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Anya Kamenetz DIYU at the 2011 WASC ARC

Colleges and universities today can no longer afford to conduct business as usual. The pressures of rising costs and ever-stronger mandates for accountability, access and success are too strong. Students, meanwhile, have urgent questions about the return on their investment and the relevance of the education they're receiving in a 21st century context. The way we connect, communicate, and access information is changing every day. When will these changes substantially affect education? Kamenetz addresses all these concerns and sets forth her vision of a future that includes personal learning networks, personalized learning paths, expanded peer learning and assessment, and learning that blends experiential and digital approaches. Faculty and administrators need to lead the way from the second to the "third horizon" of change by incorporating the seeds of future transformation while improving their institutions' working today.

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Anya Kamenetz DIYU at the 2011 WASC ARC

  1. DIY U: The Transformation of Higher Education<br />Anya Kamenetz<br />WASC ARC<br />April 7, 2011 <br />
  2. My lenses: Gen Y rep<br />Faculty brat<br />media<br />Journalist<br />
  3. The Cathedral of Rationality<br />
  4. 1088 A.D.<br />
  5. 2010 A.D.<br />
  6. Pressures<br />Access/Demand<br />Cost<br />Quality<br />
  7. Global Demand<br />2025<br />??<br />2010<br />120m<br />2000<br />50m<br />
  8. Tuition Trends<br />
  9. Full Cost of PUBLIC BA: $112,520 UP 24% in just 5 years! (2005‐06 to 2010‐11)Source: College Board<br />
  10. mostly<br /> Loans<br /><--- <br />
  11. *Two-thirds of BAs have federal student loans. (less than ½ in 1993).<br />*Average indebtedness: $24,000<br />*10-year default rate for the highest borrowers:<br />1 in 5. And rising.<br />
  12. Why the Tuition Spiral? <br />Cost Shifting<br />Perks Wars<br />Student Loans<br />Baumol’s Disease<br />
  13. And then there’s the really tough question:<br />is our children learning? <br />
  14. 45 percent demonstrated no significant gains in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and written communications during the first two years of college.<br />36 percent of students did <br /> not show any significant <br />Improvement over four years.<br />
  15. Cost +<br />Access +<br />Quality = The Case for Radical Innovation<br />
  16. From Baumol’s<br />Disease…<br />
  17. to Moore’s law?<br />
  18. It’s not *just* about the iStuff<br />
  19. The Future is Open <br />
  20. Content+<br />Socialization+<br />Accreditation<br />
  21. Content(what to learn)+ <br />Socialization(how to learn)+<br />Accreditation (why to learn)<br />
  22. OpenContent<br />
  23. $2 Billion! <br />
  24. Shareable—Saves Time<br />Shareable—Saves Faculty Time<br />
  25. Attractive/Accessible<br />Attractive/Accessible<br />“a platform for spreading ideas” – Chris Anderson<br />
  26. Updated Constantly<br />Continuously updated<br />
  27. Greater Public Benefit<br />Public Mission; Recruiting; Quality<br />
  28. Adaptive, Measurable Results<br />Adaptive: Measurable Results<br />
  29. Free or affordable<br />Free or Affordable<br />
  30. OpenSocialization<br />
  31. Personal Learning Networks<br />
  32. We help each other learn<br />
  33. Formalizing peer learning<br />
  34. The Online Symposium<br />“My misfortune was not by my own doing, or have you forgotten the countless times that the SPARTANS came through my farm, and the farms of my Athenian brethren, burning everything those bastards could find! …A message to all Athenians in this assembly, do not mistake my silence during assembly as incompetence. I don't just speak hot air; I choose my words wisely and I dislike wasting my time on pointless squabble and jibber jabber.Long live the Gods, Long live the Land, and Long live Athens!” <br />Juan Guzman, 19-year-old sophomore majoring in dietetics and nutrition, Florida International University, Reacting History course <br />
  35. Study Across Institutions<br />
  36. Facebook to improve school?<br />
  37. OpenAccreditation<br />
  38. As students follow personal learning paths…<br />Web<br />Portfolio <br />
  39. Institutions may specialize in assessment…<br />
  40. …or portability<br />
  41. Student work on the open web—assessment by network<br />
  42. supplement the need for diplomas<br />Professional networks are bypassing diplomas<br />
  43. Reputation+portfolio= credibility<br />
  44. Data-driven career planning<br />
  45. National Center for Academic Transformation<br />250,000 students<br />Technology: “emporium,” hybrid, automated assessment, adaptive learning software<br />Costs -39 percent average<br />Outcomes improved by: test scores, grades, information retention, student persistence, student satisfaction, and graduation rates<br /><br />
  46. National Center for Academic Transformation<br />Automated assessment<br />Flipping the classroom<br />Staffing substitution<br />Shared resources<br /><br />
  47. Pressures-Responses<br />Access/Demand-Networks & Scalability<br />Cost-Digital efficiencies& specialization/unbundling <br />Quality-21st century skills & practices<br />
  48. The Old Way <br />
  49. The New Ways <br />Goals<br />Web<br />Networks<br />Personal<br />Learning <br />Networks <br />Experiences<br />C<br />mentors<br />peers<br />Internships<br />Portfolio <br />Self-discovery<br />
  50. Collaborate to <br /> build consensus<br />Pass on the benefits<br />Work from what works<br />
  51. Twitter @anya1anya<br />Facebook: DIY U<br /><br />