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  • This is my preferred kind of mobile. A little about me. What I do for UWWhat I do for CrisisCommonsWhat I do for Humanitarian ToolBoxWhat I do society
  • Let’s be courageous…. Let’s jump into it!
  • Well this is what my phone looks like. Although my inbox icon shows me 1345 unread emails.
  • Is everyone familiar with the basics of these icons? What they are?
  • How many of you feel this way about social media?Well don’t be. We will get through this.
  • Not to worry… I’ll go slow. Maybe not slow enough but feel free to ask questions now or later.
  • Social Media is thought to be used for funny things. But it also can do so much more. Just like the telephone. It can be used to call your family but also be called during dinner from a telemarketer! Good and Bad. Let’s focus on the good.
  • Haiti Mapping Efforts and how it gets done virtually.
  • Hurricane Sandy Gas Map – CrisisCommons and ESRI upon request of the White House. It was pretty cool being asked to participate with a WH conference call and be asked to provide tools. (Talk about importance of open data and how it reduces work and duplication!!!)
  • Google Crisis Map for Hurrincane Sandy about the common operating pictureThe data integrationEmbedding capability Work duplication reductionError & mis information control
  • Go to trends map and have it up for the EX in PDX
  • Has the times changed? Anyone know where this is? What is was for? Are we playing in a different game?
  • What about now? Anyone see anything game changing on the screen?What are the affects that Social Media have on journalism, news and the voice people have?
  • Anyone recognize this? Has life changed since this? Anyone want to go back to these days?
  • It went from the telegraph to this… facetime on a mobile device from the middle of nowhere with cell coverage!
  • Even the little guy on the bottom of the chain has a voice! All it takes is a bull horn… meaning social media channels.
  • WE can’t be afraid of the little guy any more. WE have to embrace their ability to voice themselves. How do we harness them?Anyone know what milestone did Apple reach this week? 500 billion apps!
  • So are we drinking from a fire hose yet? NO even close! With the amount of data that is being released to the open environment… applications are constantly being developed for us to digest that information. If it were the 80’s still we would have to dig and read through it… now we can have apps that filter it depending on our location or preference. Isn’t that amazing? Example…. Next bus coming to the stop near me? How many registered sex offenders live in the neighborhood?Where is the nearest ATM?What houses are for sale near me that have 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a fireplace and a garage under $450K?
  • Now we are starting to get complex!!The amount of information going through our heads. The amount of processes! Astonishing. Think of our kids and how they are growing up without ever having A landline phone at home? VHS or even DVDs?Internet?Non mobility?
  • This is what my desk is going to look like soon! It’s crazy that I am already halfway there!
  • This is what I have as my connection… and if it drops I go crazy. Do you think I have an addiction???It’s amazing that through out the emergency management profession we always talk about continuity… yet I am almost dead in the water if this goes down. It will take me about 5 minutes to start recaping the non technical process and get back up and running. Are you ready?
  • Are you ready for this? I can’t wait for a pair! The things we could do!Has anyone seen an actual pair yet?
  • Mental Health….Social Media is just starting to expand to mental health issues. It’s starting. It’s a mental health challenge to see all the damage and the let your mind set tell you that you should be there to help. Responder stresses are critical and important for us to think about but also we must think of victim and viewer stresses!
  • Make sure to enjoy life a bit.
  • Pascal Schuback - EmMeCon Seattle 2013

    1. 1. #SMEM?Presented at:NW Division Social Services &Emergency Disaster Services2013 ConferenceMay 22nd, 2012 |Camp Arnold
    2. 2. Pascal Schuback@schubackBy NightDirectorCrisisCommons.orgpascal@crsiscommons.orgpascal.schuback.comBy DayGlobal Emergency ManagerOffice of Global AffairsUniversity of
    3. 3. 4394 Miles Driven573.896 Gallons of FuelAverage Miles to the Gallon = 7.55Turned 100,000 mile on the RV3800 Total Spent (Not including food)Two Weeks of the BEST Vacation!!
    4. 4. IMGP0363.JPGOver the head head shot soccer.jpg
    5. 5. Haiti Open Street Map
    6. 6. #SMEM?Presented at:NW Division Social Services &Emergency Disaster Services2013 ConferenceMay 22nd, 2012 |Camp Arnold
    7. 7. Pascal Schuback@schubackBy NightDirectorCrisisCommons.orgpascal@crisiscommons.orgpascal.schuback.comBy DayGlobal Emergency ManagerOffice of Global AffairsUniversity of’s