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Wastewater Reclaim, Recycling, and Reuse


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A good wastewater reclaim program can bring new life to industrial wastewater. This presentation describes the benefits, applications, and technologies involved in the reclamation of industrial wastewater. For more information visit

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Wastewater Reclaim, Recycling, and Reuse

  1. 1. Wastewater Reclaim, Recycling and Reuse By: WaterProfessionals® © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  2. 2. A good wastewater reclaim program can bring new life to industrial wastewater. © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  3. 3. Environmental Benefits of Wastewater Reclamation • Using modern water treatment technologies, harmful contaminants that previously made industrial wastewater unfit for reuse can now be stripped out. • Removing contaminants from wastewater and reusing it, rather than just discarding it, helps to conserve water and reduce costs. © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  4. 4. Some modern wastewater recycling systems can reclaim more than 90% of post-process water for reuse. © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  5. 5. Wastewater Recycling Applications Treated and recycled wastewater may be reused for a variety of applications, such as: Plating Rinsing Painting Washing Boiler-Feedwater Fire-Suppression Systems Cooling Tower Make-Up Water © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  6. 6. Wastewater Reclaim Technologies • Even the most challenging of wastewater reclamation issues can be solved with the right technology and well- equipped engineers, including: Gray Water Wastewater From Oil Production Wastewater From Natural Gas Production © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  7. 7. Wastewater Reclaim Technologies • Common industrial water purification methods, include: Ultrafiltration High Pressure Reverse Osmosis Deionization © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  8. 8. Reclaiming Valuable Chemicals • The same technologies used in wastewater recycling can be used to isolate, concentrate, and separate chemicals from water. • The benefit from removing these chemicals is twofold: The business or industry gets to keep more of their raw materials, reducing costs. The wastewater is somewhat more pure and will be easier on the environment. © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  9. 9. Can Your Industrial Wastewater Be Recycled? • Determining feasibility of reclaiming wastewater requires several steps: A detailed analysis of the wastewater. Lab-scale treatability to identify appropriate treatment technologies. The development of a budget estimate of capital and operating costs. Laboratory or field-scale pilot testing to confirm findings. A finalization of the estimated budget cost into a firm quotation. © 2014 WaterProfessionals®
  10. 10. WaterProfessionals® WaterProfessionals® has highly trained engineers to help find the most affordable and effective wastewater treatment option for your business. Visit Us Online: Call: Toll Free: 1-800-999-4195 © 2014 WaterProfessionals®