5 Strategies For Effectively Integrating SMS, IVR and Social


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Waterfall Mobile and Angel's presentation of the top strategies for effective cross-channel integration of SMS, IVR and social. Gain a clear understanding how:

- SMS text messaging services can integrate into IVR systems to form a key facet of businesses' customer care strategy
- Business intelligence, customer analytics and reporting can help deliver better customer engagement

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5 Strategies For Effectively Integrating SMS, IVR and Social

  1. 1. 5 Strategies for EffectivelyIntegrating SMS, IVR and SocialKane Russell Amy BrennanVice President of Marketing Marketing ManagerWaterfall Mobile Angel
  2. 2. Your Presenters Kane Russell Vice President of Marketing Waterfall Mobile Amy Brennan Marketing Manager Angel
  3. 3. Today s Discussion 5 StepsAngel & For Channel AudienceWaterfall Integrating Overview Q&A Mobile SMS, IVR and Social
  4. 4. Angel Company Overview!  Founded in 1999 as a BU of (NASDAQ: MSTR)!  Patented IVR Technology: 25+ granted!  Over 1,200 customers in 20 different industries!  Over 10,000 applications deployed including many of nation s top consumer brands!  Industry Awards for Technology Excellence
  5. 5. Why Move To the Cloud?!  Highest level of security!  Platform Scalability & Geo-Redundancy!  Eliminate/reduce Capital Expense!  Continual Technology Refresh!  Speed to Market!  Instant IT bandwidth!  Pay for what you use
  6. 6. Angel Vision: Redefine Voice Web Mobile SMS Email Phone Multi-Channel Interaction CapabilityCustomer Experience Platform MULTI-CHANNEL / MULTI-MODAL COMMUNICATION Intuitive BI Analytics On-Demand Business Intelligence Analytics Name & Address Phone Payment Voice Biometrics Capture Solution Real-time Transcription GPS Chat Mobility CTI Plug & Play Apps Best-in-Breed Solutions Inbound IVR Outbound IVR Virtual Call Center Seamless Data Data CRM ERP Integration Warehouses Web Accessible Data Integration
  7. 7. The IVR experience is just as important as the technology.User-centered design methodologies, evaluationtools, and best practices will deliver better IVR experiences and business results.
  8. 8. Let s Face it: Many People Hate IVRs…1) You are asked by the agent to repeat information that you already provided.2) You are made to listen to several minutes of nonsense before you are offered anything that you care about.3) You are made to wait a long time only to be routed to an agent who doesn t know who you are or what you want.4) You wait a long time only to discover that you are in the wrong queue.5) You are bounced from one IVR system to another IVR system.
  9. 9. But They Like Good Automation Good automation:! •  Knows who you are… •  Caters to your preferences… •  Anticipates your needs…Your order has •  Respects your time…been confirmed! Need Help?! 888-692-6435! •  Serves you quickly! ! And now… knows WHERE you are
  10. 10. Waterfall Mobile Overview!  Founded August 2005!  Offices in San Francisco (HQ), New York City and Austin, TX!  Backed by $6B software fund Vista Equity Partners!  Cross-channel mobile & social CRM
  11. 11. Channel OverviewSMSIVRSocial Success comes down to execution
  12. 12. SMS Execution How to create interactivity and immediacy: 1)  Include time sensitivity in your messagingSMS is an 2)  Integrate a clear call to actioninteractive and informing next stepsimmediate form of 3)  Focus on driving customer lifetime value as opposed tocommunication. one-off engagement 4)  Use language appropriate for the text message environment 5)  Mind time of day when delivering messages
  13. 13. IVR Execution Poor experience includes: 1)  Asked to repeat information that you already providedThe IVR 2)  Made to listen to several minutesexperience is just of non-substantive filleras important as 3)  Made to wait a long time only to be routed to an a agentthe technology. 4)  Wait a long time only to discover that you are in the wrong queue 5)  Bounced from one IVR system to another
  14. 14. Social Execution Focus areas: 1)  Dedicate resources to listening to social conversations 2)  Generate one-to-manySocial media is a conversations with the desiredgive and take means audienceto engage a desired 3)  Use multimedia resources to invigorate your social ecosystemaudience. 4)  Address negative feedback honestly rather than covering up 5)  Embrace social across your organization
  15. 15. 5 Steps For Integrating SMS, IVR & Social Address the low hanging fruit Drive innovation with multiple channels Share data across channels Use data to inform and iterate Develop ongoing personalized conversations
  16. 16. 1) Address The Low Hanging FruitCollect data via multiple Integrate calls to action channels across media
  17. 17. Case In Point: Stella Artois Multichannel commitment increases # of eyeballs & campaign trust
  18. 18. 2) Drive Innovation With Multiple ChannelsRoadmap1)  Assess each individual channel to understand how it interrelates with others.2)  Understand each channel’s role within a multichannel campaign3)  Preplan the follow- up strategy
  19. 19. Case In Point: Jay Z Decoded2011 Multi-platform search experience and interactive gameto decode Jay-Z s life and lyrics1)  Pre-book launch, every page released to the public using encoded pages placed in strategic locations2)  Fans decoded pages over the course of a month3)  Clues found in person or online via Bing.com4)  Text in unique game code from found and decoded pages5)  Credit for decoding awarded online upon which players could share via social media sites6)  Participants also entered to win various prizes including NYE Jay-Z concert
  20. 20. 3) Share Data Across ChannelsMoving from multichannel to cross-channel marketingMultichannel marketing puts customersand data as recipients of multi-prongedcommunication strategy. CUSTOMERS CHANNELS BRAND Cross-channel marketing puts customers and data at the center of an integrated communication strategy.
  21. 21. Case In Point: PayNearMePartnership between PayNearMe and 7-Eleven1)  Allows for the purchase of online goods using zero cash or credit cards on hand.2)  Users execute a purchase using their PayNearMe account and later settle the balance in person at a local retailer like 7-11.3)  Account holders can check account balance, transaction history, and payments history in real time via the web, IVR and SMS.4)  User-centric CRM, with user information shared and updated across SMS, IVR and online simultaneously.
  22. 22. 4) Use Data To Inform And Iterate Subscriber Data Operational Data Segmentation points about Analysis of subscriberindividual subscribers, such behavior in aggregate, such as date of birth, gender, as opt out rates, open rates, zip code, shoe size inventive level Strategy: Send the right message, at the right time, to the right person, in the right place in the optimal format
  23. 23. Case Almost Point: Assorted CampaignsStop marketing – create personalized engagement instead
  24. 24. 5) Develop Ongoing Personalized ConversationSMS, IVR and socialcommunication should replicateconsumer conversation.1)  Interactive2)  Ongoing3)  One channel picks up whereanother leaves off4)  One-to-many communicationmoves to one-to-one
  25. 25. 5) Case Almost Point: PETAUse collected data to personalize the conversation
  26. 26. Key TakeawaysDisseminate calls to action across media Grab the low hanging fruitDrive campaign innovation Use multiple channelsDevelop a cross-channel perspective Integrate SMS/IVR/Social dataDetermine messaging strategy from data Optimize to the userDeepen engagement and insight over time Create conversations•  The result: Delight your customers by delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, in the right place in the optimal format.
  27. 27. Q&A Kane Russell Vice President of Marketing, Waterfall Mobile krussell@waterfallmobile.com Resources: Blog | eBooks Amy Brennan Marketing Manager, Angel abrennan@angel.com Resources: Blog | Mobility White Paper