Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 30 April 2012


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Watervliet Arsenal's April 2012 newsletter, the Salvo.

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Watervliet Arsenal's Newsletter: Salvo 30 April 2012

  1. 1. S ALVO “Service to the Line, On the Line, On Time”Vol. 12, No. 4 U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, NY April 30, 2012 Honors students turn labs into classrooms Photos by John B. Snyder Steve Smith, the acting branch chief for Benét Labs fatigue fracture analysis group, prepares the group for a live firing. Fifteen hon- ors students, who were all high school seniors, helped turn many of Benét’s labs into classrooms on April 25th. By John B. Snyder on the Watervliet Arsenal, shifted several of its op- erations into science classrooms for 15 local high High school honors students, who are enrolled school honors students who are enrolled in the New in a college-preparatory science program called Visions’ Science, Technology, Engineering, and New Visions, helped turn Army laboratories at the Math program that is administered in Rensselaer, Watervliet Arsenal into classrooms April 25. The Greene, and Columbia counties. purpose of the visit was to give students a firsthand The students were from Troy, Tamarac, Maple look at the role science and technology has in the de- Hill, Taconic Hill, Averill Park, Berlin, Hoosic Val- velopment of military weapon systems. The Army’s Benét Laboratories, which is located Story continues on page 3, see Students Commanders Column Boiler Plant Test Take Your Child to Work Visitors’ Center Page 2 Page 5 Page 6 Page 8
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo April 30, 2012 Commander’s Corner I was outside my quarters the other day doing somespring cleaning when the sound of bees caused me to put in our environment that we move into a safety trap becauseoff that cleaning until maybe … next fall. All kidding everything was fine the last time we drove on that road oraside, you may not hear the sound of bees at the Arsenal worked on that machine that we become blind to the trapbefore you become SWARMED. I’m talking about our before it closes on us.new safety awareness program. To give you a sense of how big a problem overlooking Our safety gurus have come up with an innovative way safety is, I took a look at Google news for just a 24-hourto remember a safety process, commonly called an acro- period leading into the drafting of this column and therenym in the military, which should add a new dimension to were more than 11,000 stories posted. Many of these sto-our safety program. I know, some of you are thinking that ries involved death, such as a jury recommending that any-this is just what we need … something else to memorize. one involved in felling trees should wear a safety helmetSo, don’t memorize it. Convert it into a checklist. following the tragic death of a father-of-five. Another story involved the death of a worker due to his company failingSWARMED to use energy control, or “lockout/tagout,” procedures prior  Signs and barricades in place to allowing the employee to enter the machine’s danger  Where PPE properly area.  Administrative Controls in place Wow, more than 11,000 safety accident stories in 24  Risk free walking/working space hours. As much as I like getting the Arsenal into the news,  Machine Guarding in place this is not one story that I want my public affairs officer to  Energy hazard controls in place and functional have to write.  Disposal of chemicals...properly Although you may get SWARMED at work, please do not become complacent this coming summer as you venture SWARMED is just part to help you LOOK FOR IT, more outside. You are too important to the Arsenal — tooFIND IT, AND FIX IT! But keep in mind that safety is important to your family — to have you injured for some-more than a cute tagline or acronym. Our success in pro- thing that could have been prevented.tecting the workforce, on and off duty, must be a consciouspart of our thought process every hour, by leaders and theworkforce. Mark F. Migaleddi Some of you may believe that injury or loss of life due Commandingto an unsafe act won’t happen to you. After all, it is al-ways someone else. But sometimes, we get so comfortable Manufacturer 6Commander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal.Arsenal Facebook Page @ News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer, 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg. 10,http://on.fb.me/sq3LEm Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail: john.b.snyder.civ@mail.mil. The editor reserves the right to edit all information submitted for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo April 30, 2012Students cont.ley, and Cohoes high schools, said Tammie Bor-land, the New Visions teacher who coordinatedthe visit. “This is a special program for high schoolseniors who want to concentrate in science andengineering in preparation for college,” Borlandsaid. “What is great about the New Visionsprogram is that we live andbreathe hands-on education Photos by John B. Snyderand that is why we like to vis- Top: New Vision honor studentsit such places as the Army’s check out the weight differenceBenét Labs.” between steel and composite base Sara