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The Washington Diplomat                                                                            Established in 1994, Th...
Washington D.C.                 Washington, D.C., is one of the most vibrant and cul-                 turally diverse citi...
Editorial                 Highlights                • 	One-on-one interviews with foreign                  ambassadors    ...
Distribution & Circulation     The Washington Diplomat is distributed free to more than 600 locations     in Washington, D...
Impact of EmbassiesThe total economic impact of Greater Washington’s interna-      The presence of Washington’s embassies ...
Profile of Our Readers  The Washington Diplomat reaches the most influ-        Our surveys consistently show the readershi...
Advertising With The DiplomatSome of the advertising vehicles we offer include:   Some of our current or past advertisers ...
Advertising Guidelines                                                                                                    ...
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2012 Diplomat Media Kit


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Washington Diplomat 2012 Media Kit

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2012 Diplomat Media Kit

  2. 2. The Washington Diplomat Established in 1994, The Washington Diplomat is an other people of influence, such as U.S. congress- independent monthly newspaper with a readership men and heads of state. The Washington Diplomat of more than 100,000* that also offers incisive news stories on the latest includes the more than 180 developments in international affairs, business, ■ INSIDE: LUXURY LIVING AND A World of News and Perspective EDUCATION SPECIAL SECTIONS LIVING Quarter embassies in Washington, the media, diplomacy and other timely topics. of Change■ VOLUME 18, NUMBER 9 ■ WWW.WASHDIPLOMAT.COM ■ SEPTEMBER 2011UNITED STATES CANADAAmerica’s War AgainstTerrorism EvolvesDecade After 9/11A decade after the 9/11 attacks D.C., as well as all major fed- Other regular features include the appointmentspierced America’s sense of securi- eral government institutions, section, which tracks the comings and goingsty, the counterterrorism fight isn’tover — but the Bush administra-tion’s war on terror is, asPresident Obama crafts his ownstrategy for keeping America safefrom terrorists. PAGE 8 the Foreign Service, private of diplomats, andEUROPE corporations and the inter- Diplomatic Spotlight, A World of News and Perspective ■ INSIDE: TRAVEL & HOTELS AND LUXURY LIVING SECTIONSHate-Fueled CarnageShatters Norway’s national community at large. which offers a glimpse HOTELSPeace, Tests Tolerance UNSPOKENThree years ago, Norwegian Ten years ago, the sleepy Canadian Roof with aAmbassador Wegger ChristianStrommen told us that his toler- town of Gander took in thousands of American passengers stranded in ■ VOLUME 18, NUMBER 4 ■ WWW.WASHDIPLOMAT.COM View ■ APRIL 2011 BONDSant country had largely escaped the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks into the Washington socialthe wave of Islamic xenophobiasweeping Europe. But on July 22, — an act of hospitality that endures as a symbol of the AFRICA NORTH AFRICA PEOPLE OF WORLD INFLUENCENorway wasn’t unable to escapethe hate of one man. PAGE 15 quietly powerful bonds, emotional and economic, between the United States and its neighbor to the north. PAGE 17 In 2011 Africa Votes, But Will Elections Bring Zogby Warns Democracy or Discord? Islamophobiaculture As the flagship newspaper scene. PEOPLE OF WORLD INFLUENCE DIPLOMAT EXCLUSIVE It’s a big year for Africa at the Kucinich: Liberal Burma’s DCM Defects, ballot box, and with political upheaval still rocking the Arab world, people naturally wonder Defeats U.S. Infuriating Regime Principles Rarity in Congress Kyaw Win, ex-DCM of Burma’s Embassy, has if the revolutionary fervor may dislodge a few African autocrats. But are elections the solution of the diplomatic community, Unapologetically anti-war and unabashedly liberal, Rep. Dennis traded his plush diplomatic digs for a sparse to Africa’s woes, or just another James Zogby, founder Kucinich hasn’t mellowed much in the decade since he tried suburban apartment after defecting from the source of them? PAGE 9 and president of the to warn America about going to war in Iraq. PAGE 6 regime he served for 31 years. PAGE 11 Arab American Insti- tute and a leadingEmbassies Offer Taste ADVERTISEMENT spokesman for ArabsOf Culture with Cuisine Climate-Change Symposium • Tuesday, Oct. 4, 12-4pm in the U.S., is blunt we are the only publication In its monthly cultureWashington’s melting pot of about the dangers ofembassies are using food to demonizing Arab Americans, warningspice up traditional public Smithsoniandiplomacy. PAGE 50 OPEN THROUGH JAN. 2, 2012 National Museum of the American Indian that simmering Islamophobia in the United States threatens to tear apart the very fabric of a country built on ASIA assimilation while