cloud delivery Efficiently bringing together value networks Mobile Engaging with everyone, all the time Fundamental disruptions
  26. 26. Social signals will become multi-dimensional
  27. 27. Segmentation by emotion, activity or interest
  28. 28. Strategic approach
  29. 29. 1. Scarcity and exclusivity mechanics Using fans to create desire with earned media amongst non-customers (Heinz, Nutella, Coca-Cola) 2. Social referral programmes Customers become affilitates and can be used to acquire new customers (Tesco, Fab)
  30. 30. 3. Leverage social curation “Earned Media” becomes shoppable the portable e-shop (Zappos + Pinterest, Nike + Tumblr) 4. Leverage Interest Graph data for paid media Increase conversion rate by scaling audiences using interest-data
  31. 31. The future of marketing …must be non-interruptive and non-intrusive. It’s tailored, personalized and adjusted to what a consumer has predefined as a preference, or for which the consumer has previously opted in. Marketing will be content.
  32. 32. Display evolution First screen: TV Second screen: desktop PC Third screen: laptop Fourth screen: smartphone Fifth screen: tablet Sixth screen: custom contextual displays
  33. 33. Digital Retail
  34. 34. Digital Retail
  35. 35. Mobile links offline retail to social
  36. 36. Digital Retail
  37. 37. Coke Dance Small World Machines -
  38. 38. Share a Smile - Yawn Activated -
  39. 39. Taxi treats.
  40. 40. we can target adverts based on what our customers bought yesterday. - Clubcard TV director Scott Deutrom
  41. 41. If it can’t lead to offline interaction, online communication will be abandoned. Technology is either a tool to enable offline interaction or it’s an online hinderance to be hacked, engineered or disposed
  43. 43. <connect> +32 472 675 692 | Miel Van Opstal A marketing facilitator for mobile social | @coolz0r | Digital Reputation + Future Connectivity </connect>