Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 31 March 2012


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This is the Arsenal's monthly newsletter called the Salvo.

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Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 31 March 2012

  1. 1. S ALVO “Service to the Line, On the Line, On Time”Vol. 12, No. 3 U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY Mar. 31, 2012 Arsenal’s Greatest Generation Speaks Photo by John B. Snyder Tom and Theresa Lyons, who both worked at the Arsenal during World War II, share a lighthearted moment during an interview with the Arsenal’s public affairs officer. Tom eventually retired from Benét Laboratories in 1973. By John B. Snyder small city called Watervliet. Now in his 90s, Tom said he can’t imagine living anywhere else. Before they became part of the Greatest Generation, Tom grew up in the 1930s in a local boarding house they were simply men and women who struggled to with his mother and two sisters. As a child, he didn’t survive the daily challenges of something called the have the playground that one would see today with great Great Depression. Although they were often out of slides, sand boxes, and swings. His playground was the work, hungry, and depressed, millions of Americans Hudson River. He said that he loved that old river then somehow weathered through those years and some, and he still does today. even raised families. The fabric of America may have Although Tom rarely leaves his home due to some been tattered by nearly 10 years of tough economic of the effects of simply being over 90, he said he often depression, but it never gave way. Tom Lyons was part thinks about the great years he had in Watervliet and of a of that fabric then and we are better off today because he place called the Watervliet Arsenal. was. Tom lives today just up from the Hudson River in a Story continues on page 3, see Greatest Who are the Elfuns? Commander’s Column Production Planners Women’s History Month Page 2 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 Arsenal engages the Elfuns...who? By John B. Snyder When the Watervliet Arsenal received a call late lastyear from a group called the Elfuns Society requestingthat someone brief them at one of their meetings about Photo by John B. Snyderthe Arsenal, the call was at first taken with a bit of The Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi addressing the moreskepticism. After all, the Arsenal was well aware of than 80 General Electric Elfuns and spouses at their monthly meetinglocal groups such as the VFW (Veterans of Foreign in Schenectady, N.Y. Migaleddi starts the discussion by talking about the Arsenal’s history.Wars), DAV (Disabled American Veterans), but theElfuns? their March 20th meeting. Well, it turned out that the Elfuns are in some ways During the one-hour presentation, Migaleddi andlike the Arsenal. Elfuns are part of the General Electric Bennett walked more than 80 Elfuns and spousesCompany, which was incorporated about 30 minutes through the Arsenal’s nearly 200-year history — Benétfrom the Arsenal in Schenectady, N.Y. Labs celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year —and GE has been conducting research, design, and through the hundreds of product lines that are currentlyproduct development for the military for about 100 being researched, designed, and manufactured at theyears. Just a kid when compared to the Arsenal, which Arsenal.has been supporting our nation’s military for 198 years. Joseph J. Osvald, the Schenectady Elfuns Vice-But the similarities between the Elfuns and the Arsenal Program Chairman, said that he was amazed with all thego beyond that of service to our military — both work that was going on at the Arsenal.organizations have a rich history of supporting the local “I knew they (Arsenal) made cannons, but I didn’tcommunity, too. know that they made such a wide variety of guns for Elfuns (a contraction of the words “Electrical Fund”) tanks, howitzers, and for mortars,” Osvald said. “Thiswas founded as an organization of GE leaders in 1928 to was a great presentation and we all enjoyed it.”afford members a vehicle for financial investments and Migaleddi said that engaging the Elfuns was a greatfraternal activities. Elfuns are individuals who are either opportunity for the Arsenal because of the values theworking at GE or have retired from GE and who have Arsenal shares with them, such as support to our militaryor had senior leadership positions. The organization has and to the community, and because this was an audiencesince become very active in community service. that the Arsenal had not previously engaged. Once the Arsenal added the Elfuns to its list of So, the next time a local organization with a strangemilitary acronyms, Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. name calls, the Arsenal will not be as skeptical due inMigaleddi and Benét Laboratories Director Lee Bennett part to the great relationship the Arsenal now has withsaid they would provide an overview to the Elfuns at the GE’s Elfuns.Commander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal.Arsenal Facebook Page @ News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer, 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg 10,http://on.fb.me/sq3LEm Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail: john.b.snyder.civ@mail.mil. The editor reserves the right to edit all information submitted for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 “During World War II, we often worked seven-days aGreatest cont. week and the Big Gun Shop was always full of cannons,” Tom said. “What a great ride it was to work side-by-side with some of the greatest machinists the country has ever The Arsenal is an Army-owned and –operated known.”manufacturing facility that has been in continuous operation But being a wartime machinist also paid huge dividendssince the War of 1812. And after every military conflict for Tom, but not in a monetary sense.since 1813, military budgets have ebbed and flowed, as well Once Tom had completed his apprentice training, oneas the Arsenal’s likelihood of survival. of his additional duties was to train new machine tool The period from the end of World War I to 1938 was a operators. The training went so good that one of his traineestime of significant belt-tightening at the Arsenal. After all, married him in 1944.many believed that World War I was the war to end all wars. Tom would eventually enlist in the Army and served fromIn those years, the Arsenal’s civilian workforce numbers July 1944 to July 1946.declined from approximately 1,600 during World War After the war, Tom remained at the Arsenal but slowlyI to about 350 by 1938. The military numbers moved away from working the mill and lathe machines,experienced just as a dramatic drop having gone to a new passion called heat treatment. In fact, hefrom nearly 220 enlisted men and officers to just five eventually became the foreman of the Arsenal’s heatofficers by 1938. treatment facility. His wife, Theresa, left the Arsenal But something happened at the Arsenal on Nov. after the war and went to work for a company called14, 1938, that forever would change the Arsenal, as Montgomery Wards.well as Tom’s life. His passion for heat treatment would Army Col. Richard H. Somers took eventually take him out of the machinecommand on that day and he had the vision shops and into a newly formed Armyand foresight to see that war was coming. research and design facility at theIn less than one year after taking Watervliet Arsenal called Benétcommand, he had raised the Arsenal’s City of Watervliet Mayor Michael Manning Laboratories. Tom is a charter memberworkforce numbers from 350 to 1,000. of Benét Labs having been one of the firstSomers also reestablished the Apprentice employees of this new organization when itSchool with an initial enrollment of 45. Due directly to opened its doors on May 9, 1962. Tom retired from BenétSomers’ initiatives, this was the first time in the Arsenal’s Labs in 1973 at age 52.history that it had ramped up its capability to support a Watervliet Mayor Michael Manning said that Tom andnation at war before the first shots were fired. Theresa are the exception rather than the rule today. Those actions taken by Somers opened the door for Tom, “In an era when families move every few years in searchas well as for thousands of others, to move out the Great of better jobs or better schools for their children, a lifelongDepression and into a steady job. Tom started his work resident is typically only 10 years old,” Manning said. “Butat the Arsenal in 1940. But not having had any previous Tom and Theresa have a 90-year investment in the City ofmechanical experience, Tom said he was placed into the Watervliet.”newly restarted three-year apprentice program. “They grew up here, they went to school here, found “What was great about the apprentice program was work here, raised a family here, and when their work wasthat we had to learn how to operate every machine at the done, they retired here,” Manning said. “I don’t know howArsenal,” Tom said. “When I graduated in 1943, I had the you can measure the affect that Tom and Theresa have hadconfidence that I could work in any section at the Arsenal.” on the Watervliet community, but suffice it for me to say it Those were great years not only for Tom, but also for the must be powerful.”Arsenal. Today, Tom thanks the Army for a great pension that Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw has called the allows him to live a comfortable life. He said he thinksWorld War II period of time as the Greatest Generation for about the good old days as an apprentice when attendedAmerica. This is true for the Arsenal, too. class alongside some of the Arsenal legends, such as Fred During the Arsenal’s Greatest Generation years, its Clas, who was Director of Operations for 22 years, andworkforce numbers jumped to more than 9,300, about Thomas Kucskar, who as Chief of Manufacturing during theone-third of which were women. And from the time that Vietnam War supervised more than 2,000 workers.Pearl Harbor was attacked to the landing on the beaches of But one of his finest memories of those GreatestNormandy, more than 23,000 cannons were manufactured Generation years is of a young woman who was thewith a better than 99 percent on-time delivery rate. Those Arsenal’s equivalent to “Rosie the Riveter.” He and Theresanumbers would never again be equaled. have now been married for 67 years.
