Downloadable Media With Overdrive


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How to download ebooks, audiobooks, and videos from Warren Public Library/Michigan Library Consortium's Digital Library Catalog. Includes information on burning audiobooks and transferring them to your ipod and other mp3 players.

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Downloadable Media With Overdrive

  1. 1. Downloadable Media with Overdrive At the Warren Public Library
  2. 2. Books and Video On-Demand
  3. 3. What you need to get started:  A valid Warren Public Library card  A home computer (desktop/laptop, Mac/Windows – anything will work)  An Internet connection  Overdrive Media Console (free download) (or)  An ebook reader (Adobe Reader/Mobipocket Reader) (or)  Windows Media Player
  4. 4. How Overdrive Works (pt.1) 1. Open your browser of choice. 2. Navigate to 3. Browse the collection until you find the book, audio, or movie you want.
  5. 5. How Overdrive Works (pt.2) 4. If a book is available, it will say “Add to BookBag.” Clicking on that button will show you your BookBag, which can hold 10 items. You have 30 minutes to check out your books. 5. Once you’re ready to download, click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  6. 6. How Overdrive Works (pt.3) 6. Enter your library card number (make sure you select Warren Public Library from the drop-down list), and click “Login.” 7. Click “Confirm Checkout.” 8. Click “Download.” 9. Read, listen, watch and enjoy!
  7. 7. Overdrive Media Console • Used to manage items downloaded from MLC. (video and audio only) • Lists information about item: title, author, runtime, due date. • A popup will notify you when the items are due to be deleted.
  8. 8. Reading eBooks There are three different ways to read the ebooks you can download with Overdrive. • Adobe Reader • Mobipocket Reader • Sony Reader (or other epub reader)
  9. 9. Adobe Reader Offered for free from Adobe. (
  10. 10. Mobipocket Reader Available for free from Mobipocket. (
  11. 11. ePub Books ePub is a new, standard format for ebooks with “flowable” text, meaning you can change the font and font size. (Options include: MobiPocket, Adobe Digital Editions, Bookworm, BookGlutton, Calibre, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, FBReader)
  12. 12. Adobe Digital Editions Available for free from Adobe, Digital Editions allows you to read .pdf and .epub files on your computer.
  13. 13. Advanced Use and Information (Burning CDs and transferring to iPod and other mp3 players.)
  14. 14. Putting Electronic Media On Hold  If the book you want says “Place Hold,” instead of “Add to BookBag,” that item is not immediately available.  Click “Place Hold.”  Select your home library from the drop- down list, and enter your library card number.
  15. 15. Placing Holds (pt.2)  The MLC page will confirm your e-mail, the name of the item you want, and the format you want it in.  Once you’ve clicked the “Place Hold” button, the system will confirm the hold, and remind you that you have three days from their e-mail to download the item.
  16. 16. Burning Audiobooks  To burn an audiobook, you must first download it to your computer.  Make sure that the audiobook is burnable.
  17. 17. Burning Audiobooks (pt.2)  Once you’ve downloaded the audiobook, select “Burn” from the Overdrive Media Console.  The Burn Wizard will start. Follow the “Next” prompts, and your CD will burn for you, through the Overdrive console.
  18. 18. Transferring to iPod  Hook your iPod into your computer and open iTunes.  Click on File -> Add to Library and add the mp3 audiobook folder (usually found in My Media)  Add the audiobook to your iPod and sync.