Watervliet Arsenal Newsletter: Salvo 31 jan. 2012


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Monthly newsletter...January 2012 issue.

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Watervliet Arsenal Newsletter: Salvo 31 jan. 2012

  1. 1. S ALVO “Service to the Line, On the Line, On Time”Vol. 12, No. 1 U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY Jan. 31, 2012 FBI SWAT Team converges on the Arsenal... for training Photo by John B. Snyder Commander’s Corner FBI Training $18M Contract History Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012 Commander’s Corner As we enter each new year, diversity observancessuch as Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Black His-tory Month, and Women’s History Month mark ourcalendars as reminders of what has made our Nationand our Army great. The underlining tone of these observances, andwhat sets aside our Nation from any other country,is our fundamental values of “treating everyone with Photo by John B. Snyderdignity and respect.” These values, which have The Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi takes a moment afterbecome our strengths, have not come without great giving his remarks to hundreds of legionnaires to thank the Newdebate and sometimes great conflict within our com- York American Legion Department Adjutant Richard Pedro for his as- sistance in allowing Migaleddi to speak during the Legion’s Town Hallmunities and our states. meeting on Jan. 29, 2012. But as many of you know, the Arsenal has beenout in front of our Nation and our Army in regardsto acceptance of those who come from diverse back- observances with a certain ethnicity or culture. Aftergrounds. Since our founding days in 1813, women, all, these events are much greater than any one indi-as well as children, were a significant part of our vidual, race, religion, or sex.workforce. It would not be until the 1970s, howev- So, please join me this year by not just honoringer, when our Army integrated women into the force. the spirit and the intent that each diversity event of- Since the 1800s, African-Americans were also fers, but by also living and demonstrating each daypart of our workforce even though they would not be our great acceptance of others regardless of his orintegrated into the Army until July 26, 1948. her background. And by the way, we have a great But as we have recently seen in other countries, Diversity Day event planned for February 16th. So,these fundamental beliefs are perishable if we do not mark your calendars and join us in honoring the menexercise them every day. Although the Arsenal has and women who have made our Arsenal great.historically shown great tolerance and acceptance inhaving a diverse workforce, I don’t take it for grantedthat will always be the case. Treating people with dignity and respect tran- Mark F. Migaleddiscends annual observances or a mark on the calendar, Commandingand it should mean more to us than just identifying Manufacturer 6Commander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal. News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer, 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg 10, Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail: john.b.snyder.civ@mail.mil. The editor reserves the right to edit all information submitted for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012 FBI converges on the Arsenal...for training Photo by John B. Snyder FBI SWAT team members enter a room and break out into right and left formations. At all times, they had 360-degree situational awareness. Throughout the day, the FBI integrated several Arsenal law enforcement personnel into their training scenarios. By John B. Snyder But for whatever reason why the Arsenal was selected, the Arsenal commander said he was very Ten agents from the FBIs Albany SWAT team pleased to host the FBI. responded to a simulated attack in January by an "This is a great opportunity for us to develop active-shooter who was attempting to perform a a better relationship with an organization that we terrorist act. This simulated attack was part of a may someday need to call upon," said Col. Mark F. monthly exercise conducted by the New York-area Migaleddi, the Arsenal commander. "It is important agents and was the first time the FBI had conducted that we learn from the FBI, who by the way are the this type of training at the Watervliet Arsenal. experts in this area, so that we may improve our tac- tics, techniques, and procedures to how we respond "Because we have numerous types of situations to a crisis situation." that we call mission sets, we must conduct an exer- The Arsenal was more than a host, it also partici- cise at least four times a month in order to remain pated in the training. proficient," said Mark Shelhamer, lead agent. "For Arsenal Emergency Services Chief Joe Claus todays exercise, we rehearsed the basics of clearing said that he had eight of his security officers join the hallways and rooms, which allowed us to train on training. our basic tactics, techniques, and procedures that we "It is one thing to observe the FBI, but something can apply to multiple crisis situations." magical happens when you participate with the FBI Shelhamer said he selected the Arsenals site for in their training," Claus said. "The exercise was truly this training due to an earlier active-shooter exercise the varsity level of crisis response training and we the Arsenal security team had conducted last Au- received the training at no cost. It truly was a win- gust. win situation." "I was an evaluator during the Arsenals exercise Claus said the key take away is a continuing and thought that the Arsenal would provide a great commitment from the Arsenal to improve communi- opportunity for training due to its diverse infrastruc- cations and response times with supporting agencies ture," Shelhamer said. from outside the Arsenal fence line.