alienating the very in the nation’s capital able section, The Washington people who can help Americans Japan’s Aftershocks thwart domestic terrorism. PAGE 6 Could Shake Fragile Economic Recovery DIPLOMATIC SPOUSES The Japanese will no doubt re- to reach this highly targeted and lucrative Diplomat highlights area build from the catastrophes that Indian Couple LIBYAN have devastated their nation, but Japan’s disaster has also raised fears the world is less able to absorb the onslaught of shocks Devote Careers threatening to unravel its fragile To Public Service LOYALTIES economic recovery. PAGE 22 market. events with reviews rang- Officially, Ajay Shankar may be ADVERTISEMENT retired from govern- ment service, but he SPONSORED Horrified by the bloodshed gripping his homeland, Ali Suleiman continues to serve REPORT India as a policy Aujali quit his post as Col. Muammar Qaddafi’s man in ing from art and photogra- scholar who’s well Washington, saying he could no longer represent a government versed on topics from urban that willfully slaughtered its own people. And now that he’s TAJIKISTAN planning to the economy — and “a free man,” he’s thrown his allegiance behind the opposition as husband to India’s ambassador to help bring that long-denied freedom to Libya. PAGE 19 in Washington. PAGE 48 Each issue regularly features in-depth, exclusive phy exhibits to film, ADVERTISEMENT SEE INSIDE interviews with foreign ambassadors as well as theater and dining. *Readership estimates compiled from 2009 CVC Circulation & Readership Study data2 2012 WASHINGTON DIPLOMAT MEDIA KIT
  3. 3. Washington D.C. Washington, D.C., is one of the most vibrant and cul- turally diverse cities in the world. It is also undeniably one of the world’s greatest centers of power. With 8.1 million residents, the combined Greater Washington-Baltimore region ranks as the 33rd largest metropolitan area in the world. One of the most important economic forces driving this city is international business, which, along with the federal government, is a core industry that drives the nation’s capital. A major component of the city’s interna- tional business is the more than 180 foreign embassies throughout Washington, D.C., which pump millions of dollars into the local economy.A WORLD OF NEWS & PERSPECTIVE 3
  4. 4. Editorial Highlights • One-on-one interviews with foreign ambassadors • Articles examining international affairs, politics, business and investment, U.S. foreign policy, diplomacy, globalization, defense, law, media and other timely news. • Appointments, World Holidays and Diplomatic Spotlight sections • Culture section featuring reviews in art, photography, theater, film, dining and more, as well as events listing and foreign cinema calendar • Industry-targeted special sections including Hotels, Medical, Luxury Living, Education, Travel and more4 2012 WASHINGTON DIPLOMAT MEDIA KIT
  5. 5. Distribution & Circulation The Washington Diplomat is distributed free to more than 600 locations in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding metro area including: • All foreign embassies in Washington, D.C., totaling more than 180 missions • Capitol Hill • The White House • U.S. Department of State • International Monetary Fund (IMF) • U.S. Department of Defense • The World Bank Group • The United Nations in New York • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) • Several Fortune 500 company headquarters including Coca Cola and GE • Business councils • National Institutes of Health (NIH) • Organization of American States (OAS) • Think tanks and political research organizations • Universities and colleges throughout the Washington region • Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) • International nonprofit organizations • Hotels in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding metro area • Hospitals and major medical centers across the nationA WORLD OF NEWS & PERSPECTIVE 5
  6. 6. Impact of EmbassiesThe total economic impact of Greater Washington’s interna- The presence of Washington’s embassies also serves as ational economy was $41.4 billion in 2005, from which more galvanizing force within the international business communi-than $9 billion stems from employment at international insti- ty. These missions generate country-to-country businesstutions such as embassies and the World Bank. The total opportunities, attract international visitors, establish valuableemployment effect of business and political contacts, and are concentrated nearthe region’s interna- major federal and con-tional economy is gressional institutionsnearly 280,000 jobs and for even greater reach$14.4 billion in wages.* into the city’s centers of influence.The financial impact ofinternational business Embassies in Washing­reflects a wide range ton are a point of con-of activities by interna- tact with the world. Nations rely on these institutions totional organizations, promote their business and financial interests, so for anyonebusinesses, associa- looking to do business on ations, students, tour- global scale, there are fewists, domestic compa- other avenues as profitablenies that serve international clients and of course or as centrally located asembassies and the services provided by their foreign the Washington embassygovernments. market. *Based on a 2006 study by the Greater Washington Initiative6 2012 WASHINGTON DIPLOMAT MEDIA KIT
  7. 7. Profile of Our Readers The Washington Diplomat reaches the most influ- Our surveys consistently show the readership to be at the top of their ential decision makers and powerbrokers in the field in income, education and economic spending in the community, nation’s capital. Highly educated and highly con- and The Diplomat is one of the best venues for anyone looking to tap nected, this readership consists not only of ambas- into this highly targeted and lucrative audience. sadors, dignitaries, diplomats and other high-level foreign officials, but also key players in the U.S. • 59% of readers keep The Washington Diplomat for one month or more gov­­ ernment, including Capitol Hill, the White House, Defense Department and State Department, as well • 70% purchase products or services from ads seen in The Diplomat as the heads of major corporations and interna- tional agencies. • 70% of Diplomat readers are between the ages of 25-54 • 61% have a combined annual household income of more than $100,000 • 33% have a combined annual household income of more than $150,000 (almost double the local average) • 91% graduated from college • 48% completed post-graduate studies (almost double the local average) • Study conducted by the Circulation Verification Council (CVC), 2009A WORLD OF NEWS & PERSPECTIVE 7
  8. 8. Advertising With The DiplomatSome of the advertising vehicles we offer include: Some of our current or past advertisers include:• Display Advertising • Air France • George Washington • Moore Cadillac University Hospital • American University • Motorola• Industry-Specific • HSBC Premier • New York Presbyterian • Amtrak Special Sections • Inter-American • BMW North America • Northrop Grumman Development Bank (IDB) • British Airways • Qatar Airways• Web Advertising • Jaguar Warehouse • Budget Rent-A-Car • Reston Limousine • Johns Hopkins University• Diplomatic Pouch • Capital Hotels • Ritz Carlton • Kennedy Center • Chevron Texaco • Ronald Reagan Building • Lufthansa and International Trade• Sponsorships • Citibank • Lockheed Martin Center • Cirque Du Soleil • Smithsonian• E-mail Blasts • Long & Foster • Conoco Phillips Real Estate • Sofitel Hotel • DC Lottery • Marathon Hess Corporation• Inserts & • State Department • Doubletree Hotel Federal Credit Union Outserts • Marriott Wardham Park • Emirates Airlines • Martens Volvo • State of Virginia Office of International Trade• Supplements • Ethiopian Airlines • Mayo Clinic • Stohlman VW • Euro Motorcars • MD Anderson Cancer• Classifieds Center • University of Maryland • ExxonMobil • Metropolitan Institute • U.S. Holocaust Memorial • FedEx Museum• Custom for Plastic Surgery • Gaylord National • USPS Ancillary Items • Millers Furs • Georgetown University • Weichert Realtors • Millennium UN Plaza• Event Sponsorships • George Washington University Hotel • Willard InterContinental8 2012 WASHINGTON DIPLOMAT MEDIA KIT
  9. 9. Advertising Guidelines Policiessubmitting Ads: • Fonts files (both screen and printer font files in Sending files as e-mail attachments Agency Commission While every effort is made to Macintosh format) A standard agency commission have the best quality possible,There are several ways to submit ad files to us: We request that your files be sent in one e-mail, of 15% on gross ad space only color ads may have some• Preferred format: PDF file sent as an e-mail • Hard copy print-out of ad (Both separation and if size permits, versus mutiple e-mails. If sending to recognized agencies. Agency imperfections.attachment (10MB size limit) composite proofs are helpful.) multiple files, consider compressing the folder using • An accurate color proof for spot or process color compression software like Stuffit for Macintosh or must provide camera-ready• We also accept CDs formatted for Mac as well as Ad Size ads Zip-it for PC. (Please do not use a password.) When ads. Published rates are grosscompressed files using compression software like If your camera-ready ad comes it is necessary to send multiple emails, please mark rates. No agency commissionsStuffit for Macintosh or Zip-it for PC. • All “working files” in a folder named “working to us in a size other than that “1 of 2” (or the total number of emails sent) in the are paid for ads produced byNote: As the newspaper is entirely digital, we can no files” in case we need to make edits. “Working subject line along with the client name. The Washington Diplomat. specified in your contract or islonger accept printed “camera-ready” pages or ad file” refers to any document that contains original a size different from the ad“slicks.” There is an additional charge for film. artwork elements in a layered format like a Send the e-mail to: and be sizes defined above, we may Cancellation Policy Photoshop .psd or an Illustrator .ai or .eps file. sure to copy your account representative. need to re-set, float, reduce or Final linked artwork is usually derived from the Advertiser may terminate con- enlarge your artwork, depend-We accept the following Macintosh native software “working file.” Large proofs can be sent to: tract in writing by the 10th of ing on time constraints. Proofsformats: the month preceding the month are not sent.• InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Color: When specifying color, save in CMYK or spot The Washington Diplomat of publication. Adver­ iser’s rate t Photoshop. MS Word for supplied ad text only. color mode, whichever is appropriate. Please do Attn: Production Department is based on certain advertising Liability NOT save in RGB format, even for photos within pdf 12125-A Veirs Mill Road• You may save your files in the following formats: commitments and if those com- Advertiser shall assume full files. Four-color spot color ads are encouraged as Silver Spring, MD 20906 tiff, eps or pdf. If submitting a PC file to us, it must mitments have not been met, responsibility and liability for all be in pdf format. requests for specific PMS or other specialty inks advertiser shall be liable for the Newspaper specifications content (including pictorial rep- will incur an additional charge. We do not offer increased rates indicated in the resentations and graphic art-Note: With either file format, we may not always be bleeds. Select grayscale for all black and white ads. Grayscale (black and white): rate card for the advertising work) of advertisements placedable to make changes to your document. If submit- actually run. Photos: All photos, even those embedded in pdf • CT (continuous tone/photo resolution): by the advertiser in The Wash­ting a file in native format, all font and art files must files, should be a minimum 200 dpi for grayscale 200-300 dpi ing­­ Diplomat and shall tonbe included. All fonts should be converted to a Cancellations for premium posi- (black and white) and 300 dpi for process color rela- • Line art: 600 dpi assume full responsibility forMacintosh font format and any linked artwork tions are to be made in writing tive to the size they appear. Photos below these any claims arising therefrommust also be included. (See below for details.) • Highlight dot: 4% 8 weeks prior to stated dead- requirements may reproduce with lesser quality. made against The Washington line. Full payment for the inser- • Midtone: 35% Diplomat, its officers, agentsWhen submitting a pdf file: Note: Acquiring photos directly from the Web is not tion plus the premium charge • Shadow dot: 85% and employees.When making a pdf file, please be certain to “embed recommended as they cannot be reproduced in the will be enforced.all fonts” and set color to “leave color unchanged.” newspaper with any substantial size or quality. • Dot gain: 30% Advertiser hereby agrees toPlease disable any password protection and allow If advertising creative arrives 4-color process: indemnify and hold The Wash­editing and printing of the document in the event Text Documents: All text, preferably submitted in after stated deadline, The • CT: 200-300 dpi Washington Diplomat will ing­ on Diplomat harmless from tchanges need to be made. Microsoft Word, should be formatted using tab any and all expenses or losses, stops and NOT traditional spaces using the space- • Line art: 600 dpi assume no responsibility or including, but not limited to,When submitting a native ad file: bar. Macintosh or PC—please save as “Text Only.” expressed reproduction, posi- • Maximum ink: 220% attorneys fees and legal judg- If the text document is not saved in the proper for- tioning or other related itemsPlease include: • GCR: Light ments, incurred or suffered by mat, extensive clean-up will be required regardless surrounding the booking. Full• Written explanation of what your disk contains, The Washington Diplomat by of platform used. Files can be saved in ASCII format • Maximum black ink: 85% payment for the insertion will size, date of publication and color of the ad, reason of any and all claims but only as a last resort if any of the above men- be enforced. arising out of the publication what platform (Mac or PC), software and tioned formats cannot be used. Questions? Please contact your sales of any advertisement placed formats are used Color ads Note: Please send any accompanying photos as representative at (301) 933-3552 with by advertiser. The Publisher• Electronic ad file separate attachments rather than placing them in any questions or concerns you may have. Color printing on newsprint reserves the right to approve• Linked artwork files the Word document itself. We’re happy to help you. is an imperfect process. all copy. A WORLD OF NEWS & PERSPECTIVE 9
  10. 10. P.O. Box 1345Silver Spring, MD 20915T: 301 933 3552F: 301 949 •