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About water cap


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About water cap

  1. 1. About WaterCap url: 1Email:
  2. 2. WaterCap• WaterCap is open country network of individual professionals and institutions for capacity building in water resources management• Support multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral and holistic approaches for achieving sustainable, equitable, economical and efficient use and development of water resource 2
  3. 3. WaterCapObjectives• Mobilise water professionals to address gaps and challenges for sustainable water resources management• Develop training and reference material in integrated water resource management;• Facilitate knowledge linkage for sustainable WRM• Facilitate opportunities for continued participation and interaction of water professionals;• Collaborate and interact with other capacity building institutions, professionals and water sector players 3
  4. 4. WaterCap… the family 4
  5. 5. MembershipWaterCap UNDP-CapNet Network• 45 members (30 male and 15 Female)• 4 Institutions• Process is underway to make the members inventory into a searchable online
  6. 6. Thematic FocusClimate Water Knowledge River Basin IWRM Training IWRM inchanges & Knowledge Network & Management and Material WASH/DRRadaptation Management partnerships