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012Arsenal secures $18M cannon contract By John B. Snyder for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East. These sales will contribute to Egypt’s goal to up- The Arsenal announced this month that it received date its military capability while further enhancingan $18 million contract to manufacture more than 60 interoperability between Egypt, the U.S., and other al-M256, 120mm-smoothbore cannons for the Egyptian lies. The proposed sale of this equipment and supportarmy as part of the U.S. State Department’s Foreign will not alter the basic military balance in the region.Military Sales program. Since August, the Arsenal has secured six multimil- “This multimillion dollar order will add to our lion-dollar contracts totaling more than $64 million ofcurrent workload more than new work.35,000 hours of production In August, the Arsenal re-time,” said Ray Gaston, direc- ceived an Army contract fortor of production planning and $9.5 million for a new light-control. weight 60mm mortar system. Because of the long lead The Arsenal closed out thetime required to procure the fiscal year in September with aforgings for the tubes and the $12.5 million contract to man-time required to put in place ufacture howitzer tubes andnew tooling and fixtures, Gas- subassemblies for the Army’ston said he expects to start the lightweight 155mm howitzer,production of the 120mm can- the M777. In October, thenons in early 2013. Arsenal was awarded a $22 According to Jim Vautrin, million contract for a breechthe Arsenal’s coproduction upgrade kit for the 105mm howitzer system. And lastprogram manager, what the month, the Arsenal received acoproduction mission with the $4.1 million contract for M137Egyptian military has meant 105mm cannons and M20for the Arsenal since the late breech blocks for the Army’s1980s is more than $300 mil- TACOM Life Cycle Manage-lion of consistent, reliable ment Command’s sustainmentbusiness. program. Under the coproduction The Watervliet Arsenal isprogram, the Arsenal shares an Army-owned and -operatedthe production requirement for manufacturing facility and istank cannons for each produc- the oldest, continuously activetion phase, Vautrin said. In Photo by John B. Snyder arsenal in the United Statesessence, if Egypt produces 60 Mat Bates, an Arsenal machine tool operator who has been having begun operations dur-cannons for a production phase workingsmoothbore barrelabout 18 months,for a DoD cus- ing the War of 1812. 120mm at the Arsenal for in January 2012 works on aor order, then the Arsenal will tomer. The machine Bates is using is a Heller mill. Today’s Arsenal is reliedalso produce 60 cannons. upon by U.S. and foreign mili- According to a Department of Defense news re- taries to produce the most advanced, high tech, highlease, these types of sales contribute to the foreign powered weaponry for cannon, howitzer, and mortarpolicy and national security of the United States by systems. This National Historic Registered Landmarkhelping to improve the security of a friendly country has an annual economic benefit to the local commu-that has been and continues to be an important force nity in excess of $100 million.
