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Islamiat lesson plan

lesson plan

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Islamiat lesson plan

  1. 1. MUSLIM HANDS SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE BALAKOT Short term Activity#1 Subject: Islamic studies Class:5Th Topic: Musawat Aims  To reflect Islamic norms and ethics from their daily life.  To acquire knowledge and awareness about spending life in the light of Islam.  To be a good practicing Muslims.  To inculcate morality among students. Objectives  To define term Musawat  To explain Musawat in the light of Holy Quran.  To collect evidences about musawat from life Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W)  To describe History of Makkah and Madina about Musawat. Procedure Activity#1 Visit to library(Group Work) In this activity I will facilitate them a paragraph about Historical backgrounds of Muslim’s migration from Makkah to madina.After their intensive reading I will ask open and close ended questions from the given paragraph Each group will write their views on piece of chart. Activity #2 Pair work In this activity I will give them balance (tarazoo) and some beads along with empty bowls to the students and instruct them to observe the balance and put beads in bowls equally. Inquire the idea concepts in the form of open and close ended questions. Activity#3 I will assign them a task to collect information from a religious scholar near about and collect information evidences of massawat in our daily life. Activity# 4 Students will suggest solutions of implementation of masawat in our society. At the end teacher will consolidate the ideas on the board. Short term Activity#2 Subject: Art and Craft Class:4Th Topic: Cd decoration.  To enable children to record from first-hand experience and from imagination,  To select their own ideas and use them in their work;  To develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities;  To improve the children’s ability to control materials, tools and techniques  To increase confidence in the use of visual and tactile elements and materials;  To foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers.
  2. 2. Objectives  To polish their creativity.  To construct their capacity regarding imagination.  To collect evidences through internet and books.  To describe the procedure of their activity.  Procedure Activity#1 (Group Work) In this activity I will give them cds to all groups and instruct them observe it carefully. After five minutes I will ask questions like:  What is the shape of this object?  Can you tell me the name of this object?  What are the uses of this cd?  Which material is used in this Cd?  Which things you can make from this cd? Activity #2 Design the Cd (Group work) Now I will instruct them to design the cd according to your thinking and imagination. They will design cds according to the given material. After the decoration of the cds students will present their creative work with other groups. They will describe their work in groups. Short term Activity#3 Subject: science Class:9th Topic: Dissection of male and female Aims  To enhance the comparison between internal organs of male and female frog  To build the habit of team work  To develop experimental skills.  To provoke critical thinking and observational skills. Objectives  To identify the internal organs of male and female frog.  To differentiate between testes and ovaries.  To highlight the importance of experimental tools used in dissection. Activity#1 Watching a video (Whole class activity) In this activity students will watch the video and learn about types of frogs. After video I will ask questions like:  How many types of frog you saw in this video?  Can you tell me the name of the animal that is going to be dissected? Activity#2 ( Group work) In this activity I will divide the class into three groups and ask them to find male and female frog through the experiment. Activity#3 Identification of prepared slides (Individual work) After experiment students will identify the slides individually and write about each organs. Assessing and evaluation
  3. 3. How you will identify male frog from female frog? Give reasons. How you differentiate fat bodies from ovaries?