Makowiec, an elec- plates. The composite was most favored, something Benét wouldtronics engineer with Benét like to hear from the Army.Labs, coordinated with Bor- Left: Students, with great restraintland for the visit. After all, by not touching, get a close look at some of the Benét fatigue lab work.who better than Makowiecto know what the studentswould like given that she had Strang said. “I was mostgone through the same New impressed, however, at howVisions program five years the many fields of science areago. brought together to achieve “This was great for us to a common purpose at the Ar-interact with students who senal.”have interest in the type of Most of the students havescience and technology that never visited the Watervlietwe work with at Benét,” Arsenal. But if Strang’s fel-Makowiec said. “For me, I low students left the Arsenalstill remember how exciting feeling the same way as heit was going through the New Visions program five did, then Benét Labs did a lot more than simply shar-years ago because the program gave me great insight ing their work with high school students — they alsointo a wide variety of scientific fields of study.” educated some of America’s future science and engi- But it is often easy to please teachers and Arsenal neering experts about the value of military manufac-workers who like to share their knowledge with folks turing.outside of the Arsenal fence line and so, the value of According to the New Visions website, the STEMthe visit truly rested with the students. program is located at Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti- If one could measure the body language, such as tute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y., and is part of the Questar IIIthe smiles and looks of inquiring interest, then the program that is sponsored by the New York Boardvisit was a success for Benét Labs and for the New of Cooperative Educational Services. As part of theVisions program. But better than body language were curriculum, students interact with more than 80 pro-the comments from Robert Strang, a Troy High School fessionals each year, including researchers from Rens-senior. selaer, as well as technology organizations such as “This was my first time visiting the Watervliet Ar- General Electric and Benét Labs. This program is ansenal and I was surprised at how much science and ideal choice for students who want to know what it re-technology is used to manufacture weapon systems,” ally means to be an engineer or scientist.
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo April 30, 2012Albany DevilsMilitary Appreciation Game April 14, 2012 Photos by John B. Snyder
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo April 30, 2012Sweating test results in the boiler room? new technology on a similar boiler burning natural gas would By John B. Snyder have an expected annual fuel savings of $125,000, and for a boiler using oil, the annual savings would be nearly $140,000.” Do you remember the old test days when you were in The digitally-controlled prototype added a computerizedschool? You may not have been able to eat or sleep, and for system that continuously monitored the concentrations of oxy-others, they sometimes developed strange rashes and other ail- gen and carbon dioxide in the exhaust fumes to optimally ad-ments that we won’t go into. Suffice it to say that tests were just the amount of fuel and air fed to the boiler, thus improvingvery stressful to many of us. its efficiency, Poncia said. But what may have been more stressful than taking a test? But the results of this test may have a far greater conse- Finding out the results. quences than simply improving the efficiency and environment Well, the Arsenal has been undergo- at the Watervliet Arsenal.ing a nearly $250,000 test for the past Dr. Jim Galvin, the ESTCP Energyyear and this month the results were in. & Water program manager who was inBut for once, the Arsenal didn’t have to attendance when UTRC rolled out itssweat it. results, said “The Department of De- “United Technologies Research Cen- fense is seeking ways to reduce its $4ter, out of Connecticut, installed a digi- billion-a-year energy costs at militarytally-controlled prototype system on one installations. Watervliet Arsenal servedof our steam boilers last year that trans- a critical role as an energy test bed forformed 1970s technology into a state-of- the Department of Defense to find in-the-art system,” said Richard Hoshko, novative ways to enhance boiler plantthe Arsenal boiler plant supervisor. efficiencies.” The Arsenal site was selected primar- “To replace boiler systems through-ily due to its close proximity to UTRC out the Department of Defense is tooand to Fireye, which is a division of costly,” Galvin added. “But if we canUnited Technologies’ Climate, Controls find a cost effective way to improve& Security Systems and is located in boiler efficiency, which saves energyNew Hampshire. Fireye supported and reduces the production of green-UTRC in the development and instal-lation of the prototype device. An- Photo by John B. Snyder house gases, and do so with a relativelyother strong consideration as to why the UTRC, briefs the results of the test to members short investment payback period, then Dr. Guido Poncia, c, who is the project leader atArsenal site was