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012 A gun that saved livesIn this historic U.S. Coast Guard photo, a ship’s crew is being extracted after a beaching in rough seas. The line the sailor is traveling on wasmade possible by a Lyle Gun. In the inset photo, the Antique Cannon Superstore shows a Lyle Gun with a Watervliet Arsenal stamping. By Mark Koziol unique styled cannon. Arsenal Museum •By 1878...The Lifesaving Stations were organized for- mally into a department of the U. S. Treasury Department When guiding a group through a tour of the Arsenal called the Life Saving Service.Museum, I sometimes hear from the visitors “what is that •By 1879...The U. S. government adopted the use of thething?” Nestled amongst the large 20th century guns on Lyle Gun. The gun’s Statistics:display there is a small, yet powerful two-foot long bronzecannon. For decades, the Lyle Gun was used by the U.S. -Bronze Gun: 2 feet long with a 2.5 inch boreLife Saving Service to rescue hundreds of stranded sailors -Firing range: up to 700 feet using a black powderwhen their vessels ran aground. charge A time line of the evolution of the Life Saving Service -Average Weight: 180 pounds : gun, 112 pounds;follows: carriage, 70 pounds •1848...The Massachusetts Humane Society received -Projectile: 15 and 20 poundsCongressional money to erect Lifesaving Stations along the -Average cost of gun: $88.40 or $1985.00 inMassachusetts coastline. Stations were manned by local 2010 dollarsvolunteers using large rescue boats rowed out to sea to thestranded vessel. After years of service, the volunteer group To fire the Lyle Gun one would insert a bag of blackproved inefficient. powder into the cannon followed by the iron bolt projec- •1854...Money appropriated by Congress to have the tile. The eye loop on one end allowed for the tying of aLifesaving Stations manned with a paid staff consisting of long line of waterproof linen line. Once fired, the projectilea full-time keeper and two superintendents per lifesaving and line would target the ship’s rigging so the sailors couldstation. haul in progressively stronger lines. Once secured, the •1871...Better equipment was purchased and each station line provided for a breeches buoy to be used to rescue thebecame manned with six paid rescuers. passengers. Remember, often times this was done during •1874 - 1875...Life Saving Stations were created up and intense storms.down the Atlantic coastline from Maine to Texas, as well as The Lyle Gun saw action from the 1870s until thethe five Great Lakes. 1950s. According to records, the gun was manufactured by •In 1877...Superintendent Summer Kimball of the U.S. 30 different companies. Did the Watervliet Arsenal manu-Life Saving Service asked the Army Board of Ordnance to facture the cannons? As of now, we do not have a defini-develop a better rescue device. Army Capt. David A. Lyle tive answer. At the Arsenal Museum, the Lyle Gun labelwas assigned the task. Experiments led to development of a tells the visitors that the guns were relined at the Arsenal.
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012Cdr tells the Arsenal story to hundredsof New York State American Legion leadersArsenal Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddihad the rare opportunity to address the NewYork State American Legion’s leadership attheir Mid-Winter Conference on Jan. 29, 2012.The commander spoke of the Arsenal’s historyand purpose to more than 250 of the Legion’smembers in hopes that they will in turn tell theArsenal story. Nevertheless, the commander alsochallenged the Legion to join with the Arsenalin communities to better educate and motivatelocal citizens to provide continued support toour warfighters, to our Veterans, and to theWatervliet Arsenal. Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi and NYS American Legion Department Commander W. Michael Bowen meet prior to the start of the Legion’s Town Hall. Photos by John B. Snyder
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012Who said vaudeville is dead? By John B. Snyder The arsenal chief of staff stopped in my office oneMonday in January to tell me that over the course ofthe next two weeks I would be involved in more than40 hours of Value Stream Analysis. For those of youwho know me, you know that I worked every angle withLauren Smith to get out of this requirement as I saw thatthis effort did not directly effect my public affairs opera- Photo by John B. Snydertions. Sales was never my strong point as evidenced Arsenal Commander Col. Mark F. Migaleddi starts off the Value Stream Analysis for Business Development by explaining his intentby Smith not buying any one of my excuses of why I for the analysis to his core VSA team.should not attend. During my first two-hour session, which was led by During the course of the next seven days, I was wit-our Deputy Commander Ed McCarthy, I learned that ness to some of the best song and dance routines sinceover the course of the next two weeks our team would the vaudeville days of the 1920s.develop a strategy to expand our workload by more than Jake Peart, the Arsenal’s beloved chief of produc-70 percent. When I heard that, my heart sank because tion control and program management, took much of theI realized that if it was that easy to develop a strategy heat and focus of this VSA because it is his team thatin two weeks then it would have been done before. So, currently has established relationships with our DoDI saw this as an enduring requirement. In essence, this customers. So, if the Arsenal increases the amount ofteam would continue to assemble long after these initialtwo weeks. orders coming in, then Jake’s team will have to become After the second session, I’m sure the old adage of more efficient to handle this surge in requests for quotes.