Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 31 October 2012


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This October newsletter captures the stories, announcements, and other general information about the Watervliet Arsenal.

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Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 31 October 2012

  1. 1. S ALVO “Service to the Line, On the Line, On Time”Vol. 12, No. 10 U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, New York Oct. 31, 2012 Gen. Via visits history, charts destiny Story on page 3 Photos by John B. Snyder
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 We have been with the Soldier when they enlisted, married, and when they were reverently buried. And therefore, we have a moral and personal duty to not let their sacrifices be for naught. Commander’s Your vote does count! According to the Douglas Corner County Treasurer’s Office in Nevada: • In 1800 - Thomas Jefferson was elected Presi- dent by one vote in the House of Representa- tives after a tie in the Electoral College. • In 1824 - Andrew Jackson won the presidential In a few days, the future of America will once popular vote but lost by one vote in the Houseagain have been determined by a fundamental right of Representatives to John Quincy Adams afterof every American — by the right to vote. From the an Electoral College dead-lock.highest office in the country to local council members, • In 1962 - Governors of Maine, Rhode Islandthis election will have a profound effect on the direc- and North Dakota were elected by an averagetion of our country, as well as on our community. of one vote per precinct. We have all seen and heard campaign ads, debates, • In 2000 - The Presidential election was de-and the glorious right to free speech exercised for cided by an extremely narrow margin.  Georgealmost 12 months in preparation for Election Day. I W. Bush won the state of Florida by just 537was in Iraq during the first nation-wide elections for votes, making him the next President of theParliament. It was special seeing the campaigning and United States.  Close to 6 million voters wentdebating in this new society, and I said to myself, that to the polls in Florida.  It might not have beenIraq is now truly free. by one vote, but certainly every vote counted. I encourage you and your family to get out and Now with combat operations having ended in Iraq vote this November 6th. If doing so for yourself is notand troop withdrawals from Afghanistan begun, the reason enough, then do it for that Soldier who is stilldaily news of our troops who remain in combat rarely in Afghanistan fighting for your right.makes it to the front pages our newspapers or into the6 o’clock TV news. But we are different. Mark F. Migaleddi Commanding Everything we do is to support the warfighter. This Manufacturer 6is as true today as it was on that hot July morning in1813 when the brick and mortar was laid for whatwould become the Watervliet Arsenal.Commander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal. News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer,Arsenal Facebook Page @ 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg. 10,http://on.fb.me/sq3LEm Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail: john.b.snyder.civ@mail.mil. The editor reserves the right to edit all information submitted for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012Watervliet takes AMC CG to a world beyond simple charts and production numbers By John B. Snyder production cycle, baseplate testing, had the potential to yield significant time savings by tapping into Benéts "This is your lab, your forge, and experience in simulation modeling.your arsenal," said Arsenal Com- Mortar baseplate samples weremander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi to traditionally subjected to out ofGen. Dennis L. Via during Vias visit state, live-fire testing. This meanthere Oct. 2. the Arsenal had to package large Via, who assumed duties as the numbers of baseplates and ship them18th Commander of the Army Ma- to a test site, which would then putteriel Command Aug. 7, 2012, was the baseplates on a mortar systempresented with 200 years of Arsenal and fire live rounds from them.history during his first visit to this This posed several problems. Thehistoric post. But history doesnt pay Arsenal did not control the prioritythe bills and so, the Arsenal leader- of work during testing, bad weathership quickly focused the discussion at the test site sometimes affectedon the value the Arsenal provides to the test time and