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  • That’s because it’s only going to get more digital. The pace isn’t slowing down—it’s accelerating.Here’s one example how: More video has been uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 months than if ABC, NBC and CBS had been airing new content 24/7/365 since 1948; the date, by the way, when ABC first started beaming its signal into American households.But wait. That’s just the way many think about digital today—in terms of the “desktop.” What’s just around the corner is yet another sea change: the Web that’s not dominated by mobile. Reports now estimate that “mobile will take over the Web as soon as 2014”—in just 4 years. When they predict it will be 2x the size of the desktop Internet. How? The continued adoption of 3G and smart phones is a big reason. So is the unquenchable demand for the iPhone, iTouch, iTunes, and now iPad ecosystem of digital consumer content.
  • What is content intelligence – SHIFT from keyword conversation to content interactions. [content creates conversation PLUS interaction, liking, sharing]Content programming is now an integrated view with a specific eye to consumer behavior – Competitive WeaponWe have moved from a Keywordworld to an Interest Graph world. Brands have to leverage consumer actions on content or they are programming BLIND.    The many to many world is finding what’s relevant based on collective actions.   The CMO office is now empowered to drive strategy and measure what’s an effective as well as competitive insight. Brands are now in a must have position of using data to validate their content/marketing direction.
  • In my consulting practice, more and more people are coming to me and asking for help with social media ROI programs.I think they reasons why is several fold… First is that the innovators and early adopters are like kindling in any new field, especially technology. They fuel the fire for change… and they did that for social media…The Innovators: They tend to be the type of people who camp overnight at the Apple store to get the newest tech product. They buy products and try things before all the bugs are worked out of them. They don’t mind that everything isn’t figured out. In fact, they like to give feedback and be part of the development of a new field or product. It’s what makes them tick. These are the people saying, “What’s the ROI of your pants?” To them, a new technology is so obviously valuable that a calculation is not necessary.• The Early Adopters: If the technology proves to be interesting to the Innovators, the second smallest group, the Early Adopters, jump on board. Innovators are natural risk takers. They are enthusiasts and, like kindling, they help start the fire in any new field. As visionaries, they are looking for a breakthrough for the future direction of business. This is the group that is saying, “The ROI of Social Media is that you will be in business in 5 years.” To them it’s that clear that without it, you’d go out of business.
  • Chase McMichael - EmMeCon Seattle 2013

    1. 1. Page 1 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConClick to edit Master title styleChase McMichaelCo-Founder CEO,InfiniGraph.comAnd, live to tell about itHow to Build a ContentMarketing Machine
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    3. 3. Page 3 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConTHERE’SA NEWWAVEOFBRANDBUILDING
    4. 4. Page 4 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon 4Logos are staticThey don’t talkThey don’t have conversationsThey don’t engageBrands are boring stories “content” are the lubricant to sales @chasemcmichael#EmMeCon
    5. 5. Page 5 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon 5Brands…NOW must becomeSocialEXPERIENCES
    6. 6. Page 6 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConStrategy vs. Just DOING• Do you know yourcustomer?• What are theyacting on?• Who achieves highengagement?• End results – Leads,Sales, Branding?Content makes your readers better informed and empowered @chasemcmichael#EmMeCon
    7. 7. Page 7 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConDefine what you wantclearly define what you arelooking to get out of it.a marketing formula to know: audience + authenticity = influence @chasemcmichael#EmMeCon
    8. 8. Page 8 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConData driven PLAN = Better ContentIndustry trends tells you what’s working - stop reinventing the wheel@chasemcmichael # EmMeCon
    9. 9. Page 9 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon9Because Marketers are in…
    10. 10. Page 10 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConGeorge Takei IS “ENGAGEMENT”>3M Talking About This
    11. 11. Page 11 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConLet’s lookaT one of thephotos he shared…179,224 Likes313,953 Shares
    12. 12. Page 12 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConEngagement: How Its Shared*Source: Stamen• Starts from George• People share it• Shares spawn newshares two colors are genderJuly to September 2012
    13. 13. Page 13 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConEngagement is Content EngagementWhere content is: status updates, links, photos, videos, etc…
    14. 14. Page 14 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon>3.5B of Content Shared / WeekHow can marketers makesense of all this BIG DATA?
    15. 15. Page 15 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConinSOCIAL & DIGITIALINTERACTIONS…
    16. 16. Page 16 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConkeyword-based social media monitoring and listeningAnd that’s necessary and good to dobut….Many people have turned to keyword-basedPlatforms to understand what customers aresaying
    17. 17. Page 17 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConMarketers Must KnowEngagement determines businesssuccess by increasing:• Positive sentiment• Share of voice• Awareness, interest,consideration, intent• Lead conversions rates & sales• Loyalty, advocacy & referrals…What drives engagement?
    18. 18. Page 18 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConWhy Now What HAPPEN?• We have move from a KEYWORD world to anINTEREST GRAPH world.• Content programming is now an integrated view witha specific eye on consumer behavior = CompetitiveWeaponYou are not the only brand connecting and communicating with your customers.
