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Warm Glow Candles


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Warm Glow Candle Company located in Centerville, Indiana. Our candles are hand-dipped. Wholesale orders for retailers.

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Warm Glow Candles

  1. 1. catalog layout.indd 1 12/11/09 3:30:25 PM
  2. 2. People often ask “How do you make so many wonderful candles by hand?” It’s simple....catalog layout.indd 3 12/11/09 3:30:31 PM
  3. 3. 2 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 4 12/11/09 3:31:07 PM
  4. 4. We have a lot of Hands It is with great pride that we bring you the products offered in this catalog. Here at Warm Glow, we are committed to quality, and customer service the old-fashioned Made-in-The USA way. Each Warm Glow candle is created with meticulous care by our production staff, giving our product a personal touch. We realize there are a lot of candle and fragrance choices in the marketplace today. We are always grateful for, and humbled by, your patronage. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers who have been with us from the beginning or who have joined us along the way, We would also like to welcome our newest customers to the Warm Glow Family. You can rest assured that customer satisfaction is a priority here at Warm Glow— we go the extra mile to make sure you are please with your purchase. Nothing short of that will ever do. The “hands” at the Warm Glow factory Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 3catalog layout.indd 5 12/11/09 3:31:36 PM
  5. 5. A Glowing History Midwesterners Alan & Jackie created Warm Glow Candle Company in the basement of their home in 1994. Their goal was to create their vision of a perfect candle. After many tedious months of working with several combinations, they had finally accomplished their goal. They succeeded in creating a candle that is highly fragrant, long lasting, clean burning, and cost effective. At last they had a candle they were proud to give the name “Warm Glow”. In 2000, Warm Glow Candle Company purchased the Sweet Liberty Candle Co. which was originally founded in Lancaster, PA. The quality and primitive look of these candles appealed to the public and the owners of Warm Glow. The pairing and ultimate blending of these two companies has been a positive step in the growth of our business. We have kept the original ideas of the Sweet Liberty Company, and have incorporated new and enhanced fragrances to our expanding product line. In addition, we are continually testing and developing new fragrances to fulfill our growing customer requests. Laurel Buddie Curly & Nomie Our Furry & Feathered Smokey & Bandit Staff Members 4 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 6 12/11/09 3:32:22 PM
  6. 6. Staff Brian – Warehouse Manager Lena – Office M anager Theresa – Accountant Lisa – Product Analyst Carolyn – Receptionist Wayne – Sales Mike – Sales Michelle – Production Manager Lin – Marketing Manag er Karen - Receptionist With the tremendous growth of our business and popularity of our candles, we have had to expand our production. Our company is now housed in an 80,000 square foot facility with the capability of hand producing up to 15,000 candles per day. You, the customer, have been responsible for this expansion and we feel truly blessed by your support. You are encouraged to call us with any questions or concerns. Our friendly office staff is eager to help you. We are open from 8:00 am until 5:oo pm EST, Monday-Friday. We can be reached by telephone at 765-855-5483, or Toll Free 888-253-7934. If you like, you can also reach us by fax at 765-855-2774. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 5catalog layout.indd 7 12/11/09 3:33:29 PM
  7. 7. Hearth Candle 6-pack Votive Candles -approximately 2” tall and 1” -approximately 5” high x 4.5” diameter and weighs 1 lbs in diameter and weighs 2 lbs -smoother exterior -classic lumpy, bumpy -burn time 8-10 hours primitive exterior (must be contained in a votive holder -burn time 125-150 hours with sides) -individually packaged in clear -packaged in quantities of cellophane wrap with jute tie 6 with clear cellophane wrap, and with Warm Glow label Warm Glow label and jute tie 3-wick Candle Oversized Votive Candle -approximately 3” tall and 2” -approximately 8” high and 6” in diameter and weighs 5 oz diameter and weighs 7.5 - 8 lbs -classic lumpy, bumpy -classic lumpy, bumpy exterior primitive exterior -burn time varies -burn time 30-35 hours -individually packaged in clear -individually packaged in clear cellophane wrap with cellophane wrap with jute tie Warm Glow label and jute tie and with Warm Glow label Rose Hips Scent Chips -unscented rose hips -random sized for use -5 lb bag in tart burners -individually packaged in clear -packaged 1/4 lb in a clear cellophane wrap with jute tie cellophane bag with Warm Glow label and jute tie Atomizer Oil Candle Tins -2 oz bottle with spray top and cap - hearth size tin -available in most fragrances - oversized votive tin (see order form for current selection) - made of steel tin 6 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 8 12/11/09 3:33:39 PM
