Wareheim Insurance Media Kit


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Talk radio about health insurance, politics, personal and business growth, current events and more.

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Wareheim Insurance Media Kit

  1. 1. T a m p a - S t. P e t e r s b u r g - C l e a r w a t e r M e t r o Business Talk whnz-am
  2. 2. Married 67% Established 60% Bottom line, WHNZ is $50,000+ HH income Affluent home to one of the Employed Full-Time 65% Highly educated most affluent, credit- Attended college or more 64% Professional worthy audiences in Disposable income 91% Tampa Bay. If you need Own Residence Male skew to move big ticket Business Movers & Live in a single-family home (unattached) 74% items…look no further! Shakers Use any credit card (past 3 months) 84% Own 2 or more vehicles 69% qualitative quantitative 49 61 Men 59% 22% Market WHNZ Women 41% average age Black 13% Hispanic 3% 7% 10% 20% 9% Non- Ethnic 0% 4% 7% 8% 90% 1% 1% 1% 1% 3% P 12-17 P 18-24 P 25-34 P 35-44 P 45-54 P 55-64 P 65+ ethnicity SOURCE: TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG-CLEARWATER FA07/WI08/SP08/SU08 ARBITRON, MSA AUG07-JUL08 SCARBOROUGH DMA GEOGRAPHY, CUME COMPOSITION, M-SU 6A-12M
  3. 3. daytime Clear Channel’s 1250 WHNZ has its ‘finger on the pulse’ of the inner Tampa Metro. coverage nighttime Today’s consumers are willing to make the trip to save money. Use our signal to reach those consumers who have yet to hear your message.
  4. 4. WHNZ TSA REACH = 76,900 LISTNERS EACH WEEK! REACH IN TAMPA MSA Not only does WHNZ reach WHNZ: 66,200 over 66,000 listeners within the Tampa Metro... tsa ‘total survey area’ But over 10,000 REACH IN TAMPA MSA REACH IN TAMPA MSA WDAE: 66,200 additional listeners WHNZ: 94,600 tune in OUTSIDE the Tampa Bay Metro! WHNZ REACH OUTSIDE TAMPA MSA: 10,700 SOURCE: TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG-CLEARWATER SPRING 2008 ARBITRON MSA. vs TSA Cume, M-Su 6a-12m, P 12+
  5. 5. WHNZ Reaches the Affluents Have $150,000+ HH income 19 9* 100 176 College Grad+ When 100 compared to Occupat ion is 16 2 the rest of management / business/ f inancial ops. 100 the Tampa Market average WHNZ Market, Market Value of Home $350K+ 150 100 WHNZ’s listeners are Household Owns Money Market f unds 12 4 100 more likely to be among 12 4 Makes Business Purchasing Decisions the most 100 affluent! Small business owner 220 100 16 4 Owns/ Leases Luxury vehicle 100 Spent $2,500+ on int ernet purchases/ yr. 18 5 100 12 4 Spend $200+ on groceries/ wk. 100 2 12 Spend $150+ on cell phone/ mo 100 Qualitative Index *How to read: When compared to the average Tampa Bay population, WHNZ listeners are 99% more likely to have $150,000+ HH income. SOURCE: TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG-CLEARWATER SCARBOROUGH, DMA GEOGRAPHY, P18+
  6. 6. Business owners & Professionals WHNZ Reaches Business Owners & Professionals Market WHNZ 199 HHI $150K+ 100 * 176 College Graduate + 100 WHNZ is a 220 Small Business Ow ner prime choice 100 to reach Tampa’s 124 Any Business Purchasing Decisions 100 business owners and 199 IT Purchasing Decisions white collar 100 professionals! Computer Hardw are/Softw are 205 Purchasing Decisions 100 Office Furniture Purchasing 297 Decisions 100 Overnight Delivery Purchasing 260 Decisions 100 Telecom Service Purchasing 193 Decisions 100 Temp Personnel Purchasing 267 Decisions 100 * To be read: WHNZ is 22% more likely than the rest of the Tampa Bay market to have a household income of $150K+. Source: TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG-CLEARWATER Aug07-Jul08 SCARBOROUGH, P18+, DMA
  7. 7. Clear Channel Radio embraces technology. From podcasts to ‘videos on Let’s put your logo on a webpage that offers Bay Area demand’ to e-commerce… sports fans the latest news and updates on their favorite We get it! teams. Next, the most high-profile Tampa Bay radio personalities will send your target consumers to these websites for entertainment, sports updates, news content and employment opportunities, at least 3-times an hour. Then, we’ll call it… www.whnz.com WHNZ Unique visitors: 3,783 Website Page Views: 17,309 on-line All Clear Channel stations offer an on-line ‘streaming’ network …it enables listeners to enjoy their favorite radio stations at work or home, with your commercials aired throughout the day. This is a huge opportunity to reach an audience that is ahead of the curve and statistically, brings more consumer power!! Source: WebSide Story (web stats), Akamai (streaming), November 2008
  8. 8. The Wareheim Empowerment Hour Sat 3pm-4pm The Wareheim Empowerment Hour co-hosted by Donna and Jim is entertaining and informative. The show broadcasts live weekly with information empowering Tampa Bay’s listening audience with knowledge to make better decisions about the ins and outs of health insurance, business, politics and life. We talk politics, current events, insurance , business issues, marketing and more. Lets talk about your business on 1250 WHNZ. As a Silver sponsor, you will receive: One live ad per show – a $2,600 value! One 30 second professionally produced commercial per show, a $2,600 value! Once per quarter you will be featured as a prominent guest on our show and we can discuss new and important topics pertaining to your business, an $8,000 value! We will also have a promo spot (banner) for you on our webpage that can be linked back to you You will be featured in our E-mail Newsletter, videos and blogs Silver Sponsor only $75.00 per show with a 13 week commitment. Gold Sponsor adds a commercial per show and an extra appearance for $125 per show Platinum Sponsor adds the Gold plus two call in interviews for $150.00 per show We bill monthly or receive a 5% discount for paying the 13 weeks in full. Your price will be guaranteed through the end of 2010 . Source: WebSide Story (web stats), Akamai (streaming), November 2008