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Copywriting conspiracylores


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Copywriting conspiracylores

  1. 1. Fellow Marketer and Business Builder,The report you’re about to read details how one man – who didn’t even graduate high school – hasused a single, OFTEN OVERLOOKED SKILL to sell over $1 BILLION in products and services for hisclients.Not only that, it shows YOU how to apply these very same secrets to surge ahead of yourcompetition… boost your response and conversion rates across the board… and significantly padyour monthly income.Skeptical? GREAT! I respect your weariness – especially with so many false promises being madeonline these days.But this is about as “solid” as it gets. As you’ll soon see, many top business owners and marketersfrom around the world have come out and CONFIRMED the power of what is being taught on thefollowing pages.Everywhere you turn nowadays, you hear Internet marketers, authors, business owners and “gurus”crowing about how you need the newest thing – one day it’s SEO … next it’s PPC … then SocialMedia … and the list goes on.You’d like to believe them. We all would! But despite what theypromise, nothing any of these experts offers is the ultimate “I DEVOUR EVERYTHIN“magic bullet” that’s going to make you rich. They’ve been “I’ve been w riting copy G HE WRIT ES.” for almost 30wrong. Repeatedly. And each time it’s cost you a bundle. But I still try to learn as years. much abou And one of t it as I can.I know because I’ve been there. You can’t help but feel like … from is Tony the people I’ve learned Flores. the most • You SHOULD be making more money – if only you had He has an amazing ab what makes ility to more traffic coming to your website, and more customers copy work on understand level -- from a macro an the broad co d micro buying your products … right down to the syntax ncepts and ideas that eye-op -- and then ening unde convey interestingl rstanding cl • Even when you’re doing well, you’re working WAY TOO y. early and I devour ev HARD relative to the amount of money you’re making … about great erything he writes. If yo copy, you sh u care ould, too.” David Deuts • Your conversion should be better – and your list should A-List Copyw ch, riter for Boa be bigger – but much of what you’ve tried hasn’t helped large maile rs rdroom and other www.copyq all that much … /deutsch • When you do get new customers, they don’t buy again – or often enough to make a huge difference in your bottom line …The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  2. 2. • You’ve tried all the various Internet marketing solutions – some worked, some didn’t – but none as well as you’d hoped … • At the end of the day, you know deep down that you FULLY DESERVE to be among the Internet elite – those who make millions while working part-time … So When On Earth Is It Going to Happen for YOU?Well, what if I told you that all these “little” problems are reallyjust symptoms of ONE BIGGER PROBLEM? And that, if you “When I recorrect this bigger problem (which isn’t that hard to do) – then ad my cop y and say sounds lik ‘thisyou can dramatically turn things around. e somethin write’ — I k g Clayton now I have would a winner!Not necessarily overnight. But faster than by using anything “Clayton Melse you’ve tried. I’ve seen h akepeace is my copy h is copy trip ero. druple res le and eveIn other words, you can rapidly multiply the amount of money ponse. I ha d the privil n qua- being his c ege ofyour business brings in (and how much money you can take me to give opy cub an d he encou freelancing ragedaway from it) … the amount of time you can take away… and I sit by my a shot. So pool or tre whenthe overall quality of life you can create. luxurious v at my famil y to acations and great gNo, this is not a “magic bullet.” heart, ‘Tha ifts, I hone stly say in nks Clayto my n!’”Nor does it negate anything else you’re doing. — CARLIN E ANGLADIn fact, it makes EVERYTHING else you do work better – from E-COLESEO… Traffic Strategies… to Product Launches… to anythingelse. By using this secret, you’ll get significantly better resultsfrom any other marketing technique or strategy you ever use.So why haven’t you heard of it? And even if you have, whyhaven’t you placed it highly enough on your list of marketing considerations – given that it can makesuch a dramatic difference in your bottom line? You’re Now Holding the Answers in Your Hand In the report you’re now reading, I reveal why you probably BREAKTHROUGH haven’t taken full advantage of this money-making secret… the“COPYWRITING powerful transformation that happen to your business, profits and a try that cided to give you income when you do… and the easy steps you can take to get “It wasn’t until I de a copywriter. I kthrough as I had my first brea pywriting books in my where you want to be. own ov er 15 different co material wa s the first one library, but Tony’s lk me Specifically, I show you… the hand and wa to lite rally take me by ngs like write way to do thi through the best ct-grabbing head lines, kick-a ss bullets, prospe • What the REAL “lifeblood” of your marketing and growth is and more. – and how to take full advantage of it… ess more repeat busin “I started getting r as a • Why – once you have this secret well established in your ve never been busie from clients. I ha hired by some of the w being business – you can run “simple” email campaigns that copywriter and no gurus.” ernet marketing bigger named int easily have 7-figure (sometimes 8-figure) potential… Michael H., Freelance Copywr iter • The dangerous “traffic myth” – why endlessly chasing OW! for more traffic can sometimes destroy your business WOW! WOW! W (unless you have the right foundation in place – in which case, more traffic will make you wealthy beyond belief)…