    19. 19. Page 19 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConTo measure & compare engagementrequires something new…Based on customer’scollective:• Actions• Interests• Needs• Wants• Dreams• Behaviors….That’s where interest graph datacomes into playThink DifferentThat’s how yougain anemotionalconnection
    20. 20. Page 20 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConThe first two phases were driven by the:1. Innovators2. Early AdoptersWHAT’S SHIFTINGTHE NEED FORSOCIAL MEDIA ROI?We’re in the “third wave” of social.They don’t need abusiness case to adoptsomething NEW
    21. 21. Page 21 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon5• They are driving the questions about social mediaROI• They want proof before they’ll get on board forlarger social media budgetsBut the early majority are pragmatists…
    22. 22. Page 22 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon$OLUTION:measure engagementknow for sureif The Content isdriving marketing $uccess$OLUTION:
    23. 23. Page 23 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon• Most brands didn’t realize they weregoing to become content creators andpublishers• They don’t have the budget to createenough great content to be effectiveat engaging their customers• And the cost to promote content –can be prohibitiveThe challenges and the truth is…
    24. 24. Page 24 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConStep 1: Gather InsightsStep 4: CreateEngaging ContentStep 3: Find YourAudienceStep 5: Design StickyEngagementStep 6: Stop the Politics;Gain Org AlignmentStep 2: Create aMeasurement ProgramNeed a Strategy for Return on investment247 Steps To Fast Track SuccessStep 7: Iterate and PivotBased on theUCLA Course
    25. 25. Page 25 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConWith your score,Your brand is ready to go to the next level…Are You Ready?
    26. 26. Page 26 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeCon 26Top companies are wondering how to take theirsocial media initiatives to the next level…• Do more of the right things• Put structure around what is unstructured• Benchmark “As Is”• Create a strategy and plan• Track the progress• Gather the right metrics• Create and sustain world-class social media brand
    27. 27. Page 27 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConSocial Media Assessments place you and yourbrand in a leadership position…5• Clear answers and strong guidance• A distinctive voice• A competitive advantageBe The Leader
    28. 28. Page 28 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConKnow your audience• What’s your customersbrand affinities? “Interest”• What channels are theymost using ?• What’s their influencerscreating?Social data is one of the most powerful ways to segment your audience@chasemcmichael # EmMeCon
    29. 29. Page 29 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConConverged Media Is HereWork content across all channels and double down on paid when earned showstraction @chasemcmichael #EmMeCon
    30. 30. Page 30 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConWhat’s RelevantA more engaged audience is a more valuable audience @chasemcmichael# EmMeCon
    31. 31. Page 31 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConWhat’s Trending?Content is the social lubricant to sales @chasemcmichael #EmMeCon
    32. 32. Page 32 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConCompetitive Insights – Industry TrendsBefore you starthave a plan!• Indentify –• Effective content• brand driving theconversation• engagement themesContent is the essence and substance of your brands conversation withyour audience @chasemcmichael #EmMeCon
    33. 33. Page 33 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConKey platforms for content marketing• Business blogging• eBooks and Whitepapers• Webinars and Webcast• Video• Email Newsletters• Sponsored Content• Speaking engagementsContent marketing isn’t just the future, it’s the present @chasemcmichael#mus13
    34. 34. Page 34 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConDevelop Your Content Marketing Plan• Create an editorial calendar• Original, Paid and Curated• Clearly define the process• Use data to support:• Amount of content• Type of content• Frequency• TimingRelevant useful niche content can convert niche audiences@chasemcmichael #mus13
    35. 35. Page 35 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConWhat Channel Is BestThe question is less of scaling content for mass reach and more of scaling content formany niche audiences @chasemcmichael #mus13
    36. 36. Page 36 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConBlogs are your Content HUB• Blogs are owned media• Blogs are a form of socialmedia• Blogs support searchoptimization• NOTE: have your own URL•• Host your own blog“Wordpress” etc• Hook in with socialYour blog is like the bottle and your content is the wine - make more wine@chasemcmichael #EmMeCon
    37. 37. Page 37 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConCuration is VitalFocus on creating content that drives leads or sales @chasemcmichael #EmMeCon• Be a thought leader• Surface contentthat’s relevant toyour industry• Make your HUB adiscovery zone• Give people areason to follow you
    38. 38. Page 38 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConTrack Content Marketing ResultsWeb traffic is not a good enough ROI measurement for content. Time spent,engagement, conversion, etc.. are! @chasemcmichael #EmMeConRoom214 Case study
    39. 39. Page 39 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConHow to make the best decisionsIncreasing engagement& the effectiveness of yourSocial Media & Marketing SpendYour homework is to master:1.Knowing what format of content to create2. Knowing where their engagement stacks up compared to theircompetitors3. Knowing what channel to post on4. Knowing when to promote the content so it’s seen5. Knowing what type of fans to engage with6. Creating a lot of that great content7. Saving money on content creation by curating highly trendingcontent8. Creating an editorial calendar for posting/ reposting content9. Making smart choices on ad buys & marketing partnerships
    40. 40. Page 40 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConFree eBooks – Knowledge
    41. 41. Page 41 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConGo here to get your brand’s report:
    42. 42. Page 42 © 2013 InfiniGraph, Inc.#EmMeConThank You!@chasemcmichael@infinigraphhttp://smo.infinigraph.comhttp://www.infinigraph.comYouTube /infinigraphSlideshare /infinigraphGreatSocial EngagementIs AboutKnowing whatdrives engagement