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Franchise Brochure


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Franchise Brochure

  1. 1. FRANCHISE PROSPECTUS+ passion + income + lifestyle = tint a car
  2. 2. OUR MISSION. To become a business of choice not only from a customer point of view... but from a business ownership + partnership perspective. In 1972 the first Tint a Car store opened in Perth, Western Australia and now there are some 110 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, China and South Korea, making it the largest window tinting network in the world... The Tint a Car Franchised Network was formed initially to meet the needs of a modest retail marketWHAT and to provide motor vehicle dealerships with an aftermarket window tint product for their customers.MAKES In addition to offering a broad range of window but also for potential operators wanting to own a business. films for cars, homes, shops and offices, Tint a Car also offer a range of vehicle enhancement products + BACKED ALL THE WAY: including paint, leather, fabric + vinyl protection, rust Tint a Car owners are backed by the Franchisor’s sales andUS TICK... proofing, electronic + security systems. Tint a Car marketing team that proactively deliver new and exciting are committed to expanding the range to meet the initiatives. changing needs of customers and the marketplace. + GROWTH + CONTINUED OPPORTUNITIES: + ONE STOP SHOP: Tint a Car, has a focused strategy of network growth of 25%low entry fees, Tint a Car is the only Franchise Group that offers a one-stop- over the next 5 years which is documented in a comprehensive shop program with no clear competitor in this market. and evolving 5 year plan. low stock holding + MARKET LEADER: Expansion of the automotive retail , residential + commercial Without question, Tint a Car is the market leader. window film segments offer significant opportunities, + high margins... With world-class products, more than 35 years of experience, renowned quality of workmanship and back up combined with an international expansion program that is already realising new businesses in New Zealand, China, = high returns... service, Tint a Car is number one, not only for consumers, South Korea, and soon to be India + the Middle East.
  3. 3. OUR OUR MARKET. MARKET The Tint a Car network operates in two distinctive categories. Firstly, in providing products for motor LEADERSHIP. vehicle dealerships to sell to their customers adding value to the sale of the motor vehicle. This is commonly known as ‘aftermarket sales’. We call this ‘Trade’. Secondly, in the ‘retail car park’ providing products for car owners who may not have bought these products at the time of purchasing their vehicle. + TRADE BUSINESS: largest network Tint a Car offers an exclusive range of window films and other vehicles sold have aftermarket products applied at the dealership, and with around one million new car registrations aftermarket products, such as paint protection, leather and + over 35 years old vinyl protection, electronic and security systems to New and per year (in Australia) combined with already, millions of used Used Motor Vehicle Dealerships around the country. This is cars on the road, retail opportunities are huge! It’s interesting sometimes independently and sometimes in tandem with the to note that in China and Korea, window tint penetration international focus Groups dedicated dealer sales teams, that interface with over levels are in excess of 90% of all cars sold. We have a long + exclusive films 1200 dealers in the Australian + New Zealand markets on a way to go to catch up! day to day basis. + WE ALSO TINT HOMES:We summarise market leadership as being unequivocally the biggest and the best. The Tint a Car + RETAIL BUSINESS: Tint a Car offers a large range of Solar Control, Safety,network is substantially larger than any competitor in the markets they operate in, both in Australia Tint a Car has a rapidly expanding retail business through its Security and Decorative films for homes, shops and offices. branded Automotive Window Films including, Bolle, Formula 1 It’s marketed under the branding of ‘we also tint homes’.and overseas. What makes us the ‘best’ is our ability to offer our franchisees exclusive products that and Midnight Express. As previously mentioned this is coupled The range comprises of over 50 film types, of which there isare simply not available to other operators. This is further evidence of the Franchisor commitment with the ‘Extras’ range offering franchisees more and more a growing list of exclusive providing a tangible framework for the Franchisees success.. opportunities to combine window tinting with other products. This category offers profitable opportunities for focused We call this product bundling. Franchisees who want to take advantage of the Franchisor’s It’s to be remembered that less than one third of all new commitment in growing this category.