  3. 3. • The secret of “Profit Laddering” – how smart companies ethically turn their customers into long-term income streams… “I conside r Clayton M one of the akepeaceThere’s so much more I could say right now, but you simply modern m direct mark asters of eting.need to read the pages that follow. Please – this report maywell prove to be the most profitable thing you read all year. “Every tim e I talk to h like gold — im, it’sRead it carefully and completely! I learn so m that’s help uch ed me bec copywriter. ome a top He’s so go sell ice to od he could an EskimoSincerely, !” — Kent Ko maeTony Flores Continue to the NEXT PAGE to discover the simple secret behind the $22.3 million e-mail campaignThe Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  4. 4. A ll over the Internet, marketers and business owners are pouring sacks of money down the drain …… Because they’re all way too busy chasing “the next big thing” to do the ONESIMPLE THING that’s virtually always guaranteed to bring in more sales, profits andincome. But Somewhere Near You, There Are Writers, Marketers and Entrepreneurs Who Seem to Defy All Laws …They multiply their website’s conversion – without any of the latest design, technology or Internetmarketing “tricks” (many might call their sites “ugly”) …They dramatically boost their sales and profits – often without any additional traffic or newcustomers …And they truly live a life of freedom – IN TOTAL CONTROL over their lifestyle … where they live …how much they work … and the amount of money they make.Now let me ask you … WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOU DON’T?I wish I could tell you that everything you’ll discover in this report is a totally new “breakthrough” …but it’s not.Yet what you WILL learn on the following pages is a little-known, highly proven system that allows youto optimize the single most important factor in your ability to make money online.That’s no exaggeration, I promise.Even if you’re currently using this profit accelerator, I guarantee you’re only getting a very smallfraction of the results it can offer you.So that’s the bad news.But there IS good news. With some small, yet powerful changes to how you word your marketingefforts – which makes all the difference in the ONGOING RELATIONSHIP you create with yourprospects – you’re not actually that far from the response, income and lifestyle you’ve alwaysdreamed of! I Know That Might Sound Like a Bunch of Shameless Advertising Hype …But there’s a mountain of proof behind what I’m saying, so hear me out.You see, each day, I sit next to a man who comes into the office around 9am. Some days he leaves at2 or 3pm.Other days he leaves at around 12 noon.
  5. 5. Yet I’ve seen him repeatedly get royalty checks as high as $300,000 … $400,000 … even as much as$650,000 in a single month.Of course, his clients do even better. His primary client’s business did nearly $50 million with asubscriber list that’s much smaller than most of the “big name” Internet marketers. In fact, last fall,they did a simple e-mail promotion that raked in over $20 million in just six short weeks!You NEVER hear about stuff like this, because it happened outside the mainstream Internetmarketing community. So Who Is This Man?His name is Clayton Makepeace and he’s the one AWAI and best-selling author Bob Bly call the“world’s highest-paid copywriter.” But even more importantly, he’s personally used the informationinside this report to help … • Phillips Publishing attract more than two million new, paying customers in just over three years … • Security Rare Coin skyrocket from $3.5 million in sales to well over $120 million (a 3,300% increase) — in a little over a year … • In the mid– to late 1980s, he helped Blanchard Company quadruple its sales to more than $115 million per year, and then allowed the owner to cash out for tens of millions of dollars … • Between 1999 and 2003, these secrets helped Weiss Research quadruple the size of its customer file and made Safe Money Report the largest publication of its kind in the world! • And right now, he’s using these strategies to multiply revenues and profits for one of the Internet’s most successful marketers of income-boosting services. • In fact, last fall he added $22.35 million to his clients in just six weeks — with a simple e-mail/ video/sales letter campaign!Believe it or not, nearly ALL of this client’s explosive growth is happening right now — ON THEINTERNET — even though he’s almost clueless when it comes to all the “latest and greatest” Internetmarketing trends. How Does He Do It?Simple: His secret lies in the difference between the following two promotions …The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  6. 6. Can you guess which one worked better?I’ll give you some hints …One of them bombed, while the other sold millions of dollars in product for the client …One of them personally made Clayton over seven figures in royalties …And one of them utilizes secrets maybe only a handful of marketers on the planet know about … Can You Guess the Winner?Before you answer, let me give you another quick quiz … This piece of copy (below) kicked off theInternet campaign that raked in $22.3 million in just six weeks.
