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A Year in the Life of CRM


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Infographic depicting how to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a fast track to value with predictable, low monthly payments. Demonstrates how Preact's Instant CRM package is used by sales teams to deploy CRM and shares examples of the frequent benefits gained within 12 months. Visit to learn more.

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A Year in the Life of CRM

  1. 1. Week 4 Month 1 Quarter 1 Week 3 Week 1 Week 2 Day 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 4 Year 1 Quarter 3 Year 2 & Beyond CRM is launched! The sales team begin entering details of their new leads and sales opportunities into Microsoft Dynamics. Contoso use an allocation of their CRM managed service hours for Preact’s technicians to import their existing data and fine tune their database layout and fields. Additional managed service time is applied to integrate Sharepoint enabling existing document libraries to be linked to CRM accounts. Preact provision Contoso’s CRM database in the cloud on the Office 365 platform. Preact applies its sales optimised CRM template giving Contoso a base build that is immediately relevant requiring minimal customisation. A Year in the Life of CRM CRM is integrated with Outlook enabling all users to track emails with their opportunities and contacts. Preact’s support team are on-hand to answer user questions and resolve any CRM issues. Julie applies knowledge gained from the administrator session to refine their CRM security settings in order to enforce the correct user permissions. Contoso’s sales manager, Julie, attends a free Preact CRM administrator training session to understand the main steps for managing their Microsoft Dynamics system. The entire sales team are now using Microsoft Dynamics monitoring and evaluating their sales opportunities in CRM and collaborating with shared calendars. Preact has resolved 15 CRM support cases logged by Julie and her team in the first month since their Microsoft Dynamics implementation. Quick wins have been achieved by reducing the time spent on sales admin tasks across the team. Contoso’s sales team is growing! Two new members join and attend one of Preact’s free introductory Microsoft Dynamics training sessions. Preact meet with Julie and members of her team to review CRM progress to date, provide guidance and agree on next action steps. CRM has been embraced by the Contoso’s sales team and the system is now the ‘one truth’ for all sales information. Following its early successful deployment, Contoso plan to use their updated bank of CRM hours to further develop Microsoft Dynamics that will include: The sales team are using the CRM sales pipeline to see what stage their deals are at enabling them to focusing their time more effectively on the opportunities that need attention. CRM data is now used as the basis for discussions about all sales activity and pipelines during monthly sales meetings. Microsoft releases a new CRM update that is applied to Contoso’s cloud database. Julie is keen to implement one of the new features and instructs Preact to configure this. The sales team meet to review CRM progress and agree further proposed changes to the database. Contoso’s sales team are recording more information about closed and won opportunities, and using this intelligence to grow their business. 0800 381 1000 Find Out How You Can Get a Similar Fast Track to Value with CRM for a Low, Predictable Monthly Cost Call us today on: 0800 381 1000 or email us at: Contoso sign up to Microsoft Dynamics with Preact’s Instant CRM package which includes a managed service agreement that combines phone support and CRM consultancy hours. Some managed service hours are drawn for Preact to deliver a remote ‘floorwalk’ to respond to user issues and answer specific CRM questions. Based on user requests, Julie quickly adjusts one of the CRM sales workflows using more of the insight gained from the recent training. Contoso’s sales team attend a free Microsoft Dynamics web training session presented by Preact that provides an introduction to the main CRM navigation, features and processes. A mid-sized company, Contoso, wants to implement a new CRM system that will support their sales team of 8 people. The team aims to increase their win rate, reduce their cost of selling, and to gain a more accurate understanding of their sales pipeline at any time. Sales Team Objectives: Increase wins Reduce costs Gain understanding Sales manager, Julie is gaining greater insight to understand how many opportunities are being created each week and the source of new leads. Contoso deploy the Microsoft Dynamics mobile apps empowering their sales force to monitor and update their deals wherever they work. Work is carried out to adjust CRM real-time dashboards, user views and mobile forms. Additional sales reporting is available to Julie and Contoso’s management team by connecting CRM with Power BI. A portion of managed service hours are allocated for Preact’s consultants to design a series of Power BI dashboards that deliver further actionable insight. To provide more CRM knowledge transfer, Preact deliver an onsite bespoke training session covering more CRM functions and processes that will help the team use Dynamics to manage their products and quotes. Integrating their email marketing with CRM. Automating order processes by connecting CRM with Contoso’s accounting system. Configuring CRM to work with Contoso’s social accounts. Deploying Microsoft Dynamics to Contoso’s service team to manage their customer support cases and agreements when their existing platform expires. Configuring automated email nurture campaigns. In total 25 CRM support cases have been resolved by Preact in response to user questions and reported issues since implementation. Julie is able to prepare for Contoso’s management meetings more quickly thanks to real-time sales data that her team have entered in CRM, and use this to share more insight with the organisation’s senior management.