Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 30 June 2012


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Each month, the Arsenal publishes a series of articles and updates in its newsletter, Salvo.

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Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 30 June 2012

  1. 1. S ALVO “Service to the Line, On the Line, On Time”Vol. 12, No. 6 U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY June 30, 2012 Arsenal conducts battle drills, too Photo by John B. Snyder Dave Blazejeski Jr. loading a trailer a few years ago with armor kits. The armor kit order was one of the Arsenal’s largest urgent opera- tional needs request this past decade. By John B. Snyder the War of 1812 to manufacturing 16-inch guns for While Soldiers in Afghanistan are clearing build- U.S. Battleships during World War II to providing ings and roads as part of a battle drill, nearly 6,700 lightweight 155mm cannons to our troops in Af- miles away in a small Army arsenal in upstate New ghanistan. York there is another type of battle drill often being played out to provide those Soldiers with the prod- But what few people know is that behind the ucts that will improve their chances of coming home brick facades that have withstood the elements of safely. time is a dedicated and highly skilled manufactur- ing workforce that the Army may immediately shift The Watervliet Arsenal has been in continuous to accommodate an urgent need requirement. operation supporting our Army since 1813. During those nearly 200 years, the Arsenal’s product lines have ranged from packing flannel cartridges during Story continues on page 3, see Needs
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo June 30, 2012 after every conflict, the Arsenal too became stronger than the brick and mortar that houses our work. We have just helped to promote the Army’s Birthday Commander’s to nearly 2,500 Capital District residents at the City of Albany’s Father’s Day and Army Birthday Concert on June 17. I had the pleasure at this concert to join with Corner so many of Capital Region’s citizens to help remind our community of the service and sacrifice of millions of men and women have made while wearing the Army uniform.For as long as I can remember, birthdays have alwayshad special meaning to me. It wasn’t so much the new In a few days, we will have another opportunity tobike with the cool banana seat, Philadelphia Phillies celebrate our nation’s birthday. When you do so,autograph baseball, Flyers sweater, Eagles jersey, or please think beyond the rockets’ red glare as youthe Sixers autographed basketball (I still have that) watch the fireworks celebration and reflect on ourbut simply the warm feeling that I received when troops who remain in harm’s way in Afghanistan.family and friends came together to wish me a HappyBirthday. It was a celebration of my life of where I Next year the Arsenal will celebrate its 200thhave been, as well as where I was going. Anniversary on July 14. This is such a significant event that we should begin to celebrate throughout theAlthough I have outgrown the customary birthday year leading up to the Birthday. This, too, will be acelebrations, I have not outgrown the significance of celebration of life.other birthdays such as the birth of our Army on June14, 1775, our nation on July 4, 1776 and finally, the Thousands of men, women, and children have comebirth of the Watervliet Arsenal on July 14, 1813. before you, have toiled in the same machine and administrative shops, and have set the conditionsEach of these birthdays came about in the heat of for your success here. We owe them a large amountbattle and as hard as it may be to believe today, early of gratitude and honor, and I look forward to yourAmericans did not know from one day to the next suggestions in what we may do to help promote thisabout the long-term viability of our nation. During date in history to not only those inside of our fencethese trying times, families were often displaced, line, but also to those in the local community.family patriarchs and matriarchs died in battles, andeven our White House was set ablaze.But after each conflict that tore at the fabric of our Mark F. Migaleddiinalienable rights — Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of CommandingHappiness — came about a stronger America. And, Manufacturer 6Commander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal.Arsenal Facebook Page @ News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer, 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg. 10,http://on.fb.me/sq3LEm Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail: john.b.snyder.civ@mail.mil. The editor reserves the right to edit all information submitted for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo June 30, 2012Needs cont. Immediately following that order, there was anoth- er request, but this time for Gunner Restraint Systems for Stryker vehicles. This order, too, was shippedThis is when the Watervliet Arsenal goes into a within weeksbattle drill. of the request Under normal circumstances, when a request for a quote.for a quote comes to the Arsenal for such things This wasas a 120mm gun for an Abrams Tank or a 60mm the first timelightweight mortar base plate, the quote process the Arsenalmay take about 10 days and delivery may not be had madefor up to two years, said George Roach, an Arsenal this product.production planner. Respond- When an urgent operational ing to anneeds request comes in to sup- urgent needport a war fighter, the quote request is not something thatprocess may take as