Making money on mobile: acquisition, retention, monetization


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A presentation by John Doxaras, CEO of Warply.

It includes an overview of the mobile marketing ecosystem in Greece and worldwide, useful insights on customer lifecycle value, highlights and real cases of successful practices, infographics and more.

Hosted at Founda.tion and its Educ.ation class, an educational platform aiming to help young people develop their knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship.

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Making money on mobile: acquisition, retention, monetization

  1. 1. making money on mobile
  2. 2. who ✓involved in big data and distributed computing since 2004 [CERN LHC] ✓passionate in real-time data processing, especially in advertisement technology ✓strong background on theory of algorithms and computational complexity ✓involved in performance marketing since 2007
  3. 3. what
  4. 4. mobile is where your customers are Time vs. Revenue Spend on Mobile and Internet Mobile Devices Sold vs. PCs x source: source:
  5. 5. mobile monetization on verticals Many companies make the mistake of utilizing the same approach for different verticals. But there is no Silver Bullet in Mobile Marketing. Our vision is to give back mobile marketing it’s lost prestige and be part of establishing the next generation of marketing professionals with focus on real-world KPI’s, ROI and above all nonintrusive responsible communication . War ply u diffe se rent appr s o for d iffer aches ent verti ca ls
  6. 6. fragmented landscape
  7. 7. new ad formats call them native ad formats
  8. 8. new campaign objectives
  9. 9. loyalty in a mobile first world ✓ in the next couple of years your mobile phone will essentially become your wallet ✓ mobile will be the most personal item you have, associated directly with your purchase behavior ✓ mobile will be in all your customer’s pocket and present in all their priority moments ✓ mobile programmatic media buying revolutionizes the way we buy media, providing the option to target, segment and re-target our audience
  10. 10. the mobile acquisition problem • saturated and overpriced: your competitors are games, fortune 500 companies that monetize mobile and more games, and more awesome games!!! (CPA>$2.5) • adverse selection problem: apps are only selling clients that they don’t monetize, so in return you are buying users that provenly are not spending on mobile • targeting and traffic quality: traffic acquisition and user tracking systems are fragmented and hard to monitor
  11. 11. the mobile retention problem Solving it, should be your First Mobile App Strategy Retention is one of the biggest challenges of mobile apps today, as “65% of people stop using them three months after install” Months Since User Acquisition iOS and Android User Retention 0 100 % 1 45 % 3 24 % 6 14 % 9 7% 12 4% source:
  12. 12. customer lifecycle value in plain english • prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. • retention rate is the key element in increasing your business CLV • there are numerous models that involve past ARPU or statistical future prediction models that are more accurate • mobile provides the ideal channel for both impulse buying and training your customers into a habit purchase behavior
  13. 13. the only formula you need to know CLV > CPA * Customer Lifetime Value * Cost Per Acquiring a new Customer
  14. 14. this translates into revenue Installs Monthly Active Users x Monthly Retention % = x Monthly Average Revenue Per User = Monthly Active Users
  15. 15. used by all major players
  16. 16. hacking customer lifecycle value average revenue per user • customer lifecycle value mostly refers to the future, therefore this is something we can easily influence through mobile channels • monthly churn rate is probable the most important factor you need and can change • communicate just before your customers are about to perform a purchase customer spending with mobile CRM customer spending without mobile CRM tim e
  17. 17. acquisition lifecycle ad network 2$ Acquisition Cost CRM 50% of CLV increase max spending Total Revenue from acquisition Total Spend for acquisition brand spending
  18. 18. Your CRM’s Mobile Loyalty Extension bridges for:
  19. 19. the solution Contextual Targeting Target users based on their location, past behavior, purchase habits and personality. Engagement Deliver rich and engaging communication, ask your customers to play games, participate in competitions and perform loyalty actions Real-Time Messaging Push messaging gives the ability to communicate with your customers just right at the point of sales or even before they even realize that they need to perform a purchase
  20. 20. target and segment Facebook Demographics Target using full scope of facebook demographics through the embedded facebook connect Custom Tagging and behavioral profiling Set up consumers personas derived from user behavior inside the APP and based on interaction with previous campaigns Geolocation/ Geofencing Send campaigns to specific geographical areas (geolocation) OR create a radius around your point of interest and trigger the campaign as soon as the user walks in (geofencing). API Calls Take advantage of existing user data by integrating into your CRM or database or set up automatic campaigns based on preconfigured Business Intelligence rules.
  21. 21. two ways of communication push vs. pull Silent Push Deliver campaigns in the inbox without waking up the users device Push messages Deliver value to your best customers, right on their home screens. Push is a proven, proactive way to drive engagement with your app and your brand. With Push notifications you receive a pop up message and a sound with the APP logo that gets hosted in the notification tray and as soon as you click on it: •It wakes up the APP •You get a rich HTML5 landing page that can host any content
  22. 22. inbox for brand messaging and habit creation Your New Direct Communication Channel! Train your users to return into the app periodically to check for new updates. Co n wh tro l en fo r h a nd lo n g ow Us er s c se e an Ca mp in ai g th eir ns In bo x Implement the Inbox in your APP without having to change the Design
  23. 23. modes of engaging your customers Reach all app users to provide even more engaging experiences.          Video ads Downloads Sweepstakes Coupons Feedback Game Social currency Special content Second screen
  24. 24. native vs web inbox
  25. 25. modes of interacting with your customers Perform purchases and redeem coupons directly though the application One-time Registratio n Mobile Wallet Support Apple Passbook Integration Physical and Virtual Goods Voucher Code for the Offer Time/Place Dependencie s Proof of Presence Scanned Material
  26. 26. Case Studies
  27. 27. increase transactions Drive in-app transactions up to 40% Warply uses messaging within context to incentivize users to perform specific actions and provides them with one-click interactions. This approach significantly increases impulse buys and transactions in general
  28. 28. increase engagement Increase engagement by 500% Warply targeting capabilities enable you to target users based on their interaction with the app. Therefore you are able to communicate with users that have churn or reward the most active ones.
  29. 29. increase spending Increase average spending by 200% Warply is widely used in finance and m-commerce apps across the world. Our recent case studies indicate that the same customer increase average spending just after installing the app!
  30. 30. increase repetition Increase repetition by 240% Warply helps app owners communicate frequent app content updates through personalized messages based on past behavior or interests.
  31. 31. increase foot traffic Increase foot traffic by 1000% Warply mobile engagement campaigns reward users that perform the actions they are asked, like entering a store or interacting with a POS
  32. 32. Deep linking Deep link and let an app invoke another, providing seamless user flow Initiate a user action from a push session or a banner ad in a third party app. Take customer retention into a new level with deep linking capabilities like warply://user/68331 or warply://flight_id/2331200
  33. 33. how it works in gaming • appointment dynamics to increase user retention • players only buy in-app consumables when they think that this saves time! • Monitor your users and engage them when they are idle (when in toilet :p or in the subway) • avoid limits on your CLV (avoid $4.99 buy all bundle if possible) • repetition mode, game farms/publishers and development of new versions of the same gameplay
  34. 34. a new standard for engagement & monetization Go Ahead Communicate with your clients in their context! visit us: mail us: like us: