Every moment is mobile: smartphones taking over the world


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A presentation by Sotiris Alexopoulos, head of Agency Relations at Warply.

This presentation is the introduction of the 2nd Mobile Marketing event by Warply. Top executives from leading brands, media agencies and Greek media presented trends of the mobile industry and real examples of how they engage their customers and capitalize on the shift towards a mobile-first reality.

The event was powered by:
Microsoft Innovation center
Papadopoulou Biscuits

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Every moment is mobile: smartphones taking over the world

  1. 1. 2nd Mobile Marketing event 5/2/2014 Powered by:
  2. 2. Every moment is mobile: smartphones taking over the world Sotiris Alexopoulos sotiris@warp.ly
  3. 3. the lights on mobile
  4. 4. the global annual unit sales source: Enders Analysis
  5. 5. smartphones take over the world
  6. 6. the world in 2017 source: GSMA, 6 World Bank, Enders Analysis
  7. 7. the mobile is where your customers are ✓ user’s first option for content, news and information ✓ in the next couple of years your mobile phone will essentially become your wallet ✓ mobile will be the most personal item you have, associated directly with your purchase behavior ✓ mobile will be in all your customer’s pocket and present in all their priority moments ✓ mobile programmatic media buying revolutionizes the way we buy media, providing the option to target, segment and re-target our audience
  8. 8. the mobile strategy equation Retention Acquisition Installs x Monthly x Active Users Monthly Retention % = Monthly Average Revenue Per User = Monetization Monthly Active Users
  9. 9. the mobile acquisition issue saturated and overpriced: your competitors are games, fortune 500 companies that monetize mobile and more games (CPA>$2.5) adverse selection problem: apps are only selling clients monetize the less, so in return you are buying users that provenly don’t spend targeting and traffic quality: traffic acquisition and user tracking systems are fragmented and hard to monitor
  10. 10. the mobile retention problem Solving it, should be your First Mobile App Strategy Retention is one of the biggest challenges of mobile apps today, as “65% of people stop using them three months after install” Months Since User Acquisition iOS and Android User Retention 0 100% 1 47% 3 35% 6 14% 9 7% 12 4% source: blog.flurry.com
  11. 11. the monetization potential • customer lifecycle value mostly refers to the future, therefore this is something we can easily influence through mobile channels • monthly churn rate is probable the most important factor you need and can change • communicate just before your customers are about to perform a purchase customer spending with mobile CRM customer spending without mobile CRM time
  12. 12. the only formula you need to know CTV > CPA * Customer Lifetime Value * Cost Per Acquiring a new Customer
  13. 13. the lessons from gaming industry ✓ appointment dynamics to increase user retention only buy in-app consumables when they think that this is worthwhile (saves time)! ✓ players your users and engage them when they are idle (when in toilet :p or in the subway) ✓ Monitor ✓avoid limits on your CLV (avoid $4.99 buy all bundle if possible) ✓repetition mode, game farms/publishers and development of new versions of the same gameplay
  14. 14. the Warply solution approach Contextual & Behavioral Targeting target users based on their location, past behavior, purchase habits and personality. Engagement Deliver rich and engaging communication, ask your customers to play games, participate in competitions and perform loyalty actions Real-Time Messaging Push messaging gives the ability to communicate with your customers just right at the point of sales or even before they even realize that they need to perform a purchase
  15. 15. the interaction with your customers Perform purchases and redeem coupons directly though the application One-time Registration Voucher Code for the Offer Mobile Wallet Support Time/Place Dependencies Apple Passbook Integration Physical and Virtual Goods Proof of Presence Scanned Material
  16. 16. the beacons’ capabilities Warply & Location Marketing  Shop entry and exit events  Coupon redemption with proof of presence  Hands free payment experiences  Interact with products  Get live feedback Use the retailer’s or a network app as in store sales assistant
  17. 17. coming up… Top Executives from leading brands, media agencies and Greek Media, will analyze their strategy and present their unique case studies on how to engage customers on their mobile devices. Our guest speakers are:  Ericsson Hellas Mobile Landscape Tasos Pagakis, Head of Communication Southeastern Europe  e-Food.gr Case study Antonis Samothrakis, Marketing Manager  Tempo OMD Georgia Zacharaki, Digital Account Director  AB Vassilopoulos AB Vassilopoulos mobile app case study Chryssa Vrouzi, Internal Communication & Digital Manager  Intale i-kiosk launch Fotis Koutouvelis, CEO