selected speaks to the that process or modification may have who represented such organizations as the ArmyArsenal leadership’s willingness to sup- Corps of Engineers and DoD’s Environmental Se- great utility for the Department of De-port testing of advanced technologies that curity Technology Certification Program office. fense. This technology demonstration atmay benefit the Army and the Depart- the Army’s Watervliet Arsenal appears toment of Defense. be meeting all those objectives.” But the main selling point to the Arsenal leadership in al- According to Poncia, the estimated potential of savingslowing this test to occur was that the test came at no cost to the across DoD, based on the demonstration at the Arsenal, indi-Arsenal. The Department of Defense’s Environmental Secu- cates a nearly $56 million annual fuel cost reduction and therity Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) fully funded avoidance of approximately 600,000 tons of CO2 going intothe test. the environment each year. Dr. Guido Poncia, who is the project leader at UTRC, said The Arsenal has four main boilers that provide heat andthat when his company installed the new control module they limited power. Some of these boilers were installed as far backanticipated the Arsenal would attain better efficiency in its as the 1950s and therefore, lack computer controls that wouldboiler operations, as well as a significant reduction in green- enhance the efficiency, as well as the environment. The boilerhouse gasses. undergoing testing was installed in the 1978, Hoshko said. So, with a sense of excitement and hope for solid test re- The demonstration would not have been possible withoutsults, the Arsenal and UTRC waited … and waited until this the constant support of the Watervliet Arsenal, who hosted themonth. demonstration, Poncia said. “During a one-year testing campaign between February “We acknowledge the amazing help we received from Rich2011 and March 2012, the new system demonstrated a fuel Hoshko, the Arsenal’s Boiler Plant Manager, and to Vanessasavings of about 4 percent and a corresponding reduction of Duenas, the Arsenal’s Energy Manager of Watervliet Arsenal,CO2 emissions,” Poncia highlighted. “The investment in the for supporting and enabling the demonstration,” Poncia said.
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo April 30, 2012 Watervliet Arsenal: A place where children inspire 198 years of pride By John B. Snyder gram was dusted off last year to gauge interest. The Working in the historic feedback from the kids, Watervliet Arsenal has giv- their parents, and from the en nearly eight generations workforce who provided of workers a sense of pride demonstrations was so that may be rarely equaled positive that the Arsenal anywhere in the Army. But leadership decided to con- give it to children, who tinue the program. participated in the Arsenal’s The kids ranged from Take Your Child to Work 5th to 12th grade, and the Day on April 12, to take that ratio of males to females sense of pride to a higher was balanced. But wheth- level. er they were 12 or 17, the The Arsenal, with sup- smiles were universal. port from the Army’s Benét Eight grade student Laboratories, opened its Daniel J. Whelan IV said manufacturing operations that he never knew much to nearly 30 children of the about where his mother Arsenal’s workforce and worked. Photo by John B. Snyder showed them the work of Eight grade student Daniel J. Whelan IV said that he never knew “It was really cool,” skilled artisans and engi- much about where his mother worked until the Take Your Child Daniel said. “Although to Work Day. Daniel is standing in front of a 155mm tube that was I liked all the demonstra- neers who develop, manu- just forged. facture, and sustain our tions, my highlight of the nation’s military with large caliber tubes and cannons. day was seeing a cannon tube go through the forge.” This was an opportunity that is rarely shared with the Although the importance of what the Arsenal public. workforce does has never been lost, it sometimes “This was no small undertaking as more than 20 takes people from outside of the Arsenal fence line, workers, from machinists to firefighters to engineers, in this case children, for the workforce to know that provided presentations and demonstrations throughout after nearly 200 years of providing military hardware the day,” said Howard Kindell, the Arsenal’s Equal to our nation’s warfighters that what they do is still Employment Opportunity Officer who oversaw the “cool.” event. The kids weren’t the only ones “Our goal was to strengthen who got something out of the the bonds between the Arsenal day. and the Arsenal’s family mem- “The questions asked bers,” Kindell said. “And if showed a true interest in the you could measure success by science and technology and I the excitement shown on the think I saw one or two of my kids faces, then we achieved replacements in that crowd,” tremendous success.” said Timothy O’Connor, an en- For many years, the Arsenal Photo by John B. Snyder gineering technician at Benét Matthew Woelfersheim, a mechanical engineer who did not conduct a Take Your works in Benét Labs, points out some of the capabilities Labs who provided a presenta- Child to Work Day, but the pro- of an Abrams Tank. tion in laser scanning.