few as can become routine because itthree days and the manufac- does absorb much of the Arse-tured product shipped in just nal’s production team’s focusdays from the acceptance of the and energy over a short periodquote, Roach added. of time, Roach said. Urgent operational needs Nevertheless, the Arsenal’srequirements often come to the capability transcends traditionalArsenal because it is an Army- manufacturing by its provenowned and –operated facility effectiveness meeting urgentwith the “warm” capability in wartime needs. For Fiscal Yearcritical skill sets and experience 2012, the Arsenal acceleratedto respond to an urgent wartime 12 weapons programs and suc-need when no one else can. cessfully supported two JointAdditionally, responding to an Urgent Operational Need State-urgent need often requires the ments, which speak volumesArsenal to modify its produc- about the responsiveness andtion line to manufacture a non- Photos by John B. Snyder capability that resides at the From right to left, Sean Stephenson, Kevin Chase, andstandard product. Frank Collins work late in the afternoon on a small Watervliet Arsenal. “When we receive an urgent assembly line that was for a recent non-core mission,needs request, we bring together urgent needs order. Top photo shows their accomplish- ment at the end of the day.an integrated product team con-sisting of every slice of the Arsenal’s manufacturing, Why Urgent Needs Requests? According tofrom procurement to packaging to production plan- the Government Accounting Office or GAO,ning, to focus on this requirement,” Roach said. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have faced “Just recently, we responded to an urgent need rapidly changing threats to mission failurerequest for critical components that were needed for or loss of life, highlighting the Department ofMRAP All-Terrain Vehicle exhaust kits,” Roach said. Defense’s (DOD) need to develop and field“We received the request on April 3rd and by April new capabilities more quickly than its usual13th, we had shipped our first set of kits.” acquisition procedures allow. Since 2006, This was the first time the Arsenal had made this Congress has provided nearly $16 billion toproduct. counter improvised explosive devices alone.
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo June 30, 2012An arsenal’s renewed sense of pride By John B. Snyder the products that will either make them more lethal or more survivable on the battlefield. Those words Although bad weather prevented Army Maj. Gen. quickly were shared with the entire workforce.Kurt J. Stein’s visit to the Arsenal this month to Nevertheless, as final preparations kicked off lastthank the Arsenal’s workforce for its professionalism week for Stein’s visit, there was excitement in the air.and commitment to our Nation’s war fighters, his Just the thought of the commanding general comingpresence was still felt by to visit, and why he wasmany. Stein, the former coming, set off a flurrycommanding general of of discussions, as well asthe TACOM Life Cycle reflections.Management Command Whenever an Armyat the Detroit Arsenal in leader, be them aMichigan, turned over his commanding general or acommand June 21 to Maj. platoon sergeant, leavesGen. Michael J. Terry a unit there are alwaysand this month’s visit was mixed emotions. And,to be Stein’s last to the as the Arsenal workforceArsenal. reflected this week, there In the two-plus years were a flurry of emotions,that Stein had been the too. But one emotioncommander of TACOM stood out above all others:LCMC — which is Pride.the Arsenal’s higher Why pride? Duringheadquarters — he Stein’s tenure, the Arsenalvisited the Arsenal four had manufactured andtimes. During each visit, shipped thousands ofStein had made clear his tank, howitzer, andadmiration and respect for mortar products thatthe Arsenal workforce and ended up in the hands ofso, the Arsenal workforce U.S. warfighters in Iraqalready knew how Stein and Afghanistan. Steinfelt about them whether he provided the direction,made this trip or not. Photo by John B. Snyder as well as created the “I remember during Maj. Gen. Kurt J. Stein speaking to the Arsenal’s workforce during the operational environment September 2011 retiree ceremony.a visit by Gen. Stein for that support to be atin April 2011, there were about 20 of us who were the right place and at the right time.lucky enough to have lunch with him,” said Lee So, in a strange way, Stein’s non-visit still servedGlenn, an Arsenal industrial management specialist a purpose. Just knowing he was coming and thatwho often coordinated Stein’s tours to the Arsenal’s this would be his last trip inspired great thought,manufacturing center. “The discussion between him conversation, and a sense of pride that the Watervlietand the workforce could not have been any better Arsenal had done just fine under his command.because he seemed genuinely concerned about our As preparations for his visit came to a close, therecomments, as well as having thanked each of us for was another sense in the air that this proposed lastwhat we do.” farewell by a commander had been witnessed here Stein also visited the Arsenal in September 2011, before — in fact, hundreds of times since the Arsenal’swhen he participated in the Arsenal’s retiree ceremony humble beginnings in 1813. And, as the Arsenaltalking directly to more than 50 workers. Stein told workforce has done countless times in its nearly 200-the workers just how important their work had been year history, it wishes its commanding general theto providing servicemen and women in combat with very best for continued success.
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo June 30, 2012The “power of one” ... amazing By John B. Snyder The Arsenal’s leadership has been talking up theArmy Suggestion Program and LEAN for many yearsin hopes of making the Arsenal a safer and moreefficient manufacturing center of excellence. But atthe end of the day, it boils down to individuals whomust step up to make any program a success. In an Army line unit, everything starts at theSoldier level. Once Soldiers have mastered individualtasks, they then move to squad, platoon, and company-level tasks. This rings true at the Arsenal, too. Most things start with an individual. Of the 131 suggestions submitted to the Arsenal Photo by John B. Snyderunder the Army Suggestion Program this fiscal year, Rotary forge operator Douglas Bushee took a simple thought and transformed it into an Army Suggestion that will save the Arsenal tens130 were submitted by individuals, said Richard of thousands of dollars.Hopson, the administrator of the Arsenal’s Army Within the Arsenal’s LEAN program, there haveSuggestion Program. been 16 projects this fiscal year, said Mark Ripley, the Within the 131 suggestions is a top monetary award Arsenal’s continuous improvement specialist.of more than $1,500 that went to Douglas Bushee, a “Of those 16 projects, all began with one person’srotary forge operator at the Arsenal. Bushee suggested good idea on how to make the Arsenal more efficientsandblasting just the weld areas of a mortar baseplate, or effective,” Ripley said.versus, sandblasting all the 57 parts of the baseplate. So, here it is, the “Power of One” cannot beHis suggestion was tested and adopted because it was discounted whether it is in a line unit or at an Army-determined that it has the potential to save nearly owned manufacturing center. Because of the initiative45 minutes of manufacturing time per baseplate. of a handful of individuals at the Arsenal, the ArsenalPotential savings will be nearly $30,000 in the first will become safer and more efficient, both of whichyear. will help the long-term viability of the Arsenal. “By nature, I hate inefficiency and waste,” Bushee The power of teamwork also cannot be discounted.said. “I have been at the Arsenal for a little over three Behind every individual idea, there is a team thatyears and this was my third suggestion to improve the processes, evaluates, and puts in place the adoptedsafety or the efficiency of our manufacturing.” suggestion. “One of the Most Important Army Traditions ... Change of Command” Lt. Gen. Dennis Via From left, Maj. Gen. Kurt Stein, Lt. Gen. Dennis Via and Maj. Gen. Michael Terry salute the colors during TACOM LCMC Change of Command ceremony on June 21, 2012.— at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Mich. Photo by TACOM LCMC
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo June 30, 2012 Relatively unknown Union officer lives on in the Arsenal’s museum Capt. Lyon’s sword By Mark Koziol into the Army between Sept. 25 and Oct. 6, 1862 and mustered out on July 19, 1865. The 169th were engaged From 2010 to 2015, museums and historical societies in more than 20 battles including Malvern Hill, 1862;will have the opportunity to educate the public about the Fort Wagner, 1863; Cedar Creek, 1864; Cold Harbor,history of the Civil War. While in the midst of the 150 th 1864; Siege of Petersburg, including the Battle of theanniversary of events, the Arsenal Museum will be show- Crater, 1864; and Fort Fisher, 1865.casing relevant artifacts from its collections. Recently, Doing research led to the discovery of numerous factsthe museum staff had a display table at the Troy Civil about the military career of Capt. Lyons. For instance, heWar Encampment week- was 28-years-old whenend where we exhibited he enlisted on Aug. 20,a Union officer’s sword 1862. He began his mil-with connections to the itary service as a secondCapital District. lieutenant, Company H, According to museum on Oct. 6, 1862, promot-records, this sword and ed to first lieutenant onscabbard, Model 1850 April 6, 1863 and pro-Staff and Field Offi- moted again to Captaincers Presentation Grade on May 10, 1864. ForSword, was manufac- unknown reasons, Capt.tured by W. Clauberg Lyons did not serve his 3 years and resigned onin Prussia. It was pre- Aug. 15, 1864.sented to Lt. William H. Currently, researchLyons from his men of has not yielded a photo-Company H, 169th Regi- graph nor much personalment of New York Vol- Sketch provided by the Library of Congress information about Capt.unteers on Oct. 28, 1862. Episcopal minister Edgar T. Chapman, a chaplain for the 169th New York Lyons outside of hisThis company was Infantry Regiment, performs an open-air religious service on July 3, 1864, birth year, 1834. We doformed in Troy, N.Y. at Union general William F. Smith’s headquarters near Petersburg, Va. not know the year of his The elaborate sword, death, what he did withengraved on one side of the blade with the design of his life after the Civil War and where he was buried. Aan eagle spread-winged and carrying a banner. On the check of the internet into the 1880 U.S. Census of Troyreverse side the letters “U.S.” appear. The guard is an showed five men living in that city