  7. 7. So, I have to ask you: WHAT MADE THIS SO SUCCESSFUL? When It Comes to Your Success Online or Off, the Answer to this Question Is EVERYTHINGAs Rich Schefren pointed out in his excellent Internet Business Manifesto, most Internetentrepreneurs and marketers spend most of their time chasing the latest breakthrough or trend. Oneday is SEO … the next day it’s Product Launches … then it’s Social Media … and the list goes onforever.Obviously, these things all have their place.In the proper context, they can be immensely powerful.But without the right foundation in place, they’re just marketing techniques – they’re NOT the real“lifeblood” of your business.That’s why you see so many people online simply hopping from one technique to another. Each time,the “new thing” is the Holy Grail – the breakthrough that’s going to turn everything around for themand flood their bank account with cash.Unfortunately, it almost never works out that way.The irony is that there really is ONE SIMPLE THING that – if you even just get “pretty good” at it– allows you to grow endlessly and “lock in” exceptional lifestyle freedom and income for as long asyou want.It’s something that’s often overlooked by Internet marketers – but when you study the TOPINTERNET MARKETERS – who all make many millions a year – you’ll see that they all place aHUGE amount of value and emphasis on this growth factor.From Rich Schefren … to Frank Kern … to Eben Pagan … to Agora Publishing (the $300 milliona year info-publishing/marketing company) – every savvy Internet marketer knows what all the oldlegends of advertising discovered many years ago …... Namely, that what you SAY and how you COMMUNICATE with your prospect is everything.And that really is the best news of all, because it means that you can grow significantly – boostingyour conversion, income, and quality of life – with a fairly small change in the way you approach yourmarketing. Have You Guessed What This Critical, Yet Overlooked “Foundation” Is Yet?It’s Copywriting, of course!THAT is what made version A (on page 3) so much more profitable … and it’s what fueled the $22.3million e-mail campaign. It all came down to the quality of the copy.Remember, copywriting is the MESSAGE that you present to your prospect – at every stage of thesales processThe problem is that most entrepreneurs see copywriting merely as the words that go into their salesletters and perhaps their autoresponders. So when it comes time to work on their “copy” – they justoutsource their sales letter and autoresponders to a freelancer.The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  8. 8. But the extreme danger in this kind of thinking isthat almost EVERYTHING a small business does togrow involves copy. From your initial banner ads andPPC campaigns … to your homepage copy … yoursqueeze pages … your e-mails … your free content… your videos … your “thank you” pages and orderpages … your blog posts … and so much more.Get the picture?The verbal message you present at EVERY STAGEof your marketing determines … • The unique position and point of view you establish in your market … • How your prospect sees and judges you relative to the competition … • The amount of value your prospect mentally assigns to your products … • How much trust you earn with every person who visits your site … • The number of prospects who actually BUY something and become customers … • How much that person spends with you over the course of the month, year and lifetime … • And way more than I can possibly list here!But if you fail to carefully work through yourcommunication at every stage … if you can’texplain how you differ from your competitors …if you don’t convey all the benefits you bring toyour prospect … or the proof you have … yourpersonality … and more …… Then you put a very low ceiling on yourgrowth, your success, and bottom line income! Now You Know the Secret to the $22.3 Million Dollar Internet Campaign!Remember that “Great Dollar Panic” screenshot Ishowed you on page 4?Well, the secret to that page – and to the overallcampaign – was the quality of the copy. You see,the strategy was simple. You can see a little flowchart that shows you the overall sequence ofcommunications right here.
  9. 9. 10The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  10. 10. 11This is fairly basic Internet marketing stuff.What really made the difference was that all the right copywriting elements were in place … • Clayton knew his prospect intimately – including his deepest fears, worries, hopes and desires … • He understood how to capture those feelings – and present precisely the right benefits – in his initial e-mails, invites, in the live event, the sales letter and post-campaign communications … • An intense, ongoing bond was created between Dr. Martin Weiss (the investment guru) and his prospects … • Clayton proved everything in the copy beyond a shadow of a doubt … • He made his message both urgent and topical … • The prospect received a bunch of highly valuable information BEFORE he ever got pitched anything … • And so much more …Of course, marketing strategy is crucial. But copywriting is the fuel that runs the marketing engine.Without it, nothing happens.Your marketing … your sales … everything comes to a standstill. In the New Age of the Internet, Copywriting Is More Essential to Your Growth Than Ever Before!More than ever, Internet Marketing is becoming RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. Your prospect – nomatter what niche you’re selling into – resists being blatantly sold to. And he demands a morepersonal connection and relationship with you.There are simply too many options to buy from someone he doesn’t like or trust or who feels like astranger.This means that – if you want maximum sales and profits – your communications must establish afriend-like bond with him right off the bat. What’s more, it’s often the case that you have to bring himsignificant value BEFORE trying to sell anything.But how do you do this? What makes some marketers exceptional at making prospects andcustomers feel like friends – while so many others still come across as boring, sleazy, or not at allunique?The answer, again, lies in your copy.From that first view of your webpage … to your e-mails … to your sales letter … to the follow-up afterhe orders …… The ultimate sales impact of ALL your communications – including the free content you provideyour prospect with – is almost 100% dependent on the quality and sharpness of the words andmessage you send out.In fact, I have several friends in this industry – whose businesses do $20-40 million in sales each
  11. 11. 12year – using a VERY simple Internet marketing model. (They want their company and niche to remainsecret.)The prospect is first driven to a squeeze page and joins the e-mail list, and then copywriting is used tofacilitate the process or relationship marketing.A visitor who opts into the list begins getting valuable, highly personal, content-driven e-mails … andthose e-mails then perfectly transition to sales for the introductory products (what we often call “frontend” products.) And then additional e-mails sell the subscriber “backend” products.I’ll talk more about this model in a second, but it’s important to realize that my friend’s businessesuse very little pictures or graphics … not much video (just for testimonials and samples on the salesletters) … almost no “social media” … and yet they’ve been adding millions to their annual sales eachand every year — like clockwork.It’s all entirely copy driven. Today, the Ability to Persuade and Sell with Words Is a Skill EVERYONE Needs!Many of the most successful gurus on the Internet began their careers with a rock-solid foundation incopywriting and direct marketing. In fact, many learned directly from one of the same guys I originallystudied with – John Carlton.You see, the point is … whether you’re a full-time, professional copywriter or not – you still must knowhow to effectively communicate and persuade.It’s THE PREMIER MONEY-MAKING SKILL for anyone Fact #1: Direct response marketingwho depends on direct response marketing for their growth involves asking a prospect to take aand personal income. specific, measurable action – oftenAnd if you look around at some of the most successful to purchase a product – sightdirect response marketers and entrepreneurs over the unseen.years, many of them got started – and got RICH – by Fact #2: That means that ANYONEfocusing on the copywriting process … who sells anything online is using • Jay Abraham, the “$8 billion marketing genius” – used direct response marketing. (Even if to write copy for his clients whenever he consulted they don’t know it.) with them … Fact #3: Direct response marketing • Dan Kennedy, the internationally renowned is ALWAYS copy-driven. It’s your “Renegade Millionaire” – first learned to write copy words that guide and motivate your from the legendary Gary Halbert … prospect to take action. • Bill Bonner, the founder of the $300 million-dollar-a- Fact #4: If you’re involved in selling year Agora Publishing empire – is considered to be any kind of product or service one of the greatest copywriters alive … online – YOUR SALES AND SUCCESS IS COPY-DRIVEN. • Michael Masterson, the best-selling author who’s personally built up multiple 9-figure businesses, got Have you done his start as a copywriter (during this early period his EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to income went from $70,000 … to $300,000 … to over maximize the performance a million dollars a year – in just three years) … of your sales copy?The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  12. 12. 13 • Joe Sugarman – the man who’s created hundreds of millions of dollars in passive income for himself with his BluBlockers product – began by writing ALL the copy and advertising for his small agency called JSA …I could go on and on like this, but you get the point.Even the original founders of Victoria’s Secret first ignited that businessafter attending a copywriting workshop! (One that was put on by JoeSugarman.) Here’s a quote from Joe in his great book, AdvertisingSecrets of the Written Word: “Two advertising people from Victoria’s Secret attended my seminar before the franchise was sold to The Limited. The two women used their copywriting skills to write the colorful catalogs. They both claim the seminar was one of the turning points in their careers and a major factor in the early success of Victoria’s Secret.”The fact remains – if you have anything to do with the growth, profitsand income created by your Internet business – you MUST understandhow to write and communicate in a way that enhances the salesprocess.Not that you have to become a