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Lynne D Johnson A Virtual World


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This is just a short preview of Lynne's talk at the 2012 Emerging Media Conference in Seattle.

To watch the video of his talk and others visit

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Lynne D Johnson A Virtual World

  1. AUGMENTED REALITY Merging Our Real World With The Virtual
  2. What Is Augmented Reality? Real World | Augmented Reality | Virtual Where We Are Virtual Space The Physical Plane Exceeds Bounds Of Physical
  3. What Is Augmented Reality? “AR augments the real world environment with virtual information improving people’s senses and skills.” - Ronald Azuma, A Survey of Augmented Reality
  4. This Is Augmented Reality
  5. Mobile Apps Driving ARAdoption
  6. But It’s So Much More ThanMobile Internet of Things RFID • Ease of Use • Provides Utility • Engaging Experiences
  7. Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggle
  8. Mercedes Benz AR Dashboard
  9. Google’s Project Glass
  10. And Print Isn’t Dead Yet
  11. Thank You Lynne d Johnson @lynneluvah |