finally, mortartodays warfighters. rounds are expensive. Woven into the organizational So, it became clear to Arsenalcharts and mission slides that are and Benét Lab leadership that if thea customary part of every Army Arsenal could test the baseplates atbriefing, Migaleddi hit on something the Arsenal, then production timemore concrete and tangible. Photo by John B. Snyder could be reduce, as well as save "More than 700 line items, from AMC Commander Gen. Dennis L. Via, money for DOD.155mm cannons to 120mm mortars, left, arriving at the Watervliet Arsenal with Col. Mark F. Migaleddi escorting. By using Benéts simulationare shipped from the Arsenal each capability at the Arsenal, the live fir-month with an on-time delivery rate ing phenomenon that is not replicated ing of rounds could be replicated bythat exceeds 97 percent," Migaleddi anywhere else in the Department of using hydraulic pile drivers.said during the command brief. "At Defense called "From conception to According to Migaleddi, "On av-the end of the day, our products have grave synergy." erage, we are currently saving morehelped hundreds of thousands of Sol- There is no other place in the than $1000 per mortar baseplatediers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines Department of Defense where those when compared to costs related toto come home safely." who do research and design (Benét shipping and testing at an alternate John Askew, the deputy director Labs) are within a five-minute walk test site."of the Armys Benét Laboratories, from those who will turn blueprints The Arsenal estimates that moreechoed Migaleddis comments re- into finished manufactured products than $2 million has been saved sincegarding todays value to U.S. troops (Watervliet Arsenal), Askew said. testing began in Benéts hammer lab.by saying that, "Every large caliber Migaleddi took Askews words a In regards to protecting lives, theweapon system on todays battlefield step further by personally showing Arsenal and Benét Labs often lookthat goes bang, began here." Via how this synergistic effort is not beyond what is called the Technical During Vias four-hour visit, Arse- only saving money, but also protect- Data Package or TDP during andnal and Benét leadership took Via on ing lives. after the manufacturing process ina journey to a world beyond simple Recently, the Arsenal produc- search of product improvement.charts and production numbers. tion team looked at the entire mortar One recent product improvementBecause at the end of the day, theytruly wanted Via to know that his manufacturing process and deter- Story continues on page 4,Arsenal is leveraging a manufactur- mined that one component of the see Gen. Via
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012Gen. Via cont. the breech ring. Removal of the recock mechanism from behind the weapon removes the need for a Soldier to reach behind the cannon in the path of the recoil during a misfire to recock the weapon. This is a significant safety gainadopted by the Army involved the replacement of more while also eliminating the need for a recock tool.than 400 breechblocks for the Armyslightweight 105mm But, whether it is breechblocks or mortar baseplates,howitzer system -- the M119A2 towed howitzer. This Via said that he agreed that the synergy derived by col-howitzer entered service with the U.S. Armys 7th Infantry locating an Army research facility with its manufacturingDivision in December 1989. base creates a capability that is not replicated anywhere Benét engineers and Arsenal machinists never stopped else in DOD. That fact should be better communicated totrying to perfect the breechblock and as a result, developed the Armys senior leaders, Via said.a redesign of the breechblock that will not only improve Arsenal and Benét leadership were very pleased toSoldiers safety, but also may reduce potential downtime. host Via. But more importantly, they were very proud to The breechblock improvements under this new modi- demonstrate what 200 years of continuous support to ourfication reduced the number of breechblock parts by 30 servicemen and women means to our Army and to ourpercent, which should reduce maintenance cost and down- Nation.time because there will be fewer parts affected by wear It seemed that Via was pleased, too, as he person-and tear. ally thanked each individual he met telling them that our The redesigned breechblock also eliminated the recock troops could not do their mission without the great supportmechanism by incorporating this function into the side of the Arsenal is providing. Got your 200th Anniversary items?
