Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 31 August 2012


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This is a gathering of stories and photos of the Watervliet Arsenal for August 2012.

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Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 31 August 2012

  1. 1. S ALVO “Service to the Line, On the Line, On Time”Vol. 12, No. 8 U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY August 31, 2012 California Gold Rush Texas Oil Discovery Northeast Silicon Exploration 1848 1901 2012 A new Silicon Valley in the Northeast? By John B. Snyder report on, as the discussion went from lively de- bates about convergent-beam electron diffractions to Not since the gold rush days of 1848 in California or pressure-induced phase transformations during fem- Spindletop’s striking of black gold in Texas in 1901, tosecond-laser surface texturing of silicon. Never- has there been a natural resource find that may be as theless, those who attended not only understood this significant — until now. subject matter, they also had an uncanny enthusiasm about something the human eye cannot see. In just a few research labs in the Northeast, are a handful of scientists with Ph.Ds and graduate stu- Just as visible light comes in many different colors, dents who are working hard to bring this new re- infrared light also has a broad spectrum of “colors,” source into the homes of every American, and the said Jeffrey Warrender, who has a Ph.D in applied Army is right in the middle of this discovery. physics and is Benét’s leading black silicon re- searcher. But most light passes right through ordi- The Army’s Benét Laboratories, which is located at nary silicon imagers without being absorbed. the Watervliet Arsenal in upstate New York, brought together this month 30 of our nation’s experts to The black silicon community’s goal is to devise share information about a little known resource techniques to modify silicon’s properties so that it called “black silicon.” can absorb more of these infrared colors while still This is not an easy field to understand, or even to Story continued on page 3, see Silicon
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo August 31, 2012 labor requirements level in the out years, we are not worried. One theme that stands out in the Arsenal’s nearly 200-year history is that when times become tough, Commander’s the workforce and their leaders rally together to do whatever is necessary to preserve the long-term Corner viability of the Arsenal. We have had great leaders and workers who have either adapted our capabilities to niche markets or better yet, who have created new capabilities to find new markets. Today is no different. We still have a great What a great month this has been! We made workforce with the right leadership to chart thegreat headway in improving our maintenance posture future direction of the Arsenal. Behind the scenes,during the annual shutdown, completed three major we are aggressively attacking our future direct laborforce protection activities, hosted the new TACOM challenges by: seeking new target markets for ourLCMC commander, and have kept our production and products; supporting the professional development ofdelivery on time. individuals and leaders; adopting LEAN practices that Throughout our history, the ebb and flow of will make us more efficient; and changing our cultureworkload that occurs prior to, during, and after to promote a spirit of collaboration between fellowevery conflict, from the War of 1812 to our current workers and the community.combat operations in Afghanistan, have affected the If there is nothing else you get from my comments,workforce. There is always a sense of excitement as please take away at least this … you have a votewe ramp up to support and sustain the warfighter in in how future generations view today’s Watervlietcombat. Then, as we wind down military operations Arsenal. Fifty years from now, as future generationsand workload begins to slow, there is usually a sense read the Arsenal’s history, how do you want theof concern about declining direct labor requirements chapter about your tenure to read?and potential job losses. The initiatives that I have mentioned will only be Given that combat operations in Iraq have ended as good as the people who support them. I need yourand troops are now being pulled out of Afghanistan, support as we help shape the Arsenal for the nextwe are now at the right of the proverbial “Bell Curve” generation of warfighters and Arsenal workers.in regards to our direct labor requirements. To theneophyte Arsenal employee, your stress level may riseas rumors may flow from office to production bay. To Mark F. Migaleddithose who have been here awhile, you are a survivor Commandingof this environment and therefore, your stress level Manufacturer 6may not be as high. But let me be clear, although the Arsenalleadership is concerned about keeping our directCommander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal.Arsenal Facebook Page @ News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer, 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg. 10,http://on.fb.me/sq3LEm Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail: john.b.snyder.civ@mail.mil. The editor reserves the right to edit all information submitted for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo August 31, 2012Silicon cont.taking advantage of the manufacturing infrastructure thatproduces inexpensive silicon-based imagers and devicessuch as camera phones, Warrender said.The Army’s involvement, via Benét Labs, is to leveragethis new technology to improve situational awareness forour troops on the battlefield.“Although there are numerous applications for black sili-con technology that could affect and improve our dailylives, our prime interest at Benét is to give the Soldier an Photo by John B. Snyderimproved weapon scope, enhanced night vision goggles, Jeffrey Warrender, who has a Ph.D in applied physics and is Benét’s leading black silicon researcher, taking questions from the attendees.better infrared-based targeting; and enhanced explosive de-tection,” Warrender said. In a previous Benét Black Silicon Symposium, HarvardThe presenters for this symposium came from such aca- Professor Eric Mazur said the discovery of black silicon atdemic institutions as Harvard, MIT, his university was by accident in theand RPI. They provided the theory, late 1990s.but theory is only so good unlessthere is some sort of application. This “We (Harvard) were doing researchis where Martin Pralle comes in. on platinum surfaces for the Army Re- search Laboratories and we knew thatPralle, who has a Ph.D in materials after three years of research we hadscience and is the vice president of to do something different or the Armybusiness development for a Mas- funding would dry up,” Mazur said.sachusetts company called SiOnyx,Inc., said that black silicon has a wide “From a dusty little bottle of sulfurrange of potential uses from com- hexafluoride that was laying around ―mercial to industrial to medical to a gas used by the semiconductor in-defense. dustry ― they decided to toy with the sulfur gas using a laser on a silicon sur-“My company takes the theory, such face, Mazur said. “What we found wasas was discussed in Benét’s sympo- that after the silicon wafer had been hitsium, and turns it into devices,” Pralle with a laser the wafer turned black.”said. Photo by John B. Snyder Dr. Martin Pralle, standing, is leading the Mazur said the absorption of visiblePralle further explained that some discussion about the absorption and structure light of typical silicon wafers is aboutof the products SiOnyx is working 60 percent, and is effectively zero for of black silicon. Pralle is the vice president of business development for a Massachusettson will not only improve consumer- most of the infrared spectrum. But company called SiOnyx, Inc.oriented products such as home se- when the sulfur is applied to the siliconcurity systems, but also could become the next generation wafer and then roughed up with a laser the wafer showsof defense imagery devices that will dramatically improve dramatic infrared absorption.daytime and nighttime surveillance and targeting. The value of Benét’s Black Silicon Symposium this month“The value of black silicon cannot be understated,” Pralle also cannot be understated.said. “From a common resource called silicon, we canapply a laser to it to give it properties that will greatly im- What Benét did was to bring together academia with thoseprove performance of imagery devices and do so with a who will turn theory into devices, each motivating eachmuch lower price point.” other to do more in the field of black silicon,” Pralle said.
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo August 31, 2012 Watervliet builds great cannons, better relationships By John B. Snyder “There is no other training aide that equals what New York State has provided today,” Whipple said in regards It is no secret that Watervliet builds the best cannons to the Aug. 9 training. “In addition to being a great train-in the world, but what the Arsenal has been building with ing aid, this training was funded by New York’s Office ofthe local community lately may be just as strong as the Fire Prevention and Control.”steel used in gun tubes — it’s called relationships. Whipple said that training with foam is rare due to its The month of August is traditionally a slow period cost, lack of skills that are required to apply the foam,at the Arsenal because that is when a significant number and the environmental considerations required prior toof workers take leave during the annual shutdown of using foam. And so, when this rare opportunity for a re-manufacturing operations. But for the Arsenal’s emer- alistic training aide to be provided with all costs associat-gency service teams, ed with running thewho provide 24-hour, device paid for, itseven-day-a-week was a definite win-protection to the Arse- win situation for thenal, there was no such Arsenal