Student Career destinations 2009


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Student Career destinations 2009

  1. 1. The Warwick MBA career destinations 1
  2. 2. Diversity & distinction at WBS Contents Graduates from the Warwick MBA are notable for their difference. Each of them is an 4 Class profile individual, distinctive in their background, ambition, and experience. The 2008 graduating 6 Location class joined us from 23 different countries and already had experience from a wide range of 8 Industry sector different business sectors and job functions. This diversity continues to be reflected in their 9 Job function choice of career after graduation. 10 Financial rewards Our participants do share one common theme – the Warwick Experience. By the time they 11 Source of position graduate from Warwick, each of them will have benefited from our renowned approach to 12 Consultancy projects learning; academic rigor tempered with practical relevance. Taught by our internationally 14 Recruiting organisations respected faculty, graduates have a solid background in leadership and a wide range of disciplines including finance, marketing, strategy, organisational behaviour, operations management, and HR. Before they finish our programme, our participants will have gained useful consultancy and management experience as part of their studies. Each of them will have undertaken a significant ‘real-world’ project, as part of our Practice of Management module. Through this, we enable them to further develop their soft skills and to work with an organisation on a team project where they can put theory into practice. The final part of their study programme is the individual consultancy project. The capstone to the Warwick MBA, it provides the opportunity to draw together the participant’s own experience with new found knowledge and skills and bring them to bear on a significant management project that is both academically assessed and professionally presented to the sponsoring organisation. This is the distinction of the Warwick MBA – business knowledge, skills development, and practical application – all achieved during a fast-paced year at one of the world’s leading business schools. So if your organisation is looking for distinction and diversity then WBS is the place to start that search for your leadership talent of the future. My team is here to help you and we hope that you will find the information provided in our brochure helpful. We look forward to partnering with you. Carol Rue Director, Personal & Career Development 2 | Warwick Business School
  3. 3. Before joining the Warwick MBA I was working as Finance Manager in a consulting engineering company in Kenya. When I decided to pursue an MBA, on full-time basis, I was looking for a school that was highly rated and respected and recognised internationally so that I would be able to work anywhere in world. Completing the Warwick MBA gave me the credibility to switch both industry and function. I’m now working as Head of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Reporting at Zain, a leading mobile telecommunication company. How did I achieve this? I used the project and dissertation as a springboard. Very early in the programme I approached Zain, then Celtel International, and registered my interest in doing my project and dissertation with them. This is one way through which employers can use to test the real value of the Warwick MBA as the placement enabled me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. My dissertation topic was on foreign exchange exposure and management and with the support of the academic staff I was able to produce an excellent report for the company and as they say ‘the rest is history’! During my studies, the syndicate group work exposed me to working with different nationalities and cultures. This experience has been invaluable as Zain is a multicultural organisation and it enabled me to settle in a new country and organisation easily and to be able to meet all the challenges a new job brings. Peris Kahuko Head of Strategic Planning Analysis and Reporting Zain 3
  4. 4. The Warwick MBA 2006–07 class profile All nationalities We select our participants to ensure that each American Number of graduates 45 class includes a diverse range of industry British sectors, functional specialisms, educational Number of nationalities 23 Cameroonian backgrounds, and countries of origin. All Male: female ratio 2:1 Canadian applicants undertake a GMAT® test. With Chinese an average of eight years’ work experience Age range 23–44 Dutch and a working knowledge of an average of Mid 80% age range 27–38 French two different languages at the start of their German Average languages spoken 2 studies, our participants are already established Greek members of the global corporate community. Average years 8 Indian work experience Irish Japanese Mexican New Zealand Nigerian Pakistani Palestinian Peruvian Polish Russian South African Taiwanese Thai 4 | Warwick Business School
  5. 5. Nationalities by percentage Educational background United Kingdom 17% Business and Commerce 22% South Asia 17% Engineering 16% Africa 15% Economics 16% Western Europe 11% Humanities 11% North America 7% Science 9% South West Asia 7% Computer Science 9% Asia Pacific 5% Social Sciences 7% East Asia 5% Other 7% Latin America 5% Law 3% South East Asia 5% Eastern Europe 2% Irish 2% Middle East 2% 5