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 Army awards Arsenal $4.2M contract for new mortar baseplate By John B. Snyder The Arsenal announced this month that it receiveda $4.2 million contract from the U.S. Army to manu-facture a new lightweight 60mm mortar baseplate thatwill enhance Soldiers’ abilities to move more quicklyacross the battlefield, while also reducing logisticalrequirements. “This multimil-lion dollar order willadd to our currentworkload more than Top: 120mm mortar base-14,000 hours of di- plates being readied forrect labor,” said Jake painting.Peart, the Arsenal’schief of Production Left: Arsenal General Foreman Paul Nieck-Control & Program arz checking a 60mmManagement. “We baseplate casting beingwill begin shipping readied for machining. Although the productionin the fall of 2013 for the new baseplateand we will com- won’t start until 2013,plete our produc- the Arsenal continues totion in the spring of manufacture baseplates for the legacy systems.2015.” The Army’s new Photos by John B. SnyderM224A1 lightweight60mm mortar system that was fielded in 2011 requires loaded weapon system. The Arsenal will continue totwo baseplates: The M7A1 baseplate, which is used manufacture baseplates for the legacy, 60mm mortarin a conventional firing mode, weighs 9.2 pounds, and system, the M224, until the Army completes its field-can fire charges 0 to 4; and the M8 baseplate, which ing of the newer, lightweight mortar system.can be used in a hand-held firing mode, weighs 3.6 Orders for Watervliet’s mortars have greatly in-pounds, but can fire only a charge 0 or 1. creased since 2007 due directly to the type of ground The new M7A2 baseplate the Arsenal will begin combat that our military has been doing in Afghani-manufacturing may be used in a conventional fir- stan. In the last 12 months, the Arsenal has manufac-ing mode or from a hand-held firing position, weighs tured more than 2,000 various mortar parts, from tubesonly 4.8 pounds, and can fire charges 0-4. Thereby to baseplates.providing the same firing capabilities as the current The U.S. Army’s Benét Laboratories designed thetwo baseplates combined, while reducing the overall M7A2 baseplate, which speaks volumns about theweight of the mortar system by more than 8 pounds. synergy achieved at Watervliet where those who doEach additional charge above charge 1 increases the the research and design are only a five-minute walkrange of the mortar round. from those who will machine the design. Nearly four The 60mm mortar system is a lightweight, high years of research, design, and testing went into the de-angle of fire, smooth-bore, man-portable, muzzle- velopment of the M7A2.
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 NY bridge dedicated to fallen hero Staff Sgt. Derek Farley will never be forgotten By John B. Snyder sleep,” Ken said. “If we stopped to take a break, Derek would immediately wake up as if something was wrong.” As Derek grew older, his passion was riding his bike and In the Town of Nassau, N.Y., on Oct. 14, Staff Sgt. visiting friends. But somehow, between such activitiesDerek Farley began greeting each visitor as they entered he found another passion — watching The Military andand left this small town. Derek was an Army explosives History Channels — a passion that would truly define whoordnance disposal expert who was killed in Afghanistan Derek was.on Aug. 17, 2010, but on Sunday, the Route 20 Bridge At about the age of 11 or 12, Derek started developingin Nassau was named the Staff a keen interest in the military,Sergeant Derek Farley Memorial especially the World War II period,Bridge. Ken said. When as a teenager, Derek was a free spirit since the Derek saw the camaraderiefirst day he could crawl, said Ken displayed in the ‘Band of Brothers’Farley, Derek’s father who works miniseries and said that was whatat the Watervliet Arsenal as an he wanted.electronics technician. One day in high school, Derek “One of my fondest memories came home from school and toldof Derek was when he was his parents he wanted to have anlearning to walk because he would Army recruiter visit them. Afterwalk on his knees,” Ken said. the visit, Derek signed up for the“From that day on, I knew we had Army while still in high schoolsomething special in Derek in that under the Army’s delayed entryhe would do things his way … he program, a program that allowswas his own person.” students to finish their senior year When Derek was young, he in high school and then ship out towas the type of kid that loved the basic training after graduation.rain because it would cause mud Of the hundreds of jobpuddles to form on his driveway, specialties available to Derek, heKen said. There was never a chose an exciting, but extremelygood puddle left untouched by dangerous specialty calledDerek as he would thrash about “explosive ordnance disposal” orgetting completely soaked and EOD specialist.then he would seal his enjoyment Photo by John B. Snyder Ken said at first he was takenby dunking his head into the thick The unveiling of the Staff Sergeant Derek Farley Memo- rial Bridge in Nassau, N.Y., by Derek’s family. From left: aback by Derek’s job choice. Asof the mud, coming up for air Dylan, Derek’s brother; Ken, father; and Theresa, sister. a Soldier who served in Vietnam,laughing. Farley was