and for thething as a shutdown. local community. In a series of The City ofback-to-back training Watervliet Fireevents this month, Chief Scott Skin-the Arsenal firefight- ner agreed that thisers, with the support type of training isof the Arsenal’s law very expensive andenforcement team, therefore, his fire-reached out to local fighters don’t getfirst responders, as the opportunity towell as to New York train with foam asState’s Office of Fire much as they wouldPrevention and Con- like to.trol, to conduct realis- But more im-tic, tough training. Photo by John B. Snyder portant than simply Through a round-robin type of training, each community firefighting team had an op- The first exercise portunity to apply foam to a simulated ethanol fire. training his team onwas conducted August how to respond to a9 and involved the use of a training aide that is so unique fuel fire, Skinner said the value of working as a team withthat there are only eight in the world said Dan Baker, the the Arsenal and other local emergency response teamsprogram director of New York’s Office of Fire Prevention cannot be measured or underestimated.and Control. “Responding to a major fuel fire is a real threat to “Given all the fuel trucks on the road today, respond- the City of Watervliet and one that we would need theing to an emergency involving a spill from a truck car- support of the Arsenal and other community responserying ethanol is a very real-world scenario and one that teams,” Skinner said. “And so, the building of relation-could impact every community in New York,” Baker ships is critical to ensure that a rapid and complete re-said. “Therefore, New York State’s Division of Home- sponse effort saves lives and property.”land Security and Emergency Services made a major The training for the fuel spill fire included such train-investment in purchasing a fuel truck training aid to assist ing areas as foam calculation, predicting downwindcommunity first responder teams in the use of foam to put hazard areas, foam application, and immediate actions toout a hazardous material fire.” solve problems. Arsenal’s Fire Chief, John Whipple, said that first re- Whereas the Aug. 9 exercise was conducted via asponders from the communities of Albany, West Albany,Troy, Watervliet, Selkirk, and Schuyler Heights joined Story continues on page 5, see Firethe Arsenal in this one-of-a-kind training.
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo August 31, 2012Fire cont.round-robin process, where firefighting teams rotated throughvarious training stations, theexercise con-ducted Aug. 14was scenario-based and onethat includedactivating theArsenal’s alertsystem. The exer-cise tested andevaluated theArsenal’s ca-pability to re-spond to a sim-ulated hazardous material incidentcaused by a disgruntled workerat the Arsenal’s waste treatmentplant. As part of this exercise, arole player was medically treateddue to his simulated injuries, aswell as a complete decontamina- Photos by John B. Snydertion of all first responders who Right: The Arsenal’s firefighting team extinguishing a simulated ethanol fire.worked in the hot zone. According to Whipple, the Top Left: NEWS10 TV (ABC) caughtworker and secure the area. He was all smiles he helped apprehend a simulated disgruntled up with Arsenal Officer Stephen Huneau after until theforce protection exercise enabled interview.the command to exercise Arsenalemergency response units, from Center Left: Arsenal law enforcement officer Pete Northup is all smilesfew minutes of being fully lated disgruntled worker, Sean Plaske. Smiles soon ended after just a prior to securing simu-firefighters to law enforcement, in suited up on an 85-degree day.a real-time scenario. The exercise Bottom Left: The Arsenal’s Assistant Fire Chief, Stephen Bogart, ran the operation on Aug. 14.also involved a number of firstresponders and equipment from the municipalities ofAlbany, Watervliet, West Albany, Elsmere, and from back in their stations, there was still a sense of unfin-the Town of Colonie. ished business in the air. How valuable was this training? “Despite the great training and new relationships “We don’t have an organic capability to respond developed this month, our work is not done,” Whippleto a hazardous material incident, such as what we said. “Protecting the Arsenal workforce and the com-exercised here today,” Skinner said. “Nevertheless, munity requires that we train every day, as well aswe still need to know what capability resides at the to work hard to expand our relationships with localArsenal and at other communities, as well as the tech- community and New York State emergency responseniques and procedures they apply when responding to teams.”a hazardous material incident, so that we can use those The Watervliet Arsenal has a Memorandum ofcapabilities effectively in the City.” Agreement with a number of local communities to So, after the fire hoses were rolled up, chemical provide and receive mutual emergency service sup-training suits stowed, media departed, and firefighters port.