+ AN ESTABLISHED NETWORK:New Franchisees take comfort in the knowledgethat Tint a Car’s heritage, exclusivity of product,marketing expertise, and strength of the establishednetwork are the major factors that make Tint a Cartheir ‘business of choice’.+ DELIVERING SOMETHING ‘EXTRA’:As market leaders there is an expectation that ourbusiness owners have more than one string to theirbow. Although the core business is Automotive,Commercial and Residential Window Tinting, adiverse product range enables franchisees toprofitably market all or part of the total availableoffering. The mix we call ‘Extras’ includes vehicleinterior/exterior protection products and anextensive range of vehicle electronics. And globalstrength ensures we can provide not only exclusiveproducts, but also great prices for our customersand appreciable margins for Franchisees. 05
  4. 4. OUR HOME + OFFICE FILMS. we focus on providing exclusive films + great benefits to our customersOURAUTO FILMS.Tint a Car supply a range of Automotive Wndow Films to suit the different needs of our many customers.Exclusive films and targeted branding techniques combine to create products that provide real solutions.+ AUTOMOTIVE FILMS: + TARGETED BRANDING TECHNIQUES:Part of Tint a Car’s success is clearly based in its ability to Midnight Express, with the tag line ‘Darkest Legal Tint’, hasmarket branded film products, all of which are exclusive. natural appeal to the younger market. Bollé, a partnershipAlthough film offers generic benefits including protection arrangement between the Franchisor & Bollé, enables usagainst heat, glare and UV, customer demographics do to market Bollé branded film to a target audience that are In addition to offering a broad range of films for cars, Tint a Car also tint flat glass windows. This includesvary along with their specific needs. passionate about a more sport/outdoor lifestyle proposition. residential & commerical applications. Read on... our darkest legal tint for sheer performance + FLAT GLASS FILMS: - As previously covered, Tint a Car’s ‘we also tint homes’ range of films covers a variety of needs. The growing opportunity is in exclusive films which enables franchisees to command higher prices in the market place. And like automotive films, Tint a Car has branded some of the most popular films to better separate from competitors. An example our darkest legal tint for sheer performance maximum safety + security of this is ‘City Lights, a low reflective Solar Film. -
  5. 5. TRAINING + DEVELOPMENT. we can help you to grow gain expertise + improve your skillsOURBUSINESS MODEL.long term franchise agreement Tint a Car is committed to providing 5 year term quality training and development. no royalty payments Here is a shortlist: + potential for renewal after 10 years + A mandatory Induction course in MelbourneFranchisees are offered a five year plus five year franchisor invests heavily on research and media planning (prior to joining the business).Franchise Agreement allowing for security of tenure to maximise the advertising spend. + 1 week hands-on technical training course.with low entry fees. There’s potential for renewal after10 years. In addition to the formal induction program, Franchisees + Retail sales and customer service are guided through the business via a Franchise Business training on demand.In Australia, the Franchise model operates on a product Management System which includes a presentationloaded basis eliminating messy royalty calculations and of the Operating Manual and latest corporate identity + Flat glass technical and applicationend of the month royalty payments. Franchisees contribute material. Franchise Managers are responsible for local training on amount to a marketing fund each month. These support. Strategy planning is a key feature of thefunds provide for the groups’ marketing and advertising business and each year a delegation of top Franchisees + Business training and planning.activities which are controlled nationally to ensure the are selected to attend and contribute their ideas at theintegrity of the brand & consistency of the message. The Annual Tint a Car Conference.
  6. 6. OUR OURRESOURCES. PEOPLE. our most important people are those that own + operate the Tint a Car businesses. Our Franchisees, whilst from a diverse range of backgrounds, are for the most part, entrepreneurs seekingadmin support to gain and maintain a certain lifestyle and a work/life balance that sees them control their destiny. + technical training + marketing support We look for potential Franchisees to have the following attributes: + Proven management and business skills + Energetic and good communicator + Customer service and sales experience + Self motivated + Can work within proven systems + + Team leadership skills to maximise adhere to compliance processes effectiveness in the workplace + Have an understanding of ‘financials’: + Subscribe to teamwork within the including P+L’s, Balance Sheets + Budgets. network to maintain the integrity + Medium to high I.T. literacy of the products and brand. In addition to our national team, there is a Franchise Manager in each Region who provide guidance and assistance+ Administration + National Conference Local and national administrative and accounts support. Currently, there is an annual strategy and planning forum to to Franchisees, as well as driving local area marketing activities. enable top performing franchisees to help shape the groups+ Training and Development Franchise Managers are ‘performance managed’ so you know that their success is dependant on yours. Sales teams help future direction. An assortment of opportunities exist to help franchisees support Franchisees with the trade component of the franchised business. Additionally there’s a Marketing team at head office maximise sales opportunities in their business. + Call: 13 TINT (that’s 13 84 68) that manages the networks advertising and marketing needs, and is responsible for maintaining brand integrity. Making it easy for our customers to contact us.+ Direct Mail Program The franchisor manages a personalised mail program on + National Quarterly Newsletter behalf of all stores to enable the continuation of connection The Franchisor produces this as an informal communication with both current and past customers. medium to keep Franchisees informed of news and events around the network.+ Customer Service Centre The Franchisor manages a professional call centre conducting + Web Sites and online commitments retail sales and bookings on behalf of stores that require the The Franchisor maximises the opportunity for franchisees to do service. business online, by capitalising on all online opportunities.+ Quaterly Franchise Meetings + Sponsorships These are held in each capital city to engender team building, Since 2006, Tint a Car have been involved in V8 Supercar Racing to increase brand awareness and offer franchisees an motivation, training, pooling and sharing of ideas. opportunity to be involved at a local level.+ Point of Sale Material There is an extensive range of material, designed to support + Warranty Program Tint a Car has a unique relationship with both the film distributor Franchisees in both their trade and retail marketing. This is and film manufacturer that extends over a 35 year period. This available via an online Print Management System. gives enormous confidence to both Franchisor and Franchisee, that the products marketed are of the highest quality. Warranties+ Incentive Programs range from short term on entry level automotive films, to lifetime From time to time, loyalty programs are initiated which on top end automotive films. For commercial and residential significantly reward Franchisees for growth in their business. films, some warranties extend to lifetime.
  7. 7. OUR EXPANSION AT HOME. growing + developing always improving + strong partnershipsOUR EXPANSIONABROAD. CHINASuccessful businesses need to seize growth opportunities,regardless of whether they are on the doorstep or in another Tint a Car are committed to a 5 year business plan, which + Beaurepaires Partnershippart of the world. is shared with Franchisees each year at a designated INDIA SOUTH Franchisee Meeting. The Beaurepaires partnership takes Tint a Car in an exciting KOREAYou will have read in this document that Tint a Car are pursuing this course, direction. The opportunity is one of creating a complementaryas the Tint a Car model is so easily transportable across geographical This provides a forum for the consideration of new ideas, network of what could be over 100 satellite locations, that+ cultural boundaries. confirmation of the plan for the next 12 months so both can all refer business to the nearest Tint a Car store (and MIDDLE NEW Franchisees and Franchisor can move forward in a united vice versa). The partnership also offers the opportunity forTint a Car opened their first shop in Shanghai, China in August 2008, EAST ZEALAND direction. the establishment of new Tint a Car businesses in locationsclosely followed by their first store in Seoul, South Korea in December not already serviced by a Tint a Car store. There are alsothe same year. In both of these countries the penetration of window tint Throughout the year, the General Manager Tint a Car works tangible benefits to these joint businesses where they canexceeds 80%, creating enormous opportunities for our brand + the with the Marketing Team to develop opportunities that share overheads and marketing costs.exclusive products we market. And, there are plans to expand to enable Franchisees to best capitalise on sales opportunitiesIndia + the Middle East. to grow their business. Some recent examples includes Tint Tint a Car are committed to growing the business with a Car’s partnership with Bollé, that enables Tint a Car to ideas and initiatives that are designed to increase theTint a Car’s expansion helps to further underline our market position, AUSTRALIA differentiate its premium product offering in the marketplace financial performance of both the Tint a Car Franchiseethat of being ‘the largest window tinting network in the world’. & another first, the introduction of exclusive flat glass films. and Franchisor. Be prepared to be challenged!
  8. 8. OUR our vision is to take the positionFUTURE. of a strategy focused organisationfocused strategy that creates an entrepeneurial entrepeneurial e x p a n s i o n + growth franchise framework, through which stakeholders can achieveTint a Car are extremely optimistic about the future. Supported by sound business planning, a greatManagement, Administration, Product, and Marketing Teams, combining with like minded Franchisees is asure recipe for success.Going forward, Tint a Car will continue to vigorously develop the brand by continuing to look for new ideasthat increase the opportunity for our stores to do business, and pursuing a network expansion policy both‘at home’ and ‘abroad’.The worlds largest window tinting network just got bigger! returns beyond expectations. 03
  9. 9. + for further information contact: Warren Koopmans General Manager281 Canterbury Road, Canterbury VIC 3126