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Ps 12 catersource_service


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Ps 12 catersource_service

  1. 1. Event Staff Innovation Making Event Staff a Profit CenterPresented by:Warren Dietel, President & OwnerOrlando, FL
  2. 2. My StoryWarren Dietel, Owner & President• Reside in Winter Park• Entrepreneurial from the beginning• Professional Experience – Car Detailing, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Disney Weddings, Disney Institute, Scott Kay• Purchased PnSC in 2003• Current ICA board member and regular speaker for the ICA, NACE and The Special Event
  3. 3. The Puff Story• Opened in 1980 by mom and dad• Purchased in 2003, annual sales of $1.8M, at operational limit• Infrastructure required improvements to support growth• Positive reputation in the community• Tremendous potential + aggressive growth plan = 267% growth in 3 years
  4. 4. The Puff Story• Over 400 staff members strong (50 FT) – Diversifying segment base• Expanded the award-winning team into the Tampa market with an acquisition and opening of a second office• Five exclusive venues & many more preferred
  5. 5. Today’s Session Caterers make money on food, beverage,rentals, décor and many other services, but areoften willing to settle for breaking even or even loose money on event staff. Today, learn new thoughts and structures thatcan positively impact the profitability of service staff at events.
  7. 7. How to recruit, hire, and train anENGAGED event staff team
  8. 8. Employee Engagement Employee Engagement is a positive attitude held by the employees towards the organization and its values.An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organization.
  9. 9. Recruit, Hire & Train With Precision• Fish in the right pond – Employee referrals – Hospitality and traditional colleges – Young professionals – Staffing agency partnership• Be upfront about expectations, responsibilities & opportunities• Immerse new hires in your company culture and values
  10. 10. Mission, Vision & Values• Develop a picture of today, tomorrow, and what governs decisions• Put the foundation in place to support excellence and growth• Use an outside source to assist with development• Create a plan that includes assessment of and future planning for – Management – Staff – Customer Base – Research and Development – Human Resources – Operations – Sales and Marketing – Financial – Technology
  11. 11. The MissionA mission statement is a brief written statement of the purpose of a company or organization. Ideally, a mission statement guides the actions of the organization, spells out its overall goal, provides a sense of direction, and guides decision making for all levels of management.
  12. 12. VisionA vision statement outlines what the organization wants to be. It concentrates on the future. It is a source of inspiration. It provides clear decision-making criteria. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering will possess the systems and procedures necessary to provide the foundation for excellence and profitable growth. We will be recognized as the event/catering organization of choice by our team members and clients.
  13. 13. Core ValuesCore values reflect what is truly important to an organization. These values do not change from time to time, situation tosituation, or person to person, but are the underpinning of a company’s culture. Professional – In behaviors and appearance Respect – For self, team members and clients Own – Accountable for each others’ success and safety Anticipate – Serving team member and clients needs Communicate – Timely, accurately and honestly
  14. 14. Creating EngagementLeadership must:• Acknowledge individual contributions• Deliver supportive feedback• Foster collaborative interdepartmental working relationships• Provide empowerment that promotes success• Discuss expectations that set clear, challenging and attainable performance goals• Show that you and the company care about employees and their success• Trust and get out of the way
  15. 15. “When you give a little respect you get a more effective organization, with reducedturnover and absenteeism andemployees at all levels who are engaged, focused, and committed to succeed as a team. In short, you get maximum ROI from your organization’s most powerful resource: its people!” Paul Marciano,
  16. 16. Happy Staff = Willing Staff! At the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete, Florida.
  17. 17. STATE OF THE PUFF• Annual meeting• Know your audience – cater to them• Fun atmosphere – get global message across then have fun• Recognize success• Share the future• Avoid discipline• Anniversary lunch
  18. 18. How an established TRAINING system can directlyeffect the PAY rate for event staff
  19. 19. • Trained staff equate to less hours needed to produce the same task• Allows company to be competitive in marketplace• Results in higher hourly wages• Greater success potential even when faced with difficult situations• Work is fairly distributed
  20. 20. • Ability to hire for attitudeAs leaders, it is and values – train for skill! our • General SOPs & Steps of responsibility Service to ensure • Consistency and use of technology everyone • Specific for new events & understands concepts the value of • Consider same day/pre- training event OJT
  21. 21. Event Specific Training – Restaurant 20.12
  22. 22. Event Specific Training – Restaurant 20.12
  23. 23. Event Specific Training – Restaurant 20.12
  24. 24. Direct Implications – Structure #1Basic Structure – 2 Pay Tiers• On-call Employees • Lower hourly rate, basic event skills• Supervisors • Promoted from within, earn the most hours, have diverse skills
  25. 25. Direct Implications – Structure #2Advanced Structure – Multiple Pay Tiers1. Entry level ($8-9 per hour) - Ex. Basic steps of service, culture and core values, waiting tables, butler-passing2. Mid level ($9-11 per hour) - Ex. Setting rooms, section leadership, interfacing with clients and venue staff3. Captain level ($12-15 per hour) - Ex. Meeting with Sales Team pre-event, loading and verifying truck packing sheets, supervising event set-up and execution4. Specialists – Bartenders, culinary, venue managers, etc.5. Department Managers – promote from within to lead an entire team Connect the value of training programs and graduations to higher pay and responsibilities
  26. 26. Indirect Implications • Well trained staff earn higher and more frequent gratuities on top of hourly wages • And the drama factor is reduced because they are happy and appreciative of their jobs
  27. 27. Gratuities Gratuities in addition to higher hourly wages are a very powerful motivator - employees can understand and see the connection between their performance and their rewards. “When employees think, act and feel like owners… everybody wins.” - Jack Stack
  28. 28. The power of CONFIDENCE!