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo August 31, 2012Who knew???The Arsenal was in thespace race By Mark Koziol How could 16-inch Naval Gun tubes made in the early 20thcentury be useful during the space race in the early 1960s?Some did and we can thank the Cold War for it. In the early 1960s, government officials sought a betterand more cost effective way to launch payloads into the atmo- Photo provided by the Arsenal Museumsphere other than using multi-staged rockets. Canadian scien- Early 1963, a modified 16-inch gun made for Project HARP depicts modifications that include an elongated tube from 60 to 100 feet andtist Gerald Bull proposed the use of large guns for launching trunnions and breach removed. Arsenal people in the photo, fromprojectiles and he successfully lobbied the Canadian govern- left to right, Anthony Camprone (under the tube near the muzzle),ment for funding. Jim Nagle and Marge Moran. Project HARP (High Altitude Research Program) was acooperative venture between the Canadian and U.S. govern- ics potted in a mix of epoxy and sand…the electronics sur-ment. Canada’s McGill University supplied the ideas and vived the launch acceleration of 2000 g.”expertise and the U.S. Department of The first generation Martlets stood four-Defense supplied the money to fund the feet tall and were liquid propelled, later theyproject, as well as experience. changed to the more efficient solid rocket fuel. Bull was appointed the project direc- They were equipped with a high speed camerator because of his successful experiences to record the behavior of the payload in flight.in creating low-cost, efficient testing The first launch occurred on Jan. 21, 1963,methods for anti-ballistic missiles and and according to the website Astronautix.intercontinental ballistic missiles. He com, once launched, the Martlet I was to holdtheorized that using older 16-inch gun colored chemicals for release during flight totubes would allow scientists to effective- produce a visible trail. This allowed observersly and cheaply launch payloads into the to track altitude conditions affecting the pro-atmosphere. This is where Watervliet jectile. The nose (cone) was designed to holdArsenal entered the picture. a small one-watt radio transmitter and other The U.S. Army’s Ballistic Research electronic instruments.Lab assigned Watervliet Arsenal the In early 1965, The Wall Street Journalcontract to modify several 16-inch guns praised the early success of the program: “…because of the Arsenal’s experience in in 75 shots, the 16-inch gun sent one type ofmanufacturing and maintaining such a rocket-assisted package 40 miles up and an-large guns. Between 1961 and 1963, the other payload, Martlet 2A, 125 miles.”tubes were modernized by removing the There were many advantages using a large Photo provided by the Astronautix.comrifled grooves in the barrel tube and by Project HARP Big gun firing its payload, gun to launch payloads into space rather thanextending the original length of the gun early 1960s test firing. multi- staged rockets:from 60 to 100 feet. Arsenal project managers were Foreman Howard French • The fast initial velocity of a gun launched payloadand his assistant Thomas Connolly. According to the January meant they were less vulnerable to wind currents1965 issue of the SALVO, the first 16-inch gun came from a (than rockets) causing an errant missile flight path.World War I Naval vessel, the USS Washington, with the sec-ond gun coming from the USS Indiana. • Cost differentials were significant: a payload A launch site in Barbados was chosen because a water- fired from the Big Guns cost $3,000 per launch asborne reentry was deemed safest. The first gun was installed compared to a multi-staged rocket launch costingin January 1963 and the 100-foot long gun could be hydrauli- $30,000.cally elevated from a horizontal to vertical position in lessthan two minutes. By 1966, after spending $10 million on Project HARP, the Construction of the payload occurred simultaneously as project was cancelled due to the rising costs of the Vietnamthe modified 16-inch guns. The Martlet series of projectiles War and increased diplomatic tensions between the U.S. andcarried “instruments made from discrete solid-state electron- Canada.