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 Commander’s Corner The month of March for those who live in the Northeastis often a month full of hope — hope that the long, cold win-ter will soon end. This year was different, however, in thatthis has been an untraditional winter with record breakingwarmth. I have noticed a lot of employees keep their New Year’s Photo by John B. Snyderresolutions by improving their exercise habits ─ congratula-tions my “gym rat” partners. For those of you who fell off and non-valued added steps and processes for our custom-the wagon, Spring is a great time to hop back on the exercise ers. When you’re doing something, ask yourself, would theand eat right wagon. There are a lot of employees walking customer want to pay for this step? Quite simply, we haveat lunch and working out after work. Find a partner and join to be better tomorrow than we are today in order to remainin the fun. competitive. On April 14, the Albany County American Legion Aux- Second, we have to aggressively research, plan, and seekiliary is sponsoring a “They Marched for us…Let’s Walk out new work or product lines. For the last several months, Ifor Them” Walkathon at The Crossings of Colonie. This have petitioned a small group of your fellow workers to con-event will raise money for the VA Medical Center and Fisher duct a Business Development Value Stream Analysis, whichHouse. I ask for your support to put together a team. Please was followed by another team now doing market researchcontact Kyle Buono, if you are interested. and targeting for new avenues of revenue. We will also be Now back to the weather. This year’s weather phenom- staffing a Business Development Office in the near future.enon will give us opportunities that we wouldn’t have had Third, our strategic planning efforts must be aligned withif the environment had not changed. The changing winds in our higher headquarters and the environment. I WILL NOTregards to future defense budgets will also guide us to op- waiver on our vision, which is to be DoD’s manufacture ofportunities that we had not previously known. choice specializing in cannons, mortars, and associated ma- For those of you who have been following the news re- teriel and other complex machined items.garding the budget discussions between the Pentagon and Last, but no less important, is Safety. Our goal is to haveCongress know that the environment for future defense ZERO accidents. We have a Safety Office, but everybodydollars is rapidly changing. We have stopped combat opera- is a safety officer. We have a talented and well-experiencedtions in Iraq and we are currently withdrawing troops out of workforce and I need everyone to use their experience andAfghanistan. Combine this with the fact that our country is training to look at areas where we can improve the Arsenal’srunning trillion-dollar deficits places us in an environment safety. I have a new Commander’s Award for Safety comingthat is totally different from what we have known over the out soon and we will be conducting another Safety Stand-past decade. Down Day this summer. To many at the Arsenal, this new environment may mean I need your support to keep your eye on these balls. Youuncertainty as we do not yet know how the defense budget can either be part of the cohort that sits back and worrieswill play out. But, just as the weather has now given us about what the future may bring, or you can be part of theopportunities that we may not have foreseen last October, team that helps ensure the long-term viability of the Arsenal.I look at the current budget discussions as creating an envi- I hope that you all join me on the team that helps shape ourronment of opportunities for us, too. environment for continued success. Not that we have ever been laid back and simply ac-cepted business as usual during the heavy production daysduring Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, thedeclining defense budget forces us to re-look our entire op-erations to ensure our long-term viability. We are working hard on four main fronts. Mark F. Migaleddi First, we are deploying LEAN as a continuous process Commandingimprovement tool to become very efficient is all aspects of Manufacturer 6production. LEAN is about seeing and eliminating waste
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 A world where stubby-pencil errors may cost the Arsenal thousands By John B. Snyder ing a quote or the production plan for an order — it is files, old files. Just outside the bowels of the Imagine the stress involved in production planning office is a roomhaving a job where a simple, stubby- solely dedicated to storing files,pencil error in a calculation may thousands of them.mean that your business will lose Tom Ruchlicki, a long-time pro-out on a multimillion dollar order. duction planner, said that each fileOr worse yet, your calculation may tells the complete history of everyhave helped your company get the product manufactured at the Arsenal,order but then you find out that the from a firing pin to an Abrams Tankmanufacturing costs to support the cannon, since the early 1970s.order may cost your company hun- “Our files go back to the Vietnamdreds of thousands of dollars. War,” Ruchlicki said. “And in each Why would anyone want that file, there