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Ps 12 frla-catering


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Ps 12 frla-catering

  1. 1. Catering in the Restaurant World How to Make Your Back Door ProfitablePresented by:Warren Dietel, President & OwnerOrlando & Tampa, FL
  2. 2. Today’s Session ALL ABOUT OFF-SITE CATERING!Learn how to:• Market to current and potential clients• Handle off-site kitchen-related challenges• Price your proposals• Account for additional labor and rental expenses
  3. 3. My StoryWarren Dietel, Owner & President• Entrepreneurial from the beginning• Professional Experience – Car Detailing, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Disney Weddings, Disney Institute, Scott Kay• Purchased PnSC in 2003• International Caterers Association Director• Partner with Fresh Ideas, East and RPI Purchasing
  4. 4. The Puff Story• We started as a bakery• Opened in 1980 as a family-owned business• Purchased from my parents in 2003Expanded Infrastructure in Orlando in 2006 to support growth• Tremendous potential + aggressive growth plan = 267% growth in 3 years
  5. 5. The Puff Story• Over 450 staff members strong (50 FT) – Diversifying segment base• Expanded to Tampa in 2009 with an acquisition and opening of a second office and commissary• Plans to add third office in St. Louis later this year• Six exclusive venues & many more preferred• “Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations!”
  7. 7. Your Challenge• Find ways to drive more revenue and business from each client• Potential solution: Off-site catering• The next questions: – What are your revenue goals? – How much of your resources can you invest into marketing, training, equipment? – Will you develop an active or passive business approach?
  8. 8. Food for Thought: What Will You Offer?Full-service: transportation, mobilekitchen, chairs, tables, china andflatware?Special Events: Wedding,Corporate, Social?Specialty Cuisine: ethnic, kosher,vegetarian, BBQ?Menus: full restaurant menus ororiginal catering menus?
  9. 9. Your Approach…• Create a separate brand to market?• Full-throttle marketing to current clients and new audiences (PR, target market advertising, social media, etc.)• Invest in equipment and trained staff dedicated to selling and servicing off- premise events• Relationship focus: venues, vendors and other referral sources
  10. 10. Your Approach…• Target primary marketing efforts on current client base via: – Direct sales, awareness methods (blogging, invoice advertisements for off- site “upsells”, etc.)• Cross-train current staff to work on or off-premise• Relationship focus: a primary rental company partnership to build the best pricing structure and ensure profitable business
  12. 12. Restaurant vs. Catering• 500 covers per night • 500 covers in 15 minutes• Cooking in a safe, • Cooking on-site stocked, climate- anywhere your client can controlled kitchen imagine!• Cook, serve, clean, • Plan, plan, plan, prep, repeat. transport, re-plan, cook, serve, pack, clean, transport, repeat.
  13. 13. Taking the Good withthe ChallengesThe Good•Income – Is nothing without profitability – Proper pricing is a must•Exposure – Branded catering vehicles can create buzz – Catering clients “introduce” you to their friends and family•Variety – Opportunity to try new dishes and expand your offerings
  14. 14. The Challenges• Investment: equipment and rentals – Vehicles, ovens, hot boxes, refrigeration, serviceware, etc. – Environment: tents, lighting, ventilation, A/C, generator• Solutions: – Develop win-win partnerships with rental companies – Finance large equipment purchases if your business is healthy
  15. 15. The Challenges• Regulations – Liability Insurance – Liquor license (many states require separate for off- premise) – Fire Marshall (many venues restrict propane/open flames)• Solutions – Do your research! – Learn your state laws and research restrictions at popular venues
  16. 16. The Challenges• Controls (or lack thereof) – Equipment loss and damage increase – Additional runs required for forgotten items and last minute needs – Kitchen environment will be different for every event – Kitchen may be located far from the event space• Solutions – Hire a logistics manager to refine your off-site operations and manage your inventory – Train staff for a variety of off-site kitchen scenarios
  17. 17. The Challenges• Labor – Account for additional staff time: – Training to produce events off-site • Service timing, equipment set-up, etc. – Performing pre-event site visits (sales, logistics, event supervisor) – Transport, set-up and break-down of the event• Solutions – Charge to adequately cover your new expenses – Hire or utilize your current training manager to develop your staff in new skill sets
  18. 18. Make a Decision!Make a conscious decision – are you in or are youout?Off-site catering requires:•Time•Focus•Planning•Reputation•…and money!
  19. 19. Off-Premise Alternatives• On-Premise Private Events – Consider investing in a “private” room for on-premise events like engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.• Curbside Pickups – Consider creating a pick-up program with top-tier service (i.e. Outback Steakhouse)• Catering Partnerships – Consider creating a partnership with a local catering company who can promote, sell and serve your authentic cuisine at off-site events, providing an additional profit center with little-to-no capital investments
  21. 21. Make it Producible!• Edit your menu• Offer food that travels well• Make a production plan for each item: – Fry foods on-site for freshness? – Traveling grills for optimum temperature?
  22. 22. Make it Producible! Ahi Tuna with mango and pomegranate salsa, served on a lotus root chip
  23. 23. Make it Profitable!Charge for/to cover:• Planning Time, Site Visits• Prep Time• New Portioning• Operations and Travel• Rentals, Plates, Glassware• New/Specialized Equipment• Staff On-Site at Events• Training
  24. 24. Rental Pricing Case Study VIDEO WILL PLAY
  25. 25. Rental Pricing Case Study T
  26. 26. Rental Pricing Case Study
  27. 27. Rental Pricing Case Study
  28. 28. Rental Pricing Case Study Grand Total: $31,371.30 $52 per person
  29. 29. Off-Premise Pricing• Estimate a 30% - 50% increase in cost to produce an event• Educate your clients about your service and unique selling proposition(s) to reduce “sticker shock”• Don’t sacrifice profit – only take business that makes sense and cents
  30. 30. Make it Successful!• Define your goals• Define your culture• Hire dedicated Catering Sales and Operations staff• Invest in the proper equipment and vehicles• Get the word out• …and deliver consistently and excellently every time!
  31. 31. If you cater, you need the ICA• Education – Art of Catering Food, Catersource, Monthly Webinars• Publications – Communicater and E-blasts• Showcase your ICA website listing to potential clients. Referrals• Networking – Become a part of our family• ICA Logo• CATIE Awards CATIE: Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence Awards ICA Culinary Council Membership
  32. 32. Meet the International Caterers Association:
  33. 33. Thank You! To download a copy of my slides, go to: Warren Dietel| | | Twitter: @pscatering