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo August 31, 2012 Watervliet: When shutting down creates an environment for long-term success By John B. Snyder as run new power cables for outdoor contracting, and shipping to have all lighting, clean storm drains, replace August delivery requirements ready for Was it a falsehood, deception, or water piping, install eye wash stations, a 100-percent on-time ship rate for thissimply an inappropriate use of words and get caught up on outdoor trimming month.when Arsenal leadership said the and painting in addition to our Maybe one of the bigger, non-manufacturing center was shutting scheduled maintenance requirements.” maintenance tasks was the movementdown operations July 30 to Aug. 3? Scheduled maintenance included of a box packaging operation from Each year, the Arsenal leadership such tasks as electrical sub-station one building to another. This majorsets aside a one-week period when maintenance, elevator maintenance, move will position a critical shippingmanufacturing stops or slows down to boiler plant maintenance, and air function closer to the production lines,accommodate summer vacation plans. conditioning maintenance. which may result in the reductionThis is so the Arsenal does not have a This shutdown period was also a of hundreds of manufacturing hourssurge of vacationers at an inopportune boon for the Chief of the Arsenal’s during the next year.time during the summer months. But Manufacturing Support Division. In all, nearly 150 Arsenal employeesit is also a time when critical, focused “This was the first time in more were directly tied to improving themaintenance can be conducted without than four years that we have been maintenance posture of the Arsenalimpeding manufacturing delivery able to completely shut down our during this year’s shutdown.schedules. production lines, which has allowed us “This truly was an exceptional effort Thomas Herold, the Arsenal’s unmitigated access to every production by everyone to work as a team makingMaintenance and Operations area,” said Tim Allard. “In fact, we the Arsenal safer and more productive,”supervisor, said that the annual have not only been able to achieve Herold said.shutdown period is actually one of the every maintenance task on our plan, we Although the Arsenal leadership hasbusiest times of the year for his team also have been able to do some extra always called this annual maintenanceand a challenge his team looks forward work such as the calibration of some of event a “shutdown,” maybe for nextto each year. our machines.” year a better use of words could “For this week, I have been able Allard explained the reason why be used. After all, the Arsenal hasto augment my 33-member team with the Arsenal was able to completely operated continuously since 181319 employees from manufacturing,” shut down its production lines this and therefore, the word “shutdown”Herold said. “Because of this team year was because of the extraordinary shouldn’t even be in the Arsenal’seffort, we will be able to do such tasks effort by everyone in production, vocabulary.
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo August 31, 2012 TACOM CG’s 200-year journey By John B. Snyder After all, the Arsenal has changed its production lines hun- dreds of times since its humble beginning during the War of 1812. Maj. Gen. Michael J. Terry visited the Watervliet Arse- So, what will be different during Terry’s tenure, versus,nal Aug. 21 and in a space of about eight hours, he learned Maj. Gen. Kurt J. Stein’s time as the TACOM commander?about the Arsenal’s nearly 200-year role in providing con- Stein transferred command of TACOM LCMC to Terry lasttinuous support to our uniformed men and women. June. As the new TACOM Life Cycle Management Com- “We know that for us to be DOD’s manufacturer ofmand’s commander, this was Terry’s first visit to the choice, we must stabilize our rates and become more ef-Arsenal and as can be expected, there was something of ficient,” Migaleddi said. “This involves changing the Ar-the standardized tour that senal’s culture to not onlyother TACOM subordinate adopt LEAN processescommands have already that will create efficienciesconducted for him. in all that we do, we also Conduct an Office call must get our workforce towith the Arsenal com- truly believe in LEAN tomander…Check. ensure our long-term vi- Receive a command ability.”overview brief…Check. Terry said that al- Visit production though he had heard of thelines…Check. Watervliet Arsenal many Hand out awards… years ago, he truly did notCheck. know what to expect. But Attend a working as Terry moved throughlunch…Check. the Arsenal, taking time to And so forth — mis- Photo by John B. Snyder talk and praise the work- Arsenal Deputy Commander Ed McCarthy, left, answers a question