are documents that explainjob? But some do and the Watervliet the quote process, the tools required,Arsenal is fortunate that they have the production schedule, the speedstepped up into the world of produc- of machines, down to the length oftion planning. Some have said this each cut made on a piece of steel tois the most detailed job at the Arse- Photo by John B. Snyder manufacture that product.”nal, which says a lot considering that Arsenal Production Planning Supervisor Mike Dumas added that one of the bestArsenal machinists work in a world Dumas, left, and Planner Tom Ruchlicki show the by-products coming out of these filesof thousandths-of-an-inch measured documentation that they maintain for every product. is the history of what went right orcuts. and capacity very well, they also know wrong during the production cycle. In a rarely visited area, in a build- such detailed information as to how In essence, what the Army calls aning that was built right after World much time it takes to make each cut After Action Review.War I, a small team of 10 planners on a tube. This high level experience “When we get a request for adevelop the production plan for every and depth of knowledge directly affects quote, we turn to these files to see iforder that comes into the Arsenal. whether or not the Arsenal obtains a we have manufactured that productIn fiscal year 2011, these planners profit or a loss, both of which are not line before or maybe a similar productworked on hundreds of orders that desirable actions. line,” Dumas said. “Then as we buildwere valued at nearly $100 million. As an Army-owned and –operated the quote, we factor in the lessons “Our work begins when the request manufacturing facility, the Arsenal has learned from the previous order to en-for a quote comes to the Arsenal for a a very thin margin of error in its rev- sure we hit the target between a profitspecific product, such as for a 120mm enue generated from sales. The Arsenal or a loss.”cannon for an Abrams Tank, and it works on a cost-reimbursable basis, The lessons learned speak aboutcontinues throughout the life cycle of which means that it cannot plan for a such things as to whether or not a spe-the manufactured product,” said Mike profit nor have a loss from a product cialized heat treatment worked downDumas, supervisor of production line. For example, if there are any cost to did the Arsenal use the right anglesplanning at the Arsenal. “In essence, savings realized during the production of cuts on the product to what process-we track a product from its concept to cycle, the savings are returned to the es and procedures were not requiredits grave.” customer, who in the end is the Ameri- that resulted in reduced manufacturing The production planners are not can taxpayer. If there is a loss, the time.the folks who come to the Arsenal Arsenal cannot turn to the customer and Such is the life of being a produc-right after school. The Arsenal’s 10 say you owe more. That is why each tion planner at an Army-owned and –planners have more than 200,000 calculation performed during the request operated manufacturing center. Razorhours of experience in just about all for quote process is painstakingly veri- thin margins of error managed by justphases of production, from forge op- fied over and over again. a handful of folks who have the mosterations to tool design. Surprisingly, in an era of high tech it detailed job at the Watervliet Arsenal. They are skilled artisans who not isn’t high tech that provides the launch Why would anyone want this job?only know the Arsenal’s capabilities point for these planners when calculat- Some do, and we are glad they did.
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 Arsenal celebratesWomen’s History Month By Mark Koziol Arsenal Museum The National Emergency declared by PresidentRoosevelt in September 1939 led to a slow increase inemployment at the nation’s defense plants. In Janu-ary 1942, the Arsenal’s total employees numbered 5,312workers. By December, the number had increased to astaggering 9,332 employees, of which 2,905 were women. At the start of the year, women were being hired as toolkeepers, gage checkers and mechanic learners. As menincreasing went to war, via enlistment and the draft,women increasingly took their place in the factories andassumed the roles of skilled workers. During this time, Arsenal womenwere inspectors, crane and machineoperators, did engine and vehiclerepairs, tool grinding, welding, lathe work,and operated the 40-ton diesel-engine trainused to move freight cars throughout theArsenal. Mastering each of these skilledjobs shattered many prejudices and bar-riers against women in the US to work infactory jobs. The Arsenal women helped the Arsenal tomanufacturer more than 23,000 cannons from thetime of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor until the Painting byNormandy Invasion in 1944. Norman Rockwell for a Saturday Evening Post Cover Photos provided by the Arsenal museum The Arsenal’s equivalent to Rosie the Riveter during World War II were, from left, Agnes Salsburg and Marion Gillette who are work- ing on the final steps of the bench operations of a large gun block and Dorothy Ostrom repairing an ordnance component by using an acetylene torch. Photos were taken in 1943.
