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Friday, 2nd November


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Friday, 2nd November

  1. 1. Friday 2nd November DAY E Normal Timetable
  2. 2. WAVERLEY COLLEGE FI SRT V Vs. Cr a n b r o o k f i r st v 7 :1 5 a t Cr a n b r o o k sc h o o l Fr i d a y 2 n d N o v em b erLet s sh o w ev er y o n e t h e t r u e Wa v er l ey sp i r i t Be t h er e. No ex c u ses Wa v er l ey a t t i r e o n l y
  3. 3. Gymnastics /Acrobatics Day FMonday 5th November
  4. 4. Success Stories 2012 Become the next Story.
  5. 5. WEIGHTS ROOM Weights Room Open at LUNCH TIMEfrom Monday - Friday for any boy in Yrs 7,8 & 9 who wishes to improve his fitness. 5
  6. 6. Large Sports Bag found at the St. Catherines Bus Stop and handed into the Junior School.Sports Shoes Size 11 - Tn Air (Nike) plus a pair of Waverley swimmers. No name on bag or shoes/swimmers 6
  7. 7. Weights RoomOpen 7.00 am - 8.15 am Mon- Fri 7
  8. 8. Please ensure thegrounds are kept litter free at all times 8