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Mobile Loyalty that works: a successful case study by Warply and Eurobank


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A presentation delivered by John Doxaras, Founder-CEO, Warply and George Veliziotis, Card Business Director, Eurobank

"Mobile Loyalty that works": the best case practice of "Epistrofi", Eurobank's loyalty program, and its mobile application success, driven by Warply's technology and innovative Mobile Marketing capabilities.

This presentation was part of the 1st Mobile Marketing Conference in Greece on July 3rd, 2014 in Athens, Greece. International and Greek speakers from the mobile industry presented trends and case studies of Mobile Marketing & Advertising practices globally to an audience of executives, professionals and media.

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The event was organized by Marketing Week Greece.

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Mobile Loyalty that works: a successful case study by Warply and Eurobank

  1. 1. 1 Mobile  Loyalty  that  works   July  3rd,  2014   Mobile  Marke+ng  Conference  2014  
  2. 2. 2 The Internet in Greece is constantly evolving Source: Focus-Bari ü  71%  of  the  popula+on  aged  13  –  70  years  old        4,7  mil.  Greeks     §  74%  of  males   §  64%  of  females     ü  Avg  internet  user  spends  15,4  hours  per  week  in  the  internet   ü  Internet  access:   §  89%  from  home   §  35%  through  cell  phone   §  24%  from  work   ü  Online  Shopping:  30%  of  internet  users     ü  Internet  Banking:  22%  of  internet  users     ü  Social  Networking:  70%  of  internet  users    
  3. 3. 3 …but Mobile has already conquered the top! Source: Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report 2013, Warply ü  96%  of  the  popula+on  aged  13  –  70  years  old        6,4  mil.  Greeks     ü  35%  own  smartphones  (60%  Android,  30%  iPhone)   ü  47%  of  the  mobile  internet  users  download  and  use  applicaMons     ü  Internet  sites’  visits:   §  24%  through  mobile  devices  (smartphones  and  tablets)  
  4. 4. • Smartphone users searching products via their phone • Smartphone users searching for local information via their phone • Smartphone users who have made a purchase via their phone • Percentage of mobile subscriptions that are 3G connections • 94% • 85% • 32% • 45% Mobile Insights Source: Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report 2013, Warply
  5. 5. High-potential Verticals that increase sales through Mobile Mobile Insights Source: Warply Food Delivery Mobile Operators Travel Services Banking
  6. 6. • 32% Mobile Insights Source: Warply
  7. 7. •  Choose one of the collaborating merchants from all sectors •  Pay with a Eurobank credit or debit card and collect euros •  Collect your euros and pay less or not at all at next purchase at any of the collaborating merchants Epistrofi loyalty program 7 “Epistrofi”: the loyalty scheme of Eurobank’s credit & debit cards. •  The largest loyalty scheme for credit/ debit cards in Greece •  Over 2,5 mil. customers/ 1,6 mil. cards •  Over 15 mil. collected euros •  Over 5.000 merchants participating in the scheme How does it work….. ….for  the   customer   Hotels  Restaurants   Automoto   Malls   •  Promote the business through the Epistrofi’s internet site, adds, promotional campaigns etc. •  Leverage the brand affinity of a large scale loyalty program to attract new customers and boost card spend from existing customers •  Increase customer loyalty ….for  the   merchant   + participate in Epistrofi’s special offers
  8. 8. “Mobile App Epistrofi” case 8 What is it? This application can be installed on our smartphone and it enables us to access all the important information relating the loyalty program “Epistrofi” & not only... 1. The available loyalty euros. 2. The detailed transactions through which the customer has collected the loyalty euros. 3. The stores and loyalty percentage and where they are. 4. Special “Mobile Offers” for which the customer is informed through push notifications. The downloading process is very simple, does not differ from the way we install any other application, and it’s free! Launched: March 2012Mobile App Epistrofi   Why create a Mobile Application? •  Increase loyalty of customers & merchants •  Innovative •  Customer Centricity & Satisfaction •  Low cost Communication Channel •  Increase usage of credit & debit cards