with the name Wil-elaborately designed and crafted eagle with the words “E liam Lyons. Unfortunately, none of them were listed asPluribus Unum.” being 46 years old, Capt. Lyons’ age in 1880. The sword’s grip is wooden at its core and is wrapped Further research at the National Archives and Recordswith a “Ray’s Skin Grip.” The manufacture used fish Administration Center in Pittsfield Mass., will be con-skin to cover the wooden handle, usually using stingray ducted. On file are microfilm copies of the valuable Civilor shark skin because such material won’t break down War Pension and U. S. Census Records that might yieldwhen damp or wet. A single pair of twisted brass wires information.wrapped around the skin to keep it tight and firm. Finally, the Arsenal Museum will participate in two The sword was donated on Oct. 28, 1962 to the regional Civil War events this year: during August 18 andWatervliet Arsenal by Capt. Lyons’ granddaughter, Mrs. 19 at the Civil War Heritage Days at Schuyler Flats Cul-Fred B. Polk. It became a museum artifact in 1969. tural Park in Menands; and during September 21 and 22 The 169th Regiment of New York Volunteers, Com- at the Congress Park in Saratoga Springs. The museumpany H, was formed in 1862. The company consisted of shall be discussing the critically important role of the66 men from Rensselaer and Washington counties who Arsenal during the Civil War, exhibiting the sword andsigned for a three-year enlistment. They were mustered scabbard along with other Civil War artifacts.
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo June 30, 2012 A strange case when shutting down manufacturing is actually an investment By John B. Snyder the four-hour training period. Karen Heiser, one of the Arsenal supervisors who When an Arsenal shuts down its wartime operations, provided training, said that stopping work for four hoursthis is usually big news. Reports should be immediately was a great opportunity for the workforce to see thesent to higher headquarters alerting Army senior leaders command’s commitment to safety.that there is a significant problem that may affect the And the Arsenal commander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi,critical resourcing of our troops. No reports went out this viewed shutting down operations for four hours as anweek when the Watervliet Arsenal shutdown its operations investment — in lives and fiscal management.for four hours, but that doesn’t mean that this shutdown “Although our key goal for the training was to raisewas not significant, because it was. the level of safety awareness within the command, there The Arsenal turned off its machines and office lights was another goal that went beyond that of saving lives andJune 12 to take a step back and re-look workplace safety. limbs,” Migaleddi said. Now, why is that important? “Due to previous safety-related accidents, more than $1 The Arsenal is manned at the minimum level to achieve million in Workman’s Compensation costs go into the costits mission, which means there is simply no fat or excess of our products every year,” Migaleddi said. “The saferin manning, said Anthony Urban, an Arsenal resource we are the lower our overhead expenses will be, which inmanager. turn will help us hold down the cost of our products to our “Every loss, be it for an hour or for a week, may affect customers.”the Arsenal’s ability to provide military hardware to thewar fighter where and when needed,” Urban said. So, this was an investment, if you will, for the Arsenalto stop its manufacturing for a few hours to retrain andreview procedures that will make theArsenal workforce safer, at work and athome. The training ranged fromunderstanding blood-borne pathogensto putting into action a fire extinguisherto motorcycle safety. In all, sevensafety-related areas were trained during Photos by John B. Snyder
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo June 30, 2012Improving performance in individuals, teams By Mark Ripley ing change if we think it will benefit us. We are influenced by our personal values – wanting to have more time with What does Continuous Improvement really mean, and family, spend less money, have better health, learn newhow will we know when we’re done? things, keep up with the Jones’, etc. “continuous”, according to Merriam Webster, means But, if we are so willing to accept change in our person-“going on without any interruptions.” Synonyms include al lives, why is it so hard to implement change at the work-ceaseless, incessant, non-stop, perpetual, uninterrupted, and place? After all, a Lean culture is one that continuouslyunrelenting. evaluates itself and is open to improvement. “improvement” means enhancing value or excellence. At work, change can be challenging because there areSynonyms include: advancement and refinement. many sets of values in play. Employees have their personal One of the basic Lean principles is the continuous values and there are also organizational values. And, verypursuit of excellence. It means looking forward to new rarely do one’s values have the horsepower to effect changeimprovements and better performance instead of being sat- in an organization.isfied with yesterday’s efforts and today’s