Water operators: The Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA)


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Water operators: The Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA). Jose Luis Martin Bordes, Programme Officer, GWOPA. Techniques and models to further water cooperation to improve water efficiency and water services in cities. International Annual UN-Water Zaragoza Conference 2012/2013. Preparing for the 2013 International Year. Water Cooperation: Making it Happen! 8-10 January 2013

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  • Knowledge Management is easy in a formal institution with clear lines of reporting and responsibility. But GWOPA is a network linked by goodwill and a common interest in seeing WOPs scaled up. The GWOPA Secretariat at UN-HABITAT does not implement many WOPs directly. So we need those of you in the field, together with expert institutions like IWA, both to understand your needs, but also so that we can pick your brains. We need VOLUNTARY COLLABORATION with willing partners to document, distill and draw lessons from practice for the benefit of all.
  • When we talk about WOPs knowledge, the kinds of products or outcomes we are thinking about fall out into three main categories. First, and the most elemental, is knowledge about practice of Water Operators’ Partnerships – peer support between utilities for capacity building on a not-for-profit basis. First, this is includes record-keeping on WOPs – where, when, how, why they take place. But it also includes importantly more analytical products (the Ideas Book) such as impact studies and best practices. Then there are tools, which is essentially knowledge packaged for use. This would include online tools to help operators identify partners, design their WOPs, monitor and so on.And finally, though we have been focusing on knowledge for Water Operators Partnerships in particular, there is also an opportunity to support not-for-profit sharing of knowledge on utility practice. I don’t think GWOPA should be involved in actively developing this kind of knowledge. But we could play a big role in sharing it.
  • GWOPA just getting started in Knowledge ManagementBut it’s a PRIORITY!
  • Lately with increased demand we have supported National WOP platforms in Brazil, Mexico, and Pakistan. We will continue to support WOP platforms, however instead of direct institutional and operational support to specific platforms (eg. Secretarial support, direct support to WOPs partnerships, etc.); We will re-direct our support to areas where all WOP platforms can benefit such as: Matchmaking (electronic tools); Benchmarking (GRUBS); Knowledge Mgmt (WOPs database, impact oriented case studies, etc.); and Advocacy
  • Water operators: The Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA)

    1. 1. Global Water Operators’Partnerships AllianceGWOPAJose Luis Martin-Bordes,Programme OfficerInternational Annual UN-Water ZaragozaConferencePreparing for the International Year 20138-10 January 2013
    2. 2. What are WOPs? WOPs are solidarity-based peer support partnerships that help operators develop their capacities to play their important role in meeting the Millennium Development Goals and moving towards the fulfillment of the Right to Water and Sanitation.2
    3. 3. GWOPA: Supporting WOPs globally GWOPA is an UNSGAB initiative: a global mechanism to scale-up peer support between water operators to address capacity gaps towards the MDGs and the UNGA Res. on Human Right to Water and Sanitation Led and hosted by UN-HABITAT since 2007 upon request of former UN Secretary General A multi-stakeholder alliance of partners mainly supporting urban utilities through systematized WOPs.3
    4. 4. GWOPA’s Activity Areas Knowledge Mgmt Supporting Advocacy Regions Bench- marking Financial Guidance Training4
    5. 5. GWOPA’s approach to KM Working with the Alliance Partners to: Understand Needs Draw from Practice Develop Tools and Products Disseminate Knowledge5
    6. 6. What are the WOPs knowledge products?6
    7. 7. Initial GWOPA KM Initiatives: WOPs Case Studies WOPs Database Electronic sharing & networking7
    8. 8. Benchmarking • Development of GRUBS V2: • Including GRUBS City-Level: disaggregating indicators and enhancing analytical capabilities • Enhancing usefulness for utilities and for matchmaking, etc…8
    9. 9. Advocacy & Communication • Convening and active participation in international meetings • Mobilizing political and financial support to WOPs • Reaching out to new partners and stakeholders • Web platform, E-newsletter, etc.9
    10. 10. Financial Guidance • Assisting platforms in the establishment processes and resource mobilization • Technical support to utilities in financial management, and referral of utilities to donors who would support recommended interventions • Identifying support from donors to WOPs and linking utilities and WOP platforms to such support10
    11. 11. Supporting Regions11
    12. 12. Generalized funding and implementationcycle for a WOPs programme
    13. 13. Contacts : GWOPA Secretariat Jose Luis Martin-Bordes: jose.martin@unhabitat.org http://gwopa.org13
    14. 14. Thank you14