full-fledged writer, so let me clear that up right now. You definitelydon’t.But it IS critical that, at the very least, you understand copy … how it works … what separates goodcopy from bad … and how to allow it to drive your marketing.This is true whether your task is to write sales letters, video scripts, e-mails or mere blog posts.All your writing should be strengthening the perception of value and benefit you’re bringing to yourprospect … and it should be furthering the bond and trust you’ve developed with him.Again, the words you deliver – your copy – is the primary way you do that. Don’t Worry, You Do NOT Have to Become the Next Shakespeare or Hemnigway“But I’m not a writer! I suck at writing!”Those are popular responses when entrepreneurs and marketers first begin to grasp the power of thecopywriting process.They want the wealth and freedom it brings them, but they hate the idea of having to write all the time.And it doesn’t take a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D. in English to do that. After all, typical writing IS hard.That’s why we procrastinated like crazy on our high school and college writing assignments.The difference here is that copywriting really isn’t “writing.” Not in the traditional sense.It’s just simple communication, done in the most persuasive possible way.And ANYONE can learn that! Even if you’ve always sucked at writing. In fact, “good writers” often
  13. 13. 14make the worst copywriters, because they want the writing to sound nice and pretty.“Nice” and “pretty” usually mean nothing in the sales process. The real purpose of your copy – in amarketing context – is to simply build trust, and make your products more attractive to buy.No need for smooth, graceful sentences or perfectly poetic words.Just clean, clear, simple writing – just as you talk to your friends or family – is all that’s needed. PLUS – With the Right Information, Creating Copy Can Be As Simple As Putting Together a PuzzleBecause our purpose as direct response marketers is to evoke a measurable action in the prospect– the BEST copywriting secrets are those that have been tested over and over again.I know that Clayton has personally written copy that’s sold over a billion dollars worth of productsand services, and he’s been involved in at least that much scientific testing of response triggers.(Response triggers are copywriting elements that cause a prospect to respond favorably when hereads your promotion).This means … When you know exactly WHAT must be said at the various stages of communicationwith your prospects and customers … and WHAT must go into every sales letter to make it successful… then it’s not all that hard to gather all the little pieces you need.Then the words will come to you, and you just have to put everything together according to what’sbeen proven to work time and time again.Whether it’s your product’s benefits … your proof … your personality … the argument for your product… or anything else … you simply need to know how to COLLECT these different items, and then howto put them together.Again, it’s not really writing. Certainly not “creative” writing!So I hope that’s clear. Don’t worry about having to become a writer … and don’t worry about whetheror not you suck at it.Just build your proficiency and understanding of this one simple skill – and you’ll almost inevitablymake a LOT more money.And speaking of making more money, let me dispel a very related myth that might be getting in theway of your growth.Often, I see struggling marketers and entrepreneurs suffering from this myth – even though they stillhave horrible copy in place … Why “More Traffic” Is NOT Always the Answer!For most Internet marketers and entrepreneurs … “More Traffic!” is the mantra. They feel that all theyneed is more traffic and they’ll be rich.And not surprisingly, that’s what many of the most popular Internet marketing programs focus on.Think about it … SEO … Google AdWords … List Building … Affiliate Marketing … Social Media … allthese things are designed to bring more people to your website or landing page.The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  14. 14. 15“More traffic!” they yell.But the problem is, you don’t always need more traffic to make more money.You see, it’s possible for you to grow significantly richer without a single ounce of additional traffic.As proof, take a look at Figure 1:Let’s say that each little stick man in the diagram represents 100 people (there are 50 of them in theleft column) – and that means that 5,000 people are coming to your site each month.Hypothetically, let’s also say that you’re selling a $50 product and converting at 8% (4 out of 50 = 8%,which would often be considered a high conversion rate but this is just an example, so chill).That means you’re selling $20,000 a month (400 customers x $50 = $20,000).The problem is that most marketers simply stop there and focus on driving more traffic.So now, look at Figure 2 (next page):It poses the question, “What are you really doing with your prospect – once they convert into acustomer?”Even those who actually make an effort to sell more products and services to their new customers
  15. 15. 16often do it haphazardly.But with quality copy in place, you can systematically persuade them to buy more stuff from you– more often. For example, let’s say that of those same customers – you’re able to sell half of themanother product – this time for $100.If 50% buy at least one of your $100 products, that’s 200 people making the purchase.That means that 200 x $100 = $20,000 more each month.The growth might look something like you see in Figure 3 (next page):The cool thing about this is … You’ve just doubled your income! And We’re Just Getting Warmed Up …At this point, there’s still a problem: $100 for a product really isn’t that much more expensive than$50. But what if you create a highly in-depth course based on whatever your $50 product teaches?Let’s imagine that you charge $500 for this new product.And let’s also say that you get 10% of your initial customers to buy it (10% of 400 = 40). So that’s 40sales at $500 each, which equals $20,000. That’s another $20,000 that comes in each month.You can see another “stick man” illustration in Figure 4 (next page):At this point, you’ve now tripled your sales and income – without bringing in any new traffic orcustomers. The overall value of that new customer just went from $50 per person – to at least $150.The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  16. 16.