aboutsion complete. Right? the rotary forge from Maj. Gen. Michael Terry, while Greg Marcklinger force, he had a common Well, not so fast. listens in. theme. There is nothing stan- “What a great history,” Terry said. “You have such andard about today’s economic environment or the future amazing, unique capability that we must do all that we canstate of defense dollars. As part of the Department of De- to use strategic communications to tell your story.”fense’s Industrial Base, the Watervliet Arsenal cannot take Many could anticipate what Terry would get out of thisa visit by a senior Army leader lightly … and it didn’t. visit, but what about the troops or in this case, the Depart- Watervliet is not your grandparents’ arsenal and for that ment of the Army Civilians who work in the Arsenal’s re-matter, not even your parents’ arsenal. It hasn’t made the search labs, manufacturing bays, and in the tool rooms?big 16-inch guns for naval warships for some time now. Christopher Humiston, a mechanical engineer withAnd, what may have been unconceivable just a few years Benét Laboratories who often briefs visitors about a flow-ago, cannon manufacturing no longer makes up the bulk of form process using extreme cold versus heat to form mortarproduction. barrels, said there seemed to be a new sense of importance “We have seen a rapid shift in core manufacturing from to briefing Terry than for other visitors.cannons to mortars in just the last couple of years,” said “We had more preparation, such as rehearsals, move-Watervliet Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi to Terry. ment of displays, as well as more senior leader involvement“Production of 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortars, as well than we typically have had for other visitors,” Humistonas mortar sustainment parts, now makes up more than 50 said. “And it paid off.”percent of today’s production.” Humiston explained that Terry asked a lot of questions Migaleddi’s words might be viewed by some Arsenal about the mechanics of the flow-form process that no oneretirees as heresy, but shifting production priorities is onlya piece to providing unparalleled support to the warfighter. Story continues on page 9, see CG
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo August 31, 2012CG cont. who briefed Terry on gun tube rifling, said he knew just how important it was to not only give a great first impression, but also to showcase the Arsenal’s capabilities to Terry.else had ever asked. “I did a lot of additional research on gun rifling just to “At the end of the day, it was a make sure I had my ducks in a row,great visit and I really appreciate and I’m glad I did,” Van VrankenGeneral Terry taking a personal inter- said. “General Terry asked someest in my background and for thank- very intelligent questions about guning me for what I do to support the rifling that no other visitors havewarfighter,” Humiston said. asked me.” Greg Marcklinger who supervises Van Vranken, like Humiston andthe operation of one of the most fa- Marcklinger, praised Terry for hisvored parts of any Arsenal tour —the personal interest in who they are androtary forge — also said that prepar- how they got to where they are.ing for Terry’s visit was different. So, if first impressions are any “I usually don’t brief visiting dig- measure of the success of Terry’snitaries, but the commander thought visit to Watervliet, then this tripit would be a nice touch if I stepped exceeded expectations.up and briefed General Terry,” The troops were very pleased andMarcklinger said. truly felt good about being able to “General Terry asked some great showcase their skills and capabilitiesquestions about the type of training Photo by John B. Snyder to their new commanding general.forge operators go through, as well Benét Labs’ Chris Humiston, right, explaining the Terry also seemed to leave Watervliet mortar flow-form process to Maj. Gen. Michael Terry.as the type of material we used,” with a good gut feeling, too.Marcklinger added. “But what I Terry’s note to the workforce afterreally liked about General Terry’s visit is that he seemed his tour was complete said that this was a great visit and hedown-to-earth, which made me feel at ease.” is very impressed with the Arsenal team. “Good things are Terry Van Vranken, an arsenal machinist and tool maker happening.” Arsenal History SALVO: August 1985 Bldg. 135 to be named for Frank A. Miller In keeping with the Arsenal tradition of memorializing its major buildings, Bldg. 135 will next month be named for Frank A. Miller, the installation’s outstanding superintendent of production throughout World War II and the Korean War. Permanent plaques will be attached to the building to tell the story of Miller’s rise from a machinist in 1917 to his retirement in 1953.
