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Deck and session title: "Quality Versus Searchability."

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  • 20% of the space on the homepage used for engagement conversions
  • 272k page viewsCEIR – 2.2%Implies that conferences are the fastest growing segment of industryWebinars have not taken off the way that people thought they would – might not fear
  • Deck_Prescott Shibles

    1. 1. SEO: Quality vs. Searchability
    2. 2. Who is this “Prescott” guy and what can heteach me about SEO & B2B Media?• VP, New Media for Primedia Business, Prism Business Media and Penton Media (‟03 to „08)• Brought SEO from to PRIMEDIA Business (now Penton Media) in 2002 – Grew traffic from 1.5 million page views to 7 million page views in under a year• Grew division from $3MM in digital revenues to over $60MM and from 8 people in „03 to 147 in „08
    3. 3. Today‟s discussion• Why page view journalism is a waste of time unless you have a network of low-cost content creators• Combat page view journalism with service journalism• How can you get management to focus on the right metrics?• What tools should I be looking at?
    4. 4. Quality vs. SearchabilityQuality Searchability• Attract the right • Content discovery audience • Increased traffic• Make an impression • Credibility with• Reader wants more advertisers & readers content from you • New users• Creates influence • Steal market share
    5. 5. Can quality be measured as easily assearchability?• How do others quantify quality content? – Google: PageRank – Facebook: EdgeRank• How do you quantify quality content?
    6. 6. SEO Impact: 2003 vs. 2002
    7. 7. SEO 2002 Gameplan• Goal: massive page view growth• Technology – Pre-populated title tags with editorial ability to override it with an optimized title – Meta description and keywords – Static url‟s – Spiderbites• Editorial Training – Trained over 150 editors on SEO in three months – Focus was on-page factors
    8. 8. SEO Gameplan 2012• Goal: reach, engage and develop an ongoing relationship with as many people in the industry as possible• Technology – Web Analytics – Audience Management System (registration, paywall, etc.) – Workflow – Syndication• Editorial Training – Social Media – Focus on understanding metrics – Social media and link building – Maintain on-page skills – Tagging and meta data
    9. 9. What‟s changed in 10 years?• Value of a page view has fallen to $0.01 or $0.02• More competition for keywords – Advertisers are blogging, tweeting, etc. – Readers are blogging, etc. – Events are blogging, etc.• Off-page factors are becoming more important• Rise of social media and social media optimization (SMO)
    10. 10. Your website is your topaudience acquisition tool, but it isn’t set up to attract and acquire new users/readers.
    11. 11. 20% of Homepage Used for Conversions 1 2 3 4 5 6-15
    12. 12. 5% of Homepage Used for Conversions 1-5 6
    13. 13. Stepping over dollars to get pennies• If page views are worth a penny or two, what is the opportunity cost?• Good content should create value beyond the page view – Email newsletter subscription: $3 to $5 – Print magazine subscription: $5 to $50 – Webinar registration: $30 to $120 – Facebook Fan: $2 to $4 – Twitter follower: $2 to $4• Lifetime values of the above number are much higher• Email addresses can be used to market conferences and trade shows
    14. 14. ABM Managing Profits StudyChannel Average Revenue Avg. Reach Margin Growth Rate per User (ARPU)Print $28 59,448 23% 2.3%Web $29 56,000 31% 15.5%Conference $1,327 412 31% 9.8%Trade Show $191 12,717 52% 9.8% Source: 2012 ABM Managing Profits Study
    15. 15. Who has more influence?• 46M uniques • 23M uniques• 110M total visits • 110M total visits• 64M return visits • 87M return visits• 280M page views • 370M page views• 5:00 per visit • 8:00 per visit
    16. 16. Google Analytics Can Track TheseEngagement Metrics
    17. 17. Tying Editors to Engagement Goals
    18. 18. Executive Dashboard• Number of content assets• Non-bounce visits (easy)• Return visits (easy)• Newsletter signups (talk to developer)• Social media activity (talk to developer)• Unique Visitors (easy)• Page Views (easy)
    19. 19. Editorial Team Reports• Top converting writers• Top converting content types (video, article, blog, podcast, review, how-to, news, etc.)• Top converting content assets• Top converting referrers (sites that send you traffic)• Top converting keywords• Top converting tags (need developer)
    20. 20.• Manage story pipeline• Manage writers (fulltime and freelance)• Analytics by writer• Payments, etc.• Licensing
    21. 21. Other Web Analytics• Chartbeat: Real-time analytics for large, newsy sites• Scout Analytics: Paid content analytics platform• PublishFlow: Real-time analytics, competitive analysis
    22. 22. SEOmoz• Keyword targets• Keyword rankings• On-page analysis• Off-page factors• Link Development
    23. 23. Automated Tagging• Temis• Open Calais• Inform• OpenAmplify
    24. 24. Final thoughts• Quality content leads to deeper relationships, more influence• Manage up… tell your boss what metrics to follow• Use tools to make content discoverability more efficient• Take time for content strategy