“Be careful what you asked for,” probably sunk in with There is a reason why Jake always keeps his shoesthe deputy commander as I leveraged by “two-cents” shined because all eyes were on him as he tappedworth of input into about $1.02. Remember, attending danced around the deputy commander’s grilling. Atthese sessions was not my idea. I challenged everything times, Jake’s performance brought back memories offrom the scope for this activity to the targeted end state. vaudeville performers such as The Three Stooges and Nevertheless, by the fourth session the light in my Jack Benny. And, the only things lighter than Jake be-head went from about 4 watts to 13 watts. Still dim, but ing on his toes were Jake’s words that flowed as honeygetting a little brighter. from his lips. By the way, I bought two used cars from What I was starting to realize is that although my first Jake before the VSA ended.thoughts were that participating in this VSA did not di- But Jake kept his composure and by the third day ofrectly effect my current public affairs operation ─ and it analyzing Jake’s operations, the VSA team found effi-doesn’t ─ I started to see what the possibilities might be ciencies that Jake could wring out of his team of six.if in fact we did achieved a 70 percent increase in work- The only words that Jake could muster after hisload based upon our work. bruising week-long performance were, “The VSA was A greater workload means that we will have signifi- extremely challenging but we had very positive results.”cantly more orders and new product lines and therefore, Not much from Jake, but given his performance thatour workforce must grow to handle the additional work. would rival anything on Broadway it was understand-All of this means more story opportunities for me to tell. able that he was simply tapped out.More stories for me to tell means that my workload will Although I’m still warming up to this VSA process,increase. And, as Installation Manager Joe Turcotte told suffice it to say that I took this for the team as an oppor-me, it may mean more bodies in the public affairs of- tunity cost, an investment if you will, to help ensure thefice to handle the additional workload. Yes, a potential long-term viability of the Arsenal, as well as to set thedynasty. conditions for a public affairs dynasty.
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012WINTER STORMThe extreme cold and heavy snowfall that accompany winter storms can be debilitating and danger-ous. Winter storms can affect everyone, even those who usually experience mild winters. Heavysnowfall can be blinding for drivers and dangerous for those it traps indoors. Winter storms may alsoinclude high winds, sleet, freezing rain, frozen roads, power outages and dangerously cold tempera-tures.How to Prepare for a Winter Storm• Be aware of the risk for severe winter weather in your area.• Stay informed and know winter storm terminology: ○ Freezing rain—Rain that freezes when it hits the ground. Ice may coat roads, walkways,trees and power lines. ○ Sleet—Rain that freezes into ice pellets before it reaches the ground. Sleet can cause mois-ture on roads and walkways to freeze. ○ Winter storm watch—Weather conditions are favorable for development of a winter storm.Stay tuned to radio or TV for more information and instructions. ○ Winter storm warning—A winter storm is occurring or will occur soon. ○ Blizzard warning—Considerable amounts of snow with sustained winds or frequent gusts upto 35 mph are expected to prevail for at least three hours. Visibility is reduced to less than a quartermile. ○ Frost/freeze warning—Below-freezing temperatures are expected.• Make sure your home is properly insulated.• Caulk and weather strip doors and windows to keep out cold air.• Insulate pipes to prevent freezing.• Consider what to use for emergency heat in case the electricity goes out: ○ Fireplace with ample supply of wood ○ Small, well-vented camp stove with fuel ○ Portable space or kerosene heater (check with your fire department first)• Understand the heating system in your home. Be aware that the most destructive home fires hap-pen during winter weather due to improper use of heating devices.• To prevent water damage from burst pipes, keep your home’s temperature above freezing, even ifyou are away.• Keep your car’s gas tank full to keep the fuel line from freezing and for emergency use.• Make sure you have an adequate amount of winter clothing and blankets for your family.• Get an emergency supply kit that includes rock salt, sand, snow shovels and other snow-removalequipment, adequate winter clothing and batteries for radio and flashlights.
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012He’s back...Ray Capers’ service in Kandahar,Afghanistan, finally came to anend in January as he completedhis combat zone tour. Ray’stour in Afghanistan began onAug. 5, 2011, where he servedas the Executive Assistant tothe Battalion Commander of the4-401st Army Field SupportBrigade. Ray is one of the Ar-senal’s computer assistants. Ray Capers receiving his Global War on Terror Award in January 2012 from Lt. Col. Garry Bush, commander of the 4-401st AFSB. Photo provided by Ray Capers.Signs, signs, everywhere there is a sign... One of folk singer Bob Dylan’s greatest hits, The Times They Are a-Changin, will soon ring true at the Watervliet Arsenal. Ben- jamin Dedjoe, the Arsenal’s elec- trical engineer, is working hard to bring in a new sign that will greet folks as they drive in the gate. This sign is a smaller version of what is to come. Photos by John B. Snyder
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012 To gain an understanding of the history of African American women is to broaden our un- derstanding of a people and the American nation. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History dedicates the 2012 Annual Black History Theme to exploring Afri- can American women’s roles in and contributions to the making of America. “In thinking about this year’s theme of Black Women in American Culture and History, I began my research with the Harlem Renaissance,” said Mr. Peter Hemmer, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Illustrator. “It was astounding reading about all of the great art, music, writing and poetry that was created by African American women from that period of time. After narrowing down those topics to only music and the birth of jazz, I stumbled across the William P. Got- tlieb Jazz Photo Collection at the library of Congress. His portrait of Billie Holiday became my inspiration for the artwork,” said Hemmer.
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012 CPAC Corner By Tina Pond Civilian Recruitment Process Is ChangingDid you know that USA Staffing will be replacing RESUMIX at the Watervliet Arsenal on31 March 2012?The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has made the decision to discontinueRESUMIX and utilize a single hiring process and tool used by all components of DoD.Over the next year, Army Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers will continue to transi-tion from using RESUMIX to USA Staffing. During this transition period, each job an-nouncement will have instructions to guide job seekers through the appropriate appli-cation process.USA Staffing is currently being used by other Federal agencies. You may already havea resume in the USA Staffing database! Although RESUMIX and USA Staffing are auto-mated recruitment tools, there are some major differences such as...USA Staffing is scheduled for deployment to Watervliet CPAC’s servicing organiza-tions on 31 March 2012. The Watervliet CPAC will hold several informational classes inmid/late March 2012 for the workforce. These classes will guide you through the pro-cess of creating your new resume as well as familiarize you with the USA Staffing tool.Please look for upcoming CPAC Employee Bulletins - More to come on USA Staffing! “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” AAFES PX Now has... Arsenal-Branded Shirts
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo Jan. 31, 2012 You are cordially invited to the Watervliet Arsenal’s 2nd Annual Diversity Day nd Thursday, February 16, 2012 1130-1300 Hrs WVA Keefe Hall – Bldg. 21 Post Cafeteria Great Food! Music! Celebration! Luncheon Includes: Antipasto Style Salad Garlic Bread Italian Wedding Soup Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti Spumoni Dessert Iced Cranberry Spritzer (Take-Out Allowed) Tickets: $8.00 Get your tickets before Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012. For tickets please contact:  Patti Sears, Bldg. 10, Ext. 4170  Adam Ford, Bldg. 20, Ext. 5065  Julie Skolnick, Bldg. 25, Ext. 4415  Faith Cuilla, Bldg. 24, Ext. 5386  Michele Teal, Bldg. 40-1, Ext. 5714  Barbara Ryan, Bldg. 40-2, Ext. 5802  Christina Livolsi, Bldg. 40-2, Ext. 4700  Maureen Keefe, Bldg. 115, Ext. 5296 -Martin Luther King Award will be presented at the morning WVA Town Hall – ~Let’s Celebrate Diversity!!~ Sponsored by the WVA Equal Employment Opportunity Office Special Emphasis Programs