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo August 31, 2012 Life at the Arsenal when one career ends, another begins eyesight. The novel’s protagonist, Philip, is likewise Stephen Vincent Benét declined on medical grounds. However, a successful Circa 1921 operation clears him and he is promptly delivered to a training camp in the American South. He becomes a By Kenneth G. Botsford member of a gun crew in a mobile light artillery brigade. Committing to and participating in something larger than A plaque on the Arsenal grounds near Quarters One himself brings Philip toward the wisdom that he hadnotes that the author Stephen Vincent Benét (1898-1943) sought. He appreciates the unique personality–in thislived there during the summer of 1920, while revising the instance, named ‘Benny’–of his mass-produced gun:manuscript of his first novel, The Beginning of Wisdom. His father, Col. James “From the soft chock of theWalker Benét (1857-1928), breech-block that smackedwas serving as the Arsenal’s home like a closing metalcommander, a post he had mouth to the dot of a flag fromassumed in March 1919. The the signal pit showing thatfamily, though, was not new Benny had plumped square onto Watervliet. From 1899 to his target again and the burnt1904, Col. Benét had been chemical whiff of smokelessstationed at the Arsenal to powder in his nose and ondirect its ordnance production. top of his tongue, PhilipThe return to Watervliet was acquainted himself with everyto be Col. Benét’s final Army trick and idiosyncrasy of theassignment, as he was nearing play.”retirement age. Photos provided by the Arsenal Museum The modern reader who Quarters One, circa 1918, the year before Col. James W. Benét Silently, the novel’s wordsplunges into The Beginning of returned with his family to the Arsenal to serve as Commander. pay tribute to his father, whoWisdom anticipating specific had served as commanderreferences to the Arsenal will be disappointed, as there of the Ordnance Training Corps at Camp Hancock, inare none. Yet, the return to Watervliet allowed the Benét Augusta, Ga., during the war.family to reflect on the past and to construe its meaning. The unique environment of the Arsenal allowed oneThe colonel, fond of history, gave it lasting form by naming career to conclude and another to begin. The decadethe Arsenal’s thoroughfares after preceding commanders; unfolded with a mixture of sadness and achievement. Inin addition, he directed that a history of the facility be 1921, Col. Benét retired after forty-one years of service.compiled. He died in 1928, after a brief illness. The following year, Stephen looked similarly to the past and fixed it, with a Stephen received the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Ninety-twodash of poetic license. He had been rejected from enlisting summers ago these outcomes were unknowable. Today,in the Army during the First World War owing to poor though, a sole plaque may suggest them. The Safety Bee has a name...Buzzy Carl Fruscio & Sgt. Maj. Garett Savard came up with the winning name and the two runner-up names are Stinger (anonymous) & Gunner (Laurie Moffre).
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo August 31, 2012 Upcoming Arsenal Family Day Saturday, Sept. 22 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. KID-ZONE - Bouncy Bounce - Crafts - Face Painting - 3-legged race and more... TOURS -Manufacturing bays -Benét Stereolithography and Tank Turret Labs -Museum -Fire House SPORTING EVENTS -Sumo Wrestling (Ages 9+) -Olympic games (long jump, hurdles, etc.) -Tug-a-war -Water balloon toss PICNIC (nominal charge for food) -Chicken BBQ, hot dogs and more... -Cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cone -Wrist Band sales begin in September MUSIC: USOs Liberty Bells and a DJ Need Volunteers to help with... The Kid Zone, OD Tour, and food service For more information or if you can help out on 22 Sept., please call Dawn Whelan at 266-5473.
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo August 31, 2012 9-11 Commemoration & Retreat Ceremonies WHAT: Special 9-11 commemoration ceremony to mark the anniversary of the terrorists’ attacks to the Pentagon, World Trade Center, and the downing of United Airlines Flight 93. The post will also conduct a retreat ceremony, which is the traditional lowering of the National Flag at the end of the day. WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 13, 3:45 p.m. WHERE: Post Flag WHO: All installation employees. Ar- senal employees are authorized admin- istrative time to attend, but first check with your supervisor. Post residents and tenant organizations are also in- vited. CPAC Corner Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) / External Vacancy Announcements Did you know if you are selected for a position via an external/DEU announcement, you are required to servea one-year probationary period? Every time an employee applies and is selected through delegated examiningprocedures, he/she must serve a new probationary period, regardless of how many times they may have alreadycompleted one. If an employee is selected via a DEU certificate and occupies tenure group 1 (Career), he/she willbe in changed to tenure group II (Career Conditional) until he/she completes the one-year probationary period;then the employee will be changed back to tenure group I (Career). Questions regarding Status of Application/ResumeDid you know if you have a question regarding the status of a position or why you were not referred for a positionyou applied for via USA Jobs, you can inquire via USA Jobs? To submit an applicant inquiry, please follow thesteps below:(1) Sign into your USA Jobs account;(2) Select "Application Status" from home page;(3) Under the Job Summary column, select the position you are inquiring about;(4) On the right hand side of the announcement, you will see the heading "Questions About This Job.” Send aninquiry to the email address listed under this section and you should receive a response to your inquiry withinseven days.For announcements/positions located at Watervliet, the email address is: applicanthelp@conus.army.milIf you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the CPAC office (extensions 4058, 4053, 5400, or4054).