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Balcony Waterproofing Membranes- design with minimal fall


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Balconies which are designed with minimal fall require correct waterproof membrane application. Liquid Rubber is a seamless environmental flexible membrane.

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Balcony Waterproofing Membranes- design with minimal fall

  1. 1. Experience Knowledge & Trust
  2. 2. Balcony Waterproof Membranes Why Do They Fail?
  3. 3. Obviously membrane failure is caused by a variety of reasons However……I have been in the construction game for over 30years, either as a registered building practitionermyself or the owner of F.E.W Waterproofing.Having construction knowledge does give me anadvantage when trying to work out the structuralcauses of water ingress.
  4. 4. Recent projects have highlighted an interesting cause for waterproof membrane failure.
  5. 5. Balcony floors designed with minimal falls• Construction methods are always changing and adapting.• I have recently noticed, either for reasons of design and/or cost considerations, subtle changes which have a direct impact on the success or otherwise of waterproofing membranes.
  6. 6. Many balcony floors are constructed with minimal falls; particularly evidenced in multi-level apartments.
  7. 7. Correct waterproof membrane is imperative with structures designed with minimal falls.The membrane must be capable of “ponding” waterand the application must proceed with meticulouspreparation to ensure detailing is installed correctly.
  8. 8. Over the years we have become advocates ofLiquid Rubber waterproof membranes - we have experienced great results where other products have failed.
  9. 9. F.E.W Waterproofing is an independent companyWe choose the product based on our knowledge,experience and the requirements of the individualwaterproofing project.Liquid Rubber is our waterproof membrane ofchoice with minimal fall balconies, roof tops,retaining walls, below ground structures.
  10. 10. Liquid Rubber provides a seamless environmentally safe and highly flexible membrane that will “hold” and contain water without breaking down - not all products are capable of this.
  11. 11. The adhesive must be suitable to allow the field oftiles to expand and contract during cyclic temperature changes.
  12. 12. It is imperative to insert balcony floor expansion joints wherethe balcony floor abuts the vertical wall.This is particularly important for large balconies; expansionjoints break up the field and allow the tiles to expand andcontract.
  13. 13. Insufficient expansion joints can have a disastrous effect on the success of a waterproof membrane. If tiles are forced up, the membrane underneath will be damaged – and guess what - WATER LEAKS!
  14. 14. Leaking structures are a builder’s nightmare and major cause of clients call back.• NB: Don’t let the waterproof membrane be damaged by subsequent trades – a constant on-site problem.• NB: Water test the membrane BEFORE tiling – ensure the membrane is water tight.
  15. 15. Of course the best way to avoid these nightmares is to have your Waterproofinginstalled correctly the First Time.
  16. 16. The F.E.W Waterproofing Team provide professional services. F.E.W Waterproofing has three decades of CONSTRUCTION & WATERPROOFING experience.We "Think like a Builder" and approach the problem andprevention of water egress from a structural point of view. • Directly employed, fully certified waterproof technicians - no subcontract labour. • OH&S Compliant - Red Card, Elevated Platform, Confined Spaces certificates. • 10 yr Guarantees, warranties and insurances • Professional member AIW & MBAV
  17. 17. Experience Knowledge & Trust