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How to Create a RefWorks Account


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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your own personal RefWorks account.

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How to Create a RefWorks Account

  1. 1. What you can do with citations in RefWorks:  Import citations from research databases  Create citations from scratch  Organize your citations in folders  Compile bibliography/works cited  Search within them  Share your citations with others Create an Account Adding Citations1. Visit Warner Librarys homepage @ 1. Direct import from database Look for an icon or “Export” link2. Located towards the screens bottom is the RefWorks link 2. Search Warner Library’s catalog in RefWorks Search > Online Catalog or Database3. After clicking the link, our website directs you to the RefWorks login screen 3. Create your own4. If you’re on-campus, skip to step 6. References > Add new reference Off-campus users, click on the "Not my in- stitution” link5. Contact the Reference Desk ( for Eastern’s group code, enter it, then click on "Go to Login" Create a Bibliography6. Click on the "New to RefWorks? Sign up for 1. From the RefWorks menu, choose a New Account" Bibliography > Create or7. Complete the New User Information form. click on the Create Bibliography button You may create your own unique username 2. Select your “Output Style” (click on Access and password Style Output Menu to see the full list of8. Once the forms are complete (dont forget 500+ citation formats to choose from ) the security code!), click "Create Account" 3. Select “Format a Bibliography from a List9. You are now logged into your personal of References” RefWorks account, accessible from any com- puter with an Internet access! 4. Choose your file type  HTML (copy & paste into a document)Have a Question? Run into a problem?  Word (save as a Word file) Contact 5. Select which references to include (having Andrea D. Reed them in folders comes in handy) Media & Digital Services Librarian 6. Click “Create Bibliography” 610.225.5004 Tutorials available at Created by ADR © 2012