explosive ordnance disposal specialist who was killed in Afghanistan. Ken knew just how dangerous the One of Derek’s first chores job was to disarming munitionsaround the house was keeping the wood box full, which and bombs. But at the end of the day, Ken also knew thatwas a skill he probably learned while still in his playpen. Derek was a free spirit who would do what he wanted to doKen and Derek’s mother, Carrie, kept Derek close by in and would do so better than anyone else.his playpen as they prepared and stacked wood for the Within two years of enlisting, Derek was in Iraq at onewinter. The Farley family live in a country setting about of the most dangerous time periods of the war, 2006-2007.a 30-minute drive from Albany, N.Y. and rely on wood toheat their home. Story continues on page 7, see Derek “As long as we kept the wood splitter going, he would
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012Derek cont.This was about the time when Iraqi insurgents had perfect-ed their weapon of choice — improvised explosive devisesor IEDs. More than 1,700 troops died in 2006 and 2007supporting combat operations in Iraq. Despite the danger, Derek thrived in this environmentwhere just about every day he faced death. According to Ken, who has through the years talked tomany of Derek’s battle buddies, Derek’s free spirit allowed Carrie Farley, Derek’s mother, talking to the attendees.him to approach each IED with a sense of uncanny calm-ness because he wasn’t worried about his own life, but forthe lives of his fellow Soldiers. Derek was injured by a bomb explosion in Iraq that costhim the hearing in one ear. He received the Purple Heartfor that injury. About two years after his redeployment to the UnitedStates, Derek found himself in another war zone. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 as a team leaderfor the 702nd EOD Company, covering some 1,200 squaremiles of terrain. For nearly one year, Derek defused a countless numbersof roadside bombs that saved hundreds of lives. On one of Staff Sgt. Derek Farley’s ceremony under escort byhis last missions before returning back home, Derek died the Patriot Guard Riders.on Aug. 17, 2010 while disarming a bomb in Afghanistan’sFarah Province. Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, who spearheaded theeffort to propose legislation to name the main bridge inNassau after Derek, said at the ceremony that the bridgewas at a perfect spot because people would start and endtheir day thinking of Derek and others who are serving. Rensselaer County Legislator Alex Shannon agreed withMcLaughlin by saying “A lot of people cross this bridgeevery day and from this day forward they will never forgetDerek and the sacrifice he made.” Carrie Farley spoke lovingly of Derek and said thatDerek would be yelling at her if he saw such a memorial to Patriot Guard Riders line the ceremony’s site.him. “He wouldn’t have wanted the attention. He was aSoldier through and through.” Although Derek may not have wanted such attention,this memorial may somehow transcend Derek and the smallcommunity of Nassau. For those who knew Derek, they will have a daily re-minder of his service and sacrifice. But for the thousandsof people who drive through the Town of Nassau everymonth who did not know Derek, the Staff Sergeant DerekFarley Memorial Bridge sign will be a reminder to them ofthe brave sacrifices by those who have stepped up to sup-port and defend our country. Ken and Carrie love their son and now thousands more Staff Sgt. Derek Farleywill, too. Photos by John B. Snyder
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 When standing down makes sense By John B. Snyder With an understanding that stress one week and pick up a package that involving money, relationships, and is 5mg and the next week the same More than 500 Watervliet Arsenal substance abuse may reach a point that package may be 200mg,” Broderickcivilian employees stopped all manu- some may believe there are no other said. “And so, these over-the-counterfacturing operations Wednesday as the options, Kyle Buono, the Arsenal’s products that are easily attainable mayArsenal participated in a Suicide Pre- Fitness Program Coordinator, offered diminish the decision-making abilityvention Stand Down. some preemptive options. of the abuser that can lead to suicide.” This was part of the Army-wide “Our Morale, Welfare, and Recre- Josh Roy, the Arsenal’s Appliedstand down to educate leaders and ation program offers a variety of pro- Suicide Intervention Skills Trainer ortheir subordinates on the issues that grams, from a fitness center to renting ASIST, highlighted a fact that manymay lead to suicides, as well as what out recreational items, that are avail- Arsenal employees were not aware of.actions they can take to prevent a able to every Arsenal employee,” Buo- “On the Arsenal, there are 26 vol-suicide. Despite significant efforts in no said. “And if you don’t know how unteers who have undergone trainingrecent years, the U.S. military is con- to play a certain sport or how to start a to assist the workforce to identifyfronting an epidemic of suicides. fitness program, I am always available signs that may lead to suicide and to The Army ordered the provide help those whostand down following may believe their optionsa DOD report claiming in life are