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How To Send Email


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How to send an e-mail.

Published in: Technology
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How To Send Email

  1. 1. How To: Send an e-mail. 1. Sign in to your e-mail. 2. Click “Compose” or “New.” Either of these will start you with a blank e-mail. 3. Type in the address you’d like to send your e-mail to. (i.e. 4. Click in the body of the e-mail, and type your message. 5. Click “Send.” How To: Include an attachment. 1. Click “Compose” or “New.” 2. Type in the address you’d like to send your e-mail to. 3. Click in the body of the e-mail and type your message. 4. Click “Attach.” 5. Click “Browse,” and locate the file you wish to send. (The file must be saved to your floppy disk, thumb drive, or the desktop.) 6. Click “OK.” 7. Click “Send.” How To: Send an e-mail to an address on a webpage. Often, a webpage will have an e-mail link embedded in the code. While it says “Contact Us” or “E-mail Bob,” there is no address visible. Clicking on the link will open up Outlook Express E-mail Client, which does not work correctly on our computers. Follow these steps to find the address. 1. Hover the mouse pointer (it should turn from an arrow into a hand) over the “E-mail Bob” link. 2. Look in the Status Bar at the bottom of the browser window. It should say “mailto:” [If there is no “mailto,” it is not an e-mail link.] You’ll want to write down this address on a scrap of paper. 3. Open a new tab or window, and go to your personal e-mail. 4. Click “Compose” or “New.” 5. Type in the address you found in Step 2; DO NOT include the “mailto.” 6. Proceed with writing and sending your e-mail as normal.