  8. 8. Product Guide Air Fresheners Travel Tins -long lasting candle-shaped paper -resealable tins are 1 in tall fresheners with elastic hanger and 2 1⁄2” in diameter -individually wrapped with punched -sold in a retail assortment header card for easy display with display box -great for point of purchase -includes 2 each of following -available in Caramel Corn, scents: Cinnamon Bun, Cinnamon Bun, Evening Mocha, Hot Cranberry, Evening Apple Butter, Northern Pine, Nutmeg Mocha, Snickerdoodle, & Crème, Savannah, Snickerdoodle Tranquility and White -packed in quantities of 10 per scent Cherry Cheesecake Potpourri Potpourri -available in most fragrances -available in most fragrances (see order form for current selection) (see order form for current selection) -rose hip based mix that -rose hip based mix that feature a variety of feature a variety of colorful botanicals colorful botanicals -available in a 1 lb -available in 4lb bag Reed Diffusers Electric Candle -approximately 5” high and -each (size 10” tall) box weighs 4.5” in diameter. 1/2 lb and contains aromatic - classic lumpy, bumpy exterior oils, jars and reeds -individually packaged in clear -available in Apple Cinnamon, cellophane wrap with Cinnamon Bun, Clove, Warm Glow label and jute tie Lemon Verbena, Lilac Blossom, Nutmeg & Cream, Tropical Ambrosia and Vanilla Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 7catalog layout.indd 9 12/11/09 3:33:46 PM
  9. 9. 8 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 10 12/11/09 3:33:54 PM
  10. 10. Merchandising Ideas Warm Glow items are great by themselves but when merchandised well you customers will take notice. The following are just a few ideas to help you showcase our products. If you sell just our candles consider pairing them up with potpourri and atomizer sprays or grouping complementary different scents... For the Spring: For the Fall: Year-round: Lavender, Savannah & Floral Fall Harvest, Hot Apple Butter & Cranberry Orange, Savannah & Garden Sugar Maple Pomegranate Evening Mocha, Creamy Vanilla Summer For Winter Bean and Snickerdoodle Peace, Blueberry Cobbler & Jack Frost, Hansel & Gretel & Morning Latte, Cinnamon Bun Strawberry Parfait Cranberry Chutney & Banana Bread These are just a few combinations are endless... feel free to call us for suggestions! These are just a few pictures to help inspire you with your own creations. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 9catalog layout.indd 11 12/11/09 3:34:15 PM
  11. 11. Apple Cinnamon The perfect combination of sweet and spicy cinnamon will Sweet ripe bananas with hints of cinnamon Banana Nut Bread always put a smile on your face. and a sugary vanilla combine to give you a scent fresh out of the oven. This winter classic has a clean refreshing scent that Bayberry Stardust Berry Patch Let this great, just picked scent of cranberries, will make you think of a walk strawberries and blueberries in the snow covered woods. fill your home like a basket of fresh berries Favorite Candle: Fresh picked blueberries, hand-churned butter, flour Blueberry Cobbler Vanilla Stardust and sugar is what you would “It’s refreshing, need to reproduce this clean and relaxing, comforting aroma. especially at dusk.” Katherine 12 years at Warm Glow 10 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 12 12/11/09 3:34:31 PM
  12. 12. Candle Scents Blueberry Stardust You’ll have a smile on your face after This juicy pear scented candle has hint of spice Brandied Pear experiencing this that will have your mouth vivacious, crisp watering for more of this blueberry scent. delectable fragrance. Our smooth, creamy scent will make this buttery, brown Butter Rum Candy Stardust This light sweet scent will transport you back to the sugar candy a long time sights sounds and smells of favorite. the county fair. Caramel Coffee Cake This combination of caramel, vanilla & cinnamon The scent of this buttery vanilla candle glazed with Caramel Corn will make you think of caramel is even better than a leisurely Sunday mornings trip to the local festival. with a cup of coffee and paper. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 11catalog layout.indd 13 12/11/09 3:34:37 PM
