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Wave hunter bali posca surf art challenge at 2014 rip curl gromsearch

Wave hunter bali posca surf art challenge at 2014 rip curl gromsearch in Nusa Lembongan Bali

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Wave hunter bali posca surf art challenge at 2014 rip curl gromsearch

  1. 1. Wave Hunter Bali Wave Hunter Bali specializes in water sports equipment and surfboard making materials for enthusiasts, resorts and liveaboards alike. Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Posca Surf Art Challenge at 2014 Rip Curl GromSearch Kids all over Indonesia pushing, challenging each other to be the best. To win a trip to the National Finals. And, with enough drive, to win a deep-blue ticket getting them to Rip Curl’s International Finals The National Finals took place in Nusa Lembongan this weekend. as the Indonesian Representative. Sunday the 29th. The waves, perfect. The kids, better. If you wanted to see talent, young Indonesia’s vulnerable, explosive talent in full spectacle, Shipwrecks was the place to be. But all we’ll say about the surf competition is a hearty congratulations to RajuSena and Cinta Hansel. Because the surfing is Rip Curl’s contest,and Rip Curl’s story to tell. This one’s ours.
  2. 2. If you happened to be in Lembongan this weekend, maybe you decided to take a little stroll down the beach. Maybe you saw two tents set up. Maybe close to the little one on the left, you saw Local Lembongan surferslending little kids their surfboards, watching them dash away excitedly.Not towards the ocean but towards that little tent. And if you were curious, really, truly curious, maybe you took a step in the tent and saw those kids scribbling on those boards. Furiously. Maybe you saw another one of Indonesia’s young,vulnerable, explosive talents that day. Putu Agus of Lembongan, congratulations on winning the Posca Surf Art Challenge. We promise not to immediately sell your art for a huge profit! Runner-up Slamet, all the way from West Java and equal third-place finishers Agus and Rini from Lembongan, you were all very, very close and we wish you better luck at the next challenge. Win or loss, though, the kids at The Posca Surf Art Challenge had fun. And we think they really fell in love with the art they made.
  3. 3. That’s by far the best outcome we at the Wave Hunter Team could have imagined.Thanks guys. We had a heck of a good time, all because you did. The Wave Hunter Team Got surf art you wanna draw? Get some Posca Markers at surf shops all over Bali, or at Posted by WaveHunter Bali at 8:16 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: posca, posca art, posca markers, posca pen, posca surf, posca surf art Location: Lembongan island, Jungutbatu, Nusapenida, Klungkung, Indonesia