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Ea presentation2


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Ea presentation2

  1. 1.  Analyse EA’s target markets To carry out primary research into the female gaming market To gain insight on the female gamers segment to enable EA to target them more efficiently Provide advertising and marketing strategies suited to targeting this segment To strengthen the belief that mobile gaming for women is convenient and a good use of time.
  2. 2.  EA is a major developer, marketer and publisher No.1 publisher in western markets with 16% segment share The only console game that EA offers that women think could target them is The Sims Second-largest social games company on Facebook
  3. 3.  Arnould, Price and Zinkhan (2004) Profile of the target audience- demographic/psyschographic Day in the life to reflect this
  4. 4.  Women Age 18 – 25 Busy student life, with little time and money Sociable Live away from home
  5. 5.  Woke up to alarm at 7am Snooze, snooze, snooze Oh no! It’s 8am, 20 minutes to get ready! Shower, put face on, print off essay Hair got priority over breakfast! Just made the bus, had to stand up. Sore legs, frizzy hair, empty tummy!
  6. 6.  Five hours of boring lectures zzzzzzzz! Travel back on bus, check Facebook and play a quick game of Angry Birds! Back at the flat at 5pm and make some food Now it’s time to relax!
  7. 7.  Csikszentmihalyi & Rochberg- Halton, 1981 An insight into consumers by analysing the possessions that have high emotional value to them People invest emotional value into objects, which often relates to memories or values which are specific to the individual
  8. 8.  Favourite room- bedroom Atmosphere- cosy and warm Objects- teddy, photos, food, phone Memories, people, comfort, security Focus on themselves and the present
  9. 9.  Ernest Dichter Research to understand the underlining meanings behind behavior and product use Scientific research alone is not enough, meanings behind what motivates someone to buy/do something is more effective, through a questionnaire about the subject
  10. 10.  Memories- Spyro, Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman Multiple use devices-phones and laptops Play games for enjoyment
  11. 11.  Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique Gerald Zaltman & Joseph C. Wilson To develop creative strategic solutions to marketing problems managers need guided by effective models and theories Includes using visual images gathered by consumers to create metaphors which represent consumers’ feelings and emotions towards a subject
  12. 12.  Theory of Reasoned Action Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen Predictions of behaviors and intentions Suggests that a persons behavioural intention depends on their attitude about the behaviour and subjective norms Measures a persons relative strength of intention to perform a behaviour
  13. 13. Salient Beliefs Belief strength (bi) Evaluation score Product (biei)Play video games (ei)…is expensive 6 4 24is a sociable 5 6 30activityis competitive 5 5 25helps me feel a 4 6 24sense ofachievementprovides an 5 5 25escape from dailylifeis a good use of 2 6 12timeon the go is useful 5 6 30
  14. 14. Salient Referents Belief strength (bi) Motivation to Product (bimi) comply (mi)Boyfriend 4 3 12Mother 4 3 12Father 4 3 12Brother 4 1 4Sister 3 2 6Friends 4 3 12Flatmates 5 3 15
  15. 15.  Data- students are lazy, stressed and have low disposable income Theme- want games as escapism but won’t buy a console Insight- games are a cheap way to escape from daily stresses
  16. 16.  Elaboration likelihood model Model of how attitudes are formed and changed The ELM distinguishes between two routes to persuasion: the "central route” and the "peripheral route"
  17. 17. Strong messages: Poster- woman trying to fit an x-box into handbag and failing, sees another woman putting her phone into her bag. Smart phones are just as powerful as computers nowadays. TV ad – its been scientifically proven that gaming helps de-stress, help remove the memory of trauma and increase brain power (expert from oxford university research study). Less stress = Less wrinkles. Billboard for gender role reversal. Man with face pack and woman really into a game. Fact- 38% of all game players are women
  18. 18. 53% of all mobile gamers are now women Don’t get left behind…
  19. 19. Weak messages- TV adverts: Montage of Rihanna during her day, playing on her phone at any chance she can get Young woman gets home from uni, starts playing on her phone, walls collapse and room turns into a tropical paradise Magazine ad- The cheaper way to escape- shows prices of holidays and then price of game app laid out like a holiday ad
  20. 20. 7 day trip to the Caribbean? £1,500
  21. 21. Spa day? £150
  22. 22. An escape to a virtual world? £1.99
  23. 23.  Mobile entertainment industry was worth $33 billion in 2010. By 2015, this industry is expected to be worth $54 billion! 53% of mobile gamers are now female 84% of tablet owners play games – 68% of these play at least one hour a day 58% of most popular developers are making multiple platform apps. A new survey shows a third of all mobile phone users in the UK and USA have played a game in the past month. sourced by:
  24. 24.  We want to strengthen the belief that gaming can be used as escapism, rather than out of boredom or to be social EA needs to increase games for phones and laptops, along with marketing Create new replicas of old games to play on phones and laptops to create nostalgia