  9. 9. Mobile App Epistrofi 9 The detailed transactions(2) The available loyalty euros(1) ü  Online information about the customer’s available loyalty euros ü  Online information about the customer’s loyalty transactions (collections, redemptions etc.)
  10. 10. Mobile App Epistrofi 10 The stores(3) ü  All the cooperating merchants are shown on a map, starting from the customer’s current position ü  The Customer chose to see on the map: §  all merchants §  restaurants §  hotels Hotels   All  merchants   Restaurants   Automoto   Malls   §  auto/moto merchants §  malls
  11. 11. Mobile Loyalty powered by Warply 11 ü  Low cost (set up, communication, and offers funded by the merchants) ü  Merchant based offers ü  Immediate notification of the customer through push messages and interactive features, all enabled by Warply’s technology ü  Cultivating the relationship with customers but also the merchants Mobile Offers(4)
  12. 12. Mobile offers - Examples(4) Mobile Loyalty powered by Warply 12 10% for purchases from IKEA 3% for car insurance & 6 interest free installments 3 interest free installments for heating oil purchase from gas stations 10% for purchases from department stores 30% more loyalty euros for “Epistrofi Hotels” Double loyalty euros for specific “Epistrofi Restaurants” Special Price for a Panasonic Camera 3% loyalty euros & 5% discount for carpet purchases
  13. 13. Mobile offers - Results(4) Mobile Offers 13 Double loyalty euros for supermarket purchases ü +35% purchases 30% more loyalty euros for “Epistrofi Hotels” ü +55% purchases
  14. 14. Mobile App Registrations Mobile App Users 14 Mobile App Users: 47.000 end of year forecast: 80.000 X 2 X 4
  15. 15. Customer Profiling 15 Mobile App Users: ü Sex: 77% male ü Avg Age: 36 years old Ø  up to 35 years: 49% / up to 45 years: 85% / up to 55 years:96% ü Deposits: Ø  > €1.000: 53% / > 10.000: 25% ü e-banking users: 77% ü m-banking users: 54% ü Contactless card holder: 9%
  16. 16. 16 The results: 1 year before & after the download ü  Comparison 1 year after Vs. 1 year prior the Mobile App download Monthly Purchases per customer Mobile App download +26% + €1.000 per customer
  17. 17. 17 The results: 1 year before & after the download ü  Comparison 1 year after Vs. 1 year prior the Mobile App download Mobile App download +57% Monthly Loyalty Purchases per customer
  18. 18. 18 The results: 1 year before & after the download ü  Comparison 1 year after Vs. 1 year prior the Mobile App download Mobile App download +173% Quarterly Redemptions per customer
  19. 19. Total purchases 17% Total Loyalty purchases 25% Total Loyalty Redemptions 35% 19 The results: Mobile App users’ contribution Mobile App Users 47.000 customers ü  Mobile App users’ contribution on total portfolio’s purchases, loyalty purchases & redemptions ü  45% of the total purchases in “Epistrofi Restaurants” ü 30% of the total purchases in “Epistrofi Hotels” ü  Attracting and cultivating the loyal customers. ü  Moreover affects positively the profitability (within the first year): •  Interest Income: +13% •  Merchant Commission:+26%
  20. 20. 20 The awards The e-volution awards are the most important contest that reward best practice in e-business. The AppWARDS 2013 were created to highlight and reward the creativity and innovation of the companies involved in the development of applications, the developers and the start-ups. Location Based Commerce Award - Evolution Awards 2013 AppWards / Loyalty & Rewards - APPwards 2013
  21. 21. 21 In a nutshell…. ü  Get closer to your customers, through innovation & new technology ü  Cultivate & reward your loyal customers, the way they prefer ü  Build a strong network of reputable merchants ü  Define your offer strategy through data analytics on your customers’ behavior ü  Be consistent in delivering “value added” propositions ü  Get ready to adapt innovations, as quickly as your customers…. •  More satisfied & loyal customers •  More profits for the Bank