few,” Roy said.that suicides doubled To assist Roy, as wellfrom June to July. as the Arsenal workforce,Twenty-six active-duty Mark Marshall, who is aSoldiers were listed as certified counselor underpotential suicides in July, the ValueOptions pro-which were the most gram, informed the work-suicides ever recorded in force that he is availablea month since the Army two days a week to helpbegan tracking these with work/life balance, re-figures. lationships, and emotional Although the Ar- resilience.senal consists mainly Photo by John B. Snyder Then it was the Albanyof Department of the When the Arsenal wants to communicate to the entire workforce it relies on Stratton VA Medical Cen-Army Civilians, this does the Historic Big Gun shop to provide the space. About 500 Arsenal employ- ter’s turn.not exempt them from ees moved into the Big Gun Shop for the Suicide Prevention Stand Down. Dr. Joseph Hunter, whothoughts or acts of sui- is the Albany VA Medicalcide. And when one drills down into to give you one-on-one training.” Center’s suicide prevention coordina-the demographics of the workforce, Staff Sgt. Mike Broderick, who is tor, provided the bulk of the training tothey would find that more than 40 the New York State Guard’s Joint Sub- the workforce.percent are Veterans and some are still stance Abuse Coordinator, highlighted “Veterans are twice as likely to dieserving in the National Guard and Re- today’s contemporary use of stylish from suicide as the U.S. civilian popu-serves. Therefore, the Arsenal cannot drugs such as bath salts and synthetic lation,” Hunter said.take the attitude that it is immune from marijuana. Keeping in mind that more than 40the epidemic that is rolling though the He said that these drugs are often percent of the Arsenal workforce areactive-duty force. And, it didn’t. purchased at local gas stations and Veterans, Hunter’s comment seemed Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. convenience markets “for novelty to hit home with the crowd.Migaleddi kicked off the training by use” or “not for human consumption,” The Arsenal not only did its part tosaying, “We must take dramatic mea- which means that they are for the most support the Army’s suicide preventionsures to protect our workforce and we part unregulated. Because these po- efforts, it also created an environmentcan start that process by not just hear- tential drugs are not being well regu- that it is okay to seek help and onceing the issues that our fellow workers lated, many people buy them to get a one does, there will be an Arsenalmay tell us, we must listen to them and quick high. family of workers who will be there tothen to take action.” “You may walk into a gas station help.
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 CPAC Corner: Estimating retirementDID YOU KNOW that you can print an ESTIMATE of your retirement annuity online? Requesting an esti-mate of your retirement annuity is an important part of preparing for retirement.You may get an estimate from the Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS) by logging onto EBIS using yourCommon Access Card (CAC), then enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and Personal Identification Number(PIN).Once you have accessed EBIS, clicking on the My Benefits button will provide you with your Personal Statement ofBenefits. The information provided in this statement will give you a quick "snap shot" of your retirement benefits.Please note: this retirement estimate uses 97% of your current salary as your high-3 salary.Retirement estimates can also be obtained by clicking on the Calculators button. The retirement calculators will allowyou to calculate a Quick Retirement Estimate, an Advanced Retirement Estimate, and compute your high-3 aver-age salary. Using the Quick Retirement Estimate will allow you to select the type of retirement (voluntary, early, ordeferred), date of retirement, and enter a high-3 average salary.The Advanced Retirement Estimate option lets you create different scenarios by adjusting your final salary and high-3average salary, final sick leave balance, survivor benefit election, and your health insurance and life insurance options.WARNING! If you have the following types of service, you should contact a benefits counselor through the ABC-Ctelephone system to request a formal estimate:• Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) Service• Unpaid civilian deposit or redeposit• Unpaid military deposit• Part time service• FERS transferee (elected to transfer to FERS and have 5 years of prior CSRS service) Blood donations set record The American Red Cross thanks the Arsenal workforce for their support to the September Blood Drive when 67 pints of blood were col- lected. This blood donation may help up to 201 patients. According to the Red Cross, this was the most blood collected at the Arsenal on record. Farewell Tom & Theresa Tom and Theresa Lyons were the cover story for the March 2012 issue of the Salvo. Tom was part of the Greatest Generation years of the Arsenal who began working here in 1940 and retired in 1973. His wife, Theresa, also worked at the Arsenal during World War II as one of the Arsenal’s machine tool operators or fondly called our “Rosie the Riveter.” Sadly, since the cover story was written, both Tom and Theresa have passed away.
