Brant's Water Risks


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Public slide show created to share with the community of Brant outlining water risks posed by gravel pits and development over recharge areas.

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Brant's Water Risks

  1. 1. Brant and Brent County Water Risks By Louisette Lanteigne
  2. 2. Water + Aggregates = AquifersThe gravel controls water flow rates, volumes,water quality and temperature.
  3. 3. Watersheds show how surface water gathersbut it has no regard for whats underneath.
  4. 4. Water systems can connect underground in spite of topography Sediment studies showed the links. (cross section of Waterloo Moraine)
  5. 5. Wells are like a big straw gathering all fluid around it.Contamination is drawn in regardless of topography. Mike Stone re: Waterloo Moraine Chloride issues
  6. 6. Brant County Recharge AreasThe blue zones gather your water supply
  7. 7. Development is paving over recharge. More pavement = less groundwater
  8. 8. Gravel pits are digging up your water supply!
  9. 9. Brants GroundwaterGroundwater withdrawn annually = 30 million litres/yearCounty of Brant Municipal Groundwater Study 2005
  10. 10. Brants Groundwater Value: Municipal Use 1% of the groundwater = 821.92 L per dayBrant County makes money selling water at a rate of 1 cent to 3 cents per litre but, if Brant loses access to 1 to 10% of the current watervolumes this is how much money they stand to lose per day in potable water sales.Volumes lost Total volume Cost of water Cost of water Cost of waterper day % of lost per day in lost per day at lost per day at lost at per daygroundwater litres 1 cent 2 cents at 3 cents1% 821.92L $821.92 $1643.84 $2465.762% 1643.84L $1643.84 $3287.68 $4931.525% 4109.60L $4109.60 $8219.20 $12,328.8010% 8219.20L $8219.20 $16,582.40 $24,801.60
  11. 11. Agricultural Industries needs water too!Farm Cash Receipts for Main Commodities, Brant, 2009 (Total = $171.6 million)20 businesses involved in food manufacturing jobs in Brant/Brent County support around 2,300 jobs! Sources: 2006 Census of Agriculture and Strategic Policy Branch, OMAFRA Dec-2010
  12. 12. .In the past decade the following companies have invested in the community
  13. 13. Farming extends benefits to other sectors Food Packagers Transportation Services Tourism Restaurants
  14. 14. . Brantford·Brants Advantages• Transportation includes 400 series highways, two international airports,international border crossing at Niagara Falls and inter-modal facilities inwestern GTA• Proximity to Ontario and Northern US customer market and suppliers• Strong labour force growth trends• Productive, skilled labour force• Competitive wage levels• Access to suppliers and competitively priced high quality raw materials• Low land and construction costs when compared to other Southern Ontariolocations• Low cost electricity and telecommunication costs• Cost competitive business conditions• Proximity to major consumer markets considered a major factor in attractingwarehouse and distribution facilities
  15. 15. Another advantage: WATER
  16. 16. Mark Wales, President ofOntario Federation of Agriculture states: “Canada is expected to be one ofonly six countries in the world to be a net exporter of food.”
  17. 17. Here are the risks!Phosphates stimulate the growth of plants, contributes to nitrate issues and the growth of toxic algae.Nitrates can kill fish, result in dead zones in lakes and can cause blue baby syndrome. It also contributes to nitrite related cancers. It cannot be filtered out.Ammonia causes corrosive damage to human body tissue where there is contact and it makes water more expensive to treat. Contamination risks are created by partially treated sewage, farm runoff, legacy spills, landfills, pesticides, drought, climate change etc.
  18. 18. . Atrazine contaminated US water supplies.Drought and depleted aquifers reduced groundwater to dilute.
  19. 19. US drought resulted in toxic feedCattle are being poisoned by cyanide-laced weeds in Arkansas. Across the Midwestwater-soluble fertilizers are concentrating in soils and plants, making them harmfulrather than productive. And in Missouri, samples suggest that more than half the corncrop isnt fit for human consumption, thanks to unusually high levels of nitrogen. Therewas not enough water for photosynthesis and high nitrate build up made the corntoxic.
  20. 20. Natural Wetlands can filter out nitrate and phosphate issues 80-90%
  21. 21. Wetlands support Endangered SpeciesProtect them, protect your water quality Brant has Endangered Blandings Turtles “Next to habitat loss, road mortality is one of the biggest threats to their remaining populations,” the GRCA released in a statement. The area of concern is Highway 24, south of Cambridge, passing through Brant and Norfolk Counties on the way to Lake Erie, where Blanding’s turtles are the prevalent species at risk.
  22. 22. .Brant is home to many confirmed threatened and endangered species. Source: GRCA
  23. 23. Lake Erie Pipeline30 years ago, plans were set to dig up gravel inthe Grand River Watershed to build a big cityaround Waterloo Region.These plans relied on a pipeline to replace watervolumes to allow our groundwater source areas tobe dug up for gravel pits.The plans were based on a false belief thatCanada had plenty of water to spare. This wasbefore climate change, food and water securitybecame public issues.
  24. 24. Lake Erie Water Pipeline - Cost: $1.2 billion (2008) - no water treatment or transportation costs - Does not include cost to upgrade intake facilities. - Water delivered over 100 km uphill. Where will we get the energy? - The Grand River would become “infrastructure” and lose heritage status.
  25. 25. Big Water Pipes Break!The Lake Huron water pipe 6 to London Ontario broke twice intwo years forcing half a million people to rely on the municipalreservoirs. It was the 4th time the pipe broke in 66 years. Thefirst break was when the pipe was just 17 years old. Londononly has 3 days of water storage in their reservoir. The Big Leak by Norman De Bono, The London Free Press May 24, 2012
  26. 26. REGARDING ENGINEERING FIRMS There is no money in discovering bad geology...or is there?Engineering firms often conduct environmental assessment forapproval processes. Once they signed off, the liability riskstransfers to the firm who purchased their data. If issues arisedue to poor environmental studies, they are not held liable butthey do stand to profit from remediation jobs if things go wrong!
  27. 27. When cities are sued, taxpayers pay! )Municipalities risk being held liable, criminally orcivilly, for malfunctions of their sewer and waterpipes despite statutory authority and immunity.The courts are much more willing to imposeliability on municipalities than they have been toimpose similar liability on more seniorgovernments. OSWCA Paper to CWWA - 27 Feb 2007 by Jackie Campbell, B.Sc. (Pharm.), LLB, Dianne Saxe, Ph.D. in Law, Certified Specialist inEnvironmental Law & Frank Zechner, B.A.Sc., P.Eng., LLB (Executive Director, Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association
  28. 28. Lake Erie:Under Stress Toxic Algae Issues Growing “Dead Zone” Declining water volumes Greater contamination risk Climate Change Invasive species Water taking (CAN & US) Bulk Water Shipments
  29. 29. Zebra Mussels in intake pipes ar
  30. 30. August 31st to September 7 2012 The rotting fish carcasses as well as some dead birds lined the shore of Lake Erie for 40 kilometres. Lack of Oxygen Killed Lake Erie Fish Test Show Richard J. Brennan, National Affairs Writer, Toronto Star
  31. 31. Lake Erie March 12, 2012 Will it even be drinkable?
  32. 32. The Moraines have been providing drinking water for free for over 15,000 years. They need protection!
  33. 33. Conserve & Recycle Aggregates (Bricks made from human sludge!)
  34. 34. Protect our A1 Farmlands and sourcewater areas for generations to come
  35. 35. Protect the function of Aggregates because Aggregates = Water Supply
  36. 36. To view presentation online visit