results. Change Therefore, change in an organization must come fromis not easy because to some people, it is easier to stick to a team effort with a completely set of direction points. In-“That’s the way we’ve always done it” frame of mind. stead of looking inward, the team must look beyond the But there is one thing that should give us hope that Arsenal fence line for a new direction.change will come to the Arsenal: Values. In a company committed to Lean, these values should The Arsenal could not have survived nearly 200 years of reflect the needs of the customer. While a business cer-operation unless its workforce embraced the “value” of im- tainly strives to stay in operation and keep its people em-proving performance, as individuals and as teams. Some- ployed, its primary values must be to maximize value to itstimes improving performance begins with an individual customers. This means continuously assessing yesterday’swho recognizes the need to improve their personal lives. performance and thinking about ways to make tomorrow’s Today’s rapid pace of technological advances, which even better.is heavily advertised by the media, lead many of us to be- Lean events, Standard Work, our Transformation Planlieve that we are “so yesterday.” Commercials showing all of Care (TPOC) – every improvement and accomplishmentkinds of cool electronic devices, from big screen TVs to 4G we celebrate today are open to change tomorrow. A Leanphones to iPad2 devices, entice us to make that leap of faith culture means continuously assessing our practices forpurchase that will make our lives either more efficient or new opportunities to improve them. It is a given, we willmore enjoyable. change. But will that change be reactive or proactive? The With personal technology, we’re more open to consider- answer lies with you. Photos provided by John B. Snyder & 1st Lt. Jonathan J. Springer The Arsenal workforce has embraced change through the years as evidenced by the dramatic comparison between the 1914 3-inch gun on the left and the 105mm howitzer that is currently in use in Afghanistan on the right. Both guns were manufactured at the Watervliet Arsenal.
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo June 30, 2012 CPAC CornerDid You Know that Accrued Sick Leave is Your Safety Net in a Personal Emergency?Unlike many private employers, the federal government does not offer its employees disability insurance.Sick leave is a paid absence from duty. An employee’s accrued sick leave can cover a wide range of personalemergencies to include:· Personal medical needs· Care of a family member If you have any questions,· Care of a family member with contact the CPAC office aserious health condition at· Adoption related purposes 266-4058.· BereavementA full time employee accrues 13 days of sick leave per year. There is no limitation on the amount of sick leavethat can be accumulated. Part-time employees and employees with uncommon tours of duty are also entitledto use sick leave, and the amount of sick leave which may be granted is pro-rated in proportion to the averagenumber of hours of work in the employee’s scheduled tour of duty each week. For additional information, youcan go to http://www.opm.gov/oca/leave/html/sicklv.asp. Arsenal History Update Death of former commander Edward V. Karl Colonel, Ordnance, US Army (Retired) Col. Edward Vincent Karl, United States Army, Retired, died on May 25, 2012, at his home with his family in Arlington, Va. He was 74. He commanded the Watervliet Arsenal from July, 19, 1983 to Jan. 22, 1986. A funeral mass will be held at the Old Post Chapel at Fort Myer at 8:45 AM on Friday, Sept. 14, 2012, followed by a gravesite ceremony at Arling- ton National Cemetery. Photo provided by the Arsenal Museum
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo June 30, 2012Arsenal coordinates City of Albany concert Photos by John B. Snyder
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo June 30, 2012 Arsenal Appreciation Night with the ValleyCats Saturday, 18 August Bes ale s s at 7 p.m. t se c ket Ti u g n at th sg e be pur ose w o to hav cha h se e o arly Contact Contact John Snyder John Snyder at 266-5055 at 266-5055 or or in Room 102 in Room 102 Building 10 Building 10 for tickets!!! for tickets!!! Our own Suzanne Delaney will sing the National Anthem • The Arsenal has coordinated with the Tri-City ValleyCats baseball organi- zation for the 4th Annual Arsenal Appreciation Night. • Game is on Saturday, 18 August, at 7 p.m. (Fireworks Night) • Department of the Army Civilians and Arsenal family members may pur- chase a "Reserved Box" ticket for only $5.50 (42% discount). These are better seats than what we had in the past (Section 230). And, for the first time, if you want to save a few bucks, you may purchase Grandstand tickets for only $4 (38% discount). Yes, a price for everyone. • Even though we have better seats, All Arsenal Military Veterans will still receive a free ticket. • You may also purchase a reduced meal voucher for only $3.50 This voucher is good for one hot dog, small soda, and bag of chips. • For tickets and information, contact John Snyder, room 102, Bldg. 10.
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo June 30, 2012