  17. 17. 18 Now Look At the Explosion that Occurs When You Convert BetterThe crazy thing is, we still haven’t even tweaked the initial pieces in the conversion process. Let’sassume that each new visitor to your site first comes to a squeeze page … and then is driven to asales letter/landing page.What happens if you improve the copy (on the squeeze page and sales letter) to the point, where youDOUBLE your initial conversion? (I’ve seen this happen a variety of times, when a skilled copywriterreworks mediocre copy.)Look at Figure 5:That literally doubles all your sales numbers across the board – which means you’re now making$120,000 a month. In other words, you went from around a $250,000 a year business to nearly a $1.5million dollar a year business!That’s 500% growth … WITHOUT any more traffic – and without ANY increase in the rate of newcustomers being created.Obviously, I realize there are some assumptions in these examples/charts … 1. We’re assuming a fairly high conversion rate …The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  18. 18. 19 2. We’re assuming response rates on backend promotions (promotions for the $100 and $500 products) will stay constant throughout …I can’t argue with either point. But the real purpose of these graphs and numerical examples was justto demonstrate the overall idea and process with enough simplicity. Of course, real-world Internetnumbers are going to be much messier.Yet the simple fact remains – it IS possible to experience this kind of growth and results online,WITHOUT more traffic – and the driving factor is none other than your copy.You see this being visually illustrated in Figure 6: With This Kind of Powerful Process in Place – More Traffic Now Means MUCH MORE MONEY!Let’s assume that you own/market the business we’ve been discussing.You’ve done a killer job of improving your messaging and sales copy across the board – and thisongoing sales process every new customer undergoes has multiplied your sales and profits by 600%.Now – when you bring more visitors to your site – things get even more exciting. Assuming that yourconversion remains constant, doubling your traffic doubles your sales and profits.
  19. 19. 20If you look at Figure 7, you can see what this looks like. With more, higher-priced products to selleach new customer – and the improved sales copy that allows you to do this – every new visitor toyour site is worth a LOT more money to you.Now you might be wondering … “Why did I present this traffic increase at the end of these diagramsinstead of the beginning?” Especially when most marketers focus on new traffic – first and foremost?The answer is simple … Having a Strong Conversion and Ongoing Sales Process In Place – Which Is Almost 100% Fueled By Copy – Is Often Necessary to GET MORE TRAFFIC!Sure, there are free ways to get traffic, such as SEO. But honestly, some of the most explosive andunderrated ways to drive highly-targeted traffic to your site are often via paid media like banner ads,PPC and more.For example …Early to Rise ( — an online division of Agora that does over $30 million a year– first built up its business almost exclusively through paid media.Smart companies like Early to Rise can still afford paid media because their copy is so good, andThe Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  20. 20. 21their marketing and conversion processes are so reliable – they know how much they can afford tospend to bring in new customers.As further proof of this, I recently talked with Dave Martin of Smart Marketing, one of the pre-eminentPPC consulting firms on the Internet right now. (His firm has generated over 26 million leads and anadditional $27 million for their clients over the last couple of years).What Dave told me was fascinating … “The problem we face most is NOT whether we can drive targeted traffic to a site at reasonable prices, it’s our clients’ ability to CONVERT that traffic. Most do not have adequate copy across the board, they fail to constantly test and develop a backend to effectively monetize the leads we send them … and often, they’ll give up on PPC believing it was a traffic problem instead of a copywriting and marketing problem.”It is for this reason that Smart Marketing is now partnering with copywriters – so that they ensure theirclients are able to fully monetize the abundance of traffic and leads they drive to their sites. Traffic Is Often Vital to Your Growth, But Don’t Make the Mistake of Chasing Traffic Without Good Copy In PlaceBy now, I hope you’re beginning to see the truth in what I’m saying.Whether you’re a professional writer or not, it pays to have the best possible writing – with the mostcompelling possible message – set up at every stage of your sales process.Otherwise, you’re pouring money down the drain.And just to drive the point home beyond any shadow of a doubt, I want to share one last marketingsecret with you.I believe it’s one of the most underrated, and under-utilized money-making secrets online.Most of the top offline copywriters and direct marketers have mastered it. And the precious fewInternet marketers who know and apply it make a killing.It allows your copy to exercise its full impact on your sales and profits, and it dramatically helps youmultiply the value of every single new customer you bring into your sales funnel.It’s so simple to understand – but there’s a trick to making it work … “Product Laddering” + Good Copy = PROFIT LADDERINGIf this formula makes any sense to you at first glance, you’re probably already rich.Seriously.In fact, I have a friend with a high profile business (that’s why I can’t name names) who just sohappens to utilize this Profit Laddering formula perfectly.First, I want you to look at this image above. It shows how prospects come to my friend’s business– and then the basic sequence of communication that happens once they opt in to the list.