  6. 6. Location Pre-MBA & post-MBA regions Sixty percent of Warwick MBA graduates chose Pre MBA 24% to change location post-MBA to pursue their United Kingdom new career, showing that the Warwick MBA can Post-MBA 40% take you anywhere in the world. Pre MBA 40% This class can still take advantage of the Asia/Middle East MBA provision, (formerly part of the UK Post-MBA 20% Government’s Highly Skilled Migrant Programme and now part of Tier 1 (General)). Pre MBA 13% For these graduates, the MBA gives them the Africa full 75 points for attributes; they just need to Post-MBA 10% meet the language and maintenance fund requirements to qualify to remain in the UK Pre MBA 0% as a highly skilled worker under the new Europe (East) Post-MBA 10% Government scheme. Forty percent of Warwick MBA graduates chose Pre MBA 0% to stay in the UK after graduation. Asia Pacific Post-MBA 7% Pre MBA 3% 60% of our North America Post-MBA 7% graduates Pre MBA 13% Europe (West – non UK) Post-MBA 3% changed Latin America Pre MBA Post-MBA 7% 3% location 6 | Warwick Business School
  7. 7. Studying for the Warwick MBA gave me insight into global business through the diversity of the participants. Studying and working with people from all around the globe increased my appreciation of both the common and different aspects of working in a global business environment Working with leaders in the fields of operations and service management has permitted me to use both industry best practice and innovative techniques in my role as a Process Improvement Consultant. Christine Bouman MBA (Warwick) Process Improvement Consultant, Wipro Consultancy Services 7
  8. 8. Industry sector Pre-MBA & post-MBA industries Choosing to study for the Warwick MBA offers Pre MBA 13% the individual the opportunity to reassess Consumer Retail career goals and focus on the future. Many Post MBA 24% participants are interested in switching sectors. 60% of Warwick MBA graduates seized the Pre MBA 13% opportunity to explore a new industry sector. Banking / Finance Post MBA 23% Finance and Consumer Retail were the most popular sectors in which to pursue a career Pre MBA 0% post-MBA, accounting for almost half of all Other post-MBA positions, reflecting the value that Post MBA 17% these industry sectors place on the skills and experience held by Warwick MBA graduates. Pre MBA 7% Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Post MBA 13% Pre MBA 27% 60% of our Consulting / Professional Services Post MBA 10% graduates Technology / Media / Telecoms Pre MBA Post MBA 13% 7% changed Industry / Engineering / Manufacturing Pre MBA Post MBA 20% 3% sector Not for profit / Public Sector Pre MBA 7% Post MBA 3% 8 | Warwick Business School
  9. 9. Job function Pre- & post-MBA functions Many participants hope that the Warwick Pre MBA 13% MBA will help them to build on their technical, Marketing & Sales specialised background and provide them Post MBA 17% with the knowledge and skills to take on a more strategic or leadership role. We help Pre MBA 17% them achieve this through a comprehensive Finance Post MBA 17% programme of learning and development and by sharpening their problem solving and Pre MBA 10% people management skills, and critical thinking, Consultancy to ensure they develop into exemplary leaders. Post MBA 14% Pre MBA 0% Strategic Planning Post MBA 14% Pre MBA 13% General Management Post MBA 13% 70% of our Production & Operations Pre MBA 7% graduates Post MBA 7% Pre MBA 7% Project Management changed Post MBA Pre MBA 3% 10% function Executive Management Post MBA 3% Pre MBA 7% Other Post MBA 3% Pre MBA 10% Information Technology Post MBA 3% Pre MBA 3% Start Up Post MBA 3% Pre MBA 3% Research & Development Post MBA 3% 9
  10. 10. Financial rewards Average Basic Salary On average our participants have eight years £47,000 £11,500 managerial work experience, so they already command a good level of remuneration. Having Average total compensation Average earned the Warwick MBA they then return to £61,000 sign on bonus a challenging market place, most switching (where offered) industries and role and many relocating to new countries. Average post MBA salary The average salary increase for this cohort was an impressive 89 percent. Those based in Asia/ Europe £70,250 Middle East saw even higher increases in salary. Africa £59,914 Participants who accepted jobs in Europe UK £49,050 benefited from the highest salaries post-MBA. North America £46,120 Asia/Middle East £32,580 Asia Pacific £15,000 10 | Warwick Business School
  11. 11. Average post-MBA basic salary range Average £70,250 Europe Range salaries ranged up to £100,000 Average £59,914 Africa Range salaries ranged up to £99,741 Average £49,050 UK Range salaries ranged up to £82,500 Average £46,120 North America Range salaries ranged up to £50,000 Average £32,580 Asia/Middle East Range salaries ranged up to £60,000 Average £15,000 Asia Pacific Range £10,000 £20,000 Average post-MBA package range Average £88,375 Europe Range salaries ranged up to £135,000 Average £65,747 Africa Range salaries ranged up to £99,741 Average £62,406 UK Range salaries ranged up to £121,875 Average £52,130 North America Range salaries ranged up to £60,000 Average £44,396 Asia/Middle East Range salaries ranged up to £92,000 Average £21,000 Asia Pacific Range salaries ranged up to £30,000 *Includes salary, bonus and benefits (does not include sign on bonus) 11