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 No hoarders here ... ? You have all heard about 6S by now – Safety, Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. But I’ll bet most of youthink that the goal of a 6S event is all about cleaning and throwing out junk. Or maybe it’s about lots of terrible “before”and pretty “after” pictures. But it’s not! The main goal of a 6S event is to improve the process. Every 6S event should determine success or failureby whether the team improved process performance. And yes, you can measure floor space reduced, or 6S audit score, or the number of dumpsters of junk thrown out (that’sall good!) but the main idea is to improve the process. You clean, throw out junk, and find a place for everything during a6S event. But you do that to improve the process. Eliminating unnecessary items in an area reduces time spent looking for stuff, eliminates safety hazards and results inmore time doing value-added work for customers. Cleaning machines or desks – and keeping them clean - means morerun-time for value-added operations. With everything in its place operators, technicians and employees providing adminis-trative support to manufacturing know right where to get that tool or information when they need it. That’s why 6S is a great opportunity to focus on improving the process. Streamlined physical work spaces make iteasier to do value added work What else must you know? -How to map the process -How to identify the customer -How to identify the need moving through the process -How to create visual management of the process -How to create standard work for the process Current state, ideal state and future state maps are not just for rapid improvement events – they are just as importantduring a 6S event. GEMBA walks and spaghetti diagrams are ideal tools for involving the people who work in the 6S tar-get area. They know how to eliminate problems, improve the process and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. How many 6S examples – including visual management – can you think of at an average NASCAR event? Photo by www.trekearth.com Arsenal conducts its first chamber of commerce In an effort to promote collaboration and synergistic partnerships through relation- ship building, the Arsenal conducted its first meeting between the Arsenal leadership and the Arsenal’s tenant organizations. Very similar to what communities such as Albany and Rensselaer Counties currently conduct through their Chamber of Com- merces, the Arsenal has started this quarterly, unofficial chamber-type of meeting. The October meeting was chaired by the Arsenal commander and co-chaired by the Benét Labs Director and the President of the Arsenal Business & Technology Partner- ship.
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012Addressing a commander’s service By Mark Koziol 1 Buffington Street, In 1872, Buffington began design- to operating the Springfield, Mass., Watervliet, NY 12189 ing a disappearing artillery gun car- Armory. During his 10 years there, riage for use at seacoast forts. While he made a major contribution to the This is the familiar mailing address collaborating with Lt. William Crozier, success of the first rifled gun programto all Watervliet Arsenal employees, the two men created a functional design designed and built at the Watervlietbut, who was Buffington and why does for a disappearing gun carriage; patent Arsenal. He also designed the first allhe merit a prominent street address? in 1893. In use for more than 20 years, steel field carriage for an artillery gun Adelbert Rinaldo Buffington’s mili- the carriage system supported guns as well as the accompanying limber,tary career began with his 1861 gradua- ranging in size from 6-16 inches. caisson, battery wagon, forge and re-tion as a lieutenant from the West Point When in a resting position, the Sea- coil brake.Military Academy. For the duration coast guns were 12 feet below a protec- Two other important milestones oc-of the Civil War, his duties included: tive parapet, thus providing protection curred late in Buffington’s career:Training volunteer Soldiers in Wash- from the enemy while the