  13. 13. Carrot Cake The aroma of this candle will fill your home with the lovely The only thing more decadent than black bing Chocolate Bing Cherry smell of freshly baked cherries covered in milk carrot cake. chocolate, is our creamy, rich candle. We’ve saved you a trip to the bakery with our buttery, Cinnamon Bun Cinnamon Chutney Crushed cinnamon pieces sprinkled throughout the rich scent made extra special outer layer of this candle adds to with a dusting of cinnamon the rustic look that will set your on top room aglow. Cinnamon Fried Ice Cream A tempting fragrance that will Favorite Candle: complete your day and fill your Tropical Ambrosia home with the warm smells of “I love the fresh smell.” vanilla and cinnamon. Wayne 9 years at Warm Glow 12 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 14 12/11/09 3:35:00 PM
  14. 14. Candle Scents Favorite Candle: This rich candle will warm up your home with Clove Strawberry Parfait the spicy scent of fresh “It reminds me of my remind cloves. grandmothers strawberry patch.” patch Pat 6 years at Warm Glow This creamy candle rolled in nutmeg and ginger will take you Country Spice Cranberry Chutney This creamy, rich candle speckled with crushed rose back to the old country store hips has the inviting combina- where the aroma of bagged tion of fresh cranberries spices filled the air surrounded by warm vanilla. Cranberry Stardust We added a little sparkle to this classic Enjoy a double dose of vanilla in this Creamy vanilla Bean candle with its crisp scent of warm, rich candle fresh harvested cranberries dotted with vanilla coffee beans. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 13catalog layout.indd 15 12/11/09 3:35:17 PM
  15. 15. Cucumber Melon Stardust A fresh and inviting combin- This vibrant, fresh scent will energize and invigo- Eucalyptus ation of crisp cucumber and rate your spirit. sweet melon that will lift your spirits. This scent will take you to your favorite coffee house Evening Mocha Fall Harvest This candle will warm your soul with the scent of with the smell of rich, coffee pumpkin pie spiced with clove, brewing with the hints of nutmeg, and cinnamon hazelnut, carmel and vanilla. Floral Garden Stardust With its combination of floral scents, you’ll A fresh, clean fragrance that will lift your spirits Fresh Cucumber be carried away on the breeze and energize you for of this mixed bouquet. the day. 14 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 16 12/11/09 3:35:23 PM
  16. 16. Candle Scents Funfetti This sweet, vanilla candle freckled with sprinkles will We’ve captured the warmth and aroma of Gingerbread Cookie bring back memories of an old-fashioned gingerbread happy birthdays. cookie, only thing missing is a glass of milk. Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked brownies with Grandma’s Brownie Hardy Mums Nothing is more perfect with fall leaves than this exhilarating fudge frosting, just like fragrance made up of spicy grandma used to make. cinnamon and cloves with a touch of citrus. Hansel & Gretel The warm, rich scent of gingerbread cookie combined A rich, spicy fragrance with hints of mulberry, cinnamon, Holly Berry with vanilla and cinnamon and clove will bring back makes this candle extra special. loving memories of the Holidays. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 15catalog layout.indd 17 12/11/09 3:35:29 PM
  17. 17. Homespun Harvest This lovely, cranberry scented candle rolled in Take delight in this light, sweet, yummy Homemade Jam rose hips is sure to become a combination year-round favorite. of grape and berry. Just like an afternoon walk in nature, our Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Hot Apple Butter We’ve done all the work of rendering the apples and floral scent will wake you up adding the spices to produce and clear your mind. the perfect aroma of home- made apple butter. Jack Frost The comforting scent of mulberry combined with Favorite Candle: : crisp Macintosh apples Strawberry Parfait will warm your heart on “It reminds me of my youth, s a cold day. when we grew strawberries. It’s as close as you can get ose to the real thing.” al Mike 3 years at Warm Glow 16 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 18 12/11/09 3:35:44 PM