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo April 30, 2012 Making sense of historic photos By Mark Koziol Arsenal Museum The Watervliet Arsenal Museum, like many other institutions, has thousands of unique photographs in its collections. Unfortunately, incomplete captions are Photo provided by Arsenal Museum a common problem when collecting old photographs. The Arsenal Museum has a fairly large library of historic photos, such This said, last year the museum was fortunate to receive as this one with former Arsenal Commander Brig. Gen. Alexander G. a thoughtful gift of six photos from a local donor where Gillespie who commanded the Arsenal during World War II. each photo was captioned with the names of the people one published here along with the date of the party: June seen in each image. 16, 1942. Glued onto the same page as the photo was a The photograph included in this month’s SALVO copy of the June 17, 1942 Troy Record newspaper article newsletter was taken during World War II and depicts about the celebration: Arsenal Commander Brig. Gen. Alexander G. Gillespie standing alongside four Arsenal employees who, at the “A surprise party was given for Gen. Gillespie time, had 40 years or more of employment: in the R. W. Building, to celebrate his 40th anni- Left to Right: Wilmot H. Roblin, George Tofte, versary of entering the army. The 20 Year Club Ernest R. Oathout and Edward P. King. The occasion for was invited, along with the department heads the photo was a party at the Arsenal celebrating the 40th and all the officers on the post. A keg of beer anniversary of Gillespie entering the West Point Military was on hand as well as plenty of cold cuts and Academy in 1902. Unfortunately, the exact date of the sandwiches. There was community singing event was missing. and a great time was had by all 100 present.” After doing a little detective work, we located in the museum’s archives a scrapbook for the Watervliet Arse- The museum is continuing its research for more informa- nal 20th Anniversary Club, 1919-1952. After checking tion about the lives of the four men standing alongside the entries for 1942, we discovered a similar photo to the Gillespie. Speaking of photos.... It is amazing the type of stuff sent to the public affairs officer. One of these two cuties has worked at the Arsenal since World War II or so it seems. Suffice it to say...a very long time. A Free Arsenal T- Shirt to the 1st person who not only guess- es the name of the person in the picture, but also who picks the correct twin. Call the humble public affairs officer at x5055.
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo April 30, 2012Improving force protection, first impressions By John B. Snyder “In regards to our force protection at the south gate, we have been like Soldiers since 9/11 in that we, too, have had The old adage about first impressions cannot be under- to improve our foxholes,” said Robert Shadlock, the Arse-stated and for those who have in recent years ventured into nal’s senior facility engineer.the south gate guard building of the Arsenal know firsthand Shadlock said that in the past 11 years, the Arsenal keptthe value of a recent and significant change to how visitors tweaking the south gate operations to not only add morenow enter the Arsenal. force protection obstacles, but also to improve safety in and The Arsenal’s main gate used to be the historic entry around the south gate.point on Broadway in the city of Watervliet where since “Because of limited funding through the years, we have1813 workers and visitors yet to build the ideal solutiongained access to the Army post. for worker and visitor ac-The attacks on 9/11 forever cess,” Shadlock said. “Nev-changed not only the fabric of ertheless, we have done quiteAmerican life as we once knew well with the resources weit; those attacks also changed had and this month’s openingthe Arsenal. of a new Visitors Center is The Broadway main gate no just one example.”longer offered an entry point Just behind the souththat would mitigate or elimi- gate guard building is a newnate a forced, illegal entry. $250,000 Visitors Center thatAfter a quick, but thorough began operations this month.security analysis, the Arsenal The new center greatly im-leadership moved its main en- The south gate guard building in the foreground once handled the proves safety and is support- Photo by John B. Snydertry point to its south gate off of flow of traffic, as well as processing visitors. Those two opera- ive to those with disabilities, tions are now separate as all visitors are now processed through Shadlock said. rd3 Avenue in Watervliet. Three significant things the Visitors’ Center in the background. As part of the Visitorhappened as a result of that decision in 2001. Center cost, there was also aFirst, the Arsenal has steadily made improvements to its significant upgrade to the electrical system that providesforce protection by making it very difficult for an attacker power to the south gate area.to gain rapid, unimpeded access to the Arsenal. Such “We more than doubled the amount of the transformerthings as concrete protection barriers commonly called capability, as well as installed underground power for the“Jersey Barriers” to pop-up barriers to a vehicle inspection force protection lift gates,” said Benjamin Dedjoe, the Ar-area have been put in place during the last 11 years. senal’s electrical engineer. The second outcome from the relocation of the main But probably one of the most obvious changes is a visi-gate deals with a false perception by many from outside of tor’s first impression.the fence line. When the Arsenal used the original main Arsenal Security Officer Mike Valle commented that ingate, thousands of travelers driving along I-787 could see the former south gate access point, the lines of people try-the flow of vehicular traffic into and out of the Arsenal ing to get an access badge would often run out the door.every day. With the relocation to a side street, interstate “This was a very unsafe condition as we had people run-drivers no longer could see any movement into or out of the ning back in and forth in front of cars entering the ArsenalArsenal, which gave many a false impression that maybe all trying to vie for space in a small building,” Valle said.the Arsenal had closed. “Now, all visitor traffic is away from the gate and visitors Finally, the guard post at the south entry gate was never enter a very nice facility that enhances their first impres-intended to be a main entry point. The small structure, sions of the Arsenal.”which doubled as a visitors center, was not conducive to This addition was so significant to the Arsenal’s accesslogging in and out visitors, and had a degree of safety risk operations that during a recent visit to the Arsenal by theas visitors had to park their cars and then crossover the en- Army Materiel Command’s Commanding General, Gen.try lane to get into the south gate to sign in. Once inside, Ann E. Dunwoody, she awarded her commander’s coinsthe small building became rather crowded with security of- for excellence to Al Columbus, chief of Arsenal security,ficers doing their business of managing traffic flow, as well Robert Shadlock, and to Joe Claus, the Arsenal director ofas visitors trying to gain access. emergency services.
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo April 30, 2012 CPAC CornerDid you know you can move your resume from Resumix to USAJobs? All you need to do isfollow the instructions below.1. Open a Word doc.2. Go to CPOL (www.cpol.army.mil) employment– Click “Build A resume/check Status”– Under Registered Users click “Login”– Click “Answer”– Click “View Resume”– Highlight the Resume– Right click “copy” If you have any questions,– Open word document– Right click “paste” contact the CPAC office– Click “File”– Click “Save As” to Desktop at– Name your resume 266-4058.3. Go to USAJobs (www.usajobs.gov)– Click “Resume”– Click “Upload resume”– Name your resume– Click “Browse”– Select the resume saved to desktop– Click “Upload” Memorial Day Parades Save The Dates The Arsenal is participating in the Village of Green Island parade on Thursday, May 24th and the City of Watervliet parade on Monday, May 28th. For the Village of Green Island parade, we plan to only provide the bob-tailed truck and lowboy trailer float. Need a Driver!!! The Arsenal commander will speak at the end of parade ceremony. For the City of Watervliet, we plan to provide the full parade contingent with marchers. The Arsenal commander will speak at the end of parade ceremony. Green Island Parade kicks off at 6 p.m. City of Watervliet Parade kicks off at 10 a.m.