  12. 12. Source of position On campus Consultancy WBS online recruitment Project job board 10% 10% 10% Our participants are highly motivated and intelligent and we encourage them to create their own career opportunities. But we also Careers Service: 30% recognise that everyone can benefit from support at this critical time. We provide a range of career services from Networking: 27% weekly workshops and career coaching to CV support and advice, working in partnership with participants to help them achieve their External advertising: 16% career goals. WBS has close links with organisations all over Direct approach to employer: 10% the world. Wherever possible we encourage employers to visit us, but we also offer the opportunity to advertise vacancies on our Executive Recruiter: 10% online career management service ‘WBS Careers’, enabling our graduates to obtain their next career role from a wide range of sources. Previous employer: 7% W 88% of our graduates were employed three months after graduation 12 | Warwick Business School
  13. 13. Consultancy projects Recent project sponsors include Project location All participants on the Warwick Accenture Our participants were based all over the world whilst MBA are required to undertake Aviva undertaking their consultancy projects. Some were a consultancy project during the Afrinvest (West Africa) Ltd based as far afield as Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria, and summer months (June – September). Barclays PlcBP China, whilst others remained closer to home choosing The majority of these are problem British Antarctic Survey to undertake projects in Europe or the UK, reflecting the solving projects with the participant British Gas international demand for talented professionals with based in a sponsoring organisation Daimler AG the ability to apply their experience and cutting edge from industry, commerce, or the Deloitte business thinking. public sector. Deutsche Post World Net Ericsson Ltd Previous project sponsors have been Experian Remuneration so impressed that they have gone GE Healthcare on to offer participants a full-time GlaxoSmithKline On average participants received £4,100 in fees for their position within their organisation. Intel Corporation consultancy project. Fees ranged from £375 – £10,000. HSBC Johnson & Johnson J.P. Morgan Source of project Nestlé PepsiCo Siemens Volvo Student: 58% WBS Career Services: 42% Data corresponds to 2007–2008 class 2007–08 Class 13
  14. 14. Organisations that have recently recruited our graduates We work globally with recruiters across all Accenture Hitachi sectors of industry to ensure our graduates Alghanim Industries IBM have the widest range of opportunities and A.T. Kearney Johnson & Johnson employment options. The diverse list of recent BAA J.P. Morgan recruiters is indicative of the high demand for Barclaycard KPMG graduates of the Warwick MBA in the global BP LexisNexis Butterworths workplace. British Gas PepsiCo BT PricewaterhouseCoopers Cadbury Schweppes Plc Procter & Gamble Capgemini Prudential Capita Consulting Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Cisco Systems, Inc. S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. Citi SABMiller Plc Deloitte Schlumberger Business Consulting Deutsche Post World Net St Modwen Properties Plc DHL Standard Chartered Costa Coffee Syngenta E.ON Tech Mahindra Ericsson Ltd UBS GE Healthcare United Bank for Africa GlaxoSmithKline Wipro 14 | Warwick Business School
  15. 15. The Warwick MBA laid the foundation for my career in investment management. Since completing my studies, I have added the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) to my qualifications and I also intend to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations from December. Additionally, my work as a Research Analyst is made more rewarding as a direct consequence of the Warwick MBA. Concepts in investments and risk management, corporate finance, and financial analysis are more familiar, and the enhanced networking skills from the programme have proved very useful in dealing with both existing and prospective clients, both here and in my international meetings. I occupy a key role in the company and look forward to progressing further towards a Fixed Income Fund Manager next year. James Ilori MBA (Warwick) Research Analyst Crown Agents Investment Management Limited 15
  16. 16. Designed by Morse-Brown Design | 11/08 2073 Printed on 75% recycled paper, using vegetable-based inks and a biodegradable coating. Please recycle or pass to a friend. Photography by George Archer, Derek Cooknell & Paul Pickard. WBS believes this document is accurate, but accepts no liability for errors or later changes. See our web site for the latest information. Warwick Business School The University of Warwick Coventry CV4 7AL UK The Warwick MBA w t +44 (0)24 7652 4100 e f +44 (0)24 7657 4400 Personal & Career Development w t +44 (0)24 7652 4660 e f +44 (0)24 7652 4643 ii | Warwick Business School