  18. 18. Candle Scents Jeweled Isle This fruity scent with hints of pineapple will help you This soft, tranquil aroma will soothe the soul and Lavender Stardust escape to a secluded Island enlighten the spirit. surrounded by relaxing turquoise waters. The scent of lemon shortbread cookies with sweet Lemon Bliss Lemon Stardust This sun kissed candle will awaken a room sugared frosting is a delectable with its fresh squeezed combination hard to resist fragrance. Lemon Verbena A light fresh herbal, lemon scent that will This rich, floral has captured the invigorating Lilac Blossom remind you of a warm scent of fresh cut summer day. lilac bouquets. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 17catalog layout.indd 19 12/11/09 3:35:52 PM
  19. 19. Favorite Candle: Sugar Maple Enjoy this burst of freshness made extra Melon Splash “It reminds me of special just like a pancakes with lots watermelon in nature. of sweet maple syrup, yum!” Lisa 11 years at Warm Glow Enjoy this burst of freshness made extra Melon Splash Merry Mint This sweet, soothing fragrance of peppermint will bring back special just like a memories of the traditional watermelon in nature. candy cane adorned Christmas trees. Morning Latte As will your morning coffee, this scent with a hint of cream Experience a walk in the woods with the aroma of fresh cut Northern Pine will ease you into the day. pine without ever leaving the comfort of your home. 18 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 20 12/11/09 3:36:01 PM
  20. 20. Candle Scents Nutmeg & Cream Chut- Warm your heart and soul with the sweet This warm, rich, straight from the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie scent of fresh cream oven aroma will warm and nutmeg garnished your heart and tantalize with cinnamon. your taste buds. The combination of fresh oranges with crisp Orange Cranberry Orange Stardust A spicy orange scent with hints of spice just like a cranberries form a candy orange slice you loved delightful light scent perfect as a child. any time of the year. Peace This all-American candle is great year-round with its Our version of the Georgia Peach with a light Peach Stardust blueberry fragrance core fruity fragrance and a little dipped in red, white and blue sparkle without the sticky exterior fingers. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 19catalog layout.indd 21 12/11/09 3:36:08 PM
  21. 21. Poinsettia A light, sweet, subtle scent perfect for coaxing you into This delightful fragrance will fill your home with Pomegranate the Holiday Season. the crisp scent of fresh pomegranates. Prairie Garden Your senses will be delighted by this fresh, unexpected Raspberry Sorbet A fruity fragrance that is as smooth as the creamy combination of cranberries and sage delight it is named after. Sandalwood Let the sensual smell of Sandalwood take you away Only Santa’s elves could have whipped up this delectable Santa’s Cider to an exotic land. aroma of fresh apple cider with a hint of cinnamon.20 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 22 12/11/09 3:36:14 PM
  22. 22. Candle Scents Savannah This spicy citrus candle is a wonderfully crisp, The sweet smell of hot sugar cookies dusted Snickerdoodle refreshing fragrance for with cinnamon will all seasons. charm your senses. Liven your day with the enticing aroma of sweet Spiced Plum Strawberry Parfait Strawberries straight from the patch over plums and spicy plums, a homemade ice cream will great addition to bring back memories of any setting. summer picnics and socials. Sugar Maple Experience Saturday morning every time you smell this This is a light, fresh herbal scent that will Sun kissed Sage creamy, sweet scent that will transport you into the have you craving pancakes. middle of a fresh herb garden. Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 21catalog layout.indd 23 12/11/09 3:36:20 PM
  23. 23. Candle Scents Tranquility A fragrance that will soothe your mind, body and soul, This scent will remind you of a tropical fruit Tropical Ambrosia like a relaxing day at the spa. basket with the sweet scent of pineapple. Escape to the Vineyards of Tuscany with a fragrance Tuscany Vanilla Custard This creamy, rich scent has just the right balance right off the grape vine that of vanilla and nutmeg to will remind you of your produce a scent worthy favorite Merlot. of an oven. Vanilla Stardust This majestic candle gives off a sparkle and a smooth Satisfy your sweet tooth with this White Cherry Cheesecake vanilla scent. delicious scent of cherry combined with creamy vanilla cheesecake22 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 24 12/11/09 3:36:28 PM