artillerymen • He proposed the use of highlyington, D.C.; serving as an Ordnance reloaded the gun. After being raised flammable nitro cellulose ma-Officer at the St. Louis, terial instead of nitroglycer-Mo., Arsenal; inspector of ine powder in ammunitionthe Rifled Seacoast can- manufacturing .non from 1863 to 1864;and Commander of the • He designed a delayedNew York Arsenal, 1864 explosion mechanism forto 1865. large artillery payloads. Lt. Buffington’s hardwork was rewarded with Traditional artillerya promotion at the end ammo exploded upon im-of the war to the rank of pact. A delayed explodingBrevet Major. round would imbed itself in- Maj. Buffington’s or- side an enemy fort or battle-ganizational skills led him ship before exploding, thusto interesting and chal- increasing the damage donelenging duties. From Oc- to the target and at a highertober, 1868 to September, loss of life. Buffington’s1873, he was stationed at Photo provided by the Arsenal Museum innovations kept the Ameri- An image of a 50-foot long, 16-inch gun mounted on its Buffington-CrozierWatervliet Arsenal as an Disappearing Carriage, Watertown, Mass., Arsenal, c.1921. can seacoast fortificationsAssistant Ordnance Offi- safe from enemy attack forcer. During his five years in Watervliet, and fired, the gun’s recoil pushed the nearly 20 years.the Arsenal was used primarily as a carriage backwards and down behind Buffington served as Chief of Ord-storage facility housing millions of the parapet for loading the next round. nance from 1899 to 1901, and thenrounds of small arms and hundreds of As Watervliet Arsenal commander, he was forced to retire from the U.S.excess artillery guns and ammunition. 1880 to 1881, Buffington oversaw Army at age 64, after 40 years of mili- During the previously mentioned Arsenal operations during one of the tary service. He died at age 85 on Julyfive years, Buffington spent 15 months many “quiet” eras, highlighted by 10, 1922 at his Madison, N.J., home, adetailed to work at the Southern Sea- salaries for Master Mechanics being week after his wife Eliza died on Julycoast Fortifications covering the forts increased from $4.25 to $5.00 a day. In 2. Buffington and wife are buried atfrom Charleston, S.C., to Mobile Bay, July, 1881, Buffington, after 20 years the Arlington National Cemetery.Ala. There, he was the Assistant Su- in the Ordnance Department, was pro- In 1969, Lt. Col. Buffington wasperintendent of Armaments from Feb- moted to the rank of Lt. Col. one of 32 men inducted into the inau-ruary 1872 to May 1873. In 1881, Buffington moved on gural class of Ordnance Hall of Fame.
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012Albany County’s Veterans’ Day Parade Monday, 12 NovemberIf you missed your opportunity to support our nation’s Veterans and the Arsenalduring Memorial Day, you will have another chance to join us this November 12th.As you read this, the Arsenal parade committee is already working hard to preparethe Arsenal for the Albany County’s Veterans’ Day Parade down Central Avenue. Inaddition to two Arsenal floats, we will have several vehicles from Emergency Servic-es, and about 8 vehicles from the Hudson-Mohawk Military Vehicle Collectors Club. We need folks to march with us, as well as volunteers to drive a van and the white VIP Bus to help transport machers from the finish point to the start point. Photos by John B. Snyder IF YOU WISH TO SUPPORT...CALL John Snyder at 266-5055 or Jim Grenier at 266-5605
  13. 13. Page 13 Salvo Oct. 31, 2012 Watervliet Arsenal 200th Anniversary Cookbook RVLIET ARSE ATEOUD TRADITION SINCE 181NAL W A PR 3 FOR YEARS ET AR VLI SE ER T NA WA L 1813 Have a great family recipe? Share it with your Arsenal Family! We need your help – We are seeking entries for the first ever Arsenal cookbook to commemorate our 200th anniversary featuring recipes from our workforce. Whether it is an appetizer, dessert or main course, we want to hear from you! Cookbooks will be available for pre-order on the 200th Anniversary Memorabilia order form. Fill out and submit your recipes online at: www.wva.army.mil/recipe Entries will be accepted from November 1, through December 31, 2012