  21. 21. 22What’s interesting is that this model is fairly straightforward. It’s not exactly groundbreaking or topsecret. Many marketers are using something similar.I believe the difference lies in the quality of the copy and the robust Product Ladder this business hasin place.What do I mean by “Product Ladder”? It’s A LOT Simpler Than You Might Think …A Product Ladder is simply an escalating series of products that give the prospect more value, andcost more money.In this example, the prospect is first asked to buy a cheap product – the introductory e-book.Then, he’s almost immediately upsold another, slightly more expensive product.On and on, up the ladder he goes! Through a series of e-mails and upsells – again, all copy-driven– the prospect is moved from the cheap initial product to the expensive $500 product.Because markets almost tend to move in the direction of specialization, my friend has a series ofproducts that cover all his prospect’s needs.Let’s say — hypothetically speaking — that he offered courses on the different aspects of healthyliving. Whether it was detox, weight loss, exercise, emotional health, and so on — each course wouldspecialize in one of those areas.And at each stage of the prospect’s journey up the Product Ladder, the bond, trust and sense of valueis strengthened – so he becomes psychologically ready to make larger purchases.So now you understand what a Product Ladder is. Here’s Why a Product Ladder (When Combined with Good Copy) MEANS MUCH MORE PROFITSEvery time someone buys something from you, hebecomes more qualified to buy something else fromyou. (Provided you’re honest and are selling qualityproducts.)Which also means that – as long as you’re fulfillingyour prospect’s needs and desires with yourproducts – he’s going to naturally want to buy moreand more from you.And all it takes is a series of more advanced, higherpriced products – along with solid copy – to movehim up the ladder.Look at the diagram to the right and you can seewhat happens when you use copy to move yourThe Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  22. 22. 23 prospects up the ladder. The average value of each customer increases – and your business explodes. And really, there’s no limit to how high you can go. For example, at our agency, Response Ink, we deal a lot in the financial market. What’s amazing is that some of the financial services our clients offer can go as high as $25,000! If you look to the left, you will see what a Product Ladder might look like for a financial publisher. This is how – along with the power of Clayton’s copy – one of his clients went from $25 million a year to over $60 million – in just a single year. The trick here is knowing how to develop a powerful Product Ladder. If you’re in sync with your market and your customers, it’s fairly easy to develop products that are going to be of interest and value to them.The REAL trick is having the powerful sales copy in place that moves each new customer higher andhigher up your Product Ladder. Unfortunately, Getting Better Copy Has Been Difficult (Until Now) …The reason most people struggle to write effective sales copy – marketers especially – is that theydon’t have a clear, sequential system that they follow. Most writers and marketers simply “jump in”without knowing exactly what to say – or they get stuck.Either way, the process becomes slow and painful.Worse yet, they fail to do everything that’s necessary to maximize their response in the promotionalefforts.Remember what I said in the beginning about marketers pouring money down the drain?Well, I hope you see now that failure to maximize the writing and messaging throughout yourmarketing is the #1 culprit.With good copy in place, everything you do is multiplied. But without it, nothing else you do mattersmuch.And again, it doesn’t have to be all that hard to improve your copy. You just need a simple, repeatableprocess to follow. Finally, A Proven Solution For All Your Copywriting NeedsSuppose there was a system that completely TAKES EVERY SCRAP OF GUESSWORK out of the
  23. 23. 24copywriting process. What if this easy-to-follow, proven approach allowed you to … • Writer better, more responsive copy – faster than ever before … • Create more powerful squeeze pages, e-mails and sales letters – and multiply your conversion by as much as 13 times … • Know exactly what to say at each and every stage of the sales process (many marketers say the “wrong” things) … • Completely stand out in your market … • Create a deep, emotional bond with your prospects – so they trust you over the competition … • Sell much more to those prospects once they become customers … • Grow richer without any new traffic – AND GROW SIGNIFICANTLY RICHER when combining good copy with all the most powerful ways to drive traffic … • And so much more …Hey, you’re a smart person. So you’ve probably guessed that there would be a new productmentioned at some point in this report.And you’re absolutely right – I’m not going to hide the fact that we’re eventually going to invite you tobuy our new copywriting course.We’re calling it The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach, because it’s