  29. 29. How to EDUCATE your clients about event staff
  30. 30. Tell Your Story! “Sell the benefit, not the feature.”• Training• Uniforms• Event Impact• Guest Satisfaction• Share Positive Client Feedback
  31. 31. Communicate your unique value• Own a distinct place in the mind of your customers. You purchase that place by promising and delivering value• Tell stories of how you solve problems for others on your client facing communication• Make it personal and connect it!• Do not allow yourself to become a commodity• Use names and real experiences – Charles Schwalb, Joe Love, Cake Disasters
  32. 32. Client Feedback
  33. 33. Client Feedback “I want to give a specialacknowledgement to Emerald. She wasvery professional, calm and organized. I really appreciated the fact that shecame to check on ME a couple times to see if I needed anything personally. It was a busy night for me and when youhost, you know you dont get much time to enjoy anything yourself. If the opportunity arises we will definitely call on you again!”
  34. 34. How to bringPROFIT tothe bottom line fromevent staffing
  35. 35. Turning Revenue Into Profit • Use Technology You’ve – Caterease / ADP Enterprise • Estimate Properly sold it, • Capture Data now • Evaluate keep it! • Re-invest
  36. 36. Estimating LaborSupervisor, Lead Culinary, and Lead Bartender cometo the commissary – Billed at $30per hrAll others meet on site – Billed at $25 per hourClient is charged for all hours dedicated to theproduction of the event
  37. 37. EVENT EXAMPLEEvent 6:30pm – 10:30pmCall time: 2pmDeparture: 3pmArrival on site: 4pmEvent set-up: 4pm – 6:30pmEvent: 6:30pm – 10:30pmBreakdown: 10:30pm – 11:30pmReturn to the commissary – 12:30Leads billed for 10½ hoursAll others billed for 7½ hours
  38. 38. AUTOMATING THE PROCESSCaterease used for estimating the laborADP Enterprise software used for employee schedulemanagement Staff control their available to work. Leadership uses Enterprise software to manage abilities and skill levelsService manager clicks staffing buttonwhen time to schedule
  39. 39. All necessary reports, event related data,and scheduling data is pushed up fromCaterease to EnterpriseEnterprise auto fills the shifts based on skill level andavailabilityService manager approves and/or edits schedule.Enterprise pushes details to the service team –location, Google map, schedule, appropriate eventdetails, and co-worker/supervisor details.Enterprise then pushes the scheduling informationback down to Caterease. Shifts are now replaced withnames so sales is informed who is working their event.
  40. 40. CAPTURING THE HOURS WORKED• Geo-fencing technology allows staff to use their smart phones to clock in when they arrive to the event location and forces clock out when they depart the site• Service manager reviews and approves the hours in Enterprise. Actual hours worked are then pushed back down to Caterease.• Automatic notification is sent to Sales if additional billing is necessary.• Job costing / P&L reports are automatically generated and sent to management.• Enterprise automatically sends the data to ADP Total Source for paycheck creation.
  41. 41. Process Flow - Blueprint CATEREASETime Collection ADP ENTERPRISE ETIME TOTALSOURCE © Copyright 2011 ADP Inc. Proprietary , and Confidential Information
  42. 42. Time and Labor Management – ROI ($2+mil Payroll)$82,500.00 - Error Rate (4%)$61,750.00 – Lost Time (15 Minutes)$39,950.00 – Recovery of Excess OT (5% $98K/40% Recovery)Reduce lost / “stolen” time Eliminate errors Eliminate manual process Pay policy misinterpretation Improved efficiency, productivity Overtime management tools Mitigate risk of non-compliance ESTIMATED ANNUAL TOTAL SAVINGS $184,200.00
  43. 43. The ROI• Gives clients piece of mind knowing they are only charged for the hours worked.• Keeps honest people honest• Eliminates time consuming manual entry into time keeping system. (100+ hours per week)• Eliminates human errors
  44. 44. Thank You!To download a copy of my slides, go to: Dietel| | @pscatering