  24. 24. While Supplies Last Green Apple Italian Wedding Cake The fragrance of Orchard freshly baked white With its scent of fresh cake with a hint of cut, tart green apple, almond will fill this candle will make your home with your mouth water just warmth and will thinking about it. delight all ages. Orange Spring PB & J A cup of “Constant Comment”, a This fragrance will comfortable chair, take you back to and your favorite novel those childhood will go perfectly with days of jelly filled this apricot colored faces and creamy dream, rolled in peanut butter. orange peel & clove. Hot Buttered Popcorn S’mores Pick out your favorite movie Can’t get enough of to go along with this fun those wonderful toasted buttery popcorn scented marshmallows with candle. We’ve even graham crackers and captured the look with melted chocolate? golden yellow core dipped in a soft white exterior With our candle you’ll with a touch of be able to enjoy the scent popcorn kernels worked in without the camp fire. Favorite Candle: Nutmeg and Cream Tea Garden “It’s a warm fragrance that ’s Warm your sense with reminds me of home and baking, this deep cinnamon all the things that I enjoy” colored delight rolled in ground cinnamon for an added touch. Karen 4 years at Warm Glow Hand Dipped in America 1-888-253-7934 Proudly Made In America 23catalog layout.indd 25 12/11/09 3:36:39 PM
  25. 25. Policy & Procedures Warm Glow Candle Company will ship your order as Warm Glow Candle Company will allow two promptly as possible. Please remember that shipping storefront companies per zip code. We try to times will vary due to seasonal demands, so the earlier make sure that these companies are not in direct the order is placed, the better for you the customer. competition with each other. Please have your tax ID number available when A storefront company is a company that has a you place your first order. We require a minimum storefront and is open to the public on a year round order of $100.00 for all initial orders. All reorders basis. require a minimum order of $50.00. Most items may be ordered in single or multiple quantities. If A non-storefront company is a company that does your order is less than a case, we will condense the not have a storefront, is not open to the public, or is packaging of your order for the most economical open for seasonal business only. (i.e. home parties, shipping cost to you. craft shows, internet sales, etc.) We will make every effort to fill your order in its Non-storefront companies may be accepted in a entirety. Items “Out of Stock” will be marked on your zip code that already has two full time companies, order form as OS next to the item that is unavailable. provided there is no direct competition with the Because we do not back-order, if we are out of stock existing companies. on an item you have ordered, or are short the total quantity, please include those items on your next Current companies who change their existing order. Please inquire about placing monthly or bi- business location or add a new business location will monthly orders, which we will set up on a credit card be held to the above criteria. basis. If any unauthorized order is returned, there will be a $50.00 restocking fee, charged to the All companies whether storefront or non-storefront Customers’ credit card. still need to meet the minimum order requirements when placing their orders. When faxing your orders please include your payment information. If you need confirmation of your faxed Warm Glow Candle Company reserves the right to order, we would appreciate you doing so within a 24 refuse to sell to any company at our discretion. hour period in which it was sent. Warm Glow Candle Company participates in Payments may be made by using COD or credit card wholesale Cash & Carry shows throughout the year. and must be given when the order is placed to avoid delays in shipment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, We are unable to monitor who we sell to during these and Discover. There is an additional charge for events. payment by COD. An additional $25.00 charge will be applied to all returned checks. Prepaid orders will Warm Glow Candle Company will make every attempt not be accepted, as there are shipping charges that to protect current customers through shipping and will be added to your order that cannot be factory pick-up orders. predetermined. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Here at Warm Glow we are continually expanding our product line, so please inquire about our latest products when placing your order.22 Warm Glow Candle Co.catalog layout.indd 26 12/11/09 3:36:52 PM