designed to sit next to you on yourdesk – and make your copy easier, faster and more responsive.Whatever you ultimately decide, the one thing I ask is that you do NOT allow yourself to overlook allthe great stuff you’ve just learned. Nothing changes the fact that you should do everything you can toimprove the copy that drives your business.You see, I really do want you to grow and prosper in this New Age of the Internet – whether you buyour product or not.And better copy is essential to that.I also urge you to take full advantage of the wonderful free stuff that I give you between now and June16th because a) you’ll definitely profit from all of it ... and b) you’ll prove to yourself that we really areoffering the most proven, easy-to-use solution to your copywriting needs.Remember, for the last 30 years, the system that Clayton developed (and I helped assemble into aclear series of steps) has been directly responsible for well OVER A BILLION DOLLARS IN SALES.And now, for the first time ever, it’s being made available to you – in the clearest, most easy-to-usepossible format – The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach.This is a system that’s been battle-hardened in some of the fiercest, most competitive markets in theworld – FOR DECADES.And it’s still working like gangbusters on the Internet, right now.The Great Copywriting Conspiracy 
  24. 24. 25 Keep Your Eyes Peeled for More Useful, Money-Making Info From UsAgain, there’s nothing for you to buy right now. Not until June 16th.But in the meantime, I‘m going to do my best to make sure this one of the most valuable productlaunches you’ve ever seen.And that’s why – just days from now – you’re also going to get another totally free report called Howto Write Like You Talk … And Transform Your Advertising Overnight. Nothing will be pitched insideof this 70-page gem, and it breaks down one of the most important advertising and communicationsecrets ever discovered.Surprisingly enough, the secret revealed and dissected in this upcoming report works almostEVERYWHERE. The National Enquirer uses it to sell millions of issues each week. And with the waythe Internet is evolving, this secret is now more valuable than ever. • It almost instantly makes you entertaining and trustworthy to your market … • Visitors to your site will suddenly see you as “cooler” than the competition and someone who they want to be friends with … • And people ALWAYS prefer to buy from those they like!Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to apply.So keep on the lookout.Until next time,Tony FloresP.S. – Again, please give everything I’ve said in this report careful consideration. Apply thisinformation to your career and business. Whether you end up buying The Ultimate Desktop CopyCoach or not, I genuinely want you to succeed and grow.
  25. 25. 26 About the Authors Clayton Makepeace has spent the last 35 years creating direct mail, Internet and print promotions that have sold well over $1.5 billion-worth of nutritional supplements as well as books and newsletters on personal finance, investment and health. Plus, as a direct marketing consultant, he’s helped four major direct marketing firms at least quadruple sales and profits to well over $100 million per year each. As a direct response copywriter, Clayton has created many red-hot direct mail controls that profitably mailed up to 90 million pieces each … web-based customer acquisition campaigns that produce profits of up to 445% … and customer file campaigns that spin off as much as $1 million per week. According to best-selling marketing author Robert W. Bly and the American Writers and Artists Institute, Clayton is America’s highest-paid marketing coach and copywriter, with royalty income of up to $3 million per year since 1997. And as a mentor, Clayton has helped six young copywriters to six- and seven-figure incomes … is currently mentoring a half-dozen more through ResponseInk, his direct response marketing agency … and is committed to helping the next generation of direct response business owners, marketing pros, copywriters and designers accelerate their careers through his free daily e-zine, The Total Package™. When Tony Flores first tried out what Clayton teaches, things got really good. FAST. In fact, he personally used Clayton’s secrets – before he ever even knew that much about marketing – to nearly triple the sales and profits of a small health company (from $1.1 million to approximately $3 million) in a single year. Since then, he’s been helping a small, yet dedicated group of marketers and business owners to explode their own sales and profits. To this day, our inbox is crammed with glowing success stories from those who’ve said used the information Tony has created – just like you’ll read in this report – to dramatically boost their income and quality of life. The Great Copywriting Conspiracy Copyright ©2008 by The Profit Center LLC P.O. Box 750 Waynesville, NC 28786 1-800-827-0940 (U.S.) 1-828-456-9277 (Int’l) To claim a FREE subscription to The Profit Center’s weekly E-newsletter, THE TOTAL PACKAGETM, point your browser to: www.MakepeaceTotalPackage.ComThe Great Copywriting Conspiracy