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo April 30, 2012 Seven Wastes…plus one By Karen HeiserProcesses add either value or waste to a product or service. Although products differ between factories, shopand office wastes are usually similar. This article will introduce you to identification and elimination of wasteas the first step to increasing business success through lean management.There are seven types of waste: overproduction, waiting, excess transportation, excess inventory, excessprocessing, excess motion, defects and correction .Overproduction is producing more, sooner, faster than required by the next process. It is costly because itprohibits the smooth flow of materials and can actually degrade quality and productivity.Waiting is employee or machine idle time. It results when goods are not moving or being processed. Over90% of a product’s lead time in traditional batch-and-queue manufacture is spent waiting for the next thing tohappen.Excess transportation is product movement that adds cost but no value to the customer. Excessive movementand handling can also cause damage and provide an opportunity for quality to deteriorate.Excess inventory is raw material, work in process (WIP), or finished goods in excess of requirements for anon-time delivery to the next process, or to the customer. It consumes productive floor space and hides problemsbecause it generates an alternative to investigating the root cause of the problem.Excess processing is doing more work than necessary that adds no value. This includes change orders, extraoperations such as rework, reprocessing, handling or storage that occurs due to defects, overproduction orexcess inventory. Any work that goes beyond the customer’s needs is excess.Excess motion occurs when extra steps are taken by employees and equipment to make up for inefficientprocess layout, poor use of technology, defects, reprocessing, overproduction or excess inventory.Defects and corrections result in scrap, repair and rework and are an excess cost to the customer. Impactsinclude capacity loss, quarantining inventory, re-inspecting, rescheduling.The eighth waste is your time and skills. When employees are losing time dealing with the seven traditionalwastes, they, and the organization are not reaching their potential. And the customer is paying for it.At Watervliet Arsenal we are justifiably proud of our quality to the customer. As COL Migaleddi often says,“We are too good to be ignored.” Global competition, economic constraints, and technological innovationshave driven other good companies to become world-class organizations through lean management. As world-class organizations realize, customers will pay for value-added work, but not for waste.
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo April 30, 2012 The SWARM is coming ... huh? By Maj. Donald Freer Experienced safety professionals often seem to have a sixth sense – they walk onto a production floor orinto an office and immediately know what is going on. This sixth sense is “situational awareness” developedgradually over several years of working in the safety profession. Any employee can quickly develop situational awareness by learning to focus your attention on specificfacets of what is happening around you in an orderly and disciplined way. It takes concentration, practice andpatience, but you can do it. Remember that safety begins with you! To help you focus on safety checks and inspection areas the safety office is introducing a new mnemonicaid called SWARMED. A mnemonic aid is simply a learning technique makes memorization easier. Commonlyencountered mnemonics are often verbal, such as a very short poem or a special word used to help a personremember something, particularly lists. Mnemonics rely on associations between easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to thedata that are to be remembered. Here is the breakdown of our safety mnemonic:S = Signs and barricades in place(Ensure all emergency egress, restricted areas, & barricades are posted and functional)W = Wear PPE properly(Ensure all building inhabitants are wearing required PPE)A = Administrative controls (labels)(Ensure all safety labels, placards, and JSA’s are posted and readable)R = Risk free walking/working surfaces(Ensure proper housekeeping and keep working areas clean and clear)M = Machine guarding(Ensure machine guards are in place and operational)E = Energy hazard controls(Ensure all lockout-tag out procedures are followed)D = Disposal of chemicals(Ensure chemicals are properly labeled, stored, and disposed of) Always something new at the Arsenals AAFES PX. Remember...a portion of the profits is returned back to the Arsenal to support MWR facilities and events
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo April 30, 2012 Arsenal Appreciation Night with the ValleyCats Saturday, 18 August SA egin VE l es B at 7 p.m. THE et Sa a y D ATETick 30 M Contact Contact John Snyder John Snyder at 266-5055 at 266-5055 or or in Room 102 in Room 102 Building 10 Building 10 for tickets!!! for tickets!!! • The Arsenal has coordinated with the Tri-City ValleyCats baseball organi- zation for the 4th Annual Arsenal Appreciation Night. • Game is on Saturday, 18 August, at 7 p.m. (Fireworks Night) • Department of the Army Civilians and Arsenal family members may pur- chase a "Reserved Box" ticket for only $5.50 (42% discount). These are better seats than what we had in the past (Section 230). And, for the first time, if you want to save a few bucks, you may purchase Grandstand tickets for only $4 (38% discount). Yes, a price for everyone. • Even though we have better seats, All Arsenal Military Veterans will still receive a free ticket. • You may also purchase a reduced meal voucher for only $3.50 This voucher is good for one hot dog, small soda, and bag of chips. • For tickets and information, contact John Snyder, room 102, Bldg. 10.