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012Vaudeville comes to the Arsenal ... sort of By John B. Snyder tion cycle are returned to the customer, who in the end is the American taxpayer. The other challenge when compared “You want $102 million of new contract authority?” “Re- to a civilian business is that the Arsenal sets its prices 18-24ally?” “Wow?” months ahead of the delivery date. So went the start of Stacey Marhafer’s closeout briefing As tough as these parameters are for the Arsenal to workto three instructors after a week-long training event at the within — cannot have a profit or a loss — the Arsenal hasWatervliet Arsenal on the budgeting dynamics of something been able to survive the numerous ebbs and flows of defensecalled the Army Working Capital Fund. Marhafer works in budgets going back to the War of 1812 due in some importantthe Arsenal’s Resource Management activity. part to those who manage the Arsenal’s budget, such as Mar- The U.S. Army Materiel Command’s G-8 sent a training hafer.team to the Arsenal February 27 to March 2 to conduct an During the course, resource managers learned the intrica-Army Working Capital Fund Resource Management Advance cies of a process called Supply Management Army whereCourse. In addition to 15 resource managers balanceArsenal employees, the expenses and revenue toclass had students from come up with the optimumHQDA, G-4; TACOM G-8; price for customers. Theand from Sierra Army De- Arsenal’s customers mainlypot. come from the U.S. Army, How the Arsenal is Navy, Air Force, and Ma-funded to conduct opera- rine Corps. But the Arsenaltions and maintenance of- also supports Foreign Mili-ten surprises community tary Sales to such countriesand elected officials. Un- as Egypt and Estonia.like other Army installa- Another critical piecetions such as Fort Bragg of the training dealt within North Carolina or Fort balancing inventory re-Sill in Oklahoma, the quirements to the budget.Arsenal does not receive Here, the resource manag-Congressional funding for ers learned how to deter-maintenance , repair, or for mine when to purchase,the manufacturing of tubes how much to purchase, andand various assemblies for when to use components tosuch weapon systems as the support a product line.Abrams Tank and the M777 There was also training155mm howitzer. on how to execute a Capital All funds required to Investment Program, whichmaintain and operate the Photos by John B. Snyder allows for the acquisitionArsenal comes from a pro- Top: The Arsenal’s resource managers, as well as other resource personnel of depreciable property and from the Army G-4 staff, TACOM LCMC, and Sierra Army Depot are chal-cess called a Revolving lenged by a training team from CALIBRE. Bottom: Stacey Marhafer, stand- equipment to improve aFund. A Revolving Fund is ing, anticipates questions to her proposed plan. product line or a process atan account where Arsenal the Arsenal. During the lastincome to fund its operations comes from its revenue that is few years, the Arsenal has invested more than $50 million ingenerated through military sales of its products. In addition new equipment and electrical infrastructure that has not onlyto the Watervliet Arsenal, there are 12 other Army industrial made the Arsenal more efficient, it has also improved work-operations that are funded via the Revolving Fund process. force safety. Additionally, the Arsenal operates very similar to a civilian Marhafer survived the intense grilling, as well as the othermanufacturing plant. Just as Ford Motor Company or Gener- 19 individuals who had to brief the three AWCF experts fromal Electric are very sensitive to profit and loss accountability, CALIBRE. Some were so light on their toes and danced sothe Arsenal cannot operate at a loss, either. And, although the well that they would rival any song and dance routines in theArsenal is a government-owned and –operated manufacturing history of Vaudeville. Nevertheless, once the training wascenter, there is no guarantee of future work. over, each one had to hang up their dancing shoes and go But unlike Ford and GE, the Arsenal cannot operate with back to work — serious work to ensure the Army’s Industriala profit. Any savings that are realized during the produc- Base is well-resourced and managed in the coming years.
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 Tina Pond’s CPAC CornerNotification of Personnel Actions (SF-50s)Did you know you can view and print your personal SF-50s?You can view/print any SF-50 that was processed for yourselfbetween 1997 through present time. All you need to do is followthe instructions below (from a government/CAC-enabled com-puter):• Access the following website: www.cpol.army.mil;• Click “Employee Portal Login/CAC” (located at the top, right side of page);• Click “OK”;• Click “OK” to confirm your certificate; Photo by John B. Snyder• Click on the “Employee” tab; Jennifer Pusatere and James Ehman, both personnel• Select “Go!” from the My SF-50 box. A list of your specialists at the Arsenal, engage a prospective appli- SF-50s will populate to include the type of action and cant during a recent job fair at RPI. effective date of each action.• To view an SF-50, Click on the icon to the left of SF-50 you wish to view. At this point, you can also print the SF-50, if you wish.If you have any questions, contact the CPAC office at 266-4058 or 266-4054. Memorial Day Parades Save The Dates The Arsenal is participating in the Village of Green Island parade on Thursday, May 24th and the City of Watervliet parade on Monday, May 28th. For the Village of Green Island parade, we plan to only provide the bob-tailed truck and lowboy trailer float. Need a Driver!!! The Arsenal commander will speak at the end of parade ceremony. For the City of Watervliet, we plan to provide the full parade contingent with marchers. The Arsenal commander will speak at the end of parade ceremony. Green Island Parade kicks off at 6 p.m. City of Watervliet Parade kicks off at 10 a.m.
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 By Karen Heiser “Gemba walk” describes routine walk-through inspections in production or service delivery work areas to supportdevelopment and sustainment of a lean culture. So, what is a gemba walk, really? What does gemba mean? Gemba, a Japanese word, means the place where theprocess happens, where the work is being done. Not the manager’s office; not a conference room; but the actual loca-tion where the actual people perform the actual work. Japanese detectives call the doughnut shops gemba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as report-ing from gemba. In business, gemba refers to the place where value is created; in manufacturing the gemba is the factory floor. Itcan be any "site" such as a construction site, sales floor or where the service provider interacts directly with the cus-tomer. Going to gemba also includes the offices where manufacturing and administrative support work is being done. In quality management, gemba means the manufacturing floor and value stream support processes. The idea is thatif a problem occurs, engineers, technicians and analysts must go there to understand the full impact of the problem,gathering data from all sources. What distinguishes gemba walks from normal operations leaders’ walk throughs? The objective of gemba walking on a regular basis is to support implementation and sustainment of a lean culture.The individual doing the gemba walk is expected to have a real-world grasp of what it takes to translate lean conceptsinto action; and share that knowledge on their walks. Looking for waste, questioning process, looking for standardwork, and soliciting opportunities for improvement from people doing the work are all part of a gemba walk. Gemba walks are all about getting out into the workplace. They afford company leaders, managers and supervisorsa reliable and simple means of supporting an improvement structure and encouraging process standardization. Theyare designed to nurture the systematic development of an organization’s, and its members’ capabilities to recognizeopportunities for lean and lean management applications. The Gemba Walk is a key component in the creation andsustainment of improvement. Things to Consider on a Gemba Walk1. General Housekeeping Workplace clutter Poor lighting Unsafe conditions Adequate waste removal Clearly marked exits, aisles, walkways, all point-of-use areas2. High concentrations of Work in Process Up-stream and down-stream At point-of-use Damaged product Non-standard containers Old inventory tags3. Display of information and measures Bulletin boards with up-to-date information Workplace activity boards are up-to-date4. Equipment Appearance Visible maintenance records are current Leaks of air, oil, fluid, lubrication Main body clean Guarding in position5. In-plant Office Space Well organized Free of clutter
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 AMC Commander’s Visit March 21st Photos by John B. SnyderLeft: Ed McCarthy, Arsenal deputy commander, briefs Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, AMC commanding general, about the detailed work that goesinto mortar sustainment. Center: Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi explains to Dunwoody about the improvements the Arsenal hasmade to 105mm breech blocks. Right: Dunwoody awards her commander’s coin for excellence to Hugh McNamara. Never bet against the Arsenal’s electrical guru The Arsenal’s Electrical Engineer, Benjamin Dedjoe, proved the Arsenal’s public affairs officer wrong...again. In early March, Dedjoe told the PAO that he could re- place a major substation in one of the manufacturing buildings within 30 hours. The PAO thought no way. He did it! Photos by John B. SnyderLeft: Benjamin Dedjoe inspects the various parts of the substation with a concerned look that maybe he promised too much. Center: Dedjoetalking to Joseph Bott III, the industrial subcontractor from Wynantskill, N.Y., about what was required and how fast it needed to be done.Right: Like a proud father, Dedjoe shows off his efforts claiming that he made it happen within the 30-hour time frame. Note...Dedjoe did notallow the public affairs officer to verify his claim until the 48-hour mark, but how could anyone argue with his smile.
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 It’s coming, it’s coming, it really is... By Maj. Donald Freer and control; work site analysis; safety and health training; and management commitment and worker involvement.We have been hearing “it’s coming, it’s coming” for morethan two years and just maybe, it is. What I’m talking To participate, employers must submit an application toabout is our effort to attain a STAR Certification in the OSHA and undergo a rigorous on-site evaluation by a teamVoluntary Protection Program or VPP. As the new mem- of safety and health professionals. Union support is re-ber on the Arsenal’s safety team, I want to update you quired for applicants represented by a bargaining unit. VPPand let you know that we are moving forward for VPP participants are re-evaluated every three to five years tocertification. remain in the programs. VPP participants are exempt from OSHA programmed inspections while they maintain theirThis summer, we expect to host VPP status.an on-site review by the Depart-ment of Defense’s VPP Center VPP participation often bringsof Excellence followed by our the following benefits:application to the OccupationalSafety and Health Administra- • reduced numbers oftion (OSHA) for an audit pursu- worker fatalities, injuries, andant to STAR Certification. illnesses; • lost-workday case ratesVPP represents just one part generally 50 percent belowof the OSHA’s effort to extend industry averages;worker protection beyond the minimum required by • lower workers’ compensation and other injury-and-OSHA standards. The VPP program recognize employers illness-related costs;and workers in private industry and federal agencies who • improved employee motivation to work safely,have implemented effective safety and health manage- leading to a better quality of life at work;ment systems and maintain injury and illness rates below • positive community recognition and interaction;national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their • further improvement and revitalization of already-respective industries. good safety and health programs; and a • positive relationship with OSHA.In VPP, management, labor, and OSHA work coopera-tively and proactively to prevent fatalities, injuries, and SOURCE NOTE: OSHA’S VPP website and Job Hazardillnesses through a system focused on: hazard prevention Analysis (Revised, 2002) publication. Always something new at the Arsenals AAFES PX. Remember...a portion of the profits is returned back to the Arsenal to support MWR facilities and events
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo Mar. 31, 2012 Equipment Reservations Now Being Taken Watervliet Arsenal Outdoor Recreation Equipment Usage FeesPAVILION PER DAY DEPOSITWatervliet Arsenal Pavilion $100.00 $100.00BOATING PER DAY PER WEEK WEEKEND DEPOSITCanoe (4) 10.00 40.00 15.00Kayak (2) 15.00 45.00 20.00 $25.00CAMPINGNew Camping Backpacks (2) 3.00 12.00 5.00New Large Coolers (2) 3.00 10.00 5.00Cot (Commercial) (3) 3.00 10.00 5.00Lantern (w/o fuel) (4) 3.00 12.00 5.00Camping Stove (w/o fuel) (4) 3.00 15.00 5.00Tent (8’ x 7’) (Sleeps 3) (1) 5.00 30.00 10.00Tent (Backpacking 10 x 10) (1) 5.00 30.00 10.00Tent (16’ x 10’) (Sleeps 8) (1) 10.00 45.00 20.00Little Pop-up (4 Total) 30.00 160.00 70.00 $100.00Big Pop-up (4) (Sleeps 4-6) 40.00 180.00 80.00 $100.00New Pop-up (1) (Sleeps 5) 45.00 205.00 90.00 $100.00Canopy (20’x 20’) (4) $80 Flat RateInstant Set up Canopy (12’x 12’) (1) $25 Flat RateInstant Set up Canopy (10’x 10’) (3) $25 Flat Rate2 Rosario Bikes (With Helmets) 3.00 10.00 5.00Baseball Gloves (11) and Helmets 6.00 36.00 12.00Golf Clubs (Right Handed) (1) 10.00 25.00 15.00WINTERSnow Shoes (2) 5.00 20.00 10.00 $25.00Cross Country Skis (2) 10.00 25.00 15.00 $25.00GAMESVolleyball Set and Lines (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Badminton Set (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Small Table Tennis Set (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Bocce Set (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Croquet Set (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Horseshoes Set (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Disc Golf Set (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Flag Football Equipment (1) 2.00 10.00 5.00Bundle Set (Includes all 8) 10.00 30.00 20.00NOTE: Late fees will be charged at twice the per day rate.Turn in time is 1200. Weekend rate is from Friday 1200 to Monday 1200A $100.00 refundable security/cleaning deposits are required for the pop-ups. All items must beclean when returned or user will be charged a cleaning fee.Make Checks out to